Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #52 Pictures

Week #52 Letter


This week was pretty good. Had a few more lessons with less actives but still want to have a few more as there are a lot of less actives and our sacrament numbers have been decreasing every week for the past month. Yesterday, we had 27 people at sacrament meeting at the end. And we started with 17. So our numbers are not good. And since members help in fellowshipping investigators, we are trying to meet with as many of the less actives as we an while trying to find investigators. So that is what we are working on. 

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering" preparation day! We had a fairly boring day today. We went to a lesson at 10 in the morning but he was still asleep so we didn't end up teaching him. Then went to Elder Roland and Stoker's apartment and emailed for a bit. Went to the church and shopped around there. Ate Halal for lunch. And continued to walk around. Went back to their apartment and emailed the rest of the time. After preparation day, we went to a lesson with Thomas but he was out with his mom with the sisters so we went to our next lesson with Brad and Bruce and then went back there afterwards. Brad and Bruce's lesson was good. Little distracted as they were right in the middle of their game and so we waited for them to finish. Talked about service and got them signed up on Just serve. Then went back and saw Thomas. He is doing good and we didn't have much time so we shared with him Alma 30 and want him to read it by the next time we go back which is Friday. Then we headed home. 
"This is not a game, no. Nobody can save you. Spent up all your change and now your turn is done." Pretty interesting day today. We had personal study then went to go to Rego for Elder Johnson's driving test but then we didn't realize when we were supposed to be there so we left our apartment when we were supposed to be arriving at Rego. Elder Williams, the driving coordinator, had to go soon after that so we just rescheduled for another day. Went back and finished studies and lunch. Then did some look ups and on the last one, we met these cool guys that are basically gangsters. They had this motor scooter that wasn't working properly so elder Johnson used his mechanic skills and started talking to him about it and got fixing. We started talking to him and he is cool but super gangster. Done a lot and is still doing a lot of illegal activities but he likes us because elder Johnson can fix motors. Then we ate dinner and went to do service the sisters signed us up for. We weren't very excited to go as it was during prime time, it was at this crazy member's home that doesn't like us, and it was during prime time. But we went and pulled weeds in her back yard for 45 min and then had to go. On the very last weed, I had like a sting or a bite on my hand that stung like crazy all night. It was like getting stung by a bee over and over and over again. Went home and got changed and went to exchange with elder Corzo and Liljenquist. I'm with elder Corzo! 
"Join me and together, we will rule the galaxy!" It was an awesome exchange with Elder Corzo. We had studies in the morning and the housing senior couple, the Johnsons, came by to check our apartment in the morning. We have a very nice apartment and they were commenting on that a lot. Then we got ready to go to district meeting. That was fun and then had lunch afterwards at home. Then we went to do some look ups and were able to teach a less active member we found on saturday on exchanges. She is a super nice lady and strong in the church as well. She just moves back and forth from Guyana every couple months so she just got here and will be coming to church this weekend. Then we had dinner and knocking. Then went to a surprise birthday party for one of the spanish members that the senior couple, the Lilly's invited us to come help celebrate it. That was fun and had ice cream cake. Elder Corzo I then went to the church and had our follow up and device audit. It was a great follow up with how I can improve and what I could be doing better with. Then we exchanged back and went home.  
"Sing with me. Sing for the year. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing it with me, just for today... Dream on!" It was service day today. We went to a home we had been working on before for the past couple weeks and I worked on fixing a patch of dry wall in the bathroom that was messed up. Took so long because we had to figure out how to fix a big hole with only a few pieces of left over dry wall. Had to use some creativity skills and also had to find places to screw in some 2x4s to help support it. After all of that, I then had to start mudding it but it is such a big area and the dry wall was different thicknesses or something happened to make it different thicknesses to need a lot of mud. That was what I worked on and afterwards, we went home, cleaned up and went to visit Edwin. He is doing good but doesn't remember to read his scriptures. Then we had dinner and visited the Dures. Had branch presidency meeting and then we tried to visit brother Gurreck but nothing and so we stopped by Babatunde's but weren't able to teach him but got to talk to him. He still isn't feeling like himself he said so we said to get some rest and just try to read some scriptures in the mean time and hopefully he will be able to come to church this sunday. THen we headed home. 
"What a wonderful smell you've discovered!" SO today was pretty much an average day in the mission life. Consisting of studies, lunch and going to a lesson in Inwood. But they lady is a little crazy and cant remember anything. So when we got there, she didn't know who we were even though elder Johnson and Liljenquist met her a few days ago on exchanges. But she said how nice we looked but said she was busy so to come back another time. So we then went to the church and made calls for an hour, trying to clean out our areabook a little. Set up a few lessons in the coming week. Then did our weekly planning and did look ups for a bit. Had dinner and then tried to visit 2 referrals we got and one said to come back tomorrow, the other said she didn't order any free bible or request one at all so we just stood there awkwardly. She didn't want it either and neither did she want to talk to us so we left. We went and picked up Brad to go see Thomas tonight and we were able to teach Thomas. We talked about Alma 30 and the video that goes with it. Then we dropped off Brad and exchanged with Elders Roland and Stoker. Im with Elder Roland.
"Lets say we do all of that. We are just supposed to walk out of there with 160 million dollars in cash with no one stopping us?"
"Oh, ok." 
It was a fun exchange. We had studies in the morning and lunch. Then made calls for 2 hours while elder roland did some other things he needed to do and then did some look ups. No success except we got a return appointment for one. Then we had correlation and then the Spanish branch showed up to decorate for a party they were having and recruited us to help. We had nothing planned except finding so we helped out and got them all set up and then it started and we got fed dinner. We planted seeds afterwards and helped clean up a little and had to exchange back and go home. Fun exchange. 
"You are a toy!"
"And you are a sad, strange, little man. Farewell!" 
Today was interesting. At church, I gave a talk on the Price of Priesthood Power from the most recent general conference. Then we didn't have elder's quorum as no one was prepared to teach and the branch presidency was in a meeting with a member of the stake presidency so we got to talk amongst our selves casually. It was a nice break and I got to talk to our visitor that is one of the senior couple's sons. We got to talk to him about this engineering job and the schooling for it. Pretty cool. Then we had tithing but it took a while as we had to wait to see if there was any that our branch president had which he did. Then we had lunch and took the sacrament to sister Harvey and did our studies. I was so tired after that that I went and took a nap during dinner and didn't even hear Elder Johnson come in and do the same. I thought he would have woken me up at 6, and he thought I set an alarm for 6 but no. We ended up sleeping until 7 in full proselyting clothes. I got elder johnson up quickly and headed out the door to go to our potential lessons but neither one of them were home. And so we contacted by the church till the end of the night. We were tired.

