Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week #39 Letter

Hello form the Rockaways!

This was a pretty good week all together. We had transfers but neither
my companion or I got transferred and there was no leaders meeting
after it so we didn't end up going to Rego Park at all. But we did
have along day Friday trying to get our car inspection done.

"There ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river wide enough, to
keep me from getting to you baby!" Preparation day! Sad day we had to
see a member of our district get the call that he is getting
transferred. Elder Bergeson will be missed. But we look forward to the
new Spanish elder coming in. We went to Costco directly after studies
and I got a keyboard at Best Buy:) Love it. Then we went to the church
and played card games with each other and emailed, mostly emailed
though. We started to not pay attention as much during the game. We
ate at Halal for dinner and finished emailing till 6 and then went to
a lesson but didn't happen, so we knocked around the apartment
building. Taught a door step lesson then and then went to Brother
Thompson's home and Brother Gureck was there. Shared a message with
them and then went to teach an investigator living at the Forbes home
named Yolanda. Afterwards, went home and prepared for bed. We found
out today form the sisters that the Dure family is moving to Florida
too. That is 2 big families moving away from this tiny branch. Not
good for this "little branch" as our mission president called it.
"You missed me?"
"Blow something up!"
"Blow something up, already did that."
Pretty average day today. Starting to sound like it is that way
everyday. Guess that's why they call it "average". We did some
studying and some card making afterwards. Had lunch and had a lesson
with Iderle. We finished the Plan of Salvation and started a little
bit of the commandments. She is loving us coming by and is excited for
her baptism coming up and she wants her husband to join in after he is
done with his CD record. He plays the guitar pretty well:) Afterwards,
we tried to go to a few lessons but they didn't happen so we went
knocking and taught 3 lessons at the door step and had 2 return
appointments. So we found 2 new investigators today:) Had dinner and
then did some more knocking and taught this guy but he was not
receptive at all and he talked a lot so that wasn't much help for
either one of us. Tried to go by the Dures but they weren't home and
so we visited a referral but not home. Just contacted by the church
till the end of the night. Found around 50¢ worth of pennies, dimes,
and nickels today:) Even found 2 that were the old style from the 50s
and a 2016 one too. I have turned into a penny seeker...
"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch
it." These days are merging together. I thought we made cards today
but we made those yesterday. Today, we went to district meeting after
studies and then to a lesson with Yolanda. We talked about the
restoration with her. Had some lunch and went knocking nearby at the
Prison Yard. Taught a lesson and picked up brother Thompson to go
visit that family we taught yesterday while knocking. Taught them the
restoration and dropped brother Thompson off. Visited Thomas at the
Sidoways home and talked about attending church and why we do it.
Tried to go teach Mya but she wasn't home and is leaving this week for
a while so we won't be able to teach her for a few weeks. Then we
tried to visit a less active but he doesn't live there anymore and
then went to the Clavine's for dinner. They are an awesome family from
the Philippines. Love them. Now I am very tired and want to go to bed.
"We need a plan of attack."
"I have a plan, attack."
VERY interesting day today. I will get to that in a sec but it does
start off with the fact that we were fasting today for our transfer
goals and what they should be. So we had from 10am-9pm of straight
missionary work with no interruptions. That is a long time to be doing
missionary work. No breaks. But we did do our weekly planning in the
morning until 12:30 when we had to go pick up brother Thompson for a
lesson. That lesson was with Iderle and she is amazin! She read from
the Book of Mormon and prayers about it. I love it when everything
works out the way you plan it to. Then we went and finished planning
and went to drop off a bible to a bible referral. Set up a time to
come back and teach her. Afterwards, we started our look up list of
potential elders for the branch. We were having no success when elder
Parrish turns to me and says, "I know what I've forgotten, I forgot my
wallet." And since he is the designated driver, guess what that means.
Yep, I get to drive:) Haven't driven since the drivers test to get
