Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week #10 Pictures

Early Christmas Present

Jordan's Favorite New Drink

He took a picture of this because I send him those solar toys all the time.

Selfie Sunday

Week #10 Letter

I got my 12 days of Christmas package mom!

I have a funny story of the week but it is on Wednesday so you will
have to read the email to hear it. That woman was crazy.

Happy 2 month anniversary!! "Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and
games!" Oh how I love preparation day. Studies and then went shopping.
Tried to find presents for people but nothing that unique that I have
found yet. Then did laundry, ate lunch while it was in the wash. Then
went to the laundromat to dry it. Then went to the church to email.
Just as I was leaving, D got on. I was devastated to not be able to
talk to him. I felt so bad that he got on only to see me leave. Sorry
D! I'll send you an email just for you to make up for it. We went to
eat dinner and then went to a members home to pick up a referral but
it wasn't filled out and the mom wasn't home so we taught Sandy. He is
in high school and in the young men's program. Showed the video and
then went contacting by the library. Showed the video to a total of 6
people and handed out 15 cards between elder Reese and I. Pretty good
for a day's work with only 3 hours of proselytizing time. Also, I got
5 letters in the mail today! Thank you family!!!
"Up-town funk you up. Uptown funk." It's December! And it rained. We
did studies then went to see Jay. He talks a lot. We talked about
prayer, New Testament, and fasting. Then went to Hunan Kitchen for
lunch and then district meeting. I gave a workshop at the district
meeting on humility. Then went to Valeries home but she forgot so we
went to dinner. Then went to Roberts and talked about family history.
Thank you Kent Leary for the family history as I was able to share
some stories from what you sent! Then went contacting at Dunkin and
showed the video to 4 people. I have now seen the video 14 times. I am
starting to memorize it now.
"Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? J-A-R-E-D
H-E-A-T-O-N, Jared Heaton, Jared Heaton." Haha, I remember you singing
that sometimes dad! Today started off not very well. I didn't want to
get up. I didn't want to wake up. I didn't want to talk to anyone, and
I especially didn't want to teach a lesson. But I pushed through it,
did everything I was supposed to and had to even push harder to go
knocking. It wasn't easy as not too many people answered the door and
those that did didn't want to hear our message. Contacting is the way
to go. So we went contacting for a little bit before a lesson and it
felt so much better. We even were able to teach a lesson! Then we went
to Valeries home and taught her about the Holy Ghost and how to
receive answers to our prayers. It was a good lesson. Went to Taco
Bell as it is right around the corner from her home and then went
contacting at the library. Showed the video 5 times there and then
went to go to a lesson but it got cancelled so we went contacting at
Dunkin. Showed the video again so we showed the video 7 times today
and gave out 21 pass along cards! Pretty good day after it started out
not so well. Satan was really working me this morning trying to make
me not spread the message to everyone. So tonight some kid kept
calling us with a private number. Apparently we called him. He called
4 times. But we didn't know who it was so we asked for his name or his
phone number so we can look it up but he never told us and would hang
up. He also we super quiet so we couldn't hear a word he said anyways.
Then he would call back and repeat the same thing over. He kept asking
why we were calling him when first off, he kept calling us, second, he
wouldn't answer our question so we could figure out why we called him,
and third, I'm not even sure we did call him in the first place.
Finally, as we were in bed, we got another call and we answered it and
it ended up being the kids aunt. She is African American. She was
screaming and yelling why we were calling her nephew and she would ask
who we are. We would say we don't know who we are calling as it is a
private number and we want to know who it is. She would start yelling
again as soon as I said who it is as she would say you called us why
didn't you know who it is.. We repeated this process 5 times and
finally I said, "ma'am, this is going no where as you are yelling at
me. Please stop yelling at me." That made her SUPPER mad. I pulled the
phone away full arms length and I got hear perfectly well what she
said. It was louder than speaker volume. It basically got no where and
ended with her rage quitting and hanging up on me. Still no idea who
