Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #18 Letter

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It is the year of the monkey for
those of you who don't know.

Some summaries for ya:

"I'm hooked on a feeling! I'm high on believing, that you're in love
with me. Yeah, I'm hooked on a feeling!" Preparation day! We got a
late start as elder Mitchell had to get money for laundry and he did
that after studies so we were 2 hours late to getting going. But we
ate from the cheap bun place around the corner for elder Mitchell's
first time. He loved it. Then we did our regular shopping route of
Urban Terrain, 99 cents stores, Nike clearance store, adidas,
marshals, Best Buy, target. Sometimes we get stuff from the other
stores but it is mostly just checking to see if they have any good
deals. Then we went to the church and emailed and played some ping
pong. After preparation, we went to visit the branch president to sign
the baptismal forms as he wasn't there yesterday. He wasn't home so we
went and contacted until we went to the church to have a lesson with
Adrian. We showed the full restoration video to him to help him
understand the first vision and its significance. It was a fun movie
night I other words:)
"Come and get your love! Come and get your love!" Don't literally come
and get your love, that would be awkward... But we got call from Hill
this morning and she wanted to meet today so we did. Not sure why but
she felt prompted she said. And then we are meeting tomorrow as
originally planned. Had some lunch then met with Jay. It was so much
better today and how we actually answered a lot of his questions
before he could go on like he likes to do. He said we teach in a whole
different way than he thinks so it takes time for him to come to grasp
with it but I think he is starting to progress a little again. Had
district meeting and then went to Fresh Meadows and did some look ups
there and ate dinner at Arby's. Tried visiting Robert but he was busy
and so went to the church and met with the branch president to get our
baptismal forms signed. Then contacted at Dunkin to end the day.
"Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb! Cherry bomb! Today was pretty good. We
had a lesson with Hill and we went over the first lesson. Had some
lunch and did deep clean. Rearranged my desk to have the grey table as
my main desk now and it is so much nicer. Also threw away a ton of
things we don't need so now the apartment feels empty almost. Then we
went to John's and had a great lesson. He is getting excited about his
baptism which we didn't think he even remembered it. The date might be
moved as he might be moving apartments at that time. But I hope I'm
here next transfer! I want to see him get baptized. Then we had dinner
and I made tacos:) so good:) then did look ups around flushing. So
much walking and that was it.
"That's a spirit in the sky. That's where I'm gonna go when I die."
Pretty average day, we tried to set up a new way of knowing where
potential investigators are by printing out a map and manually writing
in where everyone lives. It took forever and didn't get that much
done. So we will see if it even works. Then some lunch and weekly
planning till dinner. We had dinner at 4, because we had a lesson at 5
with Daniel but he either wasn't home or didn't answer the door.
Someone was there, but they didn't want to answer the door... That
stinks. Then we went to Roberts and he wasn't home either. We waited
around to see if he would come home in 10 min but no one came so we
went back to flushing. Good thing we did too as there was some big
accident where there were 8 fire trucks, a couple ambulances and a
whole lot of police cars. All along the bus route so the buses were
stopped and couldn't get around so we had to walk a little bit to get
to the church in time for Adrian. We can always count on Adrian to
show up though. He had a question how to enter the temple so we had a
temple lesson. No we are on exchanges with Elders Householder and
Cisneros. Fun times!
"We are Groot." The exchange today was awesome. We had studies
together and went to the church and made the pasta Hill gave us and
had lunch. Split off and elder Householder and I went to College Point
to do some look ups. We were seed planting all day and got a few up
there. We visited a family that is actually in the Spanish elders pool
as well and ended up teaching them. They are super devoted Catholics
though so might be a little time. Then came back and went to Pizza Hut
for dinner and contacted on the streets for an hour and a half until
exchange review. During that time and from earlier, elder householder
and I planted a total of 26 seeds, breaking the record in our district
and the zone leaders pool. We were pretty happy. We work well together
but we also can get distracted talking to each other very easily. So
the challenge is focusing that on teaching others and talking that
way:) works to planting seeds.
"What has the galaxy ever done for you? Huh? Why do you want to save it?"
"Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!"
Pretty average day once again. We had studies and finished weekly
planning. Found a great talk from President Hinckley back in 1999
given in February in a special conference. You can find it in April
1999 conference section at the bottom. Really good. Then had some
lunch and did some look ups by queens college on the other side of
where we usually go. Then had dinner early to get to correlation at 5.
Then did some street contacting and street runs of walking up and down
the streets as we found that is more effective to talk to people. Then
had a lesson with Adrian and Freddy Lopez was a member present to it.
Really good, talked about plan of salvation and how the temples fit
into it now. Yeah.
"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch
it." Church day today and fast Sunday. Pretty hard fast as I was
starving before lunch time so that stunk today but whatever. Did some
lookups in the morning with the only success finding out that the
person we were looking for didn't live there anymore. Went to branch
council and talked about a lot we needed to. That was good. Then went
to church and then went to the Carpintero's for dinner. Did some
lookups around their home and went back to flushing. That's all folks!

So Hill and Adrian are preparing to go to the temple and John is
preparing for baptism soon. Trying to find more people to teach as we
are going to loose Hill and Adrian in a few weeks after we are done
teaching them. But we planted a total of 105 seeds this week as a
district so hopefully someone will want to learn more.

Love you all and I will see you in the next email! Bu-Bye!!!

-Elder Heaton

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