Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week #20 Letter

Que passa?

So to resume from last week, I have 40 movies on my iCloud D? D was
nice and looked up the movies I missed on my list and I missed 4. Not
bad:) I can always count on you D!

Thanks for sending Garretts email. I bet there are a ton more like it.
I'll try to get in contact with him to send it to my mission email
from now on.

I'm sorry for some family struggles in the extended family. I am
praying for them and their families. Let me know of any updates if you
would be so kind.

I'm sorry for the Covingtons dog, daisy. That is sad and hope their
family is doing well. I am praying for them as well. Well, like mom
said, D can now mow the lawn and not worry about that.

So I am excited to see mom graduate when I get home. I'll look forward
to that!!!!!!!

So this week, I felt like I was on vacation as soon as I walked about
side. I felt like I was in Florida or Southern California, going to
Disneyland or World. It was a slap in the face realizing that is not
where I was going. So about 4.5 months is when vacation time is. Ugh,
I got 19.5 more to go.

So D sent a letter this week and I know he is not going to like this
response but I felt like I should say something on the subject:
Nothing wrong with going on a date D. My 16 birthday date was the best
one yet. And it was my first one. You know why, because I wasn't
forced to go. All my best and funnest dates have all been with good
friends, just doing a fun activity. Not because I kissed them or went
on more than one date with the same person (not more than 2 in a row
of course[dad's rule and all]). If anything, I regret some of those
dates, don't tell anyone this. Ever. No matter what. What I'm trying
to say is dating is a wonderful way to meet other people. I got to
know my friends in high school so much better through dating. That's
the purpose of it. But group dates are definitely the best because 1.
There are other people to have a conversation with, no awkward silence
moments. 2. You are with other people to not do anything bad. Choose
good people to go on group dates with to ensure this happens. 3. You
will get to know a ton more people and not feel like your date is now
your girlfriend. After some dates, I felt like people started thinking
we were a "thing" or a couple after 1 date or dance together. I
absolutely hated this part of dating. That is mostly the reason why I
never wanted to date. But as it says in The For Strength of Youth
pamphlet, "It can help you learn and practice social skills, develop
friendships, [and] have wholesome fun". That is the point of dating!
If someone asks why you have such high standards, tell them this, "I
will get a bucket of candy from my brother if I keep the standards in
The For Strength of Youth pamphlet." I will give you a bucket of
candy, a big bucket too, at the end of my mission if you do this. I
know dating seems very intimidating and it is very new to you. I've
been there! Everyone has in fact! Everyone eventually goes through
what you are right now. The advantage you have is you can learn for my
mistakes and experiences. Feel free to ask anything, I'll be totally
honest about anything you want to know. I bet you weren't expecting
that answer from your letter you wrote to me:) you said mom was trying
to get you to go on a date on your birthday and she was failing at
that. Well, now I'm on moms side. Yes I know. I've changed. But she is
right. You'll be amazed at how often mom was right when you thought
she was wrong. "Well you thought wrong!" -Jared Heaton, to quote our
father. Love you buddy! Have fun dating!

So mom, Feb 2014 New Era magazine. Get it or get online to see it.
You'll know what to do when you see the cover. It has to do with
something above this section in the email.

Love you guys and look forward to emails back and forth!!

-Elder Heaton

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