they were or how we called them as they actually called us first. Idk.
But another funny story for the week. Enjoy:)
"Where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came!"
Mega Zone Conference today! We got  at 6 to leave our apartment today
by 7. Went to the mission office to get picked up by the assistants to
go to the conference in Lynbrook. We first heard form a representative
from Salt Lake about safe driving. He introduced the "black box" that
monitors driving of missionaries. No one likes the idea of it but it
is for our safety. Then we had lunch catered by Subway. Then we had
workshops given by the assistants and President and Sister Reynolds. I
liked Elder Young's and President Reynold's workshops as I walked away
with the same message. Do your best, the Lord will do the rest. What's
holding you back then? Very powerful. We went back to the mission
office and back to Flushing. Didn't get back to Flushing till 7 and we
ate dinner then. Then went to Anthony's home but he wasn't home so we
taught Hermana Valdez on Family History. Something cool about today
was Elder Joo from another area was talking to me and he mentioned how
Elder Ko talks about me a lot ever since that time trip day. That was
really cool and how some other missionaries were like, "oh, so you're
elder Heaton!" It was pretty cool. Fun day!
Package day! I got the 12 days of Christmas package! The song I heard
today was this, "Say you'll remember me. Standing in a nice dress,
staring at the sunset. In you're wildest dreams!" Heard it today at a
lesson at Dunkin and it was so distracting I almost missed some key
points out investigator shared. So we had a lesson at Dunkin with a
new investigator named Hill. Very nice lady. And then we went to lunch
and then weekly planning. Went to visit a potential from an online
referral. She is right next to George so we stopped by his home. They
were on their way out but we shared the video with them and they gave
us Pepsi. Went to Pizza Hut for dinner and on the way there, got free
chips on the street at Kettle was giving it away for free. Then got
free pizza and soda for dinner. Went contacting at Roosevelt and ran
into the Halal guy that gives us free soda. And he gave us a free soda
again but we shared the video with him and gave him a Book of Mormon.
Even trade I think:) haha then went to correlation. Today was just a
really fun day and I had a blast. These are the days everyone talks
about and how much fun a mission is. That was today. Just pure
awesome. A funny story from today. The Spanish elders were contacting
at the Library and talked to a guy for 1/2 an hour u till our zone
leaders showed up and started talking to him as he is Chinese actually
so the Spanish elders left and 2 hours later we see the zone leaders
getting done talking to this guy! He talked to the zone leaders for 2
hours and the zone leaders talked 2% of the time they said. They were
exhausted from standing there and listening, but he is supper cool.
Just told his life story really. But really funny.
"I can't see your wings but girl you're an angle!" To share some
thoughts I have on the mission, I think two steps ahead and always
have. In high school, I thought of college, in college, I thought of
the mission, now on he mission, I think of my future wife and kids a
lot. When ever I have down time and I sit and think, that is what I
think about. It is just crazy to me how some missionaries are already
getting married or engaged when they left a couple weeks before I
started my mission. It's crazy to think about and especially as I have
never had a girlfriend. Half of me is excited for that, the other half
is going back to my old self with that being a big distraction to
school and work. Crazy stuff. Anyways, we have a lesson with Robert
and then went knocking today. Had dinner, and then contacting by
Dunkin, until we went to Anthony's for a lesson. Jelly, Anthony's
girlfriend, was there so we taught her as well. Really good. We showed
the video 11 times today and gave out 20 cards!! Really successful
"Worlds apart, we're broken in two! Two! Two... Someday, love will
find you." Pretty good day. It is Sunday and we went to a members home
for dinner. Sister Duncan's. It was nice. They fed us dinner and
dessert, then we shared the video with them and showed it to another
member family that was there. We got 6 more people to add to the
growing number of people we showed the video to. We got 8 today and
handed out 7 cards. We tried to get Anthony to come to church but
because it was his girlfriends birthday today, they celebrated last
night till 4 am and so he was too tired. Bummer. But we were able to
set up a lot of lessons this week and were able to get in contact with
some people again that we haven't talked to for a week.

