Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #52 Letter


This week was pretty good. Had a few more lessons with less actives but still want to have a few more as there are a lot of less actives and our sacrament numbers have been decreasing every week for the past month. Yesterday, we had 27 people at sacrament meeting at the end. And we started with 17. So our numbers are not good. And since members help in fellowshipping investigators, we are trying to meet with as many of the less actives as we an while trying to find investigators. So that is what we are working on. 

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering" preparation day! We had a fairly boring day today. We went to a lesson at 10 in the morning but he was still asleep so we didn't end up teaching him. Then went to Elder Roland and Stoker's apartment and emailed for a bit. Went to the church and shopped around there. Ate Halal for lunch. And continued to walk around. Went back to their apartment and emailed the rest of the time. After preparation day, we went to a lesson with Thomas but he was out with his mom with the sisters so we went to our next lesson with Brad and Bruce and then went back there afterwards. Brad and Bruce's lesson was good. Little distracted as they were right in the middle of their game and so we waited for them to finish. Talked about service and got them signed up on Just serve. Then went back and saw Thomas. He is doing good and we didn't have much time so we shared with him Alma 30 and want him to read it by the next time we go back which is Friday. Then we headed home. 
"This is not a game, no. Nobody can save you. Spent up all your change and now your turn is done." Pretty interesting day today. We had personal study then went to go to Rego for Elder Johnson's driving test but then we didn't realize when we were supposed to be there so we left our apartment when we were supposed to be arriving at Rego. Elder Williams, the driving coordinator, had to go soon after that so we just rescheduled for another day. Went back and finished studies and lunch. Then did some look ups and on the last one, we met these cool guys that are basically gangsters. They had this motor scooter that wasn't working properly so elder Johnson used his mechanic skills and started talking to him about it and got fixing. We started talking to him and he is cool but super gangster. Done a lot and is still doing a lot of illegal activities but he likes us because elder Johnson can fix motors. Then we ate dinner and went to do service the sisters signed us up for. We weren't very excited to go as it was during prime time, it was at this crazy member's home that doesn't like us, and it was during prime time. But we went and pulled weeds in her back yard for 45 min and then had to go. On the very last weed, I had like a sting or a bite on my hand that stung like crazy all night. It was like getting stung by a bee over and over and over again. Went home and got changed and went to exchange with elder Corzo and Liljenquist. I'm with elder Corzo! 
"Join me and together, we will rule the galaxy!" It was an awesome exchange with Elder Corzo. We had studies in the morning and the housing senior couple, the Johnsons, came by to check our apartment in the morning. We have a very nice apartment and they were commenting on that a lot. Then we got ready to go to district meeting. That was fun and then had lunch afterwards at home. Then we went to do some look ups and were able to teach a less active member we found on saturday on exchanges. She is a super nice lady and strong in the church as well. She just moves back and forth from Guyana every couple months so she just got here and will be coming to church this weekend. Then we had dinner and knocking. Then went to a surprise birthday party for one of the spanish members that the senior couple, the Lilly's invited us to come help celebrate it. That was fun and had ice cream cake. Elder Corzo I then went to the church and had our follow up and device audit. It was a great follow up with how I can improve and what I could be doing better with. Then we exchanged back and went home.  
"Sing with me. Sing for the year. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing it with me, just for today... Dream on!" It was service day today. We went to a home we had been working on before for the past couple weeks and I worked on fixing a patch of dry wall in the bathroom that was messed up. Took so long because we had to figure out how to fix a big hole with only a few pieces of left over dry wall. Had to use some creativity skills and also had to find places to screw in some 2x4s to help support it. After all of that, I then had to start mudding it but it is such a big area and the dry wall was different thicknesses or something happened to make it different thicknesses to need a lot of mud. That was what I worked on and afterwards, we went home, cleaned up and went to visit Edwin. He is doing good but doesn't remember to read his scriptures. Then we had dinner and visited the Dures. Had branch presidency meeting and then we tried to visit brother Gurreck but nothing and so we stopped by Babatunde's but weren't able to teach him but got to talk to him. He still isn't feeling like himself he said so we said to get some rest and just try to read some scriptures in the mean time and hopefully he will be able to come to church this sunday. THen we headed home. 
