Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week #33 Pictures

Week #33 Letter

Hello everyone!

So we haven't got the transfer call yet but I am 99% sure I am staying
here. I'll let you know later if I am staying or not. But it was a
good week. We had Shaheed's baptism and  the mission tour with Elder
C. Scott Grow of the Seventy come and speak to us. Everyone liked his
so much better than Elder Bennet's visit as Elder Bennet rebuked the
mission and gave all the rules while Elder Grow came and inspired all
of us to be better. That's what it felt like to me. So here is how the
week went:

"Wait, Steve!"
"I'm not gonna kiss ya!"
Preparation day! It was a fun day today as well. We did personal study
but didn't get to companionship study as the elders already started
showing up at our apartment... Dubs. Jk, but they started talking and
we got distracted so no companionship study but we went shopping while
they emailed and got stuff for the district activity. We then drove to
the park and played tennis, waffleball, and basketball. I got tired
and sweaty. Haven't had that feeling in a long time! Then went home
and emailed until we went knocking. We taught a lesson at the first
door we knocked on and then just planted seeds afterwards. Then we
drove to the Sidoways and taught her. It was a nice an peaceful lesson
actually. No one was screaming or fighting like usual. Just a nice sit
down and catch up and teach. Then contacted by the church to plant
more seeds and then went home! Simple day.
"Look at him, he's making me cry!"
Pretty average day today. We did some service in the morning with the
friends of Rockaway and painted a room! Fun times. Had some lunch at
home and did deep clean. Our apartment needed it too. Not too bad but
it needed a good clean and scrub. Then had some dinner as that took a
little over 3 hours and went knocking! Taught a lesson at the first
door we knocked on and then just planted seeds the rest of the time.
Visited the Dure family and then went to a lesson with Shaheed with
Brother Romero. Taught Shaheed about the temple and solidified plans
for his baptism this Sunday! Exciting times for him!
"Cause I got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name😉". Today
was a good day. We had our lovely studies and went to a potential
lesson but wasn't home. Like usual. Sad but it's the truth. So we
picked up some Spanish elders and went to district meeting. It was our
last one as a district most likely which is sad. But fun to see new
faces and missionaries to meet. Afterwards, we picked up brother
Thompson and taught Michelle and her friend Lois. Not the best lesson.
But they will come to church soon hopefully, maybe, ... I'm in an
impulsive mood tonight, don't judge me. Afterwards, we dropped brother
Thompson off and had lunch. Went and did some look ups and knocking
until we picked up brother Thompson again and went to Mya's. Now she
is amazin. She read the restoration pamphlet, and all the way up to 1
Nephi 12. How awesome is that? I love it when investigators go above
and beyond. But now all she needs to do is pray about it. So that's
what we talked about and went and taught Clifton afterwards. We taught
him with his 5 siblings there as well and they are all under the age
of 13... Mad house! Hard to teach but finally got there and we went
knocking some more afterwards. That led up to the end of the night
when we went home and had dinner at 9 cause we didn't have it earlier.
"With our backs to the wall, darkness will fall, we never crossed how
we could do it all. Ready, aim fire! Ready, aim fire! An empire falls
in just one day. Close your eyes and the glory fades!" Interesting day
today. We had a mission tour! Elder C. Scott Grow of the Seventy came
to speak to us today and it was awesome. We left at 7:30 to get there
and we did personal study there while we waited for him and the
leaders to get done with their meeting. Then the tour started. I'll
include my notes here:

Sister Reynolds
* Spiritually self reliant
* We had to make the transition from our parents testimony to our own
   * We are here to share our own testimonies, not anyone else's
* DyC 18:10 - worth of souls is great in the sight of God

President Reynolds
* 3 Nephi 27:27- what manner of me ought ye to be? Even as I am.
* True measure of our life is how close we can come to the Master
* Lord, what would Ye have us do? Ask your self this
* Take up your cross and follow Me
* Missionary takes us out of our comfort zone in every aspect we can imagine.
* God has not give us the spirit of fear but of love
* We will use something from our studies that same day at some point
* When you give a little, you will receive a little, when you give a
lot, you will receive a lot
* God wants us to succeed, if we give our all, He will give us His all