Hey the update fixed the font!!!!!!!! Finally! So to investigator updates and less active updates. Iderle has not been meeting with us this past week. We tried to set up appointments but she has been super busy and said she was coming to church yesterday but she didn't show up. Bummer. That's all of our investigators that we have been meeting with. But with the school starting and the fall coming, everyone should be coming back from vacation, soon. Then we tried meeting with Babatunde a few times but he still does not feel good. He didn't make it to church yesterday either. Brother GUrreck we weren't able to see at all this past week and we stopped by 5 times during the week and called at each one of those but no answer. Thomas is doing good, we took Brad with us to see him and they had a fun moment of catch up with them. They hadn't seen each other in a long time. But neither one of them made it to church. 

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on President Nelson's conference address form the most recent conference titled, The Price of Priesthood Power. I liked reading that talk and it can be attributed to missionary work as well with authority and power. But the swollen finger came from service at sister Frinfrock's Tuesday night. That sting I got lasted 4 days and on Thursday it was the worst. My finger was supper swollen and couldn't close my fist all the way. And it hurt like crazy. Lesson learned it to not be cheap and buy gloves to use for weeding. Now it is fine but it was swollen and super tight in the middle part of my finger. 

Week #51 NO Pictures just video

Week #51 Letter


So this week was better as we weren't sick for a few of those days. I felt pretty busy this week with 2 exchanges, preparing for a workshop to give at ZTM with Elder Johnson, preparing for a Sunday school lesson and the Young Men's lesson on Sunday. I had a lot going on so this week flew by fast. So here is how it went:

"These are not the droids you're looking for."
"These aren't the droids we're looking for."
Well today was a pretty fun day. We had studies as usual and then went to Costco and got Costco cards. Shopped at Costco and went and put everything away and emailed for a few minutes. Then we walked around Arverne into Belle Harbor looking at all the cool shops. Found a lot of surf shops and stuff. Bought a shirt. Went back and continued to email until the end of preparation day. Then we forgot to go look for one of the Spanish elders phone as they have lost it and one of them is still bed sick so we had to go on exchanges to look for it at the church, found it there, and then went back and dropped it off. We tried to go visit the Forbes but they weren't home. Contacted around Stop and Shop for a bit and went home for the night. Pretty fun day overall but spent a lot of money. 
"Anyway you want it, thats the way you need it. Any way you want it." Service day! We went to a new location for our service with Friends of Rockaway out in an island called Broadchannel. We worked on this house that was right by the bay and we were building a deck out there that had a cool view of it. It was hot though and i got a sun burned ring around my arm from my shirt line. But it was fun. The owner also had cats, dogs, and a pet pig. Crazy little thing and if you picked it up, it would let you know it didn't like that by squealing super loud. It sounded like it was going to the butcher whenever it squealed that loud. After service, we went to Richmond Hill to pick up metro cards for those that have had their cards expire or are going to in the next day. Then we went home and cleaned up and ate dinner. Went knocking and found 2 people. We got a return appointment for one for tomorrow night. Then we saw Babatunde. He is still barely coming off his sickness but he was pretty good. We talked about reading in the Book of Mormon. Then we went and exchanged with Elders Corzo and Liljenquist. I'm with Elder Liljenquist.    
"What are you doing!?"
"Its called potato soup."
"You've ruined it! You've ruined it you stupid, fat hobbit." 
It was a fun exchange with elder Liljenquist. We had district meeting after studies and we had to wear suits to it for the first time. Not too big of a fan but you know, it will grow on me. Went to Tacos y Mas afterwards and were there a while as they didn't even order my food as the was a language mix up but i got my food last and ate it fast so we could leave. We went and did look ups and had dinner. Went to a lesson with Leo that we met yesterday but he wasn't home. So we went to contact our referral and it took forever to find parking with all the crazy one ways, and no parking in NY. It took us a good 45 min to an hour to drive and find parking. And all of that to have them not want the bible anymore. Very strange how fast someone can change as we got this referral today. Neither were they interested in our message. Then we picked up his stuff and went and exchanged back for the night.
"What happened Derek, I thought we were friends?"
"My name is Andy!"
"Your name is liar cause you tell lies!"
It was a stressful day for some of it but after 3, it was good. It was stressful because Elder Johnson and I gave a workshop together at Zone Training Meeting. We gave it on leadership, fun topic, and I thought it went pretty good. And that took up most of our day as we had studies and left immediately afterwards to go to ZTM and then we had dinner in Richmond HIll at a Chinese place. Then went home and went straight to the church for Branch Presidency meeting. Then, we contacted around the church to plant those seeds. That was our day. Super simple but stressful for the beginning part.
"Ride or die, remember?"
It was a pretty average day today except for the fact we had interviews with president Reynolds. We had to be there at 11 in the morning for our interview time and then afterwards, we went home, had lunch and finished studies. Then we did our weekly planning. Dinner and then a lesson with Babatunde at the church but he didn't come. Tried calling him for a bit but nothing. So then we went to visit our referral near by and visit them but they weren't home either. Then we had to go pick up elders Roland and Stoker to go give a blessing to the sister's investigator but then when she got there, she had changed her mind and so we then left. We exchanged at this point and I'm with Elder Stoker for the day.
"I want you to play dirty but don't get caught. Alright, bring it in. Break someone's clavicle on 3 ready? 1, 2, 3, break someone's clavicle!" It was a fun exchange we had. We had our studies in the morning and went and dropped off metro cards at those that needed them and went to Chipotle for lunch. Then we started our look ups. We first started with brother Gurreck and actually found him after a while of looking in different places he could be. He is doing good but going through a lot. So we talked about coming back to church and reading the scriptures. Afterwards, we went and tried a few more people but nothing very successful. Then had correlation and that is always an experience of its own. Had dinner at home and went knocking for a bit. Just seeds planted today and then went to the church and did a follow up and device audit. Then exchanged back. 
"Hey! What are you doing?"
"Sorry, I was..."
"You looked like you were going in there with some ITT bro."
"Intent to touch homey."
Church day! So it was a busy day for us at church. We had to teach gospel doctrine today. We taught Alma 32-34 and that was super cool. I felt like I learned a lot about those few chapters then studying on my own. Then we taught young men's about dating standards. Great topic for both of us as we are missionaries. But went well. Then had lunch and went to take the sacrament to sister Harvey and studies. Dinner and went knocking most of the night. We then got a call from the sisters to give a blessing to their investigator so we get the other elders and then as we were leaving, we get a call from them saying they don't need a blessing for their investigator anymore. So we went back to the church and got caught up on Facebook friending and contacting. Then went home.