green dotted and before that, when I was home driving the Acura:)
Super long time and took me a while to get used to it but I got used
to it after a while and loved it again. I miss driving. So we finished
our look ups and knocked for a bit too. No lessons and then we went to
the church so elder Parrish could skype in on the branch presidency
meeting. I sat there and read. Then picked up brother Romero and went
to a lesson with Shaheed. He is doing great and loved the baptism. We
were glad to hear that. Then we went and dropped brother Romero off
and went home. I miss driving!
"And if you douse me again and I am not on fire, I'm dismantling you
and donating you to a community college." Weird day today. We first
started off with a lesson with a new investigator Colleen. We taught
her and invited her to be baptized. She said she would if she came to
know the church is true. This is when it starts to go crazy. We went
to Lynbrook's area to get our car inspection done, same place we go
tour oil changed 2 weeks ago, and they said they don't do car
inspections. So then we went to Richmond Hill and picked up supplies
we ordered and the mail and used their clerk's computer to look for
another place to go to get the inspection done. Took forever but found
a place in Jamaica that would do it. So we went there and they said it
would take 1.5 hours so while we waited, we ate lunch at KFC and
Wendy's. Great lunch hour and then went home after that. Went to a
lesson with a new investigator named Tevin. He is awesome and is
willing to be baptized if he comes to know it is true as well. Went to
the church and taught Babatunde. Went knocking and then taught the
Forbes family. We set our transfer goals for the transfer and let's
say our baptism goal is a little up there but we believe the goal was
inspired and is what the Lord wants us to work towards. We want 4
baptisms in the next 6 weeks and this week is almost over. Get to work
"Wait, none of you are addressing the fact that Cap just said,
'language'?" Pretty good day today. We did some studying and then
lunching. We went to go to a lesson but they weren't there so we
knocked around and taught a lesson. Then we went to the church to drop
off a metro card for one of the Spanish elders. Then went knocking for
3 hours. Planted a lot of seeds but taught no lessons. Afterwards, we
went to correlation and then Jay came:) He took us to Tacos y Mas for
dinner and we had a good chat with him. It was so nice to see him
again and to talk with him. Then we went to go to 2 lessons but only
one happened and we didn't teach the person we went to see. We went to
go see Charisse but we ended up teaching her boyfriend. We will take
it. He was awesome and accepted the baptismal invitation if he comes
to know the church is true. Then we went to teach the Dures and found
out they might be moving so that puts a damper on our work to
strengthen this branch. We just keep losing the members to them
moving. Finally, we went home and watched The Phone Call. That is how
we spend our night, finding random videos on LDS.org to watch. Most
are super cheesy but convey a good message.
"I have an army."
"We have a Hulk."
Pretty good Sunday today! Shaheed didn't come as he had a family
emergency so he didn't get confirmed but I did give an on the spot
talk and lesson in gospel principles. Love Sunday's. So unexpected.
But everyone loved them both and commented on them. We had 3
investigators at church today and Sister Sidoway came to church as
well!! Then we went and gave the sacrament to sister Harvey and then
had lunch. Did some knocking and then dinner. Knocked some more and
then visited the Sidoways and the Angaldes. The Anglade's weren't home
so we went and contacted by the church till the end of the night. Love
it. Great day:)

So Shaheed didn't come to church yesterday so he didn't get confirmed.
But he is doing well and we are meeting with him this week and he is
bringing his friend too. His friend also came to his baptism so he
seems interested. Hopefully we can teach him! Iderle is awesome. She
is keeping commitments and coming to church. Already paying tithing.
Terrific all around. She even brought her friend from Pennsylvania to
church yesterday. Colleen came to church and loved it. She has been
going through and times and she found the peace she is looking for at
our church she said. Love the spirit and how it works. Tevin is also
starting to show some progression. Hopefully he will keep his
commitments. That's all the main people we are working with so far.
Hopefully we will get more to fulfill our transfer goal. But we aren't
too sure about it anymore. We might change it as it is very high.

Love you all and miss you!! I will see you in the next email! Bu-bye!!

-Elder Heaton

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