Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #85 Letter & Picture

What's. up. everyone. 

This week was very busy with the temple trip last week, exchanges, and General Conference all weekend! But it was a great week for us nonetheless. So let's see what made it so great:

"Truth is... I am Iron Man." Today was such a fun day and it was a half preparation day due to my temple trip tomorrow. But we did our normal morning with laundry and then right after laundry we went to Howard's home and we started a tour of Staten Island. He took us in his Audi S4. Super nice car with over 400 horse power, supercharged, all wheel drive. We first drove around and saw the highest point on the eastern coast from Maine to Florida. Elevation of around 400 ft on Staten Island is the highest along the coast. Then we drove down to Great Kills National Park along the beach and has a Bay Area. The water was super calm so it had some cool pictures. Then we walked around and saw the boats in storage and some on the water. He then took us out to lunch near the water at this nice restaurant and had a nice lunch that filled us for the rest of the day. We kept driving to the most southern point and saw some of the historic side of Staten. We didn't have time to do everything so Howard wants to do it again to show us the rest:) I'm so down to do that again. And next time, he wants to take us in the Porsche:) We got home and got ready to go out again and did a few more things we needed to for preparation day and went to teach Kendall. He is awesome and is the other most progressing investigator we have. I just met him tonight and he is really pure in heart and searching for the truth and he gave me his life story. It is a sad one but also one of hope to come from the streets to where he is now. Awesome and we invited him to be baptized but he isn't so sure yet. But he didn't say no:) That ended our night as it was a fairly long lesson. He likes to talk. 
"You got to play the game like you got nothing to lose." Temple trip today! It was a great day too. We got up and got dressed to go and we picked up the zone leaders and carpooled there. We got stuck in morning traffic and ended up getting there like 20 min late but it was ok still. Temple was great and we couldn't believe we had been out for 18 months now. Crazy. After the temple we went on the train home but Elder Hunt had ate 3/4 of a bag of couch drops before the temple. The problem when you do that is the side effect is that it becomes a laxative in your stomach. So on the train ride home, he wasn't feeling too good. We ended up getting off early at a stop in Astoria and found a bathroom in the back of a deli for him to use. Then we continued on our way back to Rego. Ate at the mall for dinner, Panda Express, and drove in traffic home with the zone leaders to their home. Dropped them off and went to give a member a blessing that has been in the hospital for a month now. That ended our night actually. But it was a very memorable day. 
"Remember when we were young and breaking all the rules they made?" Today was a fairly slower day. We had the usual morning followed by eating lunch at KFC. Went to the church and found a couple members to look up today and knock around. Then we went to work and didn't find much success with the members but we got to talk to a few people. That was good until dinner and I made chicken and rice for the first time in forever just to make a recipe for an elder and have pictures to go along with it. Then the Korean elders called and said they were on Staten Island and needed to get off. I don't know. But we picked them up and drove them to Brooklyn and drove back in traffic... as usual. But we got to look up a few of our investigators before the end of the night. 
"Get, get, get low when the whistle blows." 
"Oh-oh, sometimes, I got a good feeling. Yeah. I got a feeling that I've never, never, felt before, oh no. I got a good feeling, yeah." 
Today marks the end of my sister mission! 18 months of being out! Crazy how time flies and today was a pretty great day. We had district meeting after studies and we had elder Parrish there today since he was on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Then we ate lunch and went to the church to weekly plan for a bit before going on our exchanges with the Zone Leaders. We got there to eat dinner and then went out. I'm with Elder Hunt, my MTC companion! We went and taught a potential the restoration and it was a pretty good lesson. Tried to teach a less active right afterwards but they weren't home so we knocked and found 2 solid people. Both said to come back tomorrow at 1-1:30. Then we looked up a few people but they weren't home either. That ended our night but we celebrated the night as elder Fowles, Hint, and I all hit our 18 months today. Then elder Stewart was there for the ride:) 
"I didn't kill my wife!" 
"I don't care!" 
Exchanges were the best. We had the morning routine followed by correlation at the church. We tried to contact a few people that we were supposed to teach today but sadly they all rescheduled so we went home and ate a quick lunch before going out to look up some members and knock around them. Went to go help a lady move but there was no man in the home until later so we didn't end up helping then but they went back after exchanges and helped. Instead we knocked a building and ended the exchange. Went home and got a quick dinner before visiting some of our investigators and then ending at a member's home for our Friday night dinner and lesson. 
"There has been a disturbance in the force." It was General a Conference Saturday today and it was a great day! We started off with a ward Activity at the church of an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a brunch. Then the conference started but elder Stewart and I went to a lesson after the first talk. We went with a member as we are teaching a woman and needed a male to go and her name is Margaret. I usually don't disclose investigators names unless they are progressing or been working with them for a bit. Well today's lesson we taught the restoration and invited her to be baptized. She accepted a date for May 6 and we are excited as she is progressing, on date, and even said she is coming to tomorrow's first session of conference at the church. She is amazing. Afterwards, we got lunch at sonic and looked up a member nearby but no luck. We then went knocking for a bit but no success and we returned to the church for the afternoon session. We stuck around the church and did somethings online as the elders quorum had a dessert activity in between sessions as well. Attended the priesthood session and headed home immediately afterwards for another round of it tomorrow. 
"Do, or do not. There is no try." General Conference Sunday and it was a great day! We had the normal morning and lunch before heading to the church and guess what...Margaret did come to conference and her daughter! So we had 2 investigators at church this week. Then we ate something in between sessions and went back for the final one. This time it was just the missionaries but we told Margaret how to listen to it in the car while she is traveling. After that session, we tried to go visit some investigators and did some knocking till the end of the night. 