So this font is still different but a little better. I tried something to see how it would work. Still playing around with it but this one seems to be better than the last font. Anyways, so as far as investigators go, Iderle didn't come tot church as she had a bunch of family over and couldn't get out of the house. We got a long apology text from her Sunday morning. So thats good she still wants to go to church but we got to get around her family! They are the ones that seem to be getting in the way now. Thats it for our investigators. We find new ones every week but never follow through o the next lesson or gets cancelled and we haven't been back since. But we have tried to go back to all of our appointments but something happens to where it doesn't happen. Frustrating but thats the work. As far as less actives go, brother Gurreck was less active for the past month, and still is. He didn't come to church yesterday even after we found him. So we are going to be stopping by a lot to see if we can help in any way. Then we haven't been able to see our usual less actives we visit this past week. So this coming week needs to be a less active finding week and lessons with them. For recent converts, Babatunde we were able to meet with but not a second time like we liked to have. But he is still wanting to come back to church. Then Shaheed, we have stopped by multiple times, called multiple times, and tried friending him on Facebook. Nothing. So that's a shame. We really thought he was solid. But went less active immediately. Ugh. 

Thats our list of people that we are meeting with and how we are doing. But training is fun! I love it and hope to do it again at some point in the mission. 

(No pictures this week.) 


Week #50 Pictures

Week #50 Letter

Hey everybody!

So this past week, some of us in the district have been sick. We have had all different kinds of sicknesses or it affected each of us very differently as some had sore throats, others were too weak to get up, and other were throwing up in the back of our car. But thats a story you can read about in a sec. but yeah, that was our week mostly. But we did say goodbye for now to a dear Elder who has since gone home. His 2 years were up and we shall miss him. Love ya Messi! P.S. I think you got everyone sick 😷🤒

"I'll see you in another life, brother." Well every time these transfers come to a close, I always get depressed with the missionaries going home that I know. Especially this one as I say good bye to a district member that has been here for the 3 transfers I've been here. Good bye elder messenger! You will be reading this in 1 week from today but I miss you, probably! Anyways, we got up and did studies and got transfer calls. Elder messenger is the only one out as he is going home, but everyone else is staying. We went to Breezy Point for our district activity which is way out on the peninsula at the end of our area because that is where the ocean is. Took a lot of photos and had a fun time collecting sea shells and sea glass. Afterwards, had lunch and all met again at the park for slack lining. Then went and emailed at home and got ready again as we smelled like the ocean. We went and tried to visit some less actives and also Babatunde. He was super sick so we just said hi and bye. Went and visited Iderle as she is back in town and we talked about her baptism later this month. Then went and picked up elders Messenger and Roland but ended up eating some Spanish food at one of their member's home. Super good stuff and headed out. 
"Three hours! Three hours you kept me waiting here."
"Yep, now we are waiting on you, lets go." 
Well, interesting day as it didn't turn out anything like we planned. Didn't need to go to Rego till late in the afternoon to drop off elder messenger and I needed to talk to some of the office staff about somethings but we didn't end up having leadership meeting so we left after a half hour. We got back to our area at 3 and made calls at the church and contacted by the church until we had dinner. After dinner we went to a lesson scheduled with a kid we taught last week at night but we didn't have his apartment number so when we got there, he didn't answer his phone so we couldn't teach him. Which was weird as we called him an hour earlier to make sure we were still good to come by and he said yeah but we didn't realize we didn't have an apartment number. So we went knocking around Arverne and after a while of that, tried to look up a less active but no one was home. Contacted by the church and headed home. 
"When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay. Oh,I wanna be there in my city, oh-oh-o." It was a green day today. Meaning it was a finding day. We did our studies and lunch, went and got to the car cleaned. Got our mail key copied for our landlord to keep for backup, and some clerk stuff. Then we went and visited Edwin, our 9/11 survivor and he broke his leg. Funny part is he is paralyzed from the waist down so he doesn't feel anything down there so he does everything normal like before but with a shattered leg. Brought me pain just thinking about it. Shared with him a message and a passage to read before our next visit which is Friday. Then did look ups but nothing. Dinner and knocking in Inwood. Met this cool family, all older, but the problem was they all went through 3 beers each when we were talking to them and they had plenty before we got there so we aren't sure if they will remember everything we said to them. Afterwards, we went and taught sister Siddoway and had a good lesson with her. Headed on home afterwards. 
"Who puts pineapple on a pizza? It's something you don't do."