Sister Grow
* Ezekiel 18:21
* We can be the best missionary we can be
   * We have guts we can use and some don't have those gifts
* It doesn't take a gift to be obedient and it doesn't take a gift to work hard

Elder Grow
* It doesn't matter what you've been but what you are going to be
* We are called to NYNYS to serve with President and Sister Reynolds
* Study the scriptures as a family but also work on their personal study as well
* Study as a companionship every single day here to study with your
family every single day when you have a family of your own
* Invitation: to study as a companionship every day

* Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts
   * Knowing the gospel is true brings a testimony but the action of
it brings a change of heart
   * Convert is someone who is going to keep going through hard times
   * Conversion is willing to sacrifice anything for it
   * The Book of Mormon mixed with the spirit is the most powerful
tool in conversion
   * Best way to teach repentance is to use the scriptures
       * They feel of the spirit more
   * Guilt is a gift from God as it is the light of Christ or the
gift of the Holy Ghost working in us to be better
   * DyC 88:74 is clean (repentance)
   * 3 Nephi 9:13 is healed (conversion)
   * Mission rules are not an obstacle but a vehicle for greater conversion
   * Principles of conversion
       * Prayers are critical for others
       * Desire to repent and gain eternal life
   * Working With the Members
       * Bishop is the key
       * Best referral source are less actives
           * Ask for referrals at every meeting
           * They have nonmember friends most of the time


Sister Grow
* Others want to know how you came to know the church is true, or your
conversion story

District Meeting Example- Baptismal Invitations
* Extend baptismal invitations and include the date with all of them
* Refer back to previous statements or examples to make it more personal
* Use the scriptures when teaching, especially when inviting to be baptized
* Both companions need to work in unity when extending the invitation
   * More power and spiritual

Elder Grow
* Use the videos, preach my gospel videos, and dissect them. Don't
just watch them and be done
* Fail to invite to be baptized is failing to invite them to repent
* Have the investigators write their baptismal date on the pamphlet
* Help them hear the gospel and not have a hard heart about it
* Help them keep commitments and complete them with the investigator
if they don't keep commitments
* Those that don't come to church aren't investigators, they need to
come to church
* Beg the investigator to keep the commitment and address the importance of it
* We need Heaven's help when setting goals
* We need to be accountable to our desire to work to Heavenly Father
* Motivation is worldly, inspiration is spiritual

As you can see, it is a lot of info that you probably don't care too
much about but it was very spiritual and interesting. Talked a lot
about Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts. After the tour, we went home
and had Halal for dinner, knocked around and then went to the Forbes
for our last appointment. We talked with them about church attendance
and the mom said she will come this Sunday! Yay! Progress!
"Band aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show. You
live like that, you'll live for cold, oh-oh. Love like that... Cause
baby now we've got bad blood. Just take a look at what you've done."
Happy Friday the 13th! We did studies and had lunch. Then did some
weekly planning for a few minutes until we went and picked up brother
Thompson and went to 2 lessons. The first was with Iderle and the
second didn't happen. It was a good lesson with her! Then we went to
the church and finished our weekly planning. Went to Richmond Hill to
exchange with the zone leaders just for the night so one of them could
interview Shaheed for baptism. I am with elder Selfaison again and we
had dinner at the church as the other elders brought it from a members
home. Then went to a lesson  and I helped as best I could which is t
much at all. Did some look ups and then picked up my stuff and went to
their apartment for the night. Back to the hotel apartment.
"You belong with me. Now baby just say yes." Pretty average day but
not entirely. Actually, not really at all. It wasn't an average day,
I'm sorry. I lied. My bad. I said I'm sorry. Just calm down! Stop
shouting! I'm not shouting! ... 😁 I got to keep these journals some
what interesting. So, on exchanges, elder Selfaison and I did studies
and ordered Chinese food for lunch. Went and picked it up and ate it
at the church and then exchanged back. We went and made the baptismal
programs as Shaheed passed! Then we visited the Sidoways and talked
about them coming to church. Visited Edwin and tried a few look ups.
Went to dinner and then went knocking at what we call the "Prison
Yard" as it looks like a prison yard. It is semi nice there but ghetto
still and looks like a prison. We taught 2 lessons though! The first
was to a spinach guy that understands English but we are going to pass
him onto the Spanish elders. Then we taught a mom and her two sons and
they are willing to be baptized! That was a great spiritual lesson,
but she can't come to church because of school. Her school is right
during church until July so we will continue to teach her until then
and hopefully she will be ready and her sons too. Then we went to
presidency meeting and contacted by the church till the end of the
night! So fun:)
"Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you. Welcome to New York,
welcome to New York." Awesome day! We had church was ok. Nothing major
but we taught elders quorum at the last minute so that didn't go as
well but ok. But then, Shaheed's baptism. The water was clear, and
people were there! And he got baptized!! Yes! So exciting! Afterwards,
we went and tried to go to a few lesson but no so we took the
sacrament to sister Harvey. Ate dinner and went knocking. So I haven't
said this yet, but I have something that keeps me entertained during
the long hours of knocking. You should see how much trash is on the
street so I collect coins I find. Today I found 55¢ on the ground. 20
pennies and a dime and a quarter. Pretty good intake for the day:)
didn't teach any lessons though, just planted seeds. Went home after