Honestly, just 4 digits and everything could have been solved. And she
obviously wasn't listening at all to what we were saying. Lesson to
learn here kids, don't judge so fast. Be open minded to the other
persons point of view. Life will be happier that way.

But it is crazy on my mission as I don't even feel like I am on it. I
still feel like I am at a camp or something. It hasn't hit me yet that
I am already done with 2 months and have 22 to go.

The other thing I have for this email is the electric scooters that
are the segways but with no handle. The skateboard thing but it moves
on its own. They are everywhere here!!! I see like 5 a day with people
riding around on them. I have decided I want one when I get home to
use at college and I will be the laziest student ever. #yolo

Merry Christmas everyone. And remember the true meaning of it. As it
is Him whom overcame the sins of the world and suffered the pains and
affliction for us.

I love you all and miss you, but I am having the time of my life here.
Serve a mission to anyone that can. It is worth every penny, every
tear, and every drop of sweat. It doesn't seem like it but I promise
you as you serve a mission, you will never regret it. I feel a remorse
for those that have decided not to serve for now, but I pray your
hearts will change and you will accept the call to serve. It isn't
easy, but that's what makes it memorable, enjoyable, fun, exciting,
and worth it. But don't take my word for it, ask anyone that has
served a mission. Learn of their experiences, their trials, their good
times. And you will have the desire to have experiences of your own to
share with others. I plead with you to serve. It is not too late.

Love you all, and I will see you in the next email! Bu-Bye!!!

-Elder Heaton

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week #9 Pictures- Thanksgiving

Week #9 Letter

New ponderize scripture for the week is Matthew 25:40! I want to hear
anyone's ponderize scripture and share with me their ideas by the way!

This week, I studied 2 Nephi 32:3 and what I got from it is that
angels shall tell you what ye should do, through the words of Christ.
So you could have heavenly messengers telling you what you should do
at that time that will benefit you and maybe the other person you help
in some way. So always follow the counsel of Christ the He gives in
the scriptures. It may be an ancestor telling you what ye should do.

Daily Summaries!

