Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #12 Letter

Merry Christmas!!!!

Here's the summaries:

"Ow! Son of a nutcracker!" Today was preparation day and I got 2 tie
clips for $4 and I was happy:) I have wanted tie clips since the MTC
and now I got 2. We also had a song practice for a Christmas Eve
devotional where all the zones will perform a fun song. We are making
our own version of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" then
after preparation day, we went contacting by Dunkin and then went to
Hermana valdez's home to teach Albert. No one was home and Albert
actually had an emergency to help his grandmother with a financial
problem. It's ok now. So we sat in the stair well and made calls till
Hermana Valdez got home as we were teaching family home evening
tonight. She got home at 7:30 but no male present so we had to wait a
half an hour for Anthony to get home. We have had some good times in
that stair well, let me say:) haha. Not the first time we have sat
there for an hour waiting on someone to get home. We taught FHE and we
had leave then as it was 9:15 and had to be back at 9:30 so we took
dinner to go. We actually skipped dinner because we knew we would be
having this. So today, I ate a toaster strode for breakfast, nothing
for lunch due to the song practice, and 2 pop tarts and 2 gronola bars
all day and we ate dinner at 10 after daily planning. So I was hungry
all day but actually not too hungry surprisingly. Haha
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Not much happened today. We had a
lesson with Jay which went well, then we ate at Hunan Kitchen and then
had district meeting. Went to Robert's home but he cancelled on
us/forgot what time we were meeting at today. Then we knocked and had
homemade tacos for dinner. Aren't you so proud mom? We made a real
dinner:) JK. Then we went to knock around one of our investigators
named George. We went by George's home but he wasn't there so we went
contacting by Dunkin until we came back for the night. Also, we
stopped by the library to print off a family history thing and got a
minion version of the plan of salvation too:) now I want to color it
and hang it up on my wall:)
"There's a stable on the label and a stork on the cork." Guess what
show that is from:) my family should get it. Hint, we were dressed up
like this show one year for Halloween. Anyways, today, we went
contacting/look ups in college point. Not too much success but a few
giveaways. Then went contacting by Dunkin. Dinner, we made tacos again
with chicken this time. Then went to Robert's and taught him. His
cousin James was there for the entire lesson this time. Then went by a
referrals home and gave her a Book of Mormon and a Bible. Went
contacting again by Dunkin and came home. Started to rain today but it
was like a snow storm how it was coming down. Very soft and in very
tiny little drops. It was very interesting but it came down enough to
make my hair wet.
"Chewy, we're home." Someone had the bright idea to email me that they
were going to see Star Wars VII tonight. You know who you are. So I
haven't seen Star Wars VII nor will I see it for 21 months ish, but it
is a great line from the trailer. Anyways, today, we went to have our
weekly planning session when the Chinese sisters called and said that
a man was interested in the church that is English speaking. They came
to the church and we gave him a tour and taught the first lesson to
him, The Restoration. He seemed really into it and set up another
appointment with us next Tuesday. Then we did our weekly planning and
dropped off some packages and supplies at the apartment and went to
have dinner with the Spanish missionaries and an investigator. We were
going to hand her off to them by introducing her to them as she
prefers Spanish but because there was no male present, we couldn't go
inside. So she actually gave us the meal to go and we ate it at our
apartment, the 4 of us. We felt so bad but rules are rules. Don't
break em. Then we went to have a lesson with Katalin and Eric and
invited her to be baptized again, if she is ready, on Jan 30. She
agreed to that if she is ready by that time. Then we went and made
calls at the church as we've had 15 referrals this week from the
Korean sisters. We need to figure out what they are doing right and
what we are doing wrong as to get so many potential investigators.
12-18-15 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
"These are not the droids you're looking for." I just wanted to say,
based off a review I read in the newspaper, that I called it. You can
email me and tell me I'm wrong but based off the review, Star Wars VII
is just like StarWars IV. Looking for droids, battles, action, etc. I
knew it would be just like that. Which leads me into the next thing, I
hate knowing the dates of movies and when they come out. That's like
all I thought about today which almost costed me a couple lessons. I
would think about it and what I'm missing during a lesson and get sad
but then I would focus again and it would be fine. We had a lesson
with Hill today finishing the plan of salvation and we pushed her
baptismal date back to Jan 30. The same day as Katalin's so we don't
know what we are going to do with that just yet but we'll keep it for
now. But I kept thinking about Star Wars. Ugh. I need it to go away.
Then we went and updated a member list we have to give to our branch
clerk to update the files for us and the records. Then went contacting
by the library until we went to do some look ups. The first home we
went to was a less actives home and her name is Daniela and she is 12
years old. Her brother, not a member, joined in on the lesson and he
is 14. We taught the restoration and invited him to be baptized on Feb
6 and he accepted! We now have 3 investigators with baptismal dates. I
hope I don't get transferred now. Elder Reese is starting to consider
not wanting to go now that we have these dates. But it is up to the
Lord where we go. So that took a while and so we didn't go do more
look ups but went to McDonalds and brother Estava was there and sat by
us. We had a nice conversation and then he gave us a ride to the
church for a lesson with the Korean sisters to hand off a person to
us. He never showed up so we went to correlation and then went to
sister Roxas where she gave us food. We thanked her and then went
home. Nice day in the end but just hard through each lesson with
knowing that Star Wars came out today. Honestly, I wish I didn't know
the date of anything cause there are no billboards or any
advertisements here so if it wasn't for the trailers back home that I
saw before my mission, I probably wouldn't even know the date it came
out. This is defiantly a trial of faith on my part as I have had the
urge or thought to break the rules this once and go see it but I
remain faithful and obedient.
"Grave robbers will be shot!"
"Good thing we're not grave robbers."
What's that movie? Good luck:) well today was hace frio. (Cold) it was
a high of 42 degrees with a wind chill to 32 degrees. Yeah it was
cold. But we went and did service for a less active and taught him a
short lesson at the end. Then we went and di those look ups we didn't
do yesterday. Then went to the Christmas party!! It was so much fun
and I had a blast. They had a nativity short skit with the youth and
elders Householder and Wixom. Then we ate and talked with each other.
Then elder Reese and I hung out with the youth for a bit and had some
fun pictures:) while that happened, the mariachi band prepared and
then we went into the room to see them. It consisted of our branch
president, elders quorum president, the second counselor, a stake
presidency member, and Jay! They did awesome but we had to leave early
as it was 9:30 and they were still going. We missed their finale,
Feliz Navidad. Bummer but oh well. Got to follow the rules! #GtFtR
"I didn't kill my wife."
"I don't care!"
So today we had church. That was fun but we keep going to church early
for branch council but the past couple weeks hasn't happened and
didn't happen today either. We haven't reported 1 baptismal date let
alone all 3 of ours. So the branch knows noting of what is going on
really as they never ask either. But what ever. Then we mingled and
then went to dinner. But at the church, the members gave us some gifts
and cards which was so nice. Even sister Hawkins gave us a bag of
cookies each. They were good. Then we went contacting and the Halal
guy, Youseph, gave us free food this time. He gave us a sandwich which
costs $4 usually but gave it to us for free. I love this guy!! Then we
went to Anthony's home as he wasn't at church today and talked about
the importance of attending church. Then came home.

Not much else so love you and have a merry Christmas!!!

And I will see you in the next email! Bu-Bye!!!

-Elder Heaton

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