Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week #22 Pictures

Week #22 Letter

Hello everyone! How are you? I'm doing good. Pretty good week this
week. Nothing to crazy happened except Adrian got the priesthood!!! I
can remember the day he first walked in and wanted to learn more. So
long ago but only 3 months ago. He has come a long way. Anyways,
summaries of the day 21!

"We stole the Statue of Liberty...The small one from Las Vegas."
Preparation day! It went by so fast it felt faster than usual. But
then again, we did end at 4:30 today. That makes it shorter. We had
our studies and laundry. Went and looked around some stores until we
went to GNC. Elder Mitchell got some protein and a blender. The
blender was super cheap and making me consider getting one if at
actually works. Then went and got our groceries for the month. We got
a little more than we need for this week so we are good for the next 3
weeks basically. Plenty of food. Then went to the church and played
some ping pong and emailed until 4:30 when we left for a dinner
appointment at 5. I finally beat Elder Householder in a match of ping
pong. He has beaten me every week we've played each other and finally
I beat him. Then at the dinner appointment, we did the family home
evening first and then ate dinner. It was a good lesson. Shared it
mostly with their daughter who doesn't like to come to church. Trying
to help her. Then afterwards, we went back to the church and John
cancelled on us too so we met with Adrian. We talked about the law of
chastity, word of wisdom, law of tithing, and law of the fast. Super
basic lesson. But good. Then came home. Fun day and it went fast!
"Cookie robots. I said cookie robots. Why, why, are you so old?" I'm
tired. It was a long day. We had some seed planting in the morning,
and a lesson with Jay afterwards. Pretty good lesson. Not too bad but
not the best. Lunch and then district meeting. That was pretty fun:)
then went to a lesson with Robert and that was good. Went over the
Restoration with him and added priesthood and auxiliary callings to
it. Also talked about service with him. Then went home, had dinner,
and went knocking in Whitestone. Planted a lot of seeds up there and
some said we could come back. We went to visit a member up there too
and they had this crazy dog. It is a baby apparently but it looked
full grown. It was so excited that it would jump on us every moment it
had. They put it on a leash and it has a choke collar on and it
sounded like it was hyperventilating when it was on the leash. It
would not settle down and was super distracting for our discussion
with the member. Ended up leaving after 20 min of this and the dog
jumping around making a ton of noise with nothing accomplished really.
Went back and contacted by Dunkin till we went in. I'm tired.
"Ugh, I hate that guy." To start off, my back has been hurting for a
few days now. I can't tell if it is from a lot of walking, a knot that
has built up or if something is wrong. But it has been getting worse
and very uncomfortable. So we'll see if it worsens and if it does much
more, I'll talk to the nurse. Anyways, today was interesting. We
started off usual, seed planting and met with Hill this morning. Just
talked about fasting. Then went to visit a member in a nursing home as
she asked for a blessing and she invited us for lunch... We get there
and she says we missed lunch but she still wants the blessing. As we
got the oil out and were about to do it, she says that she needs to go
and that we need to do it tomorrow and that way we can have lunch...
We tried to explain it will be quick but she wasn't having it. We then
left and planned to come back tomorrow... for lunch too. Then we went
and ate lunch, and went to the church to make calls and figure out how
to best teach family history to Adrian and Hill. We met with the new
branch president to discuss member missionary involvement, branch
mission plan, and any families he wants us to visit. He then asked me
to give a talk next Sunday in sacrament meeting on Temples to
encourage members to go to the temple. Pretty cool as this will be my
first in field talk and it also shows how much the new president
trusts us already:) it's awesome. Then we had dinner and went to do
some look ups down the street a little bit from the church. No luck so
we came home and contacted by Dunkin till 9.
"I shrink the moon. I grab the moon. I sit on the toilet, wait, what?"
Today was a good day. We did the usual morning with studies, seed
planting by Dunkin, and calls. But we went to visit the member from
yesterday and we gave her a blessing and talked for 20 min today. She
didn't want to talk anymore because she wanted us to go out and find
souls to save. We're like, "ok, we're going!" But we went to eat lunch
first and do our weekly planning session. The funny part about the
weekly planning was when we were planning for John, he called us on
skype... He wanted to confirm plans for tomorrow's lesson and let us
know his situation with it. Might be later or on time he said. But
weird how he called on skype and not the phone. Anyways, after weekly
planning, we went to visit a referral that requested a bible but no
one answered. So we knocked the street and went to eat dinner. Went
and did some look ups on Northern Blvd and ended up talking to a few
very drunk Spanish people. We could smell it on them and see it by the
way they walked they were drunk. So sad. And they wouldn't leave us
alone, every single one of them tried to talk to us about the most
random things ever. We just said we had to go visit someone and they
