Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week #46 Letter

THis week was pretty good. We had Mega Zone conference which was amazin. We had 2 exchanges and the branch BBQ with a surprise that showed up at the BBQ. You will read all about it here:) 


"Is that goal regulation size or what?" Today was such a fun day! We had preparation day and we went mini golfing as our district activity. We had a little contest of which companionship would get the best score. We did not win, but came in 3rd place. Oh well, super fun. Went to Costco afterwards and got food finally. We weren't able to go last week and was scraping the barrel for food this past couple days. But now we are set. Went home and emailed for a bit till preparation day was over and went to Inwood to knock some more. Ended up teaching this lady and she was interested a little. Hopefully she will continue and keep her commitments. Then went to the church to teach Iderle but she never came on and didn't answer her phone so we left and went to visit some potentials. Nothing and headed in for the night. 
"You're going to give me your best, your very best. Nothing less. Give me your very best." Today was great. We had Mega Zone Conference and we went to get the car washed and then picked up Elder's Messenger and Roland to go to it. Took a while to get there and I have gotten better with driving in the city I feel like. Mega Zone was great. It was super spiritual and uplifting. I'll send the notes in a separate email if I remember. We left at 5:30 and took an hour and a half to get home. Went to this prayer circle we got invited to Sunday Night and showed up for 10 min then left as it was basically another sermon for them. They said it was going to be for the Dallas shooting and a community coming together but nah. Wasn't like that. Then went and exchanged with Elders Corzo and Liljenquist. I'm with elder Corzo for the day:) 
"Don't talk to me, I'm on my popcorn break."
"But my car has been in there 3 hours..."
"Do you see this suit, I don't fix cars, I sell them."
"Do I look like I care?"
Well, great exchange. It was exhausting and stressful at the end of the night but good exchange overall. We had studies and lunch afterwards. We went to district meeting and had a good time. the sisters weren't there as they had a medical issue. And a district meeting of only elders did not stay on topic as well as it could have been. Still stayed on topic for the most part but had its moments. Afterwards, I worked on branch clerk stuff for an hour and tried to get organized for the audit coming up in a couple weeks. Then went to visit potentials and ran into a lot of people and taught this lady about the church and the restoration. Pretty cool but not very interested in converting or changing anything. Then ate dinner at KFC and went knocking in Inwood for prime time find. First door we knocked on was a lady that missionaries taught years ago and she was wondering what happened to them and listened very well. Wants us to come back but prefers Spanish so elder Corzo got an investigator. Then went to the church and taught Iderle via FaceTime. That was fun to see her and a great lesson. Went home and got elder Corzo's stuff and went back to the church to pick up elder messenger and Roland. Went and exchanged with the other two and went home. Stressful at around 8 pm till 9:30 pm as that is when we got home. 
"So I'm drawing the map that leads to you. Ain't nothing I can do. I'm falling, falling, falling." It was an interesting day today. We did service today and we did it for both parts. Before and after lunch. I worked on scraping paint off the cement in the back side of the house and after lunch, helped frame parts of the area we were working on. That included shooting nails into the concrete which required a special tool that was basically a gun. Had to wear ear plugs and everything. After service, we went home and cleaned up and made cards till dinner. Had some dinner and exchanged with elder Messenger and Roland. I'm with elder Roland for the day! We went to the church to have branch presidency meeting but couldn't get in contact with our branch president so we left after 20 min and he called later to say he was out of town. We went to visit a couple people but no one answered their door. Talked to people on the street and planted seeds until we went home. 
"Who knew, that all the planes we flew. The good things we been through. That I would be right here standing next to you. How could we not talk about family when family is all that we got." Great exchange today. We had studies and made cards all morning until we went to the opening ceremony of a house we worked on for the past while for service. It was cool to see the finished project and see the owner of it. Then we ate lunch and went to go to a lesson but had a wrong address and called the person and they weren't home but we got the right address now. Went knocking for 30 min to find no one was answering their doors so we went to Mott Ave by the church contacted and did some look ups. Ate dinner and exchanged back. We went to Inwood and knocked some more and talked with this less active that doesn't live in the area but is here a lot and has a nonmember friend he wants us to teach which is in our area. So cool and then went home. 
"I said dart gun, not, ugh!" 
"Oh, because, I was wondering, under what circumstances, would we use this. But whatever." 
It was a really fun day today. We had personal study then picked elder messenger and Roland to go to the branch BBQ. We got there at 9:30 to help set up and ended up going to a near by store and buying stuff for the grill at the beach. When we got back we had a nice surprise waiting. Elder Burningham was there! Well, Jason now, but that's too weird to say. It was awesome to see him and to catch up with him. The BBQ started and a good amount of people showed up which was nice. After a while, we started cleaning up and everyone went to the beach and we went to the church and had correlation. Then went to Inwood for lessons which only 1 happened. It was an awesome lesson though. It was with a guy named Daniel we met last weekend and he was really open and excited for us to come by and teach him. Totally willing to accept our message and wants to come to church. Hopefully! Then went to the other ones but they didn't happen. Went to the church and met Jay there and he took us to dinner at a Chinese restarting nearby. Always a good time to see him. Afterwards, we went to a lesson with a lady elder Corzo and I met on exchanges and taught her about the restoration. She was also super nice and willing to hear us. Then went to the SIddoway's and ended up teaching her nephew, Reggi about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome day.:) 
"Worlds apart were broken in two, two, two! Good day today. About our average Sunday but I'll go through it with you. We went to the church and had branch council and the regular Sunday meetings. I was as usual running around before church trying to get the program ready and make sure the hymns were good as our pianist and chorister is out of town for a couple of weeks. But other than that, it was good. After church, we did tithing and went home and had lunch. Went and gave sister Harvey the sacrament and then had our studies. Only had like a half an hour of personal study as we were at sister Harvey's for 1 hour. That was a long time. Had dinner and went contacting on Mott Ave and 20th street. We did that for the entire prime time basically and got 66 seeds out of it talking to everyone. That was exhausting to continue talking the entire time and walking. I'm not used to walking! So lazy. 

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