Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week #44 Letter

It was a good week as I was getting used to training and to the 3 hours of studies again. Not a very successful week as far as lessons go but there are always weeks like that and you just keep trying and working hard and it will all works out eventually. SO here is how the week went:

"We've come a long way, from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. When I see you again, oh-oh-o." Very emotional day today as we said goodbye to old friends. The district was very tightly bound. We are sad to see one companion from each companionship leave this transfer. But we will say hello to the news ones and welcome new memories we make. We first started this emotional rollercoaster of a day with studies at the church as we had to be there early for haircuts. We got the calls at the church and half the district is leaving. We then had Jay come and gave us haircuts. It was good to see him:) afterwards, Elders Corbett, Messenger, Parrish and I went to IHOP for lunch. Went home afterwards and emailed for a while. Had a good time as Elders Honey and Corzo were there as well. It was a good time. After preparation day, we went to a lesson but didn't happen, went to visit sister Siddoway but she wasn't home so we went to Brother Thompson's earlier than usual and taught them. Then went back to Sister SIddoway's and it was very emotional for the both of us. I am dearly going to miss elder Parrish. He has taught me so much. 
"It's a celebration, that'll last throughout the year. So bring your good times and your laughter too. We gonna celebrate your party with you." Transfer day and the start of a new adventure! We did some studies but had to go and drop off some clothes at the Spanish elders apartment, then had to stop by the post office and Mail off a package. Picked up some luggage and went to Rego. We got there 1 hour early basically and went to the mall real fast. Went back and saw the other trainers and went inside. We were talking when we saw the trainees coming in. The assistants were walking them to a room and they sent us to another. We waited some more and the trainees came in. We were sitting and they were standing and president announced the companions and I got Elder Johnson as my companion! We went to another room and ate pizza for a minute and talked with them for a bit. Then went upstairs and everyone else started showing up and I introduced him to a lot of people, he probably won't remember half of them, and set up his iPad. Waited for the leadership meeting to start and it finally did in the afternoon. That meeting took 1.5 hours I think. It was long though. Just went on. And afterwards, we went and picked up his luggage and drove home. We did not get home as fast as we got there, traffic and all. And went and dropped off his stuff at home and went to the Inikoris. Shared a quick message and went knocking. Just planted seeds. Then looked up some potentials and contacted by the church till the end of the night. He is still in shock about this place:) everything is so cool to him:) it's awesome. I'm gonna love being a trainer. 
"Let's be honest, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing." Today was a pretty good day. We had our 3 hours of studies. Yes, I'm back to 12 week. And then a small lunch after that and went to District Meeting. That was an experience as I had to conduct it for the first time. No longer do I just show up but I have to prepare for it. But it went well I thought. Afterwards, we had to go buy some sheets for Elder Johnson as he didn't have any and bought some food to last us till Monday. Then went home and made cards and some calls to set up lessons. Had dinner and went knocking. We taught a lesson to a guy who was interesting. He seemed a little different but he was interested and hopefully he reads from the Book of Mormon. Continued knocking and then went to visit the Dures but only Bruce was available so we shared a message with him and went and picked up the Spanish elders and took them home. Great day and it flew by really fast. I was surprised this day is already over. I felt like I just did my journal.  
"What's a raccoon? It's what you are stupid." 
"I am Groot."
"Yeah, we heard for the fortieth time already, what's wrong with the giving tree?" 
Good day today. We had studies but not 12 week as it is weekly planning day. But during the 12 week time, we had a mission wide conference call form President and Sister Reynolds sharing a quick uplifting message. It was pretty cool to hear. Then did weekly planning and that was fun to explain to Elder Johnson for the first time. Probably didn't do a very good job but hey, he learns quick. Had some lunch and went to the church to modify his Facebook account and after like 30 min of it, I didn't know how to do anything the guidelines were telling us to do to make it mission approved so we did some things and called it good. Went to a lesson but didn't happen. So we knocked and taught a lesson at a doorstep. Then went to another lesson with James and we taught him. Pretty good lesson. Went to dinner and went knocking around Arverne which is really close to our home. Actually, we live in Arverne but we knocked close by. Went to visit Ayodeji but not home and so we went to the Forbes and introduced Elder Johnson to the Forbes. It was fun and amazing. Headed home after that. 