were ok with that. Not many of the look ups answered or didn't live
there anymore. That p's the usual with the look ups. Went and made a
few calls for the last few minutes and we were able to contact a
Japanese referral we received and set up a lesson for next Friday!
Pretty cool! His name is Yuki. Pretty good day after all. Back still a
little sore but changing the shoulders for the shoulder bag helped and
trying to massage it out. I got to say, I'm never wearing shoulder
bags again after the mission. It's going to be backpacks for
everything and not shoulder bags or messenger bags or satchels.
Whatever you want to call it, no more for me. I did get some good news
today though, I get to go on my 6 month anniversary temple trip on
March 16!!! Already to my first of 4 temple trips. We get one every 6
months and I'm almost a quarter of the way done with my mission! That
went fast.
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Pretty cold day today. Woke up to snow
on the ground and I thought why? I thought we were done with this snow
thing! Anyways, that put a damper on our Dunkin contacting as we only
got 2 in a half an hour so we went to make calls as no one was talking
to us. Had lunch and did some look ups down in Pomonok housing by
Queens College. We looked up this less active named James Staiti and
he was home. He invited us in and immediately said he would come back
to church next week, start living the word of wisdom again and agreed
to meet with us Monday. All it took was meeting him for the very first
time and he was willing to change his life again to come back to
church. He gave his history in the church and his current position in
the priesthood. Obviously we were meant to find this brother and bring
him back. We will meet with him Monday! Then we did the rest of our
look ups and no success but we did meet with Robert. Very good lesson
on patience and humility. Then went to Pizza Hut for dinner and had
another skype lesson with John. It was a good lesson on prayer. Then
had coordination meeting and exchanged with the Spanish elders. I'm
with Elder Cisneros for the next 24 hours! Gonna be fun:) I am
starting to love exchanges now:) I used to not like them as I wasn't
in my apartment usually with my stuff but I'm now like whatever, I'll
see it tomorrow.
"No annoying sounds."
"Does this count as annoying? *click bop bop click bop*"
The exchange was super fun! But the studies not so much as it was 4
hours long... We had personal study, companionship, 12 week, and
language study. I got to live the life of a trainer for a day and it
was pretty fun. It really tests my knowledge on how to teach and
effective ways of teaching. But I'm good with just my 2 hours of
studies. Then had lunch and were out the door by 1 pm. Already like
half the day has gone by. We went to visit a recent convert named
Vince. He was baptized last November. He is preparing to go to the
temple next Saturday and we were thinking of taking Adrian then too.
But that means preparation day would be Saturday and not Monday like
usual... I didn't tell anyone that so Monday I might get some emails
asking what is going on and I won't be able to respond till Saturday.
Then I have my temple trip next week and preparation day will be that
Wednesday. These next 2 weeks will be very unusual weeks. Anyways,
after that lesson, we went to a less active family named Camacho. We
did some service and helped hang up paintings and wrap telephone wire
around a door frame so she doesn't trip over the wire any more. Then
they fed us this vegetable soup that was super bland. No good flavor
at all to it. We were choking it down and eating salad to wash out the
taste. Ugh. The joys of everyone wanting to feed you. Afterwards, we
went and got dinner at Wendy's:) I haven't had it in forever and we
were both craving a frosty. Ate and went to visit a referral that
asked for a bible but we couldn't find his home and couldn't get a
hold of him so we went back to the church and waited for the others
elders to finish their lesson with Adrian to hold exchange review.
Then went home as we are all super tired. Elder Cisneros and I stayed
up till 12 last night talking.
"What? It has been disintegrated. By definition, it cannot be fixed."
It was church today and it was good. It was also fast Sunday and that
was difficult as I woke up today and realized that just as I was about
to go eat. Ugh, but then went back in bed and listened to music till
elder Mitchell was done taking a shower. Had studies and still
preparing for my talk next Sunday. So much to study from. Then went
and planted seeds at Dunkin until branch council. Then had church and
we taught the gospel principles class today on the creation. Then
Adrian got the aaronic priesthood during priesthood today! He has come
so far!!! I remember the day he walked into the church wanting to
learn more and now he has the priesthood power. And this Saturday he
is going to the temple. After church, we had a quick snack and did
some look ups but no one answered then contacted till dinner at
Hermano Sanchez's home and they made Spanish food. Super good. Then
contacted at Dunkin again till the end of the night. We will see if
elder Mitchell and I go to the temple with Adrian this Saturday as it
is now a branch temple trip and missionaries aren't supposed to go to
the temple when the branch goes. It was just going to be Vince
(Spanish elder's recent convert) and Adrian and us missionaries but
now it is a branch activity. So we probably won't go but they will
have a great time nonetheless.

