Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week #42 Letter

So yeah I know, it's Wednesday. The thing is we were going to have a
temple trip this Saturday for an endowment for a member, but it is
scheduled at 3:30 so that is too late for us to go and we just found
this out yesterday so we are emailing today to send out the mass
emails and that's it. And this is the second temple trip we have
scheduled but won't be able to go to. There has to be brownie points
for skipping preparation day 2 times to do missionary work. But the
first one we ended up feeling with our car until 8:30 at night

Anyways, here is how last week went:

"Cause it's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight. Keeps
me risen up, to my chances." Good preparation day today. We had a trip
to Burlington and I got a Penguin tie. They are skinny ties and skinny
ties aren't allowed but it had a great floral design I liked so I got
it to wear at home. Long time, but I like it. We went shopping at
Costco and did a few emails for about an hour and then had to make the
drive to get our car from the shop with the Spanish elders, elders
Messenger and Corbett. We drove in one car there and then we drove our
original car to Rego and they drove the used one to Rego and we
dropped off the other one and then drove home in our original car. If
you want to hear about how our car got in the shop or forgot, go check
out the blog post on 6-6-16. That was a rough day. We came home from
that to 30 min left of preparation day so we sent a few more emails
and went out. We stopped by the Siddoway's to teach sister Siddoway
but she wasn't there but Thomas was! Her son. And so we proceeded to
teach him. He just finished sophomore year and he was talking about
his last day of school today. If 1/10 of the things he told us
actually happened in Utah, that school would have been shut down or
lots of kids would have been expelled. Like, he was talking about how
there were fights every 10 feet because kids would randomly throw
punches just because. There were water bottles being thrown at
everyone, full of water and doing damage to people and objects. There
was like 2 self lockdowns during his school and the school had to call
the police to come in and reinforce the guards. And he had plenty of
other stories he was telling about it too. It sounded like a mad house
all day. He said it was like war at their school. But every man for
them self style. We proceeded to teach him and afterwards, we went to
visit a referral form the ASL elders and their recent convert gave
them. We stopped by and she was nice and said we could come by
Saturday morning. Then we went to the Thompson's for family night but
brother Gureck wasn't there and wasn't going to be there for an hour
so we taught them without him. We went over enduring to the end. And
headed home for the night.
"We are the champions, we are the champions. No time for losers, cause
we are the champions, of the world." Great day today. We had our usual
lunch right after studies and went to go to a lesson but they weren't
home, picked up brother Thompson and as soon as he was in the car, our
next lesson cancelled on us. Tried to visit Edwin, but he wasn't home.
So we went to Inwood to knock. There wasn't much success up there
except planting seeds. Had dinner and had a great lesson with Isaac.
We took Babatunde with us and he was an excellent member present
lesson. It went so well, we moved Isaac's baptismal date up to June
26th!! In 2 Sunday's!! Went knocking for a bit in Far Rockaway and
some members from Flushing were driving past and they said hi. It was
nice to know they still remembered me:) ended the night with
exchanging with the Spanish elders, elders Messenger and Corbett. I'm
with Elder Messenger for the day:)
"Band aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show. If you
live like that, you'll live with old. Oh-oh. If you love like that,
cause baby now we've got bad blood. Just look at what you've done."
After our studies, we had lunch which was some good Mexican food some
members made for the Spanish elders but I got to have it:) went to
district meeting and I gave the workshop on the Message of the
Restoration and A Successful Missionary. It was a good workshop I
think. Afterwards, we made cards for a bit as they were all out of
cards. Afterwards, we went and did a look up and went knocking. Not
very many people were interested today as no one really let us talk to
them for very long. Just a day of planting seeds. We went to dinner at
checkers, which is a burger place around here. We went contacting by
the church for a few minutes until we went to a lesson. The lesson was
half in Spanish half in English so I was able to help and teach a
little. Contacted some more around the church until we had to head
home. We exchanged back and went to our normal homes now.
"Oh, I can't feel my face when I'm with you. But I love it. But I love
it." We had great day lad-ies. We did some service at a home to
rebuild and I worked on caulking the base boards and the door frames.
We left at lunch to go get some supplies for deep clean and ate some
lunch. Then deep clean!! Our apartment desperately needed it. With a
big apartment, your just just goes everywhere. And by your stuff, I
mean Elder Parrish's. He isn't very good at cleaning up. So now it
looks all nice and clean. Ate dinner afterwards and went to teach
Isaac with Babatunde. It was a good lesson. Went to the church so
elder Parrish could do his branch presidency meeting. Afterwards, we
went to the Sidoways and taught Thomas but I was distracted by his two
sisters, Ariana and Sarrita. They wouldn't leave me alone so elder
Parrish taught Thomas solo. Afterwards, went and contacted by the
church and went home.
"When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay.
Oh, I wanna be there in my city. Oh-oh-oh." I've been missing San Fran
this week one, due to WWDC, two, it's been a year since dad and I went