Well today was pretty good. Woke up with a sore throats but not too bad. Did personal study and went to service for an hour. Then had the conference call with the mission. We went home for that and then had lunch. We got halal for lunch and went back to service. Went and got cleaned up at home and the office elders came by to pick up a vacuum. Then went to the Clavines home for their daughters party. She is getting baptized tomorrow and the assistants said we can go! Sweet. Went to visit a potential and no one was home. Contacted a little until we went to the church for branch presidency meeting. After, contacted until the end of the night. I was talking to Elder Roland on the car ride home and he isn't feeling well. He said it all started with a sore throats yesterday and woke up dead. So he is super sick and couldn't do much today besides sleep. So he said that's what I'll be like as my sore throats has gotten worse as the day goes on. So I've taken some vitamins and medicine to hopefully slow it down and fight it but it keep getting worse. Great, hopefully I'll be able to do some work tomorrow. 
"You seem a little defensive there, cap'."
Well, I was sick today, but not as bad as Elder Roland was. I had to sleep all morning as I had no energy at all to get up but I had enough energy around 11 to get up and prepare for district meeting. We did a skype district meeting with everyone as Elder Roland was still recovering and Elder Liljenquist is worse and slept through district meeting. So we just skyped from our apartments, except the sisters who were at the church. It started off really bad, the song did not work out, but as long as only one person is talking, it worked out great. Then we had lunch and went to see Edwin. He asked for us to come back a different day as he was putting on his cast for his leg he broke and was in tremendous amounts of pain. And he is even paralyzed from the waist down. So we said ok and went to the church to weekly plan but didn't get very far as we had to change for the baptism tonight. Changed and went to Lynbrook's chapel just in time as it started 5 min after we got there. It was nice to see and well organized. I learned a lot from it. Afterwards, we went to see a potential but no one was home and so we contacted by Stop and Shop till the end of the night. As the day went on today, my sickness and sore throat got worse so tomorrow will be another fun day to deal with this.  
"What are you doing?" 
"I'm distracting you ya big turd blossom!"
So to continue on with my sickness update. I felt a little worse today than yesterday as I am now super weak and don't want to move. But nevertheless, I still went out. But I was not as bad as some people in sickness which I will talk about in a sec. But we had sort of studies. I ended up sleeping through personal and companion study and was able to do some 12 week but not really effective 12 week. We then had lunch at McDonalds as we were on our way to Woodside for a meeting! Yay! I didn't like how it was on a Saturday but hey, what can you do. We went to the meeting and it was only for district leaders and their companions so didn't get to see some friends as they are now zone leaders but I got to see others there. It was awesome to see them and talk with them. The workshops given were good and liked them but they are having some changes to district meeting like now we have to wear suits to district meeting. So not the most ideal attire as we are in a heat wave right now, but we will make do. On the way home however, was an adventure of itself. Elder Syme asked for a ride home as we drive right by his home on the way to our home. So we agreed but just before he left, he was not feeling good at all and ended throwing up at the woodside chapel a few times. He was good for a minute and then felt sick again. But didn't throw up there so we left and tried to hurry home. He ended up throwing up in Elder Messenger's old shirt we had in our car as we were going to burn it in memory of him but instead served the purpose of puke bucket in our car. Thanks for the shirt Messi! It smelled pretty bad but we made it to their home before he puked any more but he was in a lot of pain and did not feel well at all. So hopefully he feels better. We went to the church and made calls all night and cleaned out areabook as I was getting worse at this point and didn't want to cough all over people as i talked to them so we staye din the church for a while and did what we could. Did some online proselyting and whatnot. Went to the store as well and bought some ibuprofen too. But yeah, fun day and let the sickness adventures continue on tomorrow, hopefully not though. 
"You better call it soon Coulson. Im starting to root for this guy." Well, today felt the same as yesterday. I don't know what it is but the medicine helps for a few hours then I go right back to the way I was before. So we think it is a virus that has to run its course first before it will get better. But anyways, getting up was super hard today as we had branch council so early but we made it there a little late and got everything ready for today. Fell asleep during sacrament meeting though. The rest of the day went fine. No crazy stories of church this week. We did tithing and went home and I crashed instantly on my bed and so did Elder Johnson. We were asleep for an hour and then woke up. We quickly ate lunch and took the sacrament to sister Harvey and went back home. No time for studies today and had dinner. We went out to a lesson in Inwood with the family we taught earlier that had 3 bottle of beer each but they weren't home tonight. Try again later. W knocked around them to find rejection and signs that say No Peddlers, which is us I came to find out a while back. So we went to visit some other people in the area and find no success. We wen to visit another lady by the church but nothing so we went to the church as my allergies or something was acting up bad and I needed tissues. Then contacted around the church till the end of the night. So much fun being sick. Especially on the mission. Also made calls tonight and the numbers for this week were not good but the Zone Leaders understood as most of the district was sick.  