So we are going to start with Margaret! As you read, she is on date for baptism for May 6, and she came to the Sunday Morning of Conference with her daughter Samantha! She got to hear the prophet speak on the importance of the Book of Mormon and that is what she wants to be doing! So we are excited and afterwards, she said she learned a lot from it and we showed her how to listen to it online for when she is driving so hopefully she listened to it for the afternoon session. Howard is great and took us on that awesome tour last week which I will include pictures from it. I took most of the pictures with my other camera, the good one, and I got them on my iPad to send. He is an awesome guy but isn't progressing too much right now. We are hoping to change that and get him progressing again. Kendall is great. I met him Monday and he is a really sweet man wanting to do what is right. He wants to learn more before committing to a baptismal date so we are focusing on reading the Book of Mormon with him. That's the way he will learn! 

Now I know that was a lot of words for some people to read. It's too many for me to write, but I do it for you guys. So let's look at some pictures. Love you all and have a great week! 



In the Audi S4 supercharged. 


The ocean is so calm



The Harbor nearby 



Our temple group. My face got cut off...

Sister mission accomplished. 


Watching conference. 

Week #84 Temple Picture

Week #84 Letter & Pictures

What's going on guys, it's me again.

So today is a big day as I go on my 18 month temple anniversary. Where has the time gone? Yesterday I went on my year temple trip and the day before that was my 6 month trip. Tomorrow I guess is my departing temple trip.  

But to show how the week went this past week until Sunday, not including tomorrow as that is for next week's email:) 

