Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week #55 Letter

Hello all!

So I am OUT!!! I am leaving Belle Harbor after 4 transfers of being here. I am quite sad to leave here. But these past 4 transfers hasn't felt like that long. It felt like 1 month here. 

So yeah, here are the summaries of the day:

"You got to play the game like you've got nothing to loose." Today was super fun. We had studies and then went and picked up Elders Liljenquist and Stoker to go take some bottled cans to Costco to cash in. Got lunch there and debated on buying a few things so that took a while. Then we dropped them off at the church and picked up the other 2 elders and met everyone else at the church for the afternoon district activity of playing board and card games. It was so much fun. Afterwards, we cleaned up and headed out. We knocked around Arverne and then contacted by the church. Simple night but it was a fun day. 
"Happy birthday to Elder Johnson! Happy birthday to you!" So today was Elder Johnson's birthday and we went to service. We had personal study and then left. I mudded all day. I mudded a window frame that was just dry walled and that took 3 hours to do as i had 6 layers of mud and dried each one with the heat gun individually and then mudded over it again. After lunch, I dry walled and mudded part of a ceiling near a doorframe. That I was not able to finish. Afterwards, we went home and got changed and went to Chipotle for dinner. Elder Johnson's choice, not mine even though I didn't argue with his choice:) Then taught Iderle and contacted by the church. We taught this guy on the street and while teaching him, another guy pulls up in an SUV and rolls down the window and tells the guy not to listen to us. We are devil worshippers apparently and the guy we were talking to needs to stay strong to the "black power" as they were both black. So, that was the crazy story of the night. Then the Lilly's, senior couple, bought us Ice Cream for Elder Johnson's birthday. 
"Happy birthday to Elder Liljenquist! Happy Birthday to you!" Today was a fun day. We had district meeting but before that, we got to the church at the end of the Spanish branch's correlation meeting and they had cake for elder Liljenquist's birthday so got to eat some as well. Then had district meeting and ate Chinese food for lunch. Contacted around the church and planned for the baptism this Sunday a little too. Had dinner and contacted around the church some more until our meeting with the sisters and the branch president for this Saturday's activity of visiting the less active members. Then went to a lesson with a guy we met yesterday but he didn't show. So contacted around there a little until the end of the night.  
"I wanna rock and roll all night! And party everyday!" Today was interesting. We had studies on the morning and then lunch. Then drove to Richmond hill to pick up metro cards but the zone leaders didn't have then because when they went earlier today, the office staff wasn't there so they couldn't get them so we drove to Rego Park with them and got the metro cards, dropped them off at their church building and then we headed back to our area. We went and picked up brother Thompson to go to a lesson with us with Iderle. Then had dinner and knocking around Arverne. We weren't having much success except planting seeds but the last house we knocked on, we were able to teach a husband and wife. It is always the last house that you teach a lesson at. Then we went to the church for cake the Lilly's made for Elder Johnson's and Liljenquist's birthday. Then went home. 
"... I can do this all day..." Today was fun. We had studies and lunch in the morning. Then went and picked up brother Thompson to go see Saundra but she wasn't home. Went to the church to do weekly planning and then made cards after that. That took up our afternoon and so we ate dinner. Went and taught a referral we received and it was a good lesson. Her husband was in and out so we weren't able to teach him but she was open to the Book of Mormon and everything we were teaching. Then after that lesson, we got a call from the Spanish elders that they couldn't teach a lesson due to branch presidency meeting so they wanted us to go. The person did speak english they said so we went to the address but we found a spanish family on the first floor, and a very rude black man on the second. Weren't able to find the person we were looking for so we left and went to the Forbes but they weren't home either. So we contacted for a while until the end of the night. 
"And he's talking with Davy, who's still in the navy. And probably will be for life." Today was a fun day. We had personal study and then went to a referral contact but weren't able to teach him. Only drop off the bible but we got a return appointment for tomorrow. Then went to the church and met with the members of the branch for our activity of visiting less actives. We went with our branch president and then his wife went with 2 other sister members. We visited 3 families each and both us of were able to make contact with 1 of them. Nothing more though. Then afterwards, we went through the paperwork from the branch and starting getting prepared for the merge. Had lunch and then knocked for a bit. Had dinner and then knocked some more and went to the church for Iderle's baptism but we forgot to text the interviewer Saturday would work so he wasn't planning on coming. My heart dropped realizing she might not get interviewed and therefore push her date back a week. And this week is transfers so I might not see her baptism at all! But then he said he could do it tomorrow after sacrament so that worked out. So we contacted around the church and got a ton of seeds. 
"Sing with me, sing for the year. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears." Today was hectic but super amazing. We had the normal branch council at 7:30 and then church. Iderle got interviewed during second hour of church and she passed! So we then taught elders quorum on the spot and did tithing after church. Went home and ate lunch, prepared for the baptism and got our clothes together. Visited Sister Harvey and then tried to go to our lesson with the referral from yesterday but wasn't home. So we went to the church to pick up the Spanish elders and then we headed up to the Richmond Hill building. We got there and the font was filling but the crazy part was a member had gotten there when we got to the church to pick up the elders and he said that the font wasn't even on so he turned it on and by the time we got there, it was pretty good. So we changed and had a wonderful program. There was people there and was a nice experience. Both elder Johnson and I got in the water with her but I did the actual baptizing and he was there to help her up after being completely under. After the baptism, we all congratulated her and we headed home. We didn't have much time so we contacted around the church till the end of the night and made the district leader calls.

Iderle got baptized!! It was super awesome and I was very grateful I was able to see it and to perform the ordinance. She was very excited and loved it. And that is about it with investigators. We haven't worked with anyone for more than two lessons. Just a lot of first lessons but nothing comes out of it in the end. And now with me leaving, I got to pack today and prepare for a new area. I'm quite nervous about where I am going and a little excited. It was awesome to train Elder Johnson and I am grateful for that opportunity. Lets see what the future is for me now. 

Miss you all and hope you all have a great week!


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