"What a wonderful smell you've discovered!" SO today was pretty much an average day in the mission life. Consisting of studies, lunch and going to a lesson in Inwood. But they lady is a little crazy and cant remember anything. So when we got there, she didn't know who we were even though elder Johnson and Liljenquist met her a few days ago on exchanges. But she said how nice we looked but said she was busy so to come back another time. So we then went to the church and made calls for an hour, trying to clean out our areabook a little. Set up a few lessons in the coming week. Then did our weekly planning and did look ups for a bit. Had dinner and then tried to visit 2 referrals we got and one said to come back tomorrow, the other said she didn't order any free bible or request one at all so we just stood there awkwardly. She didn't want it either and neither did she want to talk to us so we left. We went and picked up Brad to go see Thomas tonight and we were able to teach Thomas. We talked about Alma 30 and the video that goes with it. Then we dropped off Brad and exchanged with Elders Roland and Stoker. Im with Elder Roland.
"Lets say we do all of that. We are just supposed to walk out of there with 160 million dollars in cash with no one stopping us?"
"Oh, ok." 
It was a fun exchange. We had studies in the morning and lunch. Then made calls for 2 hours while elder roland did some other things he needed to do and then did some look ups. No success except we got a return appointment for one. Then we had correlation and then the Spanish branch showed up to decorate for a party they were having and recruited us to help. We had nothing planned except finding so we helped out and got them all set up and then it started and we got fed dinner. We planted seeds afterwards and helped clean up a little and had to exchange back and go home. Fun exchange. 
"You are a toy!"
"And you are a sad, strange, little man. Farewell!" 
Today was interesting. At church, I gave a talk on the Price of Priesthood Power from the most recent general conference. Then we didn't have elder's quorum as no one was prepared to teach and the branch presidency was in a meeting with a member of the stake presidency so we got to talk amongst our selves casually. It was a nice break and I got to talk to our visitor that is one of the senior couple's sons. We got to talk to him about this engineering job and the schooling for it. Pretty cool. Then we had tithing but it took a while as we had to wait to see if there was any that our branch president had which he did. Then we had lunch and took the sacrament to sister Harvey and did our studies. I was so tired after that that I went and took a nap during dinner and didn't even hear Elder Johnson come in and do the same. I thought he would have woken me up at 6, and he thought I set an alarm for 6 but no. We ended up sleeping until 7 in full proselyting clothes. I got elder johnson up quickly and headed out the door to go to our potential lessons but neither one of them were home. And so we contacted by the church till the end of the night. We were tired.

Hey the update fixed the font!!!!!!!! Finally! So to investigator updates and less active updates. Iderle has not been meeting with us this past week. We tried to set up appointments but she has been super busy and said she was coming to church yesterday but she didn't show up. Bummer. That's all of our investigators that we have been meeting with. But with the school starting and the fall coming, everyone should be coming back from vacation, soon. Then we tried meeting with Babatunde a few times but he still does not feel good. He didn't make it to church yesterday either. Brother GUrreck we weren't able to see at all this past week and we stopped by 5 times during the week and called at each one of those but no answer. Thomas is doing good, we took Brad with us to see him and they had a fun moment of catch up with them. They hadn't seen each other in a long time. But neither one of them made it to church. 

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on President Nelson's conference address form the most recent conference titled, The Price of Priesthood Power. I liked reading that talk and it can be attributed to missionary work as well with authority and power. But the swollen finger came from service at sister Frinfrock's Tuesday night. That sting I got lasted 4 days and on Thursday it was the worst. My finger was supper swollen and couldn't close my fist all the way. And it hurt like crazy. Lesson learned it to not be cheap and buy gloves to use for weeding. Now it is fine but it was swollen and super tight in the middle part of my finger. 

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