Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week #41 Letter

Hey everyone!!
Been a while but I forgot to mention last week. Temple trip this week
as we are taking a member to go to the temple to take out his
endowments. So we are heading to the temple today!!! Also is why I am
emailing today as it is our preparation day. But Monday of this week
was an adventure of its own that lasted till Tuesday. You'll hear all
about that adventure Monday. But onto some summaries of the day #34

5-30-16 Happy 8 months!!!
"Born, in the USA. I said I was, born, in the USA." Happy Memorial Day
everyone! Hope everyone had fun swimming and barbecuing cause I
didn't. We went about our normal preparation day but a highlight was
Jay coming to give haircuts:) Got it nice and short for the summer.
It's getting hot here. We did that in the morning then we went and got
food at stop and shop and ate lunch. Then we waited for the other
elders to get here and we played Munchkin. That's a fun game but it
took a while with 6 players. A lot quicker with 2. We then went and
knocked around our house a little but a couple streets over and we got
a lot of rich Catholics so they weren't interested. Got a lot of weird
answers to basically, "No." . Then we went to the Forbes and taught
them and then had family home evening with the Thompsons and Brother
Gureck. Talked about temples and then went home.
"5, 4, 321 were going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship. Zooming
through the skies! Little Einsteins!" Awesome day today. We woke up
early and headed up to Richmond Hill for a carnival service project.
The zone was there and we ran carnival games and I was in charge of a
bounce house race thing. It was so much fun and we got a lot of sun.
Almost burnt. Then we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and we
went and got our stuff and went to their apartment. Ate lunch and got
ready to go. And I am with... Elder Wixom!! Again!!! We went knocking
and not much success but just like we did 7 months ago on our first
exchange, we went to Taco Bell for dinner. And the other two were
there too, elders Parrish and Selfaison. So we ate dinner together and
then we went to the church and taught English class for the night.
Afterwards, we went and contacted around our apartment waiting for the
other 2 to get there and got some Dunkin doughnuts ice cream. Then
went home:) super fun day:) loved it.
"Welcome to my house. Baby take control now. We can't even slow down.
Welcome to my house." Ok, time is going too fast. It's June 1st and
Dylan is out of school today and Emma is out tomorrow for the
summer... I'm done. Anyways, I'll talk about my day. It was a good
morning with sleepy studies and heading back to Far Rockaway for
district meeting. Then we went and taught Iderle and we went over the
baptismal interview questions. Then we ate lunch and went and did some
look ups. Ate dinner and did our referral visits and had a return
appointment with one and taught a lesson to the other. Pretty
successful I say. Then we taught Sister Sidoway and we just talked
about the sacrament prayers. Then went and exchanged with elder
Corbett and Messenger. I'm with Elder Corbett again!! Back to back
exchanges are the best #imalreadyexhausted
"Yeah, it's alright. Cause we're, doing fine, so fine, so fine,
Thunderstruck! Ah-a-ah-ah-ha." Awesome exchange with Elder Corbett! We
did studies and then went out and knocked for a bit. Then we headed up
to Inwood and ate lunch at Chipotle. Then went knocking in Inwood for
the next couple hours. Half way through, I had to use the bathroom
really bad so we headed back to Chipotle and used the bathroom at Taco
Bell and then went back and finished. Headed home for dinner and it
took an hour of walking and taking the train to get home. Long time
without a car. But I miss walking areas. It is just so much fun:) and
the people you see are entertaining. Ate dinner and then knocked
around the church a little then went to a lesson. It was all in
Spanish so I sat there for 45 min listening to my thoughts and barely
fell asleep during it. Then went to the church and met the other
elders there and headed home and exchanged back. Great day with Elder
"I'm walking through the kitchen with a bowl full of chicken!" Pretty
good day today. We did studies and had lunch. Started our weekly
planning and then went to visit Edwin. We talked about the plan of
salvation and then went to visit Iderle. We talked about baptism a
lot. We aren't so sure when her baptism will be any more but we will
see. Continued a little more with weekly planning and then went home
and had dinner. We then taught Babatunde and he had an interesting
concern we had to address. Always pleasant to correct false doctrine.
Then we went to the Mendinghall's and they had other family over so we
taught them the restoration. Then we contacted around the church till
the end of the night. And went home.
"King Bob!"
*Mic drop
Pretty good day. We had a lot of finding today so we did studies and
lunch, then we were out. We went to the prison yard to do some look
ups first. We got 1 return appointment out of that. Then went to our
corner area and did look ups there. Nothing. Knocked for a bit around
it and taught a lesson to 2 guys and they were really interested. We
just taught restoration and then have a return appointment for
tomorrow. Then went to the church and got a drink and then knocked
around the church. We taught this lady who had just had her brother
killed right by the church last week. We shared with her part of the
plan of salvation and will meet with her later this week as the
funeral is Monday. Then went to correlation and had a great time with
that:) Had Halal for dinner and then called the Manhattan Temple to
schedule the endowment session for brother Gureck next Saturday and
ended up staying for an hour on and off the phone with them trying to
get an email from them to forward to brother Gureck but still no
email. So we left hoping it would come soon and went to the Inikoris
and they fed us African food. A little spicy and really good. Shared a
message and then went to the Forbes. We were talking with them and
read the Book of Mormon with them. Then went home:) great day:)
"I said dart gun, not, ugh ok!"
Happy 1 year anniversary from when I opened my mission call. That was
1 year ago today. Anyways, we had a good day at church today and there
was a lot of people that came. We had 1 investigator but members came!
It was nice and we didn't have to do anything either:) great. Then we
went and taught Jason and Damon from yesterday. They are awesome. Then
we went and took the sacrament to sister Harvey and then went to teach
a new investigator but it was awkward as we taught on her doorstep.
Then we had dinner and went to the Dures and we didn't know this
before hand but they fed us dinner too. So I was really full after
that. Then taught the Sidoways and her 3 daughters who also came to
church today! All of them! Then contacted by the church till the end
of the night. Beautiful sunset tonight too.

Shaheed hasn't been confirmed yet. Sadly. The devil has been at work
to make sure he hasn't been confirmed. Perfect but we will get there
eventually. Hopefully tomorrow. Iderle isn't ready yet she says to be
baptized which is ok. She leaves for a month in a couple weeks so it
probably is better she waits until she gets back from her trip. Then
Colleen has been out of town until now. Clifton we haven't been able
to meet for a while. Still waiting for his dad to pick a date but it
also is hard when we can't meet with them. Met Jason and Damon and
they could be potentials. We have a return appointment for Sunday so
hopefully!!!! That's mostly it for investigators we are working with.

Hope all is well with everyone and sorry for not telling you about the
modified preparation day this week. My bad!!!!!

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