Well, I tried to figure out a way to change the font on my iPad so it doesn't come in like this but nothing so far. But Iderle is back in town but she didn't come to church yesterday so we are pushing her baptism back a little so we can get her on a regular routine and progressing again before it. Then that was it this week with investigators. We just were out of commission for part of the week. But I am now feeling better and hopefully that is now behind me and Elder Johnson doesn't get sick. Cause that would stink. 

Anyways, that was our lovely week. Hope everyone else had a better one! 


Week #49 Pictures

Week #49 Letter

Here we are once again. Hello!!!!

This week was an interesting one. From late night stake meeting Saturday to this crazy investigator that we had come to church. Also a cat showed up at church... in a box. The weekend was a whole lot of excitement but the rest of the week was pretty good. Here is how it went:

"You're either with his or against us!"
"I'm not with you neither am I against you."
"Can he do that?"
"He's religious, I think it is required."
Preparation day! It was a sort of boring one but also a little fun. We went shopping after studies and got our groceries for the week. And headed on over to Elders Messenger's and Roland's apartment to hang out. We went down to the beach and put our feet in the water for a bit and then went slack lining as elder Johnson bought one recently and wanted to try it out. Then went back to their apartment and emailed and talked for the rest of preparation day. AT 6, we went out knocking and taught a lesson on the door step and got a return appointment for Saturday. We continued knocking and went to visit a potential investigator but wasn't home. Tried to visit Shaheed, not home. And so we went contacting by the church till the end of the night. Fun day, but a little boring in the middle there. 
"I don't get it. How can you go through an entire box of pop tarts and still be this hungry?"
"Oh this is so going on my Facebook, smile."
Normal day for the most part. We had service today and we put up sheet rock on the walls this time. It is starting to come together now. Looks like a basement now. We are working on the basement part of a home and we are almost to mudding and then to painting. We then went home after that and had a lesson over the phone with a referral we received. He is super nice but weird to teach over the phone. We are going to see if there is anything else we can do to meet with him face to face via skype or in person. Cause I'm not a big fan of over the phone lessons. Then we cleaned up real fast and did our companion study and had dinner. We then went out with brother Beatty to visit some less actives with him and after a bit, we picked up brother Thompson to go see a less active he wanted to go visit so the 4 of us went to visit him. We went to the apartment number we had on record but brother Thompson said it was on the wrong side. So we went down to the lobby and asked if there is a different apartment number we could try but no, their record matches our record. SO we don't know where he is. But we did go visit one more less active and found her. We were able to get in and Brother Beatty was able to connect again with her and we were able to try to talk her into coming to church this sunday. Then we went home for the night. 
"He did that stare and drive thing didn't he? I taught him that!" We had our studies but they were cut short as we went to visit a less active with brother Thompson at 10:30 so we went and were able to meet with him. Smelled really bad and wasn't a very clean apartment but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We then went to the church so I can catch up on some clerk responsibilities and set up some lists on Facebook. Headed home, ate lunch, and got cleaning. We did deep clean today and we able to clean the entire apartment and get organized again. It is so nice to have a clean apartment. Had dinner afterwards and went to a lesson but didn't happen. Then we realized we didn't have the phone so we went to the church to look for it and there it was. We also skyped with our branch president and relief society president with the sisters about members to go visit. We found some really solid looking members. Hopefully they still live here. After wards, went to another lesson we had scheduled but weren't home. And so we contacted by the church till then end of the night. 
"Ok, the dentist thing is more of a hobby. In real life, I am a spy. And you must not tell anyone because if you do..."
It was a pretty good day overall. We had district meeting today and we got to hear Elder Messenger's last workshop before he leaves to go home. We took some pictures together as a district on the roof again and went to Chipotle for lunch with Elder Messenger and Liljenquist. They were on exchanges for some reason. But fun anyways. We then went home and did some of our weekly planning. Didn't get all the way done like we were hoping so we will have to finish it tomorrow. Ate dinner and visited sister Randall with brother Beatty. Had to go pretty quick as I had a branch presidency meeting but it was cool to meet with her. Starting to get to know the members better now. Had the meeting and went to visit a less active family, Forbes, but there was no male home so we couldn't go in. So we did less active look ups in Arverne and contacted. Ended up teaching this kid right before we went home. Pretty cool to teach him. Hopefully he will continue to meet with us. 
"Who wants to have fun?"
"I do."
"Me too."
"Now are you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to have fun?"
"I really want to have fun."
"I'm just saying I want to have fun." 
Pretty good day overall today with a long stretch of boring in the middle of it. We had studies and went to the church for 12 week but couldn't get the online thing to work on the computer so we moved on and while we were there, the Spanish missionaries had correlation and a little goodbye party fro Elder Messenger so they invited us to join in. We ate pizza and talked for a bit. Took pictures at the end and went back to continue 12 week. All that took a long time but that was the fun part. We then did our weekly planning again to finish it off and that takes forever. We didn't even have that many people but it took a while. Still trying to learn the new guidelines, again. SO we had dinner afterwards and went contacting by the church down to some apartments to drop off the book of mormon to our investigator we taught over the phone to find him home. So we were able to teach him again and introduce the Book of Mormon better and the Restoration better. Then we contacted don the way back and went to the Forbes. We taught them about service and got them signed up on Just Serve's website to find service around NY. And went home for the night. Pretty good day but weekly planning is not a favorite of mine. 
"I have 600 Titleist balls in the trunk of my car. Lets God down to Rockaway beach and hit them into the ocean!" Not a very productive day today. We just had meeting all night in Woodside so it took a huge chunk out of our day. We did our studies and lunch like usual in the morning, then we tried to have our first Facebook messenger lesson. We have met with him in person before, and it is hard to understand him. English is his second language and he is still learning it so we thought Facebook messenger would be a good way to communicate with him better. Well, it worked in communication, but he does not want to change religions. Not in the slightest and by the end of the lesson, he dropped us. Ok then. Great start to Facebook messenger lessons. We then went to another lesson we had scheduled but they weren't home. Tried to visit a potential investigator but not home. So we went home and changed into suits and went and picked up elders Messenger and Roland to go to Woodside. Took a while to get there with a little traffic and it rained super hard. But we were the only missionaries at leadership meeting and then 4 more showed up to the general priesthood meeting. They were good meetings but not much on the missionary aspect for us. Afterwards we started our long trip home and got home around 9:45 at night. 
"We got to do a double grasshopper."
"What's a double grasshopper?"
"You may want to close your eyes for this."
Super interesting day today. We had church and we went and this investigator the sister fund on the street came. They found him a couple days ago or earlier today, I don't know, but he actually came and was a very interesting man. We taught him the restoration during gospel principles as he was the only one there that was an investigator or recent convert. Then for elders quorum, there was only a few of us that didn't prepare the lesson so we took over and it just turned into teaching the investigator all about the priesthood. So we had 2 member present lessons during church basically. Super cool and then at the end, someone brought a cat into church in this old cardboard box and I didn't know about it until after tithing and the branch president and I didn't know what to do but it was in the Spanish branch's chapel during their sacrament so we didn't want to district it either so we left it for the Spanish branch to deal with. Still don't know what needed up happening to it either. So that was church, afterwards we took the sacrament to sister harvey and did studies afterwards. We broke our fast with fired rice and sweet and sour chicken. Super good:) Went knocking in Inwood for our prime time find and visited the Dures. Then home bound. 

So Iderle got home form her vacation yesterday so we will be trying to go by and visiting her this coming week! That investigator that went to church yesterday is named Kwasai I think is how you spell it.Anyways, he is super willing to learn more and continue learning so hopefully he will progress in the gospel. He already accepted the invitation to be baptized but we just don't have a date yet. We tried to visit our other investigators this week but either not home or not interested anymore. Its hard to continue to find people when there seems to be no one progressing. But we keep trying. 

Hope all is well with everyone! See you next week! 


Week #48 Pictures

Week #48 Letter

Well hello again,

This week went by fast and we had some problems with our shower. We got most of it fixed by we have the repairman coming tomorrow to finish it off. It was a problem with the grout and sealing in the shower. Wasn't done properly so the water got behind the wall and started coming out onto our bathroom floor. Not good but they said they fixed the grout and sealing problem. Coming tomorrow to fix the part of wall they tore out. 

