Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #48 Letter

Well hello again,

This week went by fast and we had some problems with our shower. We got most of it fixed by we have the repairman coming tomorrow to finish it off. It was a problem with the grout and sealing in the shower. Wasn't done properly so the water got behind the wall and started coming out onto our bathroom floor. Not good but they said they fixed the grout and sealing problem. Coming tomorrow to fix the part of wall they tore out. 

So for this week, here is how it went:

"I am iron man. You think you're the only superhero out there?" Preparation day! Today was really fun and I am drained. We had studies and went and dropped off my pants to get sewn back up and went to the church to get haircuts. Jay is always so nice and does a great job with it. I hope to have him cut my hair all throughout my mission. Then afterwards, we went to our place and made homemade pizza. It was super good and hung around. Around 5, a massive thunderstorm rolled in and lightning was going off every 30 seconds, sometimes even quicker than that. And it down pored with rain when we left. We went and contacted a few referrals and went and taught this Egyptian that was sort of interested but is very set on his beliefs. Hard to teach but we will see what happens with him. Then went to visit Thomas but he was busy and we didn't have time to wait so we rescheduled for tomorrow night. And went home and had to take elder Corzo and Liljenquist home as they were coming back for their laundry and it was already 9:30. So we got home really late.   
"I am bad. And that is good. I'll never be good. And that's not bad." Pretty normal day today. We had the 3 hours of studies and went to district meeting at the church. The church was having its carpets and floors deep cleaned so we had to walk carefully on the floor but it smelled clean. Had district meeting and went to get Halal for lunch and went to the church to eat it and we got stuck in the clerks office as the cleaner guys waxed the floor so we couldn't leave for an hour before it got dry. So we made the most of our time and got the less active list complete and started going through it with everyone I knew. After an hour we left and went home to get dinner and went knocking in Arverne. No lessons and went to a scheduled lesson with Ness but she couldn't tonight nor any other time this week so we scheduled for next Tuesday. Continued knocking and went to go see Thomas. Had a good lesson with him and contacted by the church till the end of the night and went home. 
"Is that the best you can do?"
"You had to ask."
So today we did our personal study and went to service. We put up dry wall on the ceiling which was super fun actually. Hardest part was holding up the dry wall long enough with either our head or arms. Also did a little insulation. I'm learning so much on how to build a home:) Afterwards, we went home and got cleaned up and made cards until dinner time. After dinner, we exchanged with elders Messenger and Roland. I'm with Elder Messenger for his very last exchange before he goes home. We went and picked up brother Beatty and we started visiting all the less actives in the branch and not many people answered. But we went and visited the Romeros and were able to share a message with them. We went and picked up the other 2 elders, Elders Johnson and Roland and took everyone home. Gonna be a fun exchange:) 
"From now on you shall be known as Darth... Vader." We had a great exchange full of service. We had studies and made cards after study till lunch. After lunch, we got a call that the Dubei's needed help to move some of their furniture down to their garage to finish up their move and so we went over and that took up our entire afternoon. We exchanged back to go clean up and have dinner. We then went contacting by the church until Branch Presidency Meeting and that didn't end up happening. We waited for 20 min and called but elder Shapiro said he was waiting too and would let me know if he hears anything so we left and never did hear anything. We went contacting by the church some more until we had to be home at 8 pm as our landlord was coming over to look at our shower. It has a leak and is ruining the wall. They said they were going to come by tomorrow with customer service from the neighborhood in which we live so they can take a look at it. We planned and got ready for bed. 
"I didn't even qualify. Apparently I'm self centered. Don't play well with others. That sort of thing." Well today was actually really good. We had a lesson at 10 but it didn't happen. It was with the same guy we had a lesson with last Saturday but he wasn't home this time. We did find parking though. So we went to the church  and did 12 week until we had Halal for lunch and went to Woodside for ZTM. It was a Facebook training on how to use it properly. It was really nice and really inspiring on how to use it well and not get distracted. So I'm excited to use it but I won't be posting publicly. All personally for members and investigators. Afterwards, we went to this burger place around the corner and ate there before our long ride home. Took us over an hour to get home and we got back at around 8 and went to visit sister Siddoway but she was busy so we weren't able to teach her. Went to the church and picked up the other elders and went home. 
"There seems to be no sign of intelligent life, anywhere." It was a pretty fun day today. We had our usual morning full of 3 hours studies and we had our landlord and the repairman come by and work on the bathroom and we were talking to our landlord about everything they want us to do every week. We even got our mail squared away and we can get mail here:) Got the key and everything. Then we went to go to a lesson after they left but he wasn't home so we went over to the Spanish elders neighborhood as they were having a Block Party and we got to socialize with the neighborhood and get to know a lot of people. It was super fun and got to be friendly in the community. Went to the church and had correlation and ate dinner at the church. Then went contacting by the church and went to pick up brother Romero to go to see the Forbes and SIddoway's. That was the best decision we've made, taking him to the Forbes. It was the best lesson we've had with them and Brother Romero shared a scripture that helped sister Forbes a ton. She said she would come tomorrow to church. We then went to the SIddoway's and gave sister Siddoway and her daughter blessings and went home. It was a fun night and super awesome. Hopefully the Forbes come tomorrow:) 
"You must be the worst pirate I've ever heard of."
"Ah, but you have heard of me."
Today was a great day. We had church and sister Forbes did come to church finally! It was awesome to see her and her son, AJ. But then for the second hour and most of third hour, I got stuck in the Clerk's office with the stake audit representative to do the mid-year financial audit. Cool to see how it was all done but it was super nice how the past 2 clerks, Elders Ko and Parrish, kept a neat record and everything was organized so it all went smoothly and we got done in an hour and a half. After church, we went home and ate lunch. Then went to see sister Harvey with the sacrament and went home to do studies. Ate dinner and Went knocking and visited referrals. We ended up teaching a referral and got a return appointment for Wednesday. Tried to visit some other investigators but no answer. We did go see Adly, our Egyptian investigator, and were able to continue talking to him about prophets. What we learned from that lesson is that we can't convince him of anything, but the spirit can. He said that himself and so we focused on reading the Book of Mormon and coming to know if it is true. Then we went home and I made the calls to the district for numbers. Fun week.  

So we had a pretty fun weekend with Facebook. Just trying to friend our investigators and members right now and hopefully start talking to them soon. But so far, we haven't used it for anything. 

Well, we had a few lessons, but not with the same people really. The best part was the Forbes came to church! So much fun to see them at church, but I didn't get to talk to them much as I had to do the financial audit. 

Well, I miss you all and can't wait to see most of you next week at transfer exchange. Have a great weekend! Bu-bye! 


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