"What? Pacman got invited! That cherry-chasing dot-muncher isn't even a part of this game!" Preparation day! And we had a boring one today. We did laundry in the morning and went shopping. Ate lunch at Wendy's and then went to the Spanish chapel to email and hang out. Waited in the parking lot for over an hour before the Spanish missionaries finally got there and unlocked the door. Then we played basketball and emailed all day until we left a little early to get a car wash. Then went and did a few look ups and referral contacting. Sad part was we were looking for an address for a half an hour until we realized we had the wrong number. Once we got the right number, we found it easy and then we made a mistake of going to the wrong side of the building so we went to the other side and of course the elevator is broken and we need the top floor... just one of those days. Finally got there and of course they weren't home. So we then got gas in our car and got our church key from the Zone Leaders to end the night. 
"I am bad, and that is good. I'll never be good, and that's not bad." We had Mega Zone Conference today and it was a really good one actually. We had the Stake President of the Brooklyn Stake speak at it and we had a discussion about member missionary work. We also got to see the preview of the Easter Initiative that starts March 31. After the conference, we spent an hour and a half looking for a lost package of Elder Stewart's. We dug through trash, literally. Gloves and all, searched the entire building, and asked all the missionaries that were there, only to find out it was never at the meeting. There was miscommunication between the office staff and us and it is still at the office. So then we went home and ate dinner before going out to visit a referral that said to come by tonight. They weren't home so we worked in the area for a bit until we went to go see Howard. He was home but was really busy right then so we couldn't teach him. We then knocked for a bit until we headed home. 
"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night knowing we did something wonderful, that's what matters to me." Interesting day today. So we had the usual morning and studies. Went to district meeting and it went long today. We were distracted and we started late. Lots going against us this week but it was good. I gave a workshop on weekly planning. Then we ate lunch at McDs and we ran into a Spanish ward member. She gave us free drinks and fries! Love members:) then we went home and changed for service but wasn't told where until late so w ergot there only to help for 30 min before going back home. But good thing it was only 30 min as my allergies lit off like an atomic bomb. I was dying on the way home and took 2 of my allergy pills and went to sleep immediately. Woke up 2 hours later at 7:30 to still be bad and so I ate dinner and helped clean up the apartment a little bit but we didn't leave out again. I got better late at night so I am back to normal again. 
"I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace." Today was a bit of a slow day. We had the morning of studies and lunch. Then we went to the church and did weekly planning most of the afternoon until we tried to contact our investigators. No luck is n most of them. Talked to a few but got nothing set up sadly. Had dinner at the mall nearby and went to go look up some members that our ward mission leader asked us to look up. Two of them we visited but no answer at all so not sure if they still live there. The last one we visited doesn't live there at all. And we tried working in the area with each one of them to try to find other investigators to teach. But nothing really. Slow day. 
"May the force be with you, always." It's Friday, Friday, got to get down, it's Friday. Two quotes today because it is Friday, if you didn't notice. And we had a pretty full day. We had studies and then we had to go to correlation. Then got changed and went to help with service. Same place as 2 days ago that lit off my allergies but this time i came prepared and had a pill this morning and another just before I went in so I was good for the most part. Then we wen to Bensonhurst in Brooklyn to have a meeting. We had this new meeting that is just starting this transfer that President Reynolds has approved and wants us to have. It is District Leader Training meeting. It is basically a counsel of all the district leaders, their companions, and the zone leaders. There are only 2 district leaders in this zone so there was 6 of us. Couple of ironic things we found out during the meeting. One is I am or have been the district leader of everyone there at that meeting at one point during my mission. Two is that I have been a district leader longer than both zone leaders and the other district leader, combined. So long story short, I have been a district leader for a long time. But the meeting was actually really fun. I loved it and look forward to another. Sadly they are only 1 a transfer unless otherwise needed. Then we went back home in traffic and tried to visit a few members again and found they don't live there anymore. Then visited the member we usually visit Friday night and she fed us too. So good and that ended our night. 
"We were both young when I first saw you. I closed my eyes and the flashbacks starts, I'm standing there." Long day of driving. We first had our normal morning, then had to drive to the church to pick up the family history key to use the computer later. Then went to a lesson with brother Fackrell, the ward mission leader but the person we wanted to teach wasn't home. So we then drove back to the church to work on the computer for the progress record. Took a while to try to figure out and ended up not figuring it out so I wrote it all out for the 3 companionships in the English ward. Then we did some look ups until we got dinner. After dinner, we went knocking for a bit until we had to go beg the sisters for their investigator list for the progress record and then I added them which took till the end of the night. 
"5, 4, 3,2,1 we're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship. Zooming through the skies!" We had church today and we also got to go to ward Council this morning and got the progress report reported. Job done and then left. Church was good but I was tired. Then we went and looked up a few people and tried to contact some referrals but no answer. We did drop a few as we have tried many times now but no answer. Then had dinner and went knocking till our lesson with brother Colbert. Always fun times with him and he ended our night. 

Again, no updates on our investigators from last week but yesterday, Monday, we met with both of our progressing investigators but not going to give the update till next week:) I can say I finally met Kendall, who is super awesome. The Howard gave us a tour of Staten Island for our preparation day. That was so much fun and he said he wants to do it again and we want to as well. That's something to look forward to ini next week's email. Wow, i just realized how much is going to be in next week's email and I sound like a radio show host saying to stay tuned till after the commercials for some big giveaway. But I just like to keep the weeks organized so I know what I've already talked about and haven't yet. 

Love you all and hope everyone has an amazin week. Talk to you Monday! 

From the bridge coming back to Staten from Brooklyn. 


Missionary Parking...

I didn't take these pictures, Howard (our investigator) did back in Nov 2015 of the sunrise. So amazing.


These are from his front porch.

Now I took these of the sunset from Moses Mountain:) 




I have more on my camera but didn't get to a computer yesterday to get them off the camera and onto my iPad. 

Week #83- Bus trip to stake conference

Week #83 Letter & Pictures

What's going on everyone? 

