Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week #56 Transfers

Letter from Jay telling us where Jordan was transferred to.

I hope things are going well with you and your family.  I just wanted to tell you that Elder Heaton is now serving in the Lynbrook, Long Island district; I'm pretty sure he is still district leader.  His new companion, Elder Draper, is a very nice new missionary who just finished his training period yesterday (as did Elder Johnson, Elder Heaton's trainee).  He's not from Draper, but from two towns over, and his family goes to the Draper Temple.  The mission president's assistants are in the same district and the newest assistant is Elder Parrish, who was so helpful getting Elder Heaton adjusted in Rockaway after he left Flushing, so they'll see each other often.  Elder Heaton's new district is in the Lynbrook Stake, as is Flushing (but not Rockaway), so we'll see each other at stake conferences and such, which is a nice bonus.

All of Long Island (along with Staten Island (the fifth borough of NYC) and Bermuda) is in the NY South mission.  (In fact, Elder Draper's former companion and trainer, Elder Ramos, who came to NY in Elder Heaton's group last October, just got transferred to Bermuda for six months.  It could've been Elder Heaton, but alas.)  Kings (Brooklyn) and Queens counties are part of NYC, but Nassau and Suffolk are independent counties, and when people refer to Long Island they usually mean just those two counties, not the NYC portion.  Some missionaries work on the tip of Suffolk County, over 100 miles east.
Elder Heaton started in Flushing, in the north of Queens, then moved to Rockaway on the south shore of Queens, and now works in the south-west corner of Nassau, approximately at the first "A" in "Nassau" on the diagram.  According to Google Maps, this is where he now lives:

He's going to do just fine, as you'll see when he writes next week.  I expect that he'll attain some important leadership positions in the mission as he enters his second (and, sadly for us, last) year.


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