So for this week, here is how it went:

"I am iron man. You think you're the only superhero out there?" Preparation day! Today was really fun and I am drained. We had studies and went and dropped off my pants to get sewn back up and went to the church to get haircuts. Jay is always so nice and does a great job with it. I hope to have him cut my hair all throughout my mission. Then afterwards, we went to our place and made homemade pizza. It was super good and hung around. Around 5, a massive thunderstorm rolled in and lightning was going off every 30 seconds, sometimes even quicker than that. And it down pored with rain when we left. We went and contacted a few referrals and went and taught this Egyptian that was sort of interested but is very set on his beliefs. Hard to teach but we will see what happens with him. Then went to visit Thomas but he was busy and we didn't have time to wait so we rescheduled for tomorrow night. And went home and had to take elder Corzo and Liljenquist home as they were coming back for their laundry and it was already 9:30. So we got home really late.   
"I am bad. And that is good. I'll never be good. And that's not bad." Pretty normal day today. We had the 3 hours of studies and went to district meeting at the church. The church was having its carpets and floors deep cleaned so we had to walk carefully on the floor but it smelled clean. Had district meeting and went to get Halal for lunch and went to the church to eat it and we got stuck in the clerks office as the cleaner guys waxed the floor so we couldn't leave for an hour before it got dry. So we made the most of our time and got the less active list complete and started going through it with everyone I knew. After an hour we left and went home to get dinner and went knocking in Arverne. No lessons and went to a scheduled lesson with Ness but she couldn't tonight nor any other time this week so we scheduled for next Tuesday. Continued knocking and went to go see Thomas. Had a good lesson with him and contacted by the church till the end of the night and went home. 
"Is that the best you can do?"
"You had to ask."
So today we did our personal study and went to service. We put up dry wall on the ceiling which was super fun actually. Hardest part was holding up the dry wall long enough with either our head or arms. Also did a little insulation. I'm learning so much on how to build a home:) Afterwards, we went home and got cleaned up and made cards until dinner time. After dinner, we exchanged with elders Messenger and Roland. I'm with Elder Messenger for his very last exchange before he goes home. We went and picked up brother Beatty and we started visiting all the less actives in the branch and not many people answered. But we went and visited the Romeros and were able to share a message with them. We went and picked up the other 2 elders, Elders Johnson and Roland and took everyone home. Gonna be a fun exchange:) 
"From now on you shall be known as Darth... Vader." We had a great exchange full of service. We had studies and made cards after study till lunch. After lunch, we got a call that the Dubei's needed help to move some of their furniture down to their garage to finish up their move and so we went over and that took up our entire afternoon. We exchanged back to go clean up and have dinner. We then went contacting by the church until Branch Presidency Meeting and that didn't end up happening. We waited for 20 min and called but elder Shapiro said he was waiting too and would let me know if he hears anything so we left and never did hear anything. We went contacting by the church some more until we had to be home at 8 pm as our landlord was coming over to look at our shower. It has a leak and is ruining the wall. They said they were going to come by tomorrow with customer service from the neighborhood in which we live so they can take a look at it. We planned and got ready for bed. 
"I didn't even qualify. Apparently I'm self centered. Don't play well with others. That sort of thing." Well today was actually really good. We had a lesson at 10 but it didn't happen. It was with the same guy we had a lesson with last Saturday but he wasn't home this time. We did find parking though. So we went to the church  and did 12 week until we had Halal for lunch and went to Woodside for ZTM. It was a Facebook training on how to use it properly. It was really nice and really inspiring on how to use it well and not get distracted. So I'm excited to use it but I won't be posting publicly. All personally for members and investigators. Afterwards, we went to this burger place around the corner and ate there before our long ride home. Took us over an hour to get home and we got back at around 8 and went to visit sister Siddoway but she was busy so we weren't able to teach her. Went to the church and picked up the other elders and went home. 
"There seems to be no sign of intelligent life, anywhere." It was a pretty fun day today. We had our usual morning full of 3 hours studies and we had our landlord and the repairman come by and work on the bathroom and we were talking to our landlord about everything they want us to do every week. We even got our mail squared away and we can get mail here:) Got the key and everything. Then we went to go to a lesson after they left but he wasn't home so we went over to the Spanish elders neighborhood as they were having a Block Party and we got to socialize with the neighborhood and get to know a lot of people. It was super fun and got to be friendly in the community. Went to the church and had correlation and ate dinner at the church. Then went contacting by the church and went to pick up brother Romero to go to see the Forbes and SIddoway's. That was the best decision we've made, taking him to the Forbes. It was the best lesson we've had with them and Brother Romero shared a scripture that helped sister Forbes a ton. She said she would come tomorrow to church. We then went to the SIddoway's and gave sister Siddoway and her daughter blessings and went home. It was a fun night and super awesome. Hopefully the Forbes come tomorrow:) 
"You must be the worst pirate I've ever heard of."
"Ah, but you have heard of me."
Today was a great day. We had church and sister Forbes did come to church finally! It was awesome to see her and her son, AJ. But then for the second hour and most of third hour, I got stuck in the Clerk's office with the stake audit representative to do the mid-year financial audit. Cool to see how it was all done but it was super nice how the past 2 clerks, Elders Ko and Parrish, kept a neat record and everything was organized so it all went smoothly and we got done in an hour and a half. After church, we went home and ate lunch. Then went to see sister Harvey with the sacrament and went home to do studies. Ate dinner and Went knocking and visited referrals. We ended up teaching a referral and got a return appointment for Wednesday. Tried to visit some other investigators but no answer. We did go see Adly, our Egyptian investigator, and were able to continue talking to him about prophets. What we learned from that lesson is that we can't convince him of anything, but the spirit can. He said that himself and so we focused on reading the Book of Mormon and coming to know if it is true. Then we went home and I made the calls to the district for numbers. Fun week.  

So we had a pretty fun weekend with Facebook. Just trying to friend our investigators and members right now and hopefully start talking to them soon. But so far, we haven't used it for anything. 

Well, we had a few lessons, but not with the same people really. The best part was the Forbes came to church! So much fun to see them at church, but I didn't get to talk to them much as I had to do the financial audit. 

Well, I miss you all and can't wait to see most of you next week at transfer exchange. Have a great weekend! Bu-bye! 


Week #47 Pictures (Birthday Week)

Week #47 Letter

We are not going to attack, right, now!!!! 

Well, we're not going to:)

Hello everyone! It is so good to be back here with you in this fine email letter. I wish I could talk to all your beautiful faces but that just isn't possible. So this will suffice. As you can tell from the subject of this email, it was my birthday this past Friday. (Insert happy birthday saying here) and we got some surprising news at Trainer Trainee meeting this past week about Facebook. But you can read to find out what exactly that is:) Cause I am mean that way and I want to make sure you actually read the email and not skip to the pictures. So, here is summaries of the day 41: (Not actually week 41 I think but just what I have for my record. I think I am on week 43 or something like that.)