This week was a lot of service in the beginning of the week/middle of the week. All due to the storm that came in Monday night and ended Tuesday night. We got 8in of snow but the top 2in turned to ice instantly so our service on Wed was ice shoveling. We got our work out for the week in a single day but it was great to see so many people grateful for our service and to see the joy it brought them. 

Here's how the week went down:

"Hey, we were just talking about you. All good things, all good things." Preparation day! And it was a preparation day. We heard there is going to be a big snow storm tonight so we were preparing for it today. We got laundry done and sent off some emails at the church before we went to lunch at the mall and went shopping for a few things. Then spent the afternoon at the Spanish chapel as they have a full court for basketball. We played basketball for a bit and then played volleyball. It was really fun too as we had the entire district there playing. After preparation day ended, we went and looked up the two referrals we got today. The first one was home and got our number and contact info but he was just leaving. So he said he will give us a call soon. The second we couldn't find the home for a long time. Finally found it, we think. We weren't even sure if the house we found was the right one but it was the closest one to the address we were given. But no one answered so we don't know if it was the right home or not. Then we finished with look ups as it was freezing cold. 
"It's, snow?" Yes it is snow and a lot of it here in NYC. We woke up to a winter wonderland and couldn't do much. No one was outside and no point to shovel yet as it was still coming down hard. So we did a lot around the house like clean up and do a lot of district leader things like transfer goals, planning, and more goals. Went out around dinner time as that's when it stopped snowing and started walking around our home to talk to people when we got a call that people needed help shoveling. NYC recruits the missionaries when people need help shoveling so we got a list of names and were asked to contact all of them and say when we could come by either tonight or tomorrow. We also have to have waivers for them to sign. Silly, I know. But whatever. So we went to dig out our car and it ended up taking the entire night and getting us both soaked to the bone in slush. Yuck and brrrrr. We called everyone and only a few of them need our help still and they said tomorrow would be ok. 
"How may I serve you, my master?" We woke up and went to work. Skip studies, skip breakfast, as usual and went to work. First house was not too bad. Everything did freez over so there was like a 2 in ice layer on top but we just had to dig a path through to the road for a person in a wheelchair to get to her taxi. Took 45 min in total. Then we went to our next one and we had to dig the drive way out for this elderly woman and that took an hour and a half with the ice and getting through all the pile ups from the road. Then the neighbor next door asked if we could help as he is also disabled and we agreed to help him. We dug out a path for his car to get out and cleared up the road in front of his house so he could get it as well. Every single person offered us money and we denied it. And then they wanted to buy us lunch. We agreed to that but then they left us with money and wouldn't take it back... not what we were thinking. So we did get lunch at Chipotle and then went to the church to finish off the waivers and send them off. Tried visiting one more person that didn't answer our calls and tried to see if they needed help but everything was shoveled already so they were good. Went home and cleaned up, ate dinner and went to do look ups at night. No success sadly as no one answered. Oh well, we got a great work out in today as we had ice blocks ranging from 5-55lbs. Some were as big as my torso and head but double the width. 
"We got to sink the Bismarck cause the world depends on us." Back to normal. We got up and did our studies and went to see brother Mariano who is a dog lover. All he talks about is his dogs but I was able to get to know him and then we had to go to district meeting. We had to postpone it 2 days because of the storm. Then we went to a lesson we had scheduled but the guy wasn't home. So we ate lunch at Flaming Grill, yes there is one here too just like in Lynbrook, and then did some things online at the church. Went to visit Howard, our most progressing investigator, but not quite progressing. Still needs to come to church but he wasn't home either. Ate a quick dinner and went knocking. Gave out 2 Book of Mormons and got to teach them a little bit. No exact return appointment but they are willing to have us come by. One lost a family member recently. Then we went to. Dunkin Donuts to get wifi for a few minutes and ended up talking to a guy that is inactive. Apparently he was baptized forever ago but now doesn't believe it anymore. He talked with us for an hour at Dunkin and he didn't want to give out his contact info at the end but he said he does feel guilty about not going to church. Hopefully we see him again soon. Then we headed home. 
"(Some quote that has something to do with St. Patrick's day)" I realized I don't know any St. Patrick's day quote but happy St. Patrick's day. We had correlation in the morning and we were late as we forgot all about it. But the sisters never showed up because they thought it was an hour later than it actually was. Then had lunch and went to Zone Training Meeting and we had to drive to the Brooklyn building in our zone for it as all of Staten Island had cars, but Brooklyn doesn't so we go to them. Took a long time but it was good. I'm just glad I don't have give workshops at them. Then we got dinner at a Chinese place nearby that everyone likes to go to as it is cheap and good quality. Drove home in traffic and went to a less actives home that we could help her understand the Book of Mormon. That ended our night. 
"I hear tell that you be looking for a crew, Jackie."
"If enough people keep saying it, then it must be true." 
Today was pretty good day. After studies, a less active member took us to Flaming Grill for lunch and he is so kind. He is the same guy that tries to convince missionaries to go see movies and go to Manhattan. Funny guy! But super nice. Feeds us every week. Then we went to the church and made calls and set up a few lessons for next week and then we did a few look ups of people we met last week and this week but none were home today. Then ate dinner and went to the church to meet the Zone Leaders there and we got a ride from them to Stake Conference in Park Slope. We only went to the adult session but it took up our entire night. Best part was they had Krispy Kreme donuts there and they had a lot. Most missionary companionships took a box homeat the end of the night, including us. 
"Baby step get on the bus. Baby steps get on the bus." Today was Stake Conference and boy was it a blast! So we got up and went to the church to take a bus that our ward rented for the day that would take us to the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott in Brooklyn for Stake Conference. That was a fun ride and then the conference was good but the drive back was the best. The driver took the route of going all the way through Manhattan, through New Jersey, and back to Staten Island. That means we hit 3 different missions in 1 day. Best route ever and we got to drive right through China Town Manhattan and got to see the Skyscrapers we see from afar off, right up close. So cool. I was a little kid in a candy store on that one. Then we got back home around 2:30 and ate lunch. Went and did look ups that we did yesterday to see if we could catch anyone at home. Our problem is we don't ask for their number most of the time so we end up having to do look ups. Had dinner and continued the night with look ups but no success. Ended the night with calls to the district. 

