Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #25 Letter

What up 🙃??
Well, that was a fast week. Partially because of temple trip, partly
because it was a fun week.

Here ya go:

"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Darling, ____ ____ ____
_ ___ ____"(finish the quote) Half preparation day! Because of temple
trip this Wednesday so no emails today but Wednesday yes:). So we did
laundry, shopping and lunch. Then we did deep clean and I cleaned the
kitchen this time. So much better! Love a clean apartment. But we can
only do this deep of a clean once a transfer which make it gross in
like 3 weeks. We really should do it like 2 times a transfer. But
whatever. We did deep clean till dinner and then we went to visit a
less active we had an appointment with but he didn't answer. So we
tried visiting a referral, his roommate said he wasn't home. Set up to
go to a potential investigators home and as soon as we got there, his
address was a little off. We called him and found out his real
address... and it's in Manhattan. :( then we tried visiting a less
active member near by but they didn't answer either. So we contacted
till the end of the night but it was raining and really cold today. No
one was talking today.
"Oohh, we're half way the-re, oh-oh! _____ __ _ ______. Take my hand,
we'll make it..." Today was a good day. We had studies and then went
to the church and made our new pass along cards for the Easter
initiative. Had lunch, not with the Korean pastors, they rescheduled
to next week. Then had district meeting and we planned a fireside we
are in charge of in a few weeks. Nice part about being in charge of it
is assigning others jobs to do or roles to fill as part of it. Then we
went to Johns and we taught him the Word of Wisdom. Went home and
quickly ate dinner to go to Roberts. We taught him the purpose of
life/plan of salvation. Afterwards, went to visit James Staiti and he
was home. He invited us in so we taught him about building our faith
in Christ. And we went home. Getting excited for temple trip tomorrow
to Manhattan! Yeah!
"I don't wanna be another wave in the ocean. I am a rock not another
grain of sand. Wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder. I
ain't a soldier but I'm here to take a stand _______ __ ___" Temple
Trip Anniversary for 6 Months already!!!! I can't believe I'm already
at min first of 4 temple trips. Already 1/4 done. Well today was
awesome. Started off with 15 min personal study then had to go meet
elders Hendrickson and Hilton to go with them to Rego Park. Arrived a
little early so emailed and socialized till 10 and went to our meeting
before hand to talk about what to do and how we are traveling...
Boring stuff but they did feed us bagels! And we were off! Took the
subway and had performers perform for us on the subway, pretty cool
and entertaining. And as soon as we went up the stairs of the subway
and arrived on the street, the first building you see if you look
forward is the Manhattan Temple. That was cool. We went in and changed
for endowment session. Afterwards, we went to the sealing room and we
all participated in a sealing ordinance. That was really cool to see
for the first time and participate in it. Afterwards, took pictures
outside and went home. Had a soap box person preaching about making
the world a better place and asking for donations. Interesting but I
like the ballet pop dancer when we went into the city. Got to Rego
late, supposed to be there at 4, got there at 4:45 and we had to stay
at the office to get packages and supplies for the zone so we left at
5:15 and got to Flushing by 6. Met up with Elder Mitchell and his
companion for the day and exchanged back and dropped Elder Hendrickson
off with his companions. Went to visit some referrals but no answer.
Ended up calling Adrian and meeting with him for the night and
contacting a bit till we went home. Awesome day though:)
"___ __ ____! My heart is like an open highway and breaker said I did
it my way. I just wanna live while I'm alive. ___ __ ____!" What. A.
Day. I mean, I've never felt so accomplished and tired all at once and
I felt like I could lift a car at one point. And, it was the most
spiritual experience I've ever had outside the temple. And it all
starts, with contacting at Dunkin in the morning. We planted 14/15
seeds at Dunkin and our goal everyday is 15. Already starting off the
day strong but it was the lesson we had with Jay. Elder Mitchell and I
put all our might, mind and strength into that lesson. Everything. We
came out of it so tired we wanted to go take a nap. I can't talk too
much about it due to privacy of investigators and we are keeping it a
secret as a zone at this point in time but I can say it was an amazing
experience. I also can't talk about the invitation we gave as it is a
secret at this point of time but maybe in the next few days I will say
but the entire zone is having a fast this Sunday for Jay. That lesson
was the most spiritual one