Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week #58 Letter & Pictures

It is getting cold again but hopefully it doesn't stay too cold. We
are hoping it is cold just because of Hurricane Matthew sending some
chilly weather towards us then it will get a little warmer again.

On the other hand, hey everyone. We are back to another preparation day.

So here is my week in a bundle:

"Follow the trail of spider? When Hagrid gets out of Azkaban, I'm
gonna kill him." It was a pretty relaxing preparation day. We had
studies in the morning and did laundry. Then the minneola elders got
dropped off at our apartment by the assistants to take them down to
get their car from the shop so we went and dropped them off. Met Jay
at the Freeport chapel and got a haircut for me:) Went to Wendy's for
lunch and then got some stuff for the beach. We went to the secluded
beach we found last week and I brought my hammock and hung out at the
beach and ate snacks. Spent a little over an hour there and went home
and got ready and finished emailing. Then we went to go visit Bishop's
son who is leaving tomorrow to go on a mission. That was pretty cool
to see him all excited to go. He is going to serve in the San
Francisco Mission. Then we went to do some look ups but we only got to
do 1 as we got a call from the sisters they needed some medicine so we
went and got some from the store and dropped it off for them. Then we
walked around Lynbrook trying to talk to anyone walking around. No
success though. That ended our night.
"Give it here Malfoy or I'll knock you off your broom!" Another
average day in New York. We went and helped one of our less actives
this morning get groceries and clothes for his family from this place
that gives out food for those in need. Then we went to the Freeport
chapel and did some Facebook things and friended most of the members
in the ward. Went and ate lunch, and helped one of our investigators
that like to use missionaries for service move some furniture. Got
changed and went knocking for a bit. Got to meet people but didn't
teach any lessons and then went to the Andersen's home for dinner. We
talked with them about their trip to Utah and our families as they met
them there. That was interesting and we found out that they know one
of our good friends! Small world. Then after, we went knocking some
more until we went up to Will's home and taught him too. He is getting
paperwork together to get married to his girlfriend so they can then
get baptized! SO close with them! That was the end of our night.
"He's a werewolf Harry! That's why he's been missing classes." Today
was a fun day! We went and did some contacting referrals but had no
success, even when we tried to knock around. Nothing. So we went to
district meeting and had a good time there. Went to lunch afterwards
at a buffet calling Flaming grill with all sorts of seafoods and
Chinese food. Had a lot of different kinds of foods but I got to try
oysters, clams, squid, eel. They also had unlimited sushi. That was so
good:) I had a great time there. We then went and did some knocking
around Hempstead. We skipped dinner and did some contacting in
Hempstead and visited the Browns. We read from the scriptures with
them and did some more contacting referrals. That was our fun field
"Dragons, Harry. Ferocious creatures." We left this morning at 8:30
and got home at 9 pm. It was a long day. We went and did some service
for Sister Hare cleaning up her garden for a bit. Then we went and
cleaned out a fridge and stove to give to the family that is
struggling to get by and has no running water. They have electricity
though so they could use a fridge in their home. Their story is a sad
one. They got scammed into a home and the bank owns it so they shut
off the water to the home. Their fridge broke a while back and needs a
new one. Also, any day they could be kicked out of their home they are
living in too. Sad story and we try to help any way we can. Then we
went to the church and had FaceTimed the Zone Leaders about a new way
of doing missionary work. It is a very interesting concept and will
change the way I do missionary work for the rest of my mission. It
basically involves members in every phase of missionary work. All the
way from planning for them to asking them for referrals to contacting
those referrals with them and repeating. We are trying to work with
members everyday and go out with them everyday and teach them
everyday. It is a whole new aspect to missionary work. Will take some
time to get used to for sure. From there, we went to go pick up
brother brown to go give a blessing to his mother in law but he
couldn't do it then and will let us know when he will be available to
do it. So we went and contacted referrals and knocked around them. Got
Wendy's for dinner and went to pick up the bishops son, not the one