So Adrian has come a long way. Almost done teaching him, got the
priesthood, and is going to the temple this Saturday. He is almost out
of our hands. Hill is a little behind him now and just needs to find a
family name to take to the temple. Then she will go. John is moving
this week so he asked us to help him tear up his carpet Tuesday and
then we will teach him. He is progressing well and is preparing for
baptism on the 27th. Then we found James Staiti this past week who is
a less active. Gonna start working with him now. Hopefully he doesn't
drop us.

Well, not going with Adrian to the temple as missionaries can only go
once a month and I have my anniversary temple trip the very next week.

Anyways, love you all and I will see you in the next email/post!!! By-bye!!!!

-Elder Heaton

Week #21 Pictures

Week #21 Letter

Hello all!!!

This week was a pretty average week but welcome to the 20th summaries
of the day week. Today also marks my 5 month anniversary. Time is a
flyin now! Almost to my 6 month temple trip but next month!


"I'm walking through the kitchen. With a bowl full of chicken!"
Preparation day! Pretty good day. But these days go by so darn fast.
We had studies, laundry, haircuts! Then a quick snack for lunch and
went shopping. Got some sushi today and it was so good. I miss sushi.
More shopping and then emails. The server was a little messed up again
but a quick fix by our zone leaders and we were back to normal. Sweet!
Then we got a call during dinner for us to go to Rego park to sit with
a missionary so he wouldn't be alone but as soon as we got on the
train, they called again and said their zone leaders were coming....
So we wasted about 45 min as we left the station, got off at the next
stop, came back and then went about our night. We went to visit 2
people but none were interested. So then we contacted until the end of
the night. Got 11 seeds today:) our goal is to get 15 everyday as a
"Baby steps get on the bus. Baby steps get on the bus." Pretty good
day as we had 4 lessons today. But this morning, we got a call from
Hill saying she had some free time to meet today and we did too at
that time so we scheduled it. But then we got a call from Bodo and he
dropped us. He's not interested anymore. And we haven't taught him
anything yet. Darn, he was so good too! So we started off with seed
planting at Dunkin and got 12. Went to a lesson with Jay and it was
pretty good. Now we are starting to understand him on a more deeper
level I feel. Then lunch  and district meeting. Elder Finch, zone
leader, came in today and sat in on it. Interesting. Then we had the
lesson with Hill at Dunkin and then made some calls till dinner. After
dinner, went to a lesson with Robert. On the way down, there was a ton
of construction so we were really late. Quickly shared a 30 min lesson
and then went back to meet with Adrian. That then ended our night!
This day flew by with so many lessons.
"Hello, I'm Bob. Punch me. One quick one and knock me out." Today was
pretty good. We tried to do some contacting in the morning but it was
really hard rain so no one wanted to stop and talk. So we made calls
for a bit until lunch. Had lunch and then went to the church to start
our exchange! I'm with Elder Ng and we made some calls first as it was
still raining then we went to do look ups around Flushing. As soon as
we got to the first one, we got a call from one of the people we
called earlier and he wanted to meet up right then. So we went back to
the church and met with him. Spoke pretty good English so the lesson
was in English mostly:) then we went and contacted by the library and
that was great success. We talked to a ton of people and got a few
numbers to call later. There was one who spoke Spanish and elder Ng
didn't know any Spanish except the usual "Hola". I knew a lot more
than I thought. I had a very easy conversation with them but I knew
what they were saying and what to say back. I was impressed with my
self. That's what happens after trying to learn Spanish for 5 months
now. After the contacting, we went to get dinner at New World Mall and
we had this spicy chicken dish that feeds 5 but we ate it together
with a bowl of rice for each of us. Went to a lesson and this one was
all in Chinese. But they had some pretty cute kids that were very
entertaining to watch. Went to the church and grabbed my stuff and
went to their home early so we could be at home for a conference call.