"I designed this thing to come off. Ow!"
"What are you doing?"
"...Lets face it. This is not the worst thing you have caught me doing."
"Are those bullet holes?"
Preparation day! Not much though compared to last week. Just studies,
lunch, shopping, emails. Then we went contacting in 40 degree weather
with a wind chill. Defiantly the coldest night that I have been here
for. Then we went to visit a potential named Hugo. He wasn't home so
we went to Anthony's home and read some of the Book of Mormon with
him. Then came home and now in bed. Not very exciting.
"Three hours! Three hours you kept me waiting here."
"Yep, now we are waiting on you, let's go!"
Today was interesting. It was transfer day but since neither Elder
Reese or I am any sort of leader or getting transferred, we weren't
invited to go. We instead made pass along cards, which we found out
tonight was for nothing, then went to visit potentials. We knocked on
Hugo's door but no one was home, so we went to Myrtle's. She was home
and ended up feeding us spaghetti and we answered their questions
regarding the Book of Mormon. Then we taught her husband, George, the
entire restoration lesson. We weren't able to meet with Jay as George
took a long time. The. We had dinner, and went to Erik's and
Cataline's home. Taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited
her to be baptized. She said not yet. But so close! Then we picked up
my package I received and found out the new video coming out has cards
for us to pass along and a challenge. We need to hand out 500 cards
with our info on it in the month of December. We barely hand out 150
in a month. We have to hand out 17 cards a day to meet that goal. So
we have to take all 150 cards we made and transfer the tape and paper
with our info on it from one card to the other. Ugh.
"No gang signs. I'm kidding, throw it up. Yeah, peace! We love peace."
1 month till Christmas!!! I already have started receiving presents
and it is so hard to not open just one. But I am honest and will wait
till Christmas to keep the Christmas Spirit. So today was really
disappointing as we had 3 lessons cancel on us. Our entire night,
after 6, was wondering from one appointment to the other and having
then cancel like 5 min before. It's hard but what ever, I go forth
with faith. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it
and our zone activity in the morning, and the food. So excited!!! But
it doesn't even feel like thanksgiving, it feels like another normal
day with member visits.
"It's been a while since I've been in front of you. I think I'll just
stick to the cards this time." Thanksgiving! We had studies in the
morning and didn't have lunch but made a card holder for the new cards
we are making by putting our info on the card for the new video, "a
savior is born" to hand out. Then we went to the zone activity and had
a ping pong tournament. I was first against a Chinese elder named
Elder Hilton. He is actually really good but I gave him a game and
barely lost. I was surprised I did so well against him. Then elder
Reese lost his match so because we were the first companionship out,
we got to go pick up the pizza. Came back to watch Elder Hilton win
the tournament and around 2:30 we got a call to visit the Asai family.
They weren't originally on our plans for the day but we had time
before so we went with the Spanish elders. Ate for an hour and ended
up late to the next appointment at the Carpintero's home and stayed an
hour and a half there and went to Anthony's home for the final dinner
for the night. We were there for 2 hours and talked a lot. We just
didn't have time to visit the last family so we called earlier and
said we couldn't make it. So we had 4 planned out but only made 3
cause we just had no time to travel that far to only visit them for
1/2 hour. It was fun with Anthony as we were talking about cruises and
the ones we went on as we both have only been on one. I showed him my
YouTube video of the Formula E cars at long beach and then showed
where he can see my cruise on YouTube. He loved the cars one as he
loves cars and tearing them apart and making them. Also, I had clams
for the first time tonight at Anthony's house. They are really good.
That's about it for my Thanksgiving, and it was a great holiday to go
to so many members homes and eat with them and get to know them
better. Anthony's family even said that they will always be a family
for us as missionaries. So sweet of them to say that.
"Training exercise. Isn't that the usual b.s.?"
"It's not that simple, tony... An unfortunate accident happened
yesterday during a training exercise..."
Pretty normal day today with studies and lunch. Then did weekly
planning but didn't finish as we had to go to a lesson with Robert.
Then went to Valerie's and actually taught her! We are averaging one
lessons a transfer with her but it seems to be better now. We'll see.
Then had dinner, correlation, and a lesson with Anthony but he
cancelled on us till tomorrow. So we made calls and potentially have a
less active coming to church now. But yeah, that's about it.
"The truth is... I am Iron Man." Today, the unspeakable happened. Like
I can't believe I did it. I never thought in a million years I would
have done that. I can't believe it still. I had the option!!! It's not
like it wasn't there but I could have asked for it! But I choose the
path I have barely been venturing on. It has only been introduced to
me on my mission. I never had it back home. I always had the diet
version. Never have I asked for a regular Pepsi instead of a Diet
Pepsi. But most members that feed is serve regular cola drinks here
instead of diet so I am so used to just regular soda now. Not diet
anymore. But, all is not lost. I still have my "sweet nectar" as my
favorite drink and if available when we go out to eat, it is always my
first choice. Delicious Coke Zero. Ahh. As you can tell, today was
very boring. We spent 2.5 hours finishing our pass along cards as they
are supposed to be done by tomorrow as the new Christmas video comes
out tomorrow. So now we have 500 cards to give away by the end of the
month. Yay... Yeah. We ate at Pizza Hut for dinner which is where the
soda incident happened. Then we taught Anthony's girlfriend. It was
more of a QnA session though as she had some concerns about the church
but we answered them and helped her understand. She said she
understands now but had more questions but couldn't remember them. So
we will probably have more lessons with her. But yeah, not much today.
"I am Iron Man. You think you're the only superhero in this universe?"
The video came out today! It is interesting but we don't like it as we
have to have sound to play it so that makes showings on the street
hard. I'm now carrying around the Bluetooth speaker clip on my bag to
play from the iPad and have loud sound. So yeah. There was church
today, nothing new. Then we went knocking up in Murray hills after
dinner and found a lady at the bus stop when we left and showed her
the video. She liked it and gave us her contact info. But yeah, that's
it for today.

Hope you liked the movie themed quotes. They all came from the same
movie. I first saw this movie on vacation with my moms side of the
family in Jackson Hole. We were on our way back to the house we were
staying at and I rode with my cousin with my uncle and his girlfriend
at the time. It was a long ride so we watched Iron Man. That was the
day I got hooked on the marvel universe. All thanks to my uncle and
now my aunt:) thanks Brandon and Amanda:) haha.

So I am still in Flushing. This week was transfer week but I stayed,
like I thought.

Other than that, nothing else happened. Not an exciting week. But
still working hard and learning everyday.