who just left on his mission, a different one to go out with us
tonight. We went to a lesson but they canceled so we knocked doors.
That was fun and it was good to know the youth better as we go out
knocking with them. It is a lot of fun for us but they don't like
talking to people:) haha:) dropped him off at the end of the night and
went home ourselves.
"He's back..." today was a lot of fun!! So we first went and took the
fridge and oven to the family that needs it and got lunch. We then
went to Brother Wells to talk with him. All he likes to talk about is
WWII things though. Hard to teach him. From there, we went and did
weekly planning at the Freeport chapel and went to Lynbrook. We
weren't hungry so we walked around Lynbrook and tried to go visit a
less active that owns this game shop near our home so we walked there
and it is a place for game tournaments. It has magic tournaments,
console game tournaments and sells cards and other things like it.
Straight up nerd shop. But it was pretty cool. Then we found a card
shop nearby as well that sells sports cards and memorabilia. We talked
with the owner and he is super cool and had a lot of questions about
us. Then he said he would give us a discount on anything. I ended up
getting a pack of baseball cards and he gave me a 45% discount on
them. I was happy! We will be going back more. Then we went to go
visit the browns but they cancelled on us as soon as we got to their
town so we did a look up of a guy we visited yesterday but said to
come back today and he is also super cool. He was just super drunk and
lives in a fraternity house and had a party going on with a lot of
college students. And I mean a lot. He came out and talked with us and
straight up said he is interested, just not right now. So we will call
him tomorrow and he said we will talk to us then. That party was
bumpin though. Then we looked around and noticed there was 4 houses
around it that all had parties going on at them too. It was party
central for college students. The college was literally around the
corner too. From there, we went and walked around another part of
Lynbrook that had a lot of people on it too, but everyone was super
drunk. That's NY for ya.
"Snape! He trusted you!" Pretty average day. We went and finished
helping Sister Hare in the morning with her yard that we weren't able
to finish the other day. We have been working on taking out her
fountain pond in her front yard and filling it with dirt to make more
room for plants and flowers. Then we went home and got cleaned up and
had companionship Study. Lunch and then went out and contacted
referrals we did that for a while and knocked around each one u till
we picked up a YM to come out with us. Came out knocking for 2 hours
before he had to go home again and we went to visit a less active
named Dave. He is a talker and goes off on random tangents during our
conversations. Hard to teach but he is really fun.
"Happy birthday to Emma! Happy birthday to you!" Now our Sundays are
full of meetings. We had correlation this morning and 9 am and then
went home to finish our studies and have lunch. Went to church and had
the normal 3 hours plus another hour of ward council. Gotta love
meetings on Sundays. We went knocking for a bit before we went to
bishop's home for dinner. From there, we went and did some look ups in
Hempstead that told us to come back. Nothing came out of it. That
ended our night.

It is hard to remember to write in my journal every night so sometimes
I write in it for 2 days worth and shorten both so it doesn't take me
too long and i cant remember what we did 2 days ago. Other days, I
write forever and go into depth about each hour. So thats why there
are really long days and short days.

Brown family we weren't able to meet with too much but we met with
them once. Still working on them to come to church but still hard
trying to help them understand the important things vs what can wait
for another day to do that. Will and Sherrell are doing well. They
understand the need to get baptized and so they are working on getting
married so they can get baptized! That should be exciting. Not for
sure when it will all happen as we are waiting for Will's papers to
get through and processed. We met with another investigator that has
been meeting with missionaries but I first met him this past week
named eddy. He is cool and a little slower but is a fun guy and knows
a decent amount about the church.

Thats the week in a bundle and a half. What a blessing.

We were out knocking and so I took a panorama.


Walking across a bridge


Well, lets not go there...


A couple of goodies from the pack of baseball cards.


Monday's beach day last week

I know most of you like the pictures better. Skip the long boring paragraphs and go for the pictures. Its what I do sometimes. Enjoy your week everyone! 


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