So Shaheed got baptized! He is doing great and he had a friend come to
his baptism that was really nice and lives in our area so we are going
to try to meet with him. He seemed interested at the baptism. Iderle
didn't come to church but she did go to the women's conference
Saturday night all the way up in Woodside which is over an hour away
with no traffic. She is progressing well. Then we have Mya which is
awesome like you saw, she read the first 12 chapters of 1 Nephi and
the pamphlet. And that was when we met with her, who knows how far she
is now! Clifton is done with all the teaching, we are just waiting for
his dad to pick a day still for him to get baptized which is what we
have been waiting on for a while. Not sure when that is going to
happen. That is all of our progressing investigators.

The Sidoways were so close to coming to church. They said they were
and had a ride but something happened and they didn't come. Bummer, we
were hoping they would come so much. The Forbes didn't come either
when they said they would, well, at least 2 of them said they would.
We were hoping the others would tag along. But no.

That's the update for the week! Love you all and I will see you in the
next email! Bu-bye!

-Elder Heaton

Week #32 Pictures

Week #32 Letter

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty great so far. We had our Mother's Day calls
home yesterday which was so nice. I look forward to all the calls home
and this next stretch is the longest one, 7 months till the next call.
But anyways, here is how the week went:

(P.s. Welcome to summaries of the day #30!)