It was all the zone leaders and stake leaders and representatives to
talk about JustServe. It was pretty boring for me but a little
introduction to the life of a zone leader. I have stuff like that to
look forward to if I become a zone leader. Then ended the night with
pillow talk for an hour. Pretty fun exchange so far:)
"I'm a sailor! I'm a sailor! I like to sail!" Today was pretty good.
We had studies and we even did language study which was fun to learn
Chinese. It helps. Then we had lunch and went to the church. We went
back to our companions and had weekly planning. It is so long! We had
weekly planning for 3 hours and then went to go visit Bodo. He wasn't
home so we knocked around him and then went home for dinner. No one
answered their doors or they were all Chinese. Dinner and then went to
go do some look ups and neither one of the visits we did was home or
they didn't want to answer. Bummer and then headed back to visit with
Adrian. We tried talking about Family history and tried to show the
videos that introduce it on the gospel library app but it was more
confusing than helpful for him. We ended up having to explain most of
it and the background of how it works. Lesson learned not to use the
Family History videos in a lesson. Then went home and tried to catch
up on sleep.
"Dr. Leo Marvin!! Dr. Leo Marvin! Dr. Leo. Marvin!" Today was
interesting day. We had studies in the morning and then made some
calls till lunch. Basically our usual in the morning now. We always
try to set to set ups lessons for that day or in the next few days
with the calls. We then had lunch  and was going to have a handoff
lesson but we are back to the streak of having handoff lessons fall
through. I know it takes 13 basically if history repeats itself and
I'm at 2 now... Long way to go. So we went and did a look up. Not home
and went to the church for our training form the assistants to the
president before our interviews. It was very inspiring and their
challenge is very simple but powerful. It's basically what we already
know but keeping the district accountable and setting goals for every
time we go anywhere. Then interviews and those were great. Nothing too
exciting though. Went to dinner and then went to a lesson with Robert.
Talked about repentance and it was a good lesson. Went back and went
to coordination. Then wet home. Simple day!
"To put it simply, I have problems." Today was a green day. A lot of
finding. We had 2 lessons but still a green day. We started off with a
lesson with Hill and we talked about scripture study and goal setting.
A really good lesson actually. Then we had lunch and went to do some
former and less active look ups down in our southern part in an area
called Pomonok. Not many peopled answered that we were looking for.
The ones that answered said the person we were looking for didn't live
there any more. So not much success down there for the 3 hours we were
there. But we went to Pizza Hut for dinner! It's been a while since we
actually ate there and they had a new pizza crust which was really
good. It was a garlic knot stuffed crust. Sister Sedenio suggested it
for us, the member that works at Pizza Hut. Then we went and did some
more look ups around Flushing area for an hour until we went to the
church for our lesson with John. We actually did a Skype lesson! Our
first one ever and it went super well. Just like a normal lesson and
it was really good. We talked about Jesus Christ a little and His
gospel He taught everyone. We even set a new baptismal date for March
27 just before the transfer ends. Hopefully we will have 3 as a
companionship soon!!! Afterwards, we went home as it was 9.
"I'm cured! I'm cured! Dr. Leo Marvin, you're a genius!" Pretty good
day today. We did some seed planting in the morning till lunch. We had
lunch earlier as we had a lesson before church but the person never
showed up. It was weird, some private number called us a few days ago
asking to meet today at the church but then never showed up. Well
then. Had church and after church, we went home and ate a quick dinner
so we could go to Rego Park. Elder Mitchell just had to meet with
President Reynolds to finish their interview from Friday. Came back to
flushing and went to go visit a referral in College Point but no one
answered. Came back to Flushing and did some seed planting by Dunkin.
Planted a total of 19 seeds today. Trying to make up for our slack
yesterday. Very low yesterday.

