Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #49 Letter

Here we are once again. Hello!!!!

This week was an interesting one. From late night stake meeting Saturday to this crazy investigator that we had come to church. Also a cat showed up at church... in a box. The weekend was a whole lot of excitement but the rest of the week was pretty good. Here is how it went:

"You're either with his or against us!"
"I'm not with you neither am I against you."
"Can he do that?"
"He's religious, I think it is required."
Preparation day! It was a sort of boring one but also a little fun. We went shopping after studies and got our groceries for the week. And headed on over to Elders Messenger's and Roland's apartment to hang out. We went down to the beach and put our feet in the water for a bit and then went slack lining as elder Johnson bought one recently and wanted to try it out. Then went back to their apartment and emailed and talked for the rest of preparation day. AT 6, we went out knocking and taught a lesson on the door step and got a return appointment for Saturday. We continued knocking and went to visit a potential investigator but wasn't home. Tried to visit Shaheed, not home. And so we went contacting by the church till the end of the night. Fun day, but a little boring in the middle there. 
"I don't get it. How can you go through an entire box of pop tarts and still be this hungry?"
"Oh this is so going on my Facebook, smile."
Normal day for the most part. We had service today and we put up sheet rock on the walls this time. It is starting to come together now. Looks like a basement now. We are working on the basement part of a home and we are almost to mudding and then to painting. We then went home after that and had a lesson over the phone with a referral we received. He is super nice but weird to teach over the phone. We are going to see if there is anything else we can do to meet with him face to face via skype or in person. Cause I'm not a big fan of over the phone lessons. Then we cleaned up real fast and did our companion study and had dinner. We then went out with brother Beatty to visit some less actives with him and after a bit, we picked up brother Thompson to go see a less active he wanted to go visit so the 4 of us went to visit him. We went to the apartment number we had on record but brother Thompson said it was on the wrong side. So we went down to the lobby and asked if there is a different apartment number we could try but no, their record matches our record. SO we don't know where he is. But we did go visit one more less active and found her. We were able to get in and Brother Beatty was able to connect again with her and we were able to try to talk her into coming to church this sunday. Then we went home for the night. 
"He did that stare and drive thing didn't he? I taught him that!" We had our studies but they were cut short as we went to visit a less active with brother Thompson at 10:30 so we went and were able to meet with him. Smelled really bad and wasn't a very clean apartment but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We then went to the church so I can catch up on some clerk responsibilities and set up some lists on Facebook. Headed home, ate lunch, and got cleaning. We did deep clean today and we able to clean the entire apartment and get organized again. It is so nice to have a clean apartment. Had dinner afterwards and went to a lesson but didn't happen. Then we realized we didn't have the phone so we went to the church to look for it and there it was. We also skyped with our branch president and relief society president with the sisters about members to go visit. We found some really solid looking members. Hopefully they still live here. After wards, went to another lesson we had scheduled but weren't home. And so we contacted by the church till then end of the night. 
"Ok, the dentist thing is more of a hobby. In real life, I am a spy. And you must not tell anyone because if you do..."
It was a pretty good day overall. We had district meeting today and we got to hear Elder Messenger's last workshop before he leaves to go home. We took some pictures together as a district on the roof again and went to Chipotle for lunch with Elder Messenger and Liljenquist. They were on exchanges for some reason. But fun anyways. We then went home and did some of our weekly planning. Didn't get all the way done like we were hoping so we will have to finish it tomorrow. Ate dinner and visited sister Randall with brother Beatty. Had to go pretty quick as I had a branch presidency meeting but it was cool to meet with her. Starting to get to know the members better now. Had the meeting and went to visit a less active family, Forbes, but there was no male home so we couldn't go in. So we did less active look ups in Arverne and contacted. Ended up teaching this kid right before we went home. Pretty cool to teach him. Hopefully he will continue to meet with us. 
"Who wants to have fun?"
"I do."
"Me too."
"Now are you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to have fun?"
"I really want to have fun."
"I'm just saying I want to have fun." 
Pretty good day overall today with a long stretch of boring in the middle of it. We had studies and went to the church for 12 week but couldn't get the online thing to work on the computer so we moved on and while we were there, the Spanish missionaries had correlation and a little goodbye party fro Elder Messenger so they invited us to join in. We ate pizza and talked for a bit. Took pictures at the end and went back to continue 12 week. All that took a long time but that was the fun part. We then did our weekly planning again to finish it off and that takes forever. We didn't even have that many people but it took a while. Still trying to learn the new guidelines, again. SO we had dinner afterwards and went contacting by the church down to some apartments to drop off the book of mormon to our investigator we taught over the phone to find him home. So we were able to teach him again and introduce the Book of Mormon better and the Restoration better. Then we contacted don the way back and went to the Forbes. We taught them about service and got them signed up on Just Serve's website to find service around NY. And went home for the night. Pretty good day but weekly planning is not a favorite of mine. 
"I have 600 Titleist balls in the trunk of my car. Lets God down to Rockaway beach and hit them into the ocean!" Not a very productive day today. We just had meeting all night in Woodside so it took a huge chunk out of our day. We did our studies and lunch like usual in the morning, then we tried to have our first Facebook messenger lesson. We have met with him in person before, and it is hard to understand him. English is his second language and he is still learning it so we thought Facebook messenger would be a good way to communicate with him better. Well, it worked in communication, but he does not want to change religions. Not in the slightest and by the end of the lesson, he dropped us. Ok then. Great start to Facebook messenger lessons. We then went to another lesson we had scheduled but they weren't home. Tried to visit a potential investigator but not home. So we went home and changed into suits and went and picked up elders Messenger and Roland to go to Woodside. Took a while to get there with a little traffic and it rained super hard. But we were the only missionaries at leadership meeting and then 4 more showed up to the general priesthood meeting. They were good meetings but not much on the missionary aspect for us. Afterwards we started our long trip home and got home around 9:45 at night. 
"We got to do a double grasshopper."
"What's a double grasshopper?"
"You may want to close your eyes for this."
Super interesting day today. We had church and we went and this investigator the sister fund on the street came. They found him a couple days ago or earlier today, I don't know, but he actually came and was a very interesting man. We taught him the restoration during gospel principles as he was the only one there that was an investigator or recent convert. Then for elders quorum, there was only a few of us that didn't prepare the lesson so we took over and it just turned into teaching the investigator all about the priesthood. So we had 2 member present lessons during church basically. Super cool and then at the end, someone brought a cat into church in this old cardboard box and I didn't know about it until after tithing and the branch president and I didn't know what to do but it was in the Spanish branch's chapel during their sacrament so we didn't want to district it either so we left it for the Spanish branch to deal with. Still don't know what needed up happening to it either. So that was church, afterwards we took the sacrament to sister harvey and did studies afterwards. We broke our fast with fired rice and sweet and sour chicken. Super good:) Went knocking in Inwood for our prime time find and visited the Dures. Then home bound. 

So Iderle got home form her vacation yesterday so we will be trying to go by and visiting her this coming week! That investigator that went to church yesterday is named Kwasai I think is how you spell it.Anyways, he is super willing to learn more and continue learning so hopefully he will progress in the gospel. He already accepted the invitation to be baptized but we just don't have a date yet. We tried to visit our other investigators this week but either not home or not interested anymore. Its hard to continue to find people when there seems to be no one progressing. But we keep trying. 

Hope all is well with everyone! See you next week! 


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