"Flying is for droids." Preparation day! Today was really fun  and a
little boring at times. But good over all. We did studies and then
went and picked up the Spanish elders to go to Costco with them. We
first ate lunch there and then shopped. Went to Modell's and got
tennis stuff to play and went by some shops around the church as well.
Got a flat rim hat that says New York on it. Went home and played
Coup. Pretty fun game about deception. Then hung around the apartment
and hung out. After preparation day, we went and visited a referral
with brother Thompson and then knocked. Finally, exchanged with the
other Spanish elders and I am with elder bergeson.
"Luke, I am your father!"
"No, no, no, that's impossible!"
Pretty fun day with elder Bergeson. We did studies and then had lunch.
Made cards and went knocking for a while. Went back and had dinner and
then knocked a little more and for the first time ever, I had the door
actually slammed in my face and the dude was pretty sketchy. So yeah,
that happened. Went to the church to have a lesson but the
investigator never showed up so we went to another lesson with a
member. He drove us and the lesson went ok, well, that's what I was
told. It was in Spanish so I couldn't understand it. Then went home
and exchanged back to our companions. Elder Bergeson and I played Risk
all last night and during our meals and I won:) pretty happy about
"May the force be with you, always." Pretty average day overall. We
went to district meeting after studies and had a good meeting. The
branch we are serving isn't doing well in numbers or active members so
we were counseling on how to help. We decided we need to meet with the
branch president, the stake president, and president Reynolds, our
mission president. We just don't know what else to do at this point.
Then we went with elders Corbett and Bergeson with the sisters to help
a less active lady move a washer. We ran into a problem though
immediately, she does not throw away anything. Her house was filled
and we couldn't even walk anywhere except where there was a little
path. It was bad and we measured the washer and where it needed to go,
it was physically impossible to move it up a flight of stairs and
through her house to the very back corner of the home, and her current
one had to be moved out first. We explained this to her and she
wouldn't have it. She thought it was possible but we told her no. So
we left. We went and ate an early dinner and then went to 2 lessons
with brother Thompson and they were pretty good lessons. Then did some
less active look ups and ended the night with knocking. We ended up
teaching a doorstep lesson and got a return appointment for Friday.
Then went home!
"You were the chosen one! You weren't supposed to join the sith, you
were supposed to destroy it!" Pretty good day today. We did studies
and then elder honey came with us for a few hours so we were in a
trio. We went to the church and had a lesson with Bantunde. Then went
and got TacoBell for lunch. Then went to a lesson with Iderle and had
brother Thompson with us for that one. Then did weekly planning and
elder Selfaison came and exchanged with elder honey. We went home and
had dinner after weekly planning and then went to visit sister
Sidoway. She is going through a hard time right now. But we shared a
good message with her and went to the church for elder Parrish to go
to branch presidency meeting. Then we tried to visit a potential but
not available at the time so we contacted by the church but only
talked to 1 person for a half an hour. She was a rollercoaster of
emotion, first she was bashing, then agreeing, and supporting, and
then bashing again... On and on for a half an hour. We just had to go
by the end of it to be home on time.
"The force is strong with this one." Pretty good day today. We did
studies and then tried to visit a potential but nothing. Then we
picked up the Spanish elders, elders Corbett and messenger and went to
ZTM. We stopped by TacoBell for lunch first though. ZTM was pretty
good but took 3.5 hours:l. Very long. Went home and had dinner and
went knocking. Didn't get much out of it except seeds, no lessons.
Contacted by the church a little as well and went home for the night.
Very simple day.
"Join me and together, we will rule the Galaxy!" We had a lesson with
Shaheed in the morning directly after studies. We talked about church
organization and the baptismal questions. Then taught a new
investigator and Iderle with brother Thompson. Those were good
lessons:) had correlation and then went to change our oil. That was
way up in lynbrooks area and took 3 hours. We got there and they said
it would take an hour after a 20 min drive there but took much longer.
During that time we walked around the mall right next door and came
back  after an hour to wait another hour and we just sat on their
waiting room. Then visited the Anglade's family and the Inoklri's.
Bother are members families and got fed spicy spicy African rice and
chicken. Then taught the Forbes about the Book of Mormon. Great
"Happy birthday to Dylan! Happy birthday to you!" Mother's Day and
Dylan's birthday! Awesome day today:) we went to church and it was
awesome. Had great lessons and had 47 people there! Then we took the
sacrament to a sister in a nursing home and did some look ups until we
called home! The call was awesome. We talked for 2 hours and got to
talk to all of them. It was nice:) it was also much better to hang up
this time. I hung up:) so proud of myself. I got homesick for like 2
min until we left and went knocking, then I was fine. We got to teach
a lesson on the doorstep on the last door we knocked on and then
visited some potentials but nothing. Then went home and it didn't even
feel like we called home today. Weird.

Shaheed came to church yesterday so now he is on track to get baptized
on the 15th of May:) we have already taught him everything, we are
waiting for time now. Clifton we weren't able to teach this past week
so we aren't sure when he will get baptized. He is close though.
Iderle is progressing and is scheduled to get baptized the 29th! She
has come to church 3 times already so she is good, we just need to
teach her everything now. That is all the investigators we are working
with and we have some less actives but not much progress with them.
Trying to get to the heart of why they don't come to church still.

Love you all and miss you but I had a great chat yesterday that
helps:) see you in the next email! By-bye!

-Elder Heaton

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #31 Pictures

Week #31 Letter

Hey gang!