I have been asked what my personal studies consist of so I'll share
that I guess. I read from the scriptures for 15 min, study from Preach
My Gospel for another 15 min, then read 2 general conference talks,
then finish with ponderizing the scripture of the week. Right now, I'm
reading John 11 in the New Testament as I have read the Book of Mormon
already on my mission so now I'm reading the New Testament. Next I
will read Doctrine and Covenants and then reread Book of Mormon after
that from then on. I've been told not to read the Old Testament as it
has no effect on my mission apparently. So I'll just read the Book of
Mormon a couple times after the doctrine and covenants. Looking
forward to it:)

I have been receiving letters all week from family members and it
brought great joy to me to see new ones everyday. It was so cool to
see everyone's letters. Thank you to all who sent one!

Love you all and I will see you in the next email! Bu-bye!

-Elder Heaton

P.s. 👊🏻 (bro-fist)

Week #8 Picture

They Cleaned!!

Week #8 Letter

I'm sorry if my grammar or the way it sounds is bad but right now, I
am just thankful that I am safe. I know I will be getting a ton of
emails about this so if I don't respond to yours immediately, just
know I will get there eventually. To start off, it is preparation day
and we did studies, laundry, went shopping and I got a coat and
Christmas presents for the family. Then we did emails at the church
and opened a package from home with an iPod and speaker. The Spanish
elders came in and wanted to play handball with them. It is really fun
so we changed and went to the park to play it. It is basically racket
ball but with no racket and instead use your hands. Anyways, we then
had dinner, went to visit an investigator that has been out of town,
and they are still out of town, and went to teach a less active. Then
on the way home is when this gets interesting. I am safe and alright
to start off. So walking to our home we were called to by someone that
we thought came to church yesterday and we met them. But now I'm not
so sure they are the same person. So we go over to him and the first
thing he says is, " I'm smoking weed, is that ok with you?" I didn't
respond and neither did elder Reese. And he goes on to ask where is
his beads. Backstory: he gave his beads to a sister here in flushing
yesterday, Sunday, and gave them to her as an act of marriage almost.
Idk the full details but that is what I heard. He is cursing at us and
smoking weed at the same time and he tells us to call the sister and
give him his beads. She is in a whole other part of town and would
take a half hour to get there and he said he was keeping us hostage
until they bring him his beads. He then said if we don't give him his
beads, tomorrow he is going to come to the church and basically trash
the place, beat us up, and so on and so forth but in a much less
friendly way. We called the zone leaders instead of the sisters as
they lived right around the corner and they came fast thank goodness.
He leaves across the street and elder finch called the cops, told them
our location and what the dude looked like. Then he comes back as
elder finch hangs up the phone and he tells us to leave. We try to
stall a little until the cops come but we left after he threatens to
beat us up. He isn't a very big guy, my height and a little heavier
than me but there was 4 of us and I'm the smallest. But we didn't
fight thank goodness. He leaves down a street and it just happens to
be the street elder Reese and I live on. So we wait like 2 min and the
police come and we tell them the story, tell them where he went, and
what he looks like. They take off and we are told to go back, the long
route, and get a good nights rest as it is now 10:00. We were then
told that president Reynolds will be calling the sisters and that
tomorrow, we are not to go near our street, Barclay, and when we go to
the church, lock the door when you enter. We will see what tomorrow
brings us but right now, I am thankful for the zone leaders, my
setting apart blessing as it says I will have safety, and for the
spirit I felt during it. I felt pretty calm and I remembered my
blessing but I walked away from that shaking and teeth chattering when
it was 55 degrees out side and pretty warm. I'll update on the
situation tomorrow, which is in a couple sentences for you:) haha but
still feeling so blessed right now. And yes mom, I am ok and safe for
now. We are taking many precautions and not taking this situation
lightly. We joke about it to loosen up and try to forget about it but
remember the safety we received. Talk about a great story to tell!!!!
"Who wants to have fun?"
"I do"
"I do too"
"Now are you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to
have fun??"
"I really want to have fun"
"I'm just saying I want to have fun"
We got a lot more info today concerning the guy from last night from
the Spanish elders and from the sisters whom the guy was looking for.
So to start off, background on the Spanish elders: the saw this guy,
name is Kio for now, yesterday in the morning. He opened up to them
and told them his life story and how he got mugged the night before,
Sunday night, and now he doesn't have a phone. So they took him to the
police station to file a report but Kio was reluctant as he sells
drugs and doesn't want to get caught so he tells them to leave and
that he wants his beads. The Spanish elders told him to come back to
the church at 3:30 and the beads will be there. Which if mom can
remember, was the time I signed off of emailing. So we didn't see him
but apparently he came to the church after we left and no one was
there. So he got mad fast and that was what started his rage last
night. But there was the Korean elders that actually had the beads and
they came in while elder Reese and I was emailing home and said, "hey
if a drug addict come in, let us know" we had no idea what they were
talking about at the time but now it makes a ton of sense. They were
going to give him the beads but Kio never showed up till no one was
there. So then the Korean sisters background in whom this all started:
They met him Sunday when he was smoking in the basement of the
church... They told him to stop and he ended up giving his prayer
beads to one of the sisters as an act of proposal in marriage. She
took them not knowing what they meant and moved on. Then last night
after the zone leaders, elder Reese and I had the confrontation with
Kio, the zone leaders called the assistant to the president and
notified them of the situation. They called president Reynolds and he
ended up calling the sisters and getting their story. He then said he
would call back after he calls Church Security Office. He called them
back and told the sister who received the beads to pack her stuff, all