Not much new as far as investigators for us. We did spend all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday dealing with snow so that puts a dent on the week. But we were able to find 2 new Investigators this week that sound awesome. We just hope they will continue to meet with us when we go back this week. But I got to say the highlight was the stake Conference bus ride. That was a lot of fun with a surprise of getting a tour of downtown Manhattan. Not our fault though! We had no say in the route the bus driver should take. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


Week #82 More Pictures- View from State Island

Week #82 Letter & Pictures

Hello everyone! 

So I got transferred and I found out Tuesday that I was coming to Staten Island! And I got to say I love it here. This place has everything! It has amazing views of Brooklyn and Manhattan, has lots of places to eat at, a great ward that is a little bigger than Lynbrook, and plenty more I haven't even seen yet. We got a good pool and people to work with and plenty of finding opportunities. I'm excited for this area. Not sure if this will be my last area as I have 5 transfers, including this one, left. We'll see. 

So here's how the week went. 

"We've come a long way from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again." Transfer calls came today and I am getting transferred. I've spent 4 trainers here and I am going to miss it. It felt like home here and so in the morning, we did laundry and took it home. Then ate lunch at a pizza place with the Spanish elders. Then we hung out at the church and played games. Jay came and gave us all haircuts. Then we changed and went to Dinner at the Andersen's for the last time. Said goodbye to them and tried to visit brother carter but he wasn't home. Visited bishop and his family to say goodbye and then finally said goodbye to the Malinka's. Then spent the night packing and finished around 11 to go to bed. 
"Hello. It's us. We were wondering if after dinner you would like meet to go over our beliefs." Well, today was pretty sad for me to say goodbye to Lynbrook. As I was driving to Rego Park for the transfer exchange, I was super nervous as I had no idea where I was going. When we got there, I found out I am going to Staten Island and still am a district leader. My companion's name is Elder Stewart from Arizona. He is fresh out of training so he has only been in field for 2 transfers. The Zone Leaders are in my district and both of them came out with me. In fact, one is my MTC companion elder Hunt. There is also 10 missionaries in the district so I am back to a giant one. We had the leadership Meeting and afterwards, got all my stuff in the car, yes we have a car again, and took some other missionaries luggage to their apartment on the way to Staten Island. Then we drove through traffic and got to the apartment at 7 and unloaded the car of my stuff. Ate a quick something and then went to go drop off a bible to a referral. She was nice and we gave her a Book of Mormon but she is moving Friday to Florida and said she doesn't need help moving. Bummer. That was our night as it took a bit of a drive to get there. 
"You raise me up to stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas." Today was a good day. We had district meeting after studies and lunch. I got to meet all 8 other missionaries and we had a good time. Each companionship has a new companion to the area too. All 4 sisters are in training meaning one from both companionships is a trainee and the other is a trainer. After district meeting we made calls to a lot of our investigators and by we I mean Elder Stewart as I know no one here. Then we did look ups and we talked to a few people but they all said to come back on the weekend. We had dinner at KFC and then went to go visit a referral to potentially teach. He said to come back on the week end as well. Went to the church for a few things to do online and then tried contacting one referral that we first went to the wrong address as the address we got didn't exist so we started trying to guess which street it would be. After we found the wrong one, we found the right one but no one was home. Ironic. But that ended our night. 