This week was interesting as we had a baptism last Monday during our
preparation day and we helped a member move all his stuff into a
storage unit all day Saturday. Then on Sunday, I got a calling in the
branch I am serving in. They already told me it was coming a few weeks
ago but yesterday is the day they set me apart for it. So, to see the
details of it:

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller!"
Preparation day, not! We did studies and then went to get haircuts
from Jay. That was nice to see him again. Good times! Then we went
home and got changed and picked up the Spanish elders and went to Rego
park for a baptism. We got there about 2:15 and the investigator
getting baptized got there at 3:10. So emailed during that time and
talked with Elder Householder. Good to see him again. Had the baptism
and then went to the mall and ate Panda Express for dinner. Went home
and tried to go to some lessons but those at 6 did not go through so
we knocked and planted seeds. Taught Brother Gurek and hopefully going
to the temple next week. Then we're on our way home when we knocked on
one door and ended up teaching a lesson then. Then went to exchange
with the Spanish elders and I'm with Elder Corbett!
"Work work work work work work" (guess that song) That song has been
stuck in our heads today. Well we did studies and went to service all
day. We did some sanding first and then mudding. Had lunch at Subway
and went to stop and shop for Gatorade and cookies. Went back to
service and painted the rest of the afternoon. We painted baseboards
and 2x6 planks. Then went home and showered and changed. Had dinner
and went out to visit less actives and gave a blessing. Went to visit
more less actives until the end and exchanged back to our companions.
Fun day full of work work work work work work.
"This will be the day that you will all remember as the day you
almost..." Today was a fun day. We are on exchanges with the zone
leaders how in Richmond Hill! We did our studies at home though and
after companion study, drove to Richmond hill and met up with our zone
leaders. Dropped off our stuff at their apartment and went to do
service at the park. We planted bushes. Then went home and changed and
split off. I'm with Elder Selfaison. He is awesome. We went to the
church and made calls for a bit until we went to McDonalds for a quick
snack and then did look ups and went to 2 lessons. One was with an
atheist and the other was with 5 investigators and a member present.
This was all in Spanish so I couldn't help. I bore testimony in both
and elder Selfaison translated for me. Pretty fun day! Their apartment
is literally a hotel, I'm not kidding. Well, not literally a hotel,
but it is as close to one as you can get without it being a hotel.
Just minus the room service and mint on the pillow and this is that.
"Narcissistic... Agreed." Today was a tiring day. Didn't get that good
of sleep last night at the Zone Leaders apartment on their blow up
mattresses. I have decided those are the most uncomfortable things to
sleep on. I prefer the Luv sac from home personally but that is me. We
did studies and exchange review in the morning. Their exchange review
was intense. Like an hour long and very thorough. Then we went home
and visited with sister Sidoway and got Halal food for lunch. Had
district meeting and coordinated with the elders on how to make the
branches better and trying to figure out how to combine them a little
on Sundays. Went to visit some potentials with brother Thompson but
nothing and had dinner. Went and taught brother Mims the gospel of
Jesus Christ and visited the Durres. Then went to the church and met
brother Deweese there and taught Babatunde and then went and taught
brother Thompson. Then went home and I am very tired. Good night.
"What happened to you?"
"I joined the army."
Pretty average day. We did our studies and had lunch. Went to the
church and did weekly planning. Then taught Edwin, a 9/11 survivor in
a wheelchair. Then knocked and had dinner. Knocked some more, and
taught an investigator named Linden. I haven't met him before. Taught
him the gospel of Jesus Christ and went to the Forbes home. We taught
them the importance of coming to church and went home! Very basic day.
"Thank you gentlemen for getting us underway! We would have had a hard
time by it ourselves."
"Load the long 9s and wait for my order."
"He has disabled the router chains sir."
"That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen."
"So it would seem."
Longer quote but I felt impulsive tonight. We had a service day. We
first did our studies, like usual and then went to a lesson with
Shaheed. The Lilly's came with us. They are a senior couple
missionaries serving in the Spanish branch and they are called to do
family history consulting for the mission. We taught Shaheed about
tithing and fasting. Then went to the church and changed into service
clothes and the Spanish elders met us there and went to Brother
Gurek's to help him move. We made 2 trips to his storage unit and they
took forever. We started around 12:30 and ended around a little after
5. He did not have that much stuff either. But it was just the 4 of us
moving it all. So it took a while. We then ate at Burger King for
dinner as we did not have enough time to go home and eat. Then we went
home and changed and went to visit Clifton, our 9 year old
investigator. Taught him and went to visit Iderle. Invited her to
church and visited the Sidoways. Made sure they were coming to church
and contacted by the church till the end of the night. Pretty good day
"Do or do not. There is no try." I am super tired today. We pillow
talked last night till past midnight so I am tired. But we went to
church today and I got called to be second counselor in the elders
quorum. Sweet. Then visited a sister in a nursing home and knocked.
Went to the Romero's home for dinner and then did look ups and
referral visits for the rest of the night. I'm tired. Night.