of it and that he was coming to pick them up. They packed her in 30
min and he first called at 10:30 so he picked them up at 11. They
spent the night at the mission home and didn't get to sleep until 2
am. What happened at the mission home we don't know as it is very
close to us. But that is all they were allowed to tell us. Also, that
sister who packed her bags is no longer in Flushing. Her companion is
now in a trio with the other Korean sisters here. That is everything I
was notified of today and it is starting to all come together of who
this Kio guy is now. But he is causing a ton of trouble here in
Flushing. So to move on with the rest of the day today. We taught an
investigator who has learned all the lessons, has read the Book of
Mormon 3 times, attends church every Sunday, and is more active than
most members. But he doesn't want to make the commitment of baptism
till he feels he is ready. He needs to build faith. Elder Reese taught
him 3 transfers ago and since there was nothing else for him to teach,
they dropped him but still keep up to date on him. So today we met
with him and did a QnA session with him on temples and patriarchal
blessings. Really good and helped him a ton and it went straight into
how he is doing. He really opened up to us and tells us the reason
behind his waiting and everything he does. He even recognizes the
spirit in his life. He wants to love the life we live as members of
the church he says. Love him so much. Just having patience with him.
Then we ate at new world mall for dinner as we didn't have time to
make anything to make our next appointment. The next appointment was a
less active whom we never have taught yet. But we gave his wife a
blessing a few weeks ago. She is the first one we gave a blessing to
while I have been on my mission. So we taught them and he is a less
active and she is a nonmember. Working with the, as they recognize
they need the gospel in their lives and help at this time as she is
struggling. Then we went to another less active whom we have been
working with and talked about baptisms for the dead. Then we came
home. Long day and not a lot of contacting this day:) love the full
"Low flow shower heads? I don't like the sound of that." No new info
on Kio. Not sure if we will receive more but ,aye about the sister
that left. Idk. We'll see. Anyways, we did studies and lunch then we
had deep clean. We were suppressed to do it last week but the temple
and zone training messed up the schedule. So we did it today and I
spent an hour on the bathroom. Mom would be so proud of me for
cleaning the bathroom but like I said before, I never had the desire
to clean so badly in my life that bathroom. It was so disgusting but
now it is so nice:) cleaned the rest of the apartment and went
contacting. We had a lesson at 4 and it went well. He says he will
read and pray and attend church this Sunday so we will see him then.
Then dinner and more contacting. Our less active lesson tonight
cancelled on us so we went contacting more. We went to the library
where a drunk man was. He was yelling gibberish at elder Reese and
after 20 min, he jumped down the stairs and talked to elder Reese and
had a little confrontation physically so I walk over and we leave
towards some police men that were in their cars. We go up the street
and look back and see the drunk man talking to the police. What ever
but we are having an interesting week with these flushing people. Some
crazy stuff.
"Nice game pretty boy" We had exchanges today and I am with Elder
Wixom from Draper!!! But before we exchanged, we went to visit an
investigator that hasn't been return our calls. She is a teen so she
had her phone taken away. We found out that she is also grounded, has
a lot of high schooler problems. So she has no time really. Then we
exchanged around 4:30 and we went to Taco Bell for dinner. Then we did
some dropped investigator look ups to see if they are interested
again. No success except for answering the door and sending us away
fast. But it rained a ton today so my brown shoes took on a new shade
of brown that was almost black. I love Elder Wixom though. He is so
talkative and engaging that it is fun to be with him.
"I'm on him Jerry, I'm on him like stink on a monkey!" Today we
exchanged back but before that, elder Wixom and I did studies and even
did some language study of Spanish. Fun stuff. Then we had lunch and
went knocking in College Point and Whitestone. Then we came back  and
exchanged around 4:30 and had dinner. Then we went and made calls and
prepared for correlation. We then went to correlation and went to a
members home named Sandy. He is in young men's. I learned today that I
can include names in emails but no personal info so I will talk about
who is who in later emails.
"Um, excuse me. But I didn't get any bread."
"You want bread?"
"Yes please"
"No soup for you! Next!"
Today was a good day. We opened the church for a member doing piano
lessons there and they bought us breakfast. Then we did studies at the
church and went contacting at the library. We then went contacting at
Murray hills and a lot of people answered their doors so we were able
to talk to some. A couple people just straight shut the door and
didn't say anything but I didn't care that much. Usually people say no
thank you or they are not interested. By others talked to us and said
they were Catholic or another sect of it but they were willing to
listen. Then we got Halal from the guy that gives us free soda and he
even took $2 off our meal. He is so nice! I love this guy! Still need
to figure out his name... Then we went to help the Spanish elders as
they were getting ready for the baptism of their investigator Vincent.
The water heater is broken so the water was 55 degrees. So they were
heating water in the kitchen from the sink and pouring that into the
font. It didn't do anything though. So the first words the came out of
Vincent's mouth when he came up out of the water were, "Wow! That
cold!!" Haha. Then we went contacting at Dunkin Doughnuts place and
then went to the apartment. Pretty good day.
*opens door* "Oh, um, excuse me." *laughs and closes door*
"I was in the pool! I was in the pool!"
Pretty cold day today but tomorrow will be colder. But not as cold as
Utah this week. We still are in the 50's :) Church was good today. We
had a lot of people show up to church that we are working with and a
less active named Robert came to church with his girlfriend. This is
the first time Elder Reese has seen Robert at church in the 4 months
he has been working with him. Then we went to the Carpintero's family
home and had dinner. They were the first member dinner I went to on
the mission. Always good food there. And then we came back and
contacted by Dunkin Doughnuts until 9.