"He who says he can, and he who says he can't, are both usually right." Preparation day! But today wasn't as exciting as the past couple weeks. We went shopping after studies and ate lunch at chipotle. Then went home and hung around our apartment all afternoon with the Spanish elders. After preparation day ended, we went and picked up elder Liljenquist's stuff for our exchange and dropped off elder Johnson's stuff but didn't exchange yet. They had a lesson so they both wanted to go to that so elder Johnson and I went to Inwood to knock and found a friendly family. They had seen missionaries before and was down to talk. We first talked about their faith and ours too which lead into the restoration lesson. It was cool but they aren't ones to convert at all. But they are super friendly and nice and invites us back anytime. Then we went and exchanged and I'm with elder Liljenquist for the day:) 
"Go faster, must go faster. Go faster, faster, faster! " I'm tired and exhausted like never before. It was an interesting day but also a long one and a fast one, all at the same time. We went to service and did framing there. Ate lunch at a pizzeria nearby and then continued framing afterwards. After that, we went home and cleaned up and ate dinner. Went to a lesson with this referral and taught her the plan of salvation as she was already taught the restoration. It was an awesome lesson and had some cool experiences during it. Then the madness happened. We went to exchange but realized elder Liljenquist had his stuff still at home and so we went and got that. Went to the other elders apartment to exchange, they sent a text they are going to be late and so we went to pick up the other 2 Spanish elders and waited for them as we told them in a few minutes but went immediately so not their fault. Then went back to the apartment to exchange but waited 45 min for them to get there to get a call that is basically they will be another 30 min and so I decided to just exchange tomorrow as it is 9:45 already. Went and dropped off the other elders and went home. And as soon as all of that was done, it was 10:30 on the dot. Time for bed. And repeat again tomorrow. So still with elder Liljenquist.  
"Please, stay here. And don't do anything...stupid. Ok? " Almost back to a normal day. We had trainer trainee meeting today and we first exchanged early in the morning and headed to Rego. The meeting went until 3:30 and was pretty fun being on the trainer end of it. Already know what they are going to talk about and get a refresher on it. Then headed home and got home in time for dinner. Ate and then went and exchanged with elder messenger and Roland for a handoff lesson. I went with elder messenger to the lesson and exchanged back. It was a super short and simple lesson as the man we taught is super old but super nice and willing to read the Book of Mormon. Then contacted on Mott till we went to the church for a lesson with Iderle but she didn't answer so we continued talking to people and taught 2 guys both named Omar. And we saw their driver's license so they could prove they had the same name. Taught them on the street and went through the restoration in simple terms. And then headed on home. Good to be back to normal schedule.  
"I couldn't have asked for a better district." -Elder Heaton. Yes I did just quote myself but I do love my district. They are the best and had 2 surprises for me today! So we started off with the regular study schedule and lunch afterwards. Then we went to the church to finish our online safeguards stuff as we had a big surprise yesterday at trainer trainee meeting. President Reynolds said we are getting Facebook by the end of the month! After that, we went contacting on the street and then went to district meeting. It was just elder messenger and Roland and the two of us at the beginning as the sister were on their way home from exchanges and the other 2 were in Manhattan for a doctors appointment. The sisters showed up half way through and at the very end, elder messenger and Roland brought in a cake with a 19 in it made out of toothpicks! They sang and we had cake. Surprise #1. Then we had dinner and went contacting by the church until I had branch presidency meeting. That was cool to be in but it was another meeting. Went to visit an investigator and talked about the Book of Mormon for a sec but had to leave as they were on their way out the door so we made a return appointment for tomorrow. Went to the church to surprise sister Lilly as yesterday was her birthday but as soon as I walked in, they all sang to me. The entire district was there and the Lilly's and then we sang to sister Lilly. The district even got me a present. They all bought me a hulk buster lego set:) so nice and the Lilly's made cake so we had cake and went home. Surprise #2. It was a fun day and it was all thanks to the district. Well, this 18 year old is signing off for good. Goodnight! 
"Low flow shower heads? I don't like the sound of that." It was a fun day today:) so we did our studies and went to the church. Ate lunch at McDonald's and then went to the church to try to modify our Facebook's more as we have no idea what we are doing and there are some certain settings the mission requires for Facebook. We think we figured it out with the help of Elder Messenger who was here before Facebook got banned. He's old. Then we did our weekly planning and went to Chipotle for dinner. Knocked around Inwood for Prime Time and tried to visit some members but they weren't home. Then contacted by the church until the end of the night and went home. It was a fun day for mission standards, doesn't sound like it but it was. :)  
"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Well, pretty average day. We had a lesson at 10 so we went to it and drove around to look for parking. And continued to look. And a little more looking. Until after 45 min of driving around looking for parking, we gave up. Saturday's are a popular day for people to go to the beach, who would have thought, huh? So we went to the church and did 12 week and then went home and ate lunch. Went to the church for correlation and then went to go to a lesson with Daniel but he wasn't home so did some knocking. Went home and ate dinner and then went to a lesson with Maurine, a lady we taught last week, but she had company and went to visit our referral that wanted us to drop off a bible and Book of Mormon. Dropped it off but weren't able to teach as they were very busy. Ugh. And then went back to see Daniel but no one answered so we knocked and went contacting by the church till the end of the night. Great day of cancelled lessons. 
"I have a plan, attack." It was an interesting day today. All thanks to a member named brother Beaty. So we had church and it was less stressful this week so it was nice. Got to go and learn new things in Sunday school and did tithing after church. Then went with brother Beaty to see sister Harvey. So brother Beaty was a member that lived here 3 years ago and he is visiting for 3 weeks for some med school program or something like that and will be staying at a member's home here. He went with us to see her and invited us over for dinner and talked about the branch and what we can do to help it. Then went by the SIddoway's and weren't able to teach them as they were busy but got a return appointment for tomorrow. Went contacting by the church till the end of the night and went home and made the calls to the district. So much fun:) 

So sorry about the font and everything. Weird coloring and sizing. Don't know how to fix on the iPad when I copy it from notes to email. But whatever, you can read it. So Facebook, we are getting Facebook by the end of the month according to president Reynolds. This Friday's ZTM is what that will be all about so we get to find out more on Friday. 

My birthday was also really fun thanks to the district. They made it a special day. Thanks to everyone that sent a happy birthday email! I saw them all and also saw the ones on Facebook thanks to mom:) 

So for our investigators, not much has changed but we are trying to follow up with potentials and those we have taught very recently to determine if they are interested or not. That is what we will be working on this week along with the less active list. We will be going around to ever member's home and getting to know them or determine where they are. Gonna be a fun week with brother Beaty as we do this. 

