Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week #40 Letter

Hey all!

This week started to get warm and it stayed warm with humidity! We got
up in the mid 70s most of the week with 80-90% humidity! That was hot!
And so naturally, our Tiwi in our car fell off the windshield and so
we had to go get that fixed. It was falling off at the beginning of
the week but we thought we could make it 4 more weeks till transfers
but no. We also started our 5 exchanges we have this week and I was
with the new elder in the district, Elder Corzo. So here is how the
week went:

"We are going to need to do a double grasshopper."
"What's a double grasshopper?"
"You may want to close your eyes for this."
Preparation day! Pretty boring day overall but it was nice to relax.
We went shopping in the morning at Stop and Shop and then the rest at
Costco. Ate lunch at Costco and then went home and met the elders at
our apartment and emailed and talked all afternoon. That was it until
we went out. We went knocking in a new place tonight. Up by 90th
street and we are usually down in the 30s or 20s. Not really a whole
lot of success, just some nice conversations but no lessons. Then we
went and taught Brother Gureck and invited him to go to the temple on
June 11 for the branch temple trip. He would be getting his
endowments!! That would be fun if we could go with him:) Then we went
home for the night.
"This time it ain't about just being fast." Good day overall. I
finished Jesus the Christ during my studies today! Only started that
at the beginning of January. We had lunch directly after studies and
went to teach Colleen with brother Thompson. She is great and is very
receptive. Taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then went home, changed,
and went to service. We painted brick with this plastic paint the
entire time. Had dinner afterwards and then went knocking. Taught a
doorstep lesson and then went to teach Shaheed with Brother Romero. We
wanted to teach his friend, but he never showed up so maybe next week.
We taught Shaheed the restoration and now on exchanges with Elder
"You're my brother, O'Connor." Great day with Elder Corzo. We played
munchkin during breakfast and got ready for studies. Studies and then
went to district meeting. Went to Taco Bell and he had to stop by a
store real fast afterwards and then we went knocking! It was a great
time and taught a lesson. We also planted a ton of seeds and had a
jolly time. We then went to Far Rockaway again and went contacting by
the beach. So naturally we took pictures while we did so and planted a
lot of seeds and taught a lesson there as well. Then headed home and
exchanged back. It was such a fun day with Elder Corzo, can't wait to
do it again.
"He did that stare and drive thing, didn't he? I taught him that."
Great day today. We had studies and then lunch. Went to visit a
referral and ended up teaching a lesson to them. Tried to visit
another but no answer and then picked up the Spanish elders, Elders
Corzo and Honey, to go to Richmond Hill for interviews with President
Reynolds. I got to chat with Sister Reynolds while elder Parrish was
in his interview and afterwards, the assistants gave a quick workshop.
That was a great experience to have the one-on-one interview with
president. Then we went to Costco for dinner with the Spanish elders
and then changed out of our suits and went knocking. Planted seeds
only, no lessons. Visited the Anglade's and set up an appointment for
Saturday. Then went and taught Shaheed till the end of the night.
Great day and a fun one too:)
"There is only one crew in the world who could pull off a job like
this...How did that get up there?" Interesting day today. We did
studies, and companion study lasted 2 hours as we were talking about
the district and how to best help them. Then had lunch and walked out
to our car and found Tiwi (big brother in the car at all times) had
fallen off the window onto the dash board so we went to Rego to get it
fixed. That took a good chunk of our day. We got back and did weekly
planning at the church until we went to a lesson, but they cancelled
on us. So we went and ate dinner and had a lesson with Babatunde.
Talked about general conference. Went to visit the Dure family and
then contacted by the church till the end of the night. That's all
"You call that drifting?" Sad day today. We had a lot of lessons
planned, all questionable, and most all of them feel through. We did
studies and then lunch. Knocked around prison yard since a lesson fell
through. Picked up brother Thompson to go for the afternoon to our
lessons but they didn't happen except one during that time. And that
one was on her porch. Tried a few more but none were home or they were
too busy at the time. So we took brother Thompson home and we had
dinner at the church. We brought something to eat and waited for
correlation to happen. Had correlation and then visited the Anglade's,
only taught 2 of their sons. Then knocked for a while in our little
corner and taught 2 doorstep lessons. Visited the Sidoways and talked
about coming to church tomorrow and then headed home.
"There's a storm coming Harry. And you best be ready for it." Great
Sunday. We went to church early in the morning. That's what I missed
about Flushing, we had 1:30 church and so we could do studies, lunch,
and then go to church. Here, we wake up at 6, get ready and go to
church for the morning. Then we have the whole afternoon to fill with
something productive. Anyways, church was nice, only had to do a
little false doctrine correction this Sunday, not bad:) Then we went
and took the sacrament to sister Harvey. Had lunch and then knocking.
Just planted seeds only. Had dinner and then more knocking:) Did some
referral look ups but no success with them. Then contacted by the
church until the end of the night.

Shaheed still hasn't got confirmed but we knew it wouldn't happen this
week as he said he was going to be out of town a couple week ago. So
this Sunday he should get confirmed! Iderle is doing great. She is
basically ready as we have taught everything up to the commandments so
now we just need to build her faith more. Colleen is doing great, she
is the only one that came to church of investigators and she loves
church. She will be out of town these next couple weeks so we are
trying to set up skype for her to have skype lessons. Clifton, our 9
year old, is ready too, but his dad hasn't found work off yet. So
still waiting on him. And that is mostly all our progressing
investigators we are working with.

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