Shaheed didn't come to church yesterday so we won't be having his
baptisms next Sunday but we have basically taught him everything. So
we are just going to keep meeting with him until we can baptize him.
Then Clifton is almost there as well. His dad is trying to figure out
a date when he is off work when he can baptize him. Then Iderle is a
new investigator we found 2 Saturday's ago and she has already come to
church twice and payed tithing. So we are extending the baptismal
invitation next time we teach her! Then our less actives we are
working with aren't really doing much to come back to church or they
just don't meet with us. We try to visit but they always say to come
back a different time and when we go back at the new time, they say
come back later again until the end of the day when they say it is not
a good time right now. That is frustrating and we are considering not
going over anymore as it is just wasting our time. So yeah, that is

Love you all and miss you! See you in the next email/update! Bu-bye!

-Elder Heaton

Week #30 Pictures

Week #30 Letter

What up my friends?

Been a good week. We had a total of 24 lessons this week and found 11
New Investigators. That's a good week. So here is what happened:

"What's a double grasshopper?"
"You might want to close your eyes for this."
Preparation day! And it was not a normal one. We got up to go to a
LESSON at 8 am. Didn't happen so then we went to help someone move.
Yeah, not a preparation day really. We left the moving at 11, went
home and shopped at stop and shop to get some food for the week. We
got ice cream:) then went and picked up 2 of the Spanish elders and
came back to our place. And the other 2 Spanish elders showed up and
we played Starcraft risk for 4 hours. Great day:) after we went to a
lesson with the Kirklands but they cancelled on us. So we went to the
other lesson we had planned during that time and that one we taught on
the door step. She didn't think we would actually come either. Then we
knocked and a lady let us in. She had lots of questions about what we
were teaching and she thought it was so cool how we teach about the
Godhead vs. the Trinity and 3 sewerage beings. She liked that. Sort of
taught the restoration but couldn't get all the way through it. Then
she wanted us to come back tomorrow so we are going back at 10 am.
Went to brother Gurek's and talked about temples to help prepare him
for the temple trip in May. Finally, went contacting by the church
until the end of the night.
"I want to rock and roll all night. And party everyday!" Today is a
good day. I found Meet the Mormons on LDS.org so we can now watch that
during our meals. We finally did our studies on a regular time. Been
forever since we have done that. Went and picked up brother Thompson
to take to a lesson which did not go well. Not one of our good
lessons. We then dropped him off at his house and went to Tacos Y Mas
for lunch. Super good Mexican restaurant recommended by the Spanish
elders. Went to a lesson with Derek but no answer. Knocked until we
went to the church to figure out how to order ink for the printer.
Took a while but got it finally. Knocked some more and had dinner.
Visited potentials, knocked, and finally met up with elders bergeson
and honey to exchange. I went with elder honey to their pool. Still
haven't been on an exchange to an English pool. Always to Spanish or
"Low flow shower heads? I don't like the sound of that." The exchange
today was good. Different like usual but now that is starting to turn
into the normal. We had personal study and then went to the church for
correlation. I like theirs. Their branch mission leader brought a
dozen doughnuts for the 4 of us and orange juice. Then after
correlation, we had district meeting. Then elder honey had a doctors
appointment for his foot. We waited for an hour and like last week, I
fell asleep in the chair. We then went back to the room and the doctor
didn't do anything but said to come back in 2 weeks. It wasn't ready
yet. So we went back to their apartment and had lunch and had a mini
companionship study for a few minutes and then he made calls to some
potentials. Had dinner and then went knocking and did some look ups.
Not much success. And then went back  and exchanged back to our
"Cause you've gone somewhere else, I can't find you. Find you, right
behind you. Cause you leave me coming back for more. And I feel a
little better than you did before. If I never see your face again, I
don't mind, but we got somewhere where no one else can find." Pretty
