Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week #3 Flushing NY,

I'm sure you are all wondering where I ended up. Well....FLUSHING,
NY!!! and my companion is... Elder Reese!

Summaries of the Day
We feel stuck at the MTC. Spent 3 hours doing personal study. Packed
up all the stuff to leave to go to NY. Craving a Coke Zero right now.
Saw pics of Emma's party today, so sad I missed it and it got me a
little homesick.
Gave a talk, blessed the sacrament, and gave the priesthood lesson.
Walked to the temple. Watched Character of Christ. Elder Ramos had an
allergic reaction. And his reaction after it was so funny because it
was like he got his wisdom teeth out and this was the aftermath.
Everything he said was so funny.
Woke up at 2:45. Saw dad at the airport. Talked to mom, Dylan, and
Emma on the phone. Traveled to Detroit then to Laguardia. Met
President Reynolds and Sister Reynolds and other missionaries speaking
Spanish. Enter to the mission home, had dinner, had interviews with
President Reynolds, had dessert, and had a small welcome to the
mission devotional.
First day, woke up and did morning routine. Left for transfer meeting.
Got iPads, met trainer-Elder Reese, then went to the meeting. Got
assigned to Flushing, NY. Left and took subway to apartment while
luggage was stuffed in a car. First reaction getting onto the street
of Flushing, "I'm in China". Most shop signs and advertisements were
written in Korean or Chinese. At dinner, got homesick and cried a
little. Then we went street contacting.
Morning routine, did the First 12 Weeks book and safeguards for modern
technology for missionaries. Went shopping, then went street
contacting again. We street contact a lot, and mostly in front of the
queens library. Met a girl that is interested in learning more. But
most everyone here is Chinese or Asian. Also, I see like 2 Maseratis
everyday when we street contact at the airport.
We had district meeting today. Got a call from President Reynolds that
my mom called him to inform me my great grandmother passed away. I
started to get homesick again after that.Then street contacted till
dinner. Met another person after dinner who would be willing to learn
more. The cool part about this person was that I had an overwhelming
feeling that someone near me needed to hear our message but I couldn't
find them. Then Elder Reese started talking to a person smoking and my
anxiety left me so I went over there and started talking to her. And
it happened after 1.5 hours of contacting in cold weather so if we
stick it out to the end, the Lord will bless you. Then we went to see
an inactive member but he rescheduled so we made phone calls to
referrals and the first one wasn't the name we had but it was the
person's sister who wanted to know more. Small miracle we found her on
the first call. Also, updated my iPad to iOS 9:)
Morning routine, went to update Facebook to mission appropriate
standards, then we went to Subway for lunch. Then we held weekly
planning meeting, which Elder Reese had to redo half way through it
because he messed up and wasn't really teaching it to me. Then we went
street contacting at the library until dinner. We made calls and had
correlation meeting with the ward mission leader who only spoke in
Spanish. I have now wished to speak Chinese during street contacts and
Spanish during the meeting. Then we left early to go to Anthony's
house. He is Fast and Furious. He fixes cars with his family, owns a
house that looks like the house from the movie, and he wants to be a
cop that specializes in auto theft. Fast and Furious.
After personal study today, we went to the church to help the ward
with "home teaching revival" where we went to less active members
houses and check in on them. Only visited 1 out of 3 people because
the other 2 were not home or did not answer their door. Had lunch and
went to visit referrals that are far away so we took the bus out
there. Gave away a Book of Mormon. Then contacted till dinner. We then
went to a choir practice for Interfaith tomorrow where other church
leaders come and learn about our church. We are singing in it and
answering questions. Then contacted more.
Sunday. Morning routine. Lunch. Went to church and met the branch.
Sacrament meeting is last so went to priesthood but had to go to
Interfaith. Missionaries and members gave summaries of our church and
we sang as a zone. Then a QnA session but very short. Then sacrament
meeting. Primary program was today. I gave the closing prayer. Met
more people and was invited over to a Spanish member's home for
dinner. They only spoke Spanish, with some broken English, but the
sons could speak both. Jerry just got back from his mission this week
from that family and Anthony is starting his mission papers. They are
a fun family to be around so I will probably be learning some Spanish.

So first thing, we are the only two English speaking missionaries in
our zone. The other languages are Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. The
branch is a Spanish and English branch that meets at 1 with sacrament
last. Like I said in the summaries, we had Interfaith yesterday where
other faiths came to learn about the Church. Really cool experience.
My companion is awesome, he is training me for the next 12 weeks here
so I'll be here in flushing. Also, everywhere I go down Main Street is
all Chinese and Korean. No English like anywhere and most people speak
Spanish in the ward so I have been getting used to either not knowing
what people say or having a translator. I'm starting to adjust here
but it is hard. The apartment is like 10 steps down from my home back
in Utah but it'll do. Let me know of my  then questions you guys have.

-Elder Heaton

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