Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #51 Letter


So this week was better as we weren't sick for a few of those days. I felt pretty busy this week with 2 exchanges, preparing for a workshop to give at ZTM with Elder Johnson, preparing for a Sunday school lesson and the Young Men's lesson on Sunday. I had a lot going on so this week flew by fast. So here is how it went:

"These are not the droids you're looking for."
"These aren't the droids we're looking for."
Well today was a pretty fun day. We had studies as usual and then went to Costco and got Costco cards. Shopped at Costco and went and put everything away and emailed for a few minutes. Then we walked around Arverne into Belle Harbor looking at all the cool shops. Found a lot of surf shops and stuff. Bought a shirt. Went back and continued to email until the end of preparation day. Then we forgot to go look for one of the Spanish elders phone as they have lost it and one of them is still bed sick so we had to go on exchanges to look for it at the church, found it there, and then went back and dropped it off. We tried to go visit the Forbes but they weren't home. Contacted around Stop and Shop for a bit and went home for the night. Pretty fun day overall but spent a lot of money. 
"Anyway you want it, thats the way you need it. Any way you want it." Service day! We went to a new location for our service with Friends of Rockaway out in an island called Broadchannel. We worked on this house that was right by the bay and we were building a deck out there that had a cool view of it. It was hot though and i got a sun burned ring around my arm from my shirt line. But it was fun. The owner also had cats, dogs, and a pet pig. Crazy little thing and if you picked it up, it would let you know it didn't like that by squealing super loud. It sounded like it was going to the butcher whenever it squealed that loud. After service, we went to Richmond Hill to pick up metro cards for those that have had their cards expire or are going to in the next day. Then we went home and cleaned up and ate dinner. Went knocking and found 2 people. We got a return appointment for one for tomorrow night. Then we saw Babatunde. He is still barely coming off his sickness but he was pretty good. We talked about reading in the Book of Mormon. Then we went and exchanged with Elders Corzo and Liljenquist. I'm with Elder Liljenquist.    
"What are you doing!?"
"Its called potato soup."
"You've ruined it! You've ruined it you stupid, fat hobbit." 
It was a fun exchange with elder Liljenquist. We had district meeting after studies and we had to wear suits to it for the first time. Not too big of a fan but you know, it will grow on me. Went to Tacos y Mas afterwards and were there a while as they didn't even order my food as the was a language mix up but i got my food last and ate it fast so we could leave. We went and did look ups and had dinner. Went to a lesson with Leo that we met yesterday but he wasn't home. So we went to contact our referral and it took forever to find parking with all the crazy one ways, and no parking in NY. It took us a good 45 min to an hour to drive and find parking. And all of that to have them not want the bible anymore. Very strange how fast someone can change as we got this referral today. Neither were they interested in our message. Then we picked up his stuff and went and exchanged back for the night.
"What happened Derek, I thought we were friends?"
"My name is Andy!"
"Your name is liar cause you tell lies!"
It was a stressful day for some of it but after 3, it was good. It was stressful because Elder Johnson and I gave a workshop together at Zone Training Meeting. We gave it on leadership, fun topic, and I thought it went pretty good. And that took up most of our day as we had studies and left immediately afterwards to go to ZTM and then we had dinner in Richmond HIll at a Chinese place. Then went home and went straight to the church for Branch Presidency meeting. Then, we contacted around the church to plant those seeds. That was our day. Super simple but stressful for the beginning part.
"Ride or die, remember?"
It was a pretty average day today except for the fact we had interviews with president Reynolds. We had to be there at 11 in the morning for our interview time and then afterwards, we went home, had lunch and finished studies. Then we did our weekly planning. Dinner and then a lesson with Babatunde at the church but he didn't come. Tried calling him for a bit but nothing. So then we went to visit our referral near by and visit them but they weren't home either. Then we had to go pick up elders Roland and Stoker to go give a blessing to the sister's investigator but then when she got there, she had changed her mind and so we then left. We exchanged at this point and I'm with Elder Stoker for the day.
"I want you to play dirty but don't get caught. Alright, bring it in. Break someone's clavicle on 3 ready? 1, 2, 3, break someone's clavicle!" It was a fun exchange we had. We had our studies in the morning and went and dropped off metro cards at those that needed them and went to Chipotle for lunch. Then we started our look ups. We first started with brother Gurreck and actually found him after a while of looking in different places he could be. He is doing good but going through a lot. So we talked about coming back to church and reading the scriptures. Afterwards, we went and tried a few more people but nothing very successful. Then had correlation and that is always an experience of its own. Had dinner at home and went knocking for a bit. Just seeds planted today and then went to the church and did a follow up and device audit. Then exchanged back. 
"Hey! What are you doing?"
"Sorry, I was..."
"You looked like you were going in there with some ITT bro."
"Intent to touch homey."
Church day! So it was a busy day for us at church. We had to teach gospel doctrine today. We taught Alma 32-34 and that was super cool. I felt like I learned a lot about those few chapters then studying on my own. Then we taught young men's about dating standards. Great topic for both of us as we are missionaries. But went well. Then had lunch and went to take the sacrament to sister Harvey and studies. Dinner and went knocking most of the night. We then got a call from the sisters to give a blessing to their investigator so we get the other elders and then as we were leaving, we get a call from them saying they don't need a blessing for their investigator anymore. So we went back to the church and got caught up on Facebook friending and contacting. Then went home.

So this font is still different but a little better. I tried something to see how it would work. Still playing around with it but this one seems to be better than the last font. Anyways, so as far as investigators go, Iderle didn't come tot church as she had a bunch of family over and couldn't get out of the house. We got a long apology text from her Sunday morning. So thats good she still wants to go to church but we got to get around her family! They are the ones that seem to be getting in the way now. Thats it for our investigators. We find new ones every week but never follow through o the next lesson or gets cancelled and we haven't been back since. But we have tried to go back to all of our appointments but something happens to where it doesn't happen. Frustrating but thats the work. As far as less actives go, brother Gurreck was less active for the past month, and still is. He didn't come to church yesterday even after we found him. So we are going to be stopping by a lot to see if we can help in any way. Then we haven't been able to see our usual less actives we visit this past week. So this coming week needs to be a less active finding week and lessons with them. For recent converts, Babatunde we were able to meet with but not a second time like we liked to have. But he is still wanting to come back to church. Then Shaheed, we have stopped by multiple times, called multiple times, and tried friending him on Facebook. Nothing. So that's a shame. We really thought he was solid. But went less active immediately. Ugh. 

Thats our list of people that we are meeting with and how we are doing. But training is fun! I love it and hope to do it again at some point in the mission. 

(No pictures this week.) 


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