average day today. Studies and made cards until we had a lesson with
Babatunde. Had lunch and went to the church to do weekly planning.
Went and picked up brother Thompson and went to 2 doorstep lessons
with him. Pretty good lessons. Dropped him off and went home to have
dinner. knocked for an hour and went with the elder quorum president
to see the Forbbes family. Then went and visited the Durre family but
it was just the mom and dad there so we taught them. Then went home.
So tired for some reason today. Night.
"Shut up and dance with me! This woman is my destiny. Who-oho! Shut up
and dance with me!" Pretty good day today. Studies and then lunch.
Went to the church to make calls and work on the member lists. Then we
went and dropped off a bible and ended up teaching a lesson as well.
Went knocking and met a lady that said to come back later today. So we
went and picked up brother Thompson and went to a lesson with Tatiana
and then Louis, and then back to that lady. Taught the restoration to
Tatiana and Book of Mormon to Louis and restoration to the lady. We
almost feel like she has been prepared for us. Not for sure on that
though. Dropped brother Thompson off and went to dinner. Went to teach
brother Anglade's son who is 9 so we teach him and interview him.
Amazing what 1 year can do. Went to visit potentials and knock till
the end of the night.
"Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young." Pretty
good/average day it felt like. Studies and went to a lesson but they
were still sleeping at 10 am on a Saturday. Don't blame them. So we
knocked... Not our best idea but we didn't have anything else. Then
went to a lesson with Shaheed and talked about the 10 commandments and
WoW. Had lunch at CHIPOTLE! I was excited:) so good. Knocked some more
and at 1:30, a guy got mad at us for knocking on his door "at the
crack of dawn"... I got news for you pal, the sun is already going
down. Not the crack of dawn. Wonder what he would have said if we
knocked on his door at 10 am. Then we had correlation at 4 with
brother Thompson and the sisters. He is an interesting man. That all
you need to know, very interesting. Ate at Little Caesars for dinner
and it had bullet proof glass on the front of it. Sketchy area. Then
visited some less active members to invite to church and finished the
day with knocking. Great day. Found 25¢ worth of coins on the ground
today:) That's a blessing.
"Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off." Very interesting
day today. We went to church at 7:30. Had branch council and regular
church meetings. Church was good then we went home and elder Parrish
picked up the baptismal clothing to go to the sister's baptism at the
Lynbrook chapel. We get there at 1:40 to find the font looks like an
outhouse after a summer of scout camp. I'll send a picture of the
water. And let's just say, there was no baptism today. She rescheduled
for tomorrow, preparation day, at Rego at 2:30. Right smack dab in the
middle of the day but no matter, gonna be a memorable baptism. So we
drove home and changed and went to give the sacrament to a sister in a
nursing home. Then had dinner and went knocking and visited less
actives. Taught a lesson on a doorstep and got invited back this
coming Thursday.

So the baptism will be later today, Monday, the 25th of April. That
water was so gross. Here is a pic.

Not very pretty. Tried to convince her to go to the ocean but she did not want to as it was very cold. So we get to go to Rego Park today:) 

Shaheed is doing great. He has a testimony now and loved church, and the Word of Wisdom lesson as he is a very fit guy and is very healthy. He is on track to get baptized May 8. Then we are working with a 9 year old that is pretty active in the church. Not sure how he didn't get baptized as an 8 year old but we just have to teach him and make sure he can pass the interview. Then he will get baptized. His date is also May 8. Then a few others have baptismal dates but aren't progressing very well at this time so not sure if they will get baptized on their dates. We were very close to getting a less active family, the Sidoways, to church but they didn't come. We had 3 investigators at church and one of them we met Saturday as a doorstep lesson and she said she was coming. And she did come. Next week she said she will stay the entire 3 hours. Alrighty then! Very nice week though. Did a lot of work and we can see the fruit of our labors. 

Love you all and miss you. Have a great week everyone! 

-Elder Heatonimage1.JPG