there for my senior trip, and three, because it's San Fran. Anyways,
today was a bit boring. We had weekly planning and lunch afterwards.
We realized we had no pass along cards so we went to the church to
make more and that took a while of its self too so by the time we got
around to actually proselyting, it was 4 so we went knocking at the
prison yard for an hour till dinner. Then went knocking some more and
taught a lesson, finally. Been all day. Went to visit the Anglade's
but they weren't home so we went to Sister SIddoway's again so we
could teach her this time and it was a hoot of a lesson!!! I love
going to teach them and it was her and Thomas tonight so we heard all
sorts of funny stories that Thomas did when he was younger. So funny:)
Afterwards, we went home. Great boring day for the first half but it
got good.
"But I keep cruisin. Can't stop, won't stop bruisin. Cause I got this
music in my heart saying it's gonna be alright. Cause the players
gonna play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate. So I
just shake it off, shake it off." I am tired. And sore. And tired. We
helped the Dubei family move some of their stuff this morning from the
FOUR story home to their truck. They only took some of it today and we
had to pack all the heavy stuff and some personal stuff too. And I
though a 1 story home was hard but 4 was a lot. So my legs and arms
kill form taking stuff up and down those stairs. We did that for like
4.5 hours in the morning and then went to a lesson with Iderle. It was
a good lesson. Then had correlation and had dinner at the Inikori's!
Some good Nigerian spaghetti that had some spicy meat sauce on top. It
was the spiciest spaghetti I've ever had. Afterwards, we went to a
lesson with Isaac and we covered a lot. Since his baptism is like in a
week and a day, we talked about the big 3 and sabbath day observance
for the baptismal interview next week. Then stopped by a couple
potential investigators homes and tried to stop by some members but no
one was home. We ended the night with contacting by the church. And as
haul, went home at the end of that.
"Why did you say I was a marine biologist? You know I've always wanted
to fake being an architect!" Today was a crazy day. We had normal
church but had to do some correction of false doctrine during gospel
principles. Always a good time doing that. Thank goodness for brother
Romero and his RM knowledge of the scriptures and helping us prove
what we are saying is true. After church, we tried visiting some
potentials but nothing. Ate some lunch and went and took the sacrament
to sister Harvey. Then the craziness starts. We tried to visit Edwin,
which background: He is our investigator we had been teaching but he
really wasn't all that interested it seems but he was super nice and
always invited us to his home whenever we saw him on the street. Oh
yeah, and he is a survivor of 9/11 and has had extensive surgery and
is confined to a wheelchair. So to today, we went to visit him and we
got there to find "Edwin" standing straight up and walking. WHAT??? We
get in and he says what's up, come in sit down, etc. we get in and he
is acting totally like "Edwin" but standing and walking. We ask him
about it and he said he walks on Father's Day. Ok then. We get talking
more and he says how his brother was in the hospital. His twin
brother. OHHH. Makes more sense but as we were leaving, we noticed how
he has this scar on his wrist. So we leave and it will get crazy later
on today. We went and ate dinner at the church with the Spanish elders
and then knocked a little down the street from the church. Taught a
lesson to a guy and invited to be baptized and he accepted. Hopefully
he will continue to meet with us. Then we tried to visit the Dures but
now home. So we did new investigator look ups around and on the way to
the church to pick up the Spanish elders to take home cause we are
nice and they don't have cars. On the way, we saw Edwin driving on his
wheelchair down the street and we pulled over and said high to him and
started talking to him. He was saying how he just got out of the
hospital and is on his way home. Then we said how we met his brother
and he was like my brother isn't around. We said how his name was
David and all this other stuff then he believes us but we are like so
confused now as Edwin now was wearing the exact same thing David was
wearing earlier. We are so confused!! But we told him to go home and
take a picture together because they look the exact same, talk the
same, laugh the same, and have the same scar on the wrist.

So, to go through our investigators to today, Wednesday. We have
Ayodeji, (Eye-o-da-she). From Nigeri, and his baptism is Sunday! If
all goes according to plan, which so far it is, he will be a 3 week
miracle. Found, taught and baptized in 3 weeks. Not true actually. He
was found 4 months ago but he couldn't meet or come to church as he
had a lot of work. Now he doesn't and has Sunday's off because elder
Parrish and his companion at the time asked him to get Sunday's off so
he did. And here we are, we are going to teach him the rest of the
commandments tonight and go through the baptismal interview questions
so he is ready by tomorrow for his interview. The Iderle is leaving
Monday for a month and a half trip to Ohio. But she says she wants to
get baptized as soon as she gets back. We told her elder Parrish won't
be here then most likely as that is almost 8 weeks away so not even in
this coming transfer but the one after that! So she said she wants me
to baptize her then. Sweet. That's about it with progressing
investigators. Colleen is traveling a lot and hard to meet with now so
we will see if there is anything we can do cause she still wants to
come to church  and do everything we ask just work got in the way now.

Well, love you all and miss you. Have a great week and I will see you
in the next email! Bu-bye!

-Elder Heaton

Sister SIddoway's daughter, Ariana.


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