So John has been progressing once again and now had another baptismal
date! March 27! Jay is still the same. Just learning everything he
can. Katalin we haven't met with now in 2 months. Not sure she is
interested anymore but her husband, Eric, is really into it and loves
it when we come over. We didn't meet with Nira this week but hopefully
we will be able to meet with her this week! Then both Adrian and Hill
are awesome. Adrian will be receiving the priesthood this coming
Sunday! We are almost done teaching them the lessons again:( we have
come a long way and soon, they won't need us anymore. So sad but
exciting to see them progress on their own.

Love you all and I will see you in the next email! Bu-bye!!!

-Elder Heaton

Week #20 Pictures

Week #20 Letter

Que passa?

So to resume from last week, I have 40 movies on my iCloud D? D was
nice and looked up the movies I missed on my list and I missed 4. Not
bad:) I can always count on you D!

Thanks for sending Garretts email. I bet there are a ton more like it.
I'll try to get in contact with him to send it to my mission email
from now on.

I'm sorry for some family struggles in the extended family. I am
praying for them and their families. Let me know of any updates if you
would be so kind.

I'm sorry for the Covingtons dog, daisy. That is sad and hope their
family is doing well. I am praying for them as well. Well, like mom
said, D can now mow the lawn and not worry about that.

So I am excited to see mom graduate when I get home. I'll look forward
to that!!!!!!!

So this week, I felt like I was on vacation as soon as I walked about
side. I felt like I was in Florida or Southern California, going to
Disneyland or World. It was a slap in the face realizing that is not
where I was going. So about 4.5 months is when vacation time is. Ugh,
I got 19.5 more to go.

So D sent a letter this week and I know he is not going to like this
response but I felt like I should say something on the subject:
Nothing wrong with going on a date D. My 16 birthday date was the best
one yet. And it was my first one. You know why, because I wasn't
forced to go. All my best and funnest dates have all been with good
friends, just doing a fun activity. Not because I kissed them or went
on more than one date with the same person (not more than 2 in a row
of course[dad's rule and all]). If anything, I regret some of those
dates, don't tell anyone this. Ever. No matter what. What I'm trying
to say is dating is a wonderful way to meet other people. I got to
know my friends in high school so much better through dating. That's
the purpose of it. But group dates are definitely the best because 1.
There are other people to have a conversation with, no awkward silence
moments. 2. You are with other people to not do anything bad. Choose
good people to go on group dates with to ensure this happens. 3. You
will get to know a ton more people and not feel like your date is now
your girlfriend. After some dates, I felt like people started thinking
we were a "thing" or a couple after 1 date or dance together. I
absolutely hated this part of dating. That is mostly the reason why I
never wanted to date. But as it says in The For Strength of Youth
pamphlet, "It can help you learn and practice social skills, develop
friendships, [and] have wholesome fun". That is the point of dating!
If someone asks why you have such high standards, tell them this, "I
will get a bucket of candy from my brother if I keep the standards in
The For Strength of Youth pamphlet." I will give you a bucket of
candy, a big bucket too, at the end of my mission if you do this. I
know dating seems very intimidating and it is very new to you. I've
been there! Everyone has in fact! Everyone eventually goes through
what you are right now. The advantage you have is you can learn for my
mistakes and experiences. Feel free to ask anything, I'll be totally
honest about anything you want to know. I bet you weren't expecting
that answer from your letter you wrote to me:) you said mom was trying
to get you to go on a date on your birthday and she was failing at
that. Well, now I'm on moms side. Yes I know. I've changed. But she is
right. You'll be amazed at how often mom was right when you thought
she was wrong. "Well you thought wrong!" -Jared Heaton, to quote our
father. Love you buddy! Have fun dating!

So mom, Feb 2014 New Era magazine. Get it or get online to see it.
You'll know what to do when you see the cover. It has to do with
something above this section in the email.

Love you guys and look forward to emails back and forth!!

-Elder Heaton