Kio caused trouble with like every missionary companionship in
Flushing except like 2 companion ships. So crazy. Anyways, this week
was pretty good but now these weeks are going by really fast. This
transfer is already over. Transfer day is Tuesday. I should be staying
in Flushing as I am only half way through training. But you never

This week, my ponderize scripture was Ether 12:6. What I found from it
is that Moroni needs help spreading the word to the world.
Missionaries help with that spreading faith. Then we receive no
witness till after the trial of our faith meaning we will know for our
selves the truthfulness of the gospel and the scriptures eventually
but for now, have faith. So dispute not and wait in patience until ye
receive knowledge.

So this week we have had 4 members invite us over for Thanksgiving. So
we will be stuffed all day long and it starts around 2 pm and every 2
hours we will be going to a new members house potentially. We haven't
solidified the plans but that is what we are thinking. I've probably
never ate so much food in my life as I will that day. But it will be a
wonderful day none the less.

Also, every Saturday, we see kids go to school in the regular fashion
like during the week. They are Chinese or Asian but they go to school
on Saturdays!!! Be grateful this week you don't go to school on

Love you all and I am grateful for the support many of you have
provided and for the many leaders that have prepared me for this
mission. In my blessing, it said I was being prepared in ways I didn't
even know then. I can for sure testify that every single aspect of my
life, no matter what it is, has prepared me in some way for a mission.
Tennis, moving, friends, school, leaders, leadership callings,
everything. Even down to knowledge on technology and working well with
it. Everything has prepared me for it. I feel so blessed knowing that.

I love you all so much and I will see you in the next email. Bu-bye!!

-Elder Heaton