"Luke, I am your father." 
Today was a great day. We had studies for 3 hours and lunch. Went to do look ups and ended up teaching Edwin for a while and had to go to another lesson but didn't end up happening. But I didn't find out some interesting info. So remember last week on Sunday when we saw Edwin or David standing and then Edwin later that night but they were wearing the same clothes? Yeah, that was still David, he wa splaying a trick on us and said he was Edwin again but in reality it was David driving the scooter to the hospital for Edwin to drive home. He is such a prankster. Anyways, we didn't have that other lesson so we knocked for a bit around them until we went to another lesson that didn't happen but we taught this very enthusiastic guy about the restoration and he was very excited to get a Book of Mormon as it is another book to read. Interesting response but he says he already believes it is true and he will come to church. Still want him to pray though. Anyways, we went home and ate dinner and went knocking some more and taught another lesson and went to the Prison Yard to do look ups and while walking out of one building, this lady came over to Elder Johnson and said along the lines of will he take her home tonight... Well, great first week in the field, introducing him to drunk people wanting to go home with him. Perfect. Well, we talked with her for a few minutes and smelled the weed and alcohol all over her but she has has a rough life. We finish that conversation up and went to go do more look ups and went home. Welcome to NY Elder Johnson! HAHA:) 
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” What a day that wasn't too productive. We got a call just before studies that a member needed to us to open the church for him so we went to the church and opened it for him and had our studies there. We ended up having to leave during companionship study to go pick up the Spanish elders for the branch barbecue that both branches had today. We got to the church again and had to set up everything and help get the barbecue going, set up the tables and food, and wait for member to actually get there. We had 2 young men from our branch show up but no leaders so they didn't know what to do. Neither did we so they hung around for a bit and we were waiting for the party to end to help clean up and so we went and did a few things around the church and visited investigators near by but when we came back, there was more people. So we had to wait it out for like half an hour then they started to clean up and we helped and it got done finally around 4:30 so we went home and ate dinner. Then looked up referrals for the night and ended up talking to this guy for an hour about the phrases of words. Wouldn't let us talk or teach him at all. Bummer, we seem to be getting a lot of those lately. Then we went to the church and contacted for 2 min before we get a call form the sisters asking us to give a blessing to their investigator. We ask the Spanish elders to hurry up and give them a ride with us to the blessing and give it and went home. Great day:) 
"Sing us a song, you're the piano man. Well we're all in the mood for a melody."  Great day today. We had church and I got my new calling as the branch clerk and all during elders quorum and 2 hours after church, I got trained and did tithing. So that was fun as I have 2 big reports to do too in the coming weeks. Yay. After, we went to visit sister Harvey and gave her the sacrament. Then went home and did our studies as we are supposed to do studies even on Sunday's for training. Then had dinner and went knocking. We even got invited to a barbecue and talked with those people there and had a good time for 5 min before we left. Pretty cool. Then visited the SIddoway's tonight and helped her with some things for a bit. Then went home and did the calls for the district. That was weird to do that. 

So as far as investigators, we lost a lot. Iderle is in Ohio now, Colleen is traveling with her new job a lot, Clifton came to church but we are still trying to find a date for his dad to baptize him. Shaheed has had some car troubles lately so he has been getting home late from work so we aren't able to meet with him and he hasn't been able to come to church either. So that is difficult but we are trying to meet with him. But overall, a great first week for Elder Johnson in the field. He is doing great for a new missionary. He tries to talk to a lot of people and is taking at half of the door approaches so he is easy to train I think. I just got to be good at letting him know what he needs to know! I'm not too good at that part as I forget he is new and doesn't know everything yet, neither do I for that matter, but he is doing great. 

Love you all and hope your 4th of July is wonderful. Have a great week! 

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