Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #14- Letter

Hello all!
Hope everyone had a Happy New Year's party. We sure had fun but it had
some disappointments. Oh well, what can you do? You'll read about it
in the daily summary.

Daily summaries:
"What? Pacman got invited to the party! That cherry-chasin,
dot-muncher isn't even a part of this game!" Preparation day! Today we
did studies, laundry, and went shopping. Then we went to the mission
office so elder Reese could meet with the mission nurse. Nothing
major. Afterwards, we took all the packages from there to Flushing for
our zone and went to the church to drop them off and play ping pong/
email home. Then we went to ship my black shoes home as they have a
rip in the toe so they will take them back to get new ones. Then we
went back to the church to finish emails and then we had a lesson with
Adrian. We taught him the first half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It
was a good lesson and he is making progress, we can tell. And then we
went to Anthony's and discussed New Years resolutions, and how he
should make a goal to read and pray everyday. We even had him write it
down so he won't forget it. So today, the family was on their way to
Temecula, CA for New Years. I am jealous a step hey are going to
Seaworld and visiting with our friends there. That was so much fun
last year when we went and I can't wait to do it again. 2 years!
"I will talk to him, he's my son. Oh my! Look at you! Look how big you've grown!
"That's so sweet."
"You wouldn't hurt anyone, no."
"Oh my gosh!"
"Someone annihilate this stupid thing!"
Today was pretty busy. We had district meeting after studies and
lunch. That was our last one as a district probably, next week we
might have a new district leader or just new missionaries. So we had a
mini testimony meeting of something we learned this transfer.
Afterwards, we went to visit a doctors office for elder Reese to set
up an appointment, then went contacting by Dunkin with no success at
all. Went to our lesson with Hill but there was no room at the library
so we rescheduled to tomorrow. Went to visit Daniel instead and he
wasn't home. Went to dinner and then the Katalin and Eric's to teach
them about the Great Apostasy but ended up answering questions for the
entire time. Had to go as we had a lesson with Adrian and taught him
the rest of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set up an appointment with
him tomorrow. We are really plowing through these lessons with him.
Thinking of moving his baptismal date forward. But we'll see.
"You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?"
"You hit a guy...with glasses. Very well played."
Today was more relaxing than anything. We had two lessons with the
Korean sisters fall through and so we did our back up plan of actually
eating lunch, we were going to skip it, and deep cleaning today. We
did teach Hill and Adrian today. We taught Hill the rest of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ and Adrian, we went into the commandments lesson on
obedience, pray often, and study the scriptures daily. We have now met
with Adrian or come to church 5 days in a row. We are really moving
along now. Today for dinner, we tried to make pigs in a blanket. We
first started off with dough that expired May 2015... We took a
chance. Then the oven doesn't open all the way due to a heater in the
way. The oven also turned off twice while the food was in it so we
turned it on all the way to make sure it stays on and we ended up
burning the bottom of the food. Then when we took it out, the fire
alarm went off. Oh well. We tried. Tasted decent anyways. Just a
struggle to get there.
"I'm bad, and that's good. I'll never be good, and that's not bad..."
Well Happy New Years everyone! We had a pretty boring day today but we
did teach Jay and helped him understand Matthew 18. Then we had weekly
planning and tried to go visit a less active name Albert but he was
too tired to meet us so we knocked around his home. We then went to
our apartment as we have to be in by 6 so we are spending the night in
our room. We weren't allowed to go to the Chinese elders apartment as
President Reynolds wanted us in our own apartments. So we tried to
order pizza but they didn't answer so we ordered some Chinese food
from Hunan Kitchen. Then we played dominos, war, and another card game
elder Reese knew. Pretty fun but we were looking forward to risk with
the Chinese elders. Oh well. Happy New Year!!!
That was weird to type. But happy new year! "So I got that going for
me" Today we had studies but no lunch yet. We went contacting straight
after studies and found no one as all the English speakers were
probably still sleeping/hung over from last night. So that was