Love you all and miss you. I will see you in the next email! By-bye! 


Week #46 Pictures

Week #46 Letter

THis week was pretty good. We had Mega Zone conference which was amazin. We had 2 exchanges and the branch BBQ with a surprise that showed up at the BBQ. You will read all about it here:) 


"Is that goal regulation size or what?" Today was such a fun day! We had preparation day and we went mini golfing as our district activity. We had a little contest of which companionship would get the best score. We did not win, but came in 3rd place. Oh well, super fun. Went to Costco afterwards and got food finally. We weren't able to go last week and was scraping the barrel for food this past couple days. But now we are set. Went home and emailed for a bit till preparation day was over and went to Inwood to knock some more. Ended up teaching this lady and she was interested a little. Hopefully she will continue and keep her commitments. Then went to the church to teach Iderle but she never came on and didn't answer her phone so we left and went to visit some potentials. Nothing and headed in for the night. 
"You're going to give me your best, your very best. Nothing less. Give me your very best." Today was great. We had Mega Zone Conference and we went to get the car washed and then picked up Elder's Messenger and Roland to go to it. Took a while to get there and I have gotten better with driving in the city I feel like. Mega Zone was great. It was super spiritual and uplifting. I'll send the notes in a separate email if I remember. We left at 5:30 and took an hour and a half to get home. Went to this prayer circle we got invited to Sunday Night and showed up for 10 min then left as it was basically another sermon for them. They said it was going to be for the Dallas shooting and a community coming together but nah. Wasn't like that. Then went and exchanged with Elders Corzo and Liljenquist. I'm with elder Corzo for the day:) 
"Don't talk to me, I'm on my popcorn break."
"But my car has been in there 3 hours..."
"Do you see this suit, I don't fix cars, I sell them."
"Do I look like I care?"
Well, great exchange. It was exhausting and stressful at the end of the night but good exchange overall. We had studies and lunch afterwards. We went to district meeting and had a good time. the sisters weren't there as they had a medical issue. And a district meeting of only elders did not stay on topic as well as it could have been. Still stayed on topic for the most part but had its moments. Afterwards, I worked on branch clerk stuff for an hour and tried to get organized for the audit coming up in a couple weeks. Then went to visit potentials and ran into a lot of people and taught this lady about the church and the restoration. Pretty cool but not very interested in converting or changing anything. Then ate dinner at KFC and went knocking in Inwood for prime time find. First door we knocked on was a lady that missionaries taught years ago and she was wondering what happened to them and listened very well. Wants us to come back but prefers Spanish so elder Corzo got an investigator. Then went to the church and taught Iderle via FaceTime. That was fun to see her and a great lesson. Went home and got elder Corzo's stuff and went back to the church to pick up elder messenger and Roland. Went and exchanged with the other two and went home. Stressful at around 8 pm till 9:30 pm as that is when we got home. 
"So I'm drawing the map that leads to you. Ain't nothing I can do. I'm falling, falling, falling." It was an interesting day today. We did service today and we did it for both parts. Before and after lunch. I worked on scraping paint off the cement in the back side of the house and after lunch, helped frame parts of the area we were working on. That included shooting nails into the concrete which required a special tool that was basically a gun. Had to wear ear plugs and everything. After service, we went home and cleaned up and made cards till dinner. Had some dinner and exchanged with elder Messenger and Roland. I'm with elder Roland for the day! We went to the church to have branch presidency meeting but couldn't get in contact with our branch president so we left after 20 min and he called later to say he was out of town. We went to visit a couple people but no one answered their door. Talked to people on the street and planted seeds until we went home. 
"Who knew, that all the planes we flew. The good things we been through. That I would be right here standing next to you. How could we not talk about family when family is all that we got." Great exchange today. We had studies and made cards all morning until we went to the opening ceremony of a house we worked on for the past while for service. It was cool to see the finished project and see the owner of it. Then we ate lunch and went to go to a lesson but had a wrong address and called the person and they weren't home but we got the right address now. Went knocking for 30 min to find no one was answering their doors so we went to Mott Ave by the church contacted and did some look ups. Ate dinner and exchanged back. We went to Inwood and knocked some more and talked with this less active that doesn't live in the area but is here a lot and has a nonmember friend he wants us to teach which is in our area. So cool and then went home. 
"I said dart gun, not, ugh!" 
"Oh, because, I was wondering, under what circumstances, would we use this. But whatever." 
It was a really fun day today. We had personal study then picked elder messenger and Roland to go to the branch BBQ. We got there at 9:30 to help set up and ended up going to a near by store and buying stuff for the grill at the beach. When we got back we had a nice surprise waiting. Elder Burningham was there! Well, Jason now, but that's too weird to say. It was awesome to see him and to catch up with him. The BBQ started and a good amount of people showed up which was nice. After a while, we started cleaning up and everyone went to the beach and we went to the church and had correlation. Then went to Inwood for lessons which only 1 happened. It was an awesome lesson though. It was with a guy named Daniel we met last weekend and he was really open and excited for us to come by and teach him. Totally willing to accept our message and wants to come to church. Hopefully! Then went to the other ones but they didn't happen. Went to the church and met Jay there and he took us to dinner at a Chinese restarting nearby. Always a good time to see him. Afterwards, we went to a lesson with a lady elder Corzo and I met on exchanges and taught her about the restoration. She was also super nice and willing to hear us. Then went to the SIddoway's and ended up teaching her nephew, Reggi about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome day.:) 
"Worlds apart were broken in two, two, two! Good day today. About our average Sunday but I'll go through it with you. We went to the church and had branch council and the regular Sunday meetings. I was as usual running around before church trying to get the program ready and make sure the hymns were good as our pianist and chorister is out of town for a couple of weeks. But other than that, it was good. After church, we did tithing and went home and had lunch. Went and gave sister Harvey the sacrament and then had our studies. Only had like a half an hour of personal study as we were at sister Harvey's for 1 hour. That was a long time. Had dinner and went contacting on Mott Ave and 20th street. We did that for the entire prime time basically and got 66 seeds out of it talking to everyone. That was exhausting to continue talking the entire time and walking. I'm not used to walking! So lazy.