"Good morning Vietnam!" These days are flying by fast too. I thought it would go by slow here since I am new but they fly by just as fast as it did in Lynbrook. We had studies and lunch until we went to the church to do a few things online. Then we tried to visit a potential investigator but they weren't home so we went back to the church to do weekly planning. We did that until a member showed up and started talking to us. He is cool and loves dogs. He talked to us for like an hour before we just finally said we had to go. He looked like he was ready to talk all night. Then ate dinner and did some look ups of potentials. Nothing came out of those but we did make calls in between and got a few lessons scheduled for next week. That ended our night. 
"When the lights go down in the city. And the sun shines on the bay! Oh, I wanna be there in my city, oh-oh." It snowed today! This snow needs to stop! Yesterday it was mid 60s and today was low 30s. And it was a finding day. We went knocking after lunch and went for about an hour when we couldn't feel our toes anymore. Then we knocked on this one door and a guy my age answered. We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave him one as he was curious about it and said he was leaving soon but felt bad for us so he pulls out a $10 and gives it to us to get a hot chocolate to warm up with. We tried saying no, but he was adamant about it. So we went to Dunkin and got hot chocolate to warm up to and went back out knocking in a different area this time. It stopped snowing and was sunny now. We talked to another guy around our age and he was also interested in the Book of Mormon but he wanted to read it before we come back. So we will give them a few days before going back. Ate an early dinner at Dominos and went to the church to eat it and do stuff online. Went knocking for a bit but no success this time until we went to a member's home. She is less active and wants help understanding the Book of Mormon so we help her with that and she fed us a small dinner. That ended our night. 
"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it." It's Saturday. And it was freezing. We first we knocking for a bit before our lesson with an investigator but that lesson didn't happen. We had to get another set of keys for our apartment so we got another at Home Depot. Then we went to the church and got some look ups we were going to visit. Went and visited them. Nothing came out of them though and saw this cool 9/11 memorial. Then got dinner and went knocking in a neighborhood. Everyone didn't want to talk because it was too cold or they were eating dinner so that was rough. We were freezing too. Then ended with look ups to stay warm.
"It's Saturday and we takin Hogwarts. Don't believe me? Just watch!" Sunday and today was interesting. We have church at 10 am so we did a normal morning until we went to church and that was interesting. It is a ward we are in and there are lots of members here. Pretty cool and we also taught elders quorum. It was Ch. 5 from teachings of president Hinckley on Daughters of God. Interesting topic. Then they had a pot luck after church and a baptism but the baptism was taking a while to get started so we had to leave before it started to go to a lesson with one of our progressing investigators, Howard. He is pretty cool, loves boats and does a lot of service for his neighbors. Awesome guy and at the end of the lesson, he offered to take us on a tour of Staten so we were down for that some day. The lesson itself was rough as he likes to talk a lot so we couldn't bring it in after he went onto a new subject. But still a good guy and means well. Then we went to visit a potential that said to come back today but wasn't home. Then we went to a less actives home and he is something else. He is a big teaser to missionaries and loves to make jokes about going to see movies or watch movies in his home. His offers are tempting but nah. I'm good. And he knows that too so he keeps it a joke. Not actually going to do it. He fed us dinner and afterwards, we went and did a look up before going home for the night. Still district leader so I made the calls. 

So I met Howard yesterday. He is our most solid investigator that I've met. He is awesome and loves to help everyone out. He would be an awesome member, we just got to teach him. Like I said earlier, the lessons are hard to teach him as he likes to talk but we just got to interrupt otherwise we would never talk. Rude, yes, but necessary. Then we had a lot of finding time this week and found a few people we want to go back and see so hopefully sometime soon we will be able to go see them. 

So I have a lot of pictures from transfers and the new area. Hope everyone has a good week!