unsuccessful. Then we went to the Carpintero's for lunch and when we
were about to have a quick message with them, the Spanish elders came
and the family got side tracked feeding them and providing them with
all the food they prepared so we were there for 2 hours by the time we
got to share a message with them. Then we went to visit an
investigator up in college point and they weren't home so we went to
have exchanges with the Spanish elders. I am with Elder Householder
from St. George UT. He's a lot of fun. We went to dinner, then back to
the church to have correlation. Went to visit a Spanish investigator
but no answer so we went contacting in the freezing cold. It's cold
now. It was 38 degrees with a wind chill to like 30. Not fun to
contact in. Went to the church after an hour as we couldn't feel our
hands or toes and no one was wanting to stop to talk to us. Ugh. But
yeah. We then had some pillow talk at night when it is past 10:30 and
you're laying in bed just talking. No idea how long we talked this
time as when I was with the Zone leaders with elder finch, we talked
for 2 hours. Not that long with elder householder.
"Did I do good?"
"No, no you did not do good"
Well today felt like I accomplished so much, but when I looked back
and reflected on the day, I accomplished like nothing. Elder
householder and I had personal study and then went to Rego Park for
trainer meeting. I wasn't able to sit in on it but stayed out in the
common area with the other missionaries. We sat there for 2 hours
talking and sitting on our iPads. It's amazing how much I can
entertain my self on the Maps app. I sat on it for 1 of the 2 hours
there. Then we went back to Flushing and went to eat at New World Mall
but we took it to go to go to the church. We got to the church at 1:45
and ate it really fast as we had a lesson at 2. The lesson was
actually supposed to be a handoff lesson from the Korean Sisters to
the Spanish elders but it didn't happen. He never showed up even
though he said he was on his way. We had the same thing happen at 3
with a different person. We called and they said they were coming but
never showed up. Bummer. Went to the Spanish elder's apartment to
change as I was wearing one of elder householder's suits for Rego
Park. Changed and went back to the church for exchange reviews. Then
exchanged and went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Went and taught Adrian for
the 4th time this week. Already like half way through the commandments
lesson. Even talked about moving his baptismal date forward to Jan 23.
He said he would check his schedule. Then we made calls the rest of
the night as it was freezing cold out side and all the missionaries
can testify that no one stops to talk in the cold. But it was good, we
got in contact with 3 people we previously lost contact with for the
past month and were able to invite them to church. So we should have a
decent amount of investigators come to church. Yay! But like I said,
it felt like I accomplished what I needed to today but looking back on
it, I don't know how I feel like I accomplished anything as it was a
whole lot of sitting around. But hey, I did as much as I could, and
Heavenly Father did the rest.
"I have something big planned!... Wait, wait! I haven't told you what
it is yet....Dave, listen up please!" Well today was a little crazy.
We did studies and had 12 week at the church so we could finish a
video we had to watch but we couldn't download it. Then we went back
to the apartment to get something for church and ended up getting a
call from an investigator named Kaize. He was at the church an hour
early and so we gave him a tour and taught him 1/2 the restoration as
time was running short. He says he wants to come to church every week
now. Then we had church and we had Adrian, Hill, and Kaize there!
First time for all of them except Adrain, it was his second. Then we
mingled with them and other members as Elder Reese is probably leaving
so he was saying his goodbyes. Then we went to the Carpintero's for
dinner. It was good. Really crazy day though, just felt rushed with so
much and trying to figure out a lot. Just hectic. I don't like that
feeling. Not one bit.

Well, we got transfer calls this morning.
Elder Reese is leaving so I will be getting a new companion tomorrow
at the transfer exchanges. There is no more transfer meetings now as
the First Presidency has come out with a statement saying no more
transfer meetings. So we will see how this works out. I have so many
questions so I assume all of you do to. I'll explain in tomorrow's
summary so you can read it next week.

Love you all and miss you! And I will see you in the next email! Bu-bye!!

-Elder Heaton

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