Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week #2 MTC

"This cake is like kissing a girl... but as a missionary." -Elder Seastrand

Thought that would be a funny quote to put in as it was the funniest
thing I've heard from that elder all week.

Hello everybody!!!
I'll start with Saturday. We watched conference in the gym which was
the most uncomfortable thing in the world. The bleachers have been
there since my dad was here so they are old, no leg room and the
entire bench moves with the slightest movement. But it was awesome
none the less. Sunday was the same except with out the priesthood
session and we did nothing in between the sessions except eat, read
scriptures/talk with district, and go sit down a half hour early
before each session. Monday started class again and we started
teaching an investigator in class known as "Olivia" but she is our
teacher role playing it. Then we have a TRC investigator at night
known as "Carolina". She could be a member role playing it or she
could actually be an investigator helping out and actually trying to
learn the Gospel. Tuesday is like the rest of the week with class in
the morning and afternoon with study sessions, eating, district
lessons and other activities before and after class. Wednesday is when
we challenged Olivia to be baptized and she accepted! Weird though how
it is our teacher. We challenged Carolina to be baptized but she is
still heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. Thursday was when we
had In-Field Orientation on what to expect in the field and how to
perform well with members and key indicators. Fun stuff. Oooohhhh, I
almost forgot the best part of the week... iPads came Monday!!!! I was
reading all your letters on the iPad at night cause we would forget to
get the mail at night so I got the physical letters the next day but I
still was able to read the emails the day you guys sent them. I love
reading them at night before I went to bed. I am getting better at
typing on this tiny iPad screen. AirDrop is the best invention ever.
When ever we would take pictures on the iPad, it's a pain to send them
to all members of the zone via email or messages but airdrop can be
sent to anyone via Bluetooth and was so easy to send pics of each
other to each other. So amazing and blessed to use the iPads. We are
the only zone to have iPads that is English speaking. And guess what,
I can send those pics:) I'll send them in a separate email. I have
gotten so close with the district and with the zone that we all get
along so well. The sisters are especially nice as they give out their
sweet food and candy to us that they don't want to eat that came from
home. I got Reese's, doughnuts, and cookies from them and love them
for it... as a missionary love. Thanks for the package but I can't
open it for 2 weeks??? What is this??? And I got the pic of Dylan in
my room, that's crazy. I'm still going to refer to it as my room too!
I could hear the BYU game going on last Friday or Saturday, which ever
day it was, and it made me home sick. But, Monday was the first day
where I didn't want to go home. And ever since, I haven't wanted to go
home. It has been nice to focus on the lessons and the spirit here. I
ordered a NYNYS shirt and it came in today!!! So excited to have it as
my companion has one. I got my first haircut here at the MTC today and
it was interesting. Dylan, I'm sure you can beat me in tennis now as
you have been practicing and I haven't so imagine how bad I'll be in 2
years as you are practicing for those 2 years. There is no hope for
me. We look forward to nights as we can hang out and talk with one
another from our district. Elder Hunt and I leave Monday morning at
3:30 to report to the travel office for a 7:30 am flight to Detroit
then to Laguardia, NY. We get in NY around 4 pm eastern time zone.

Love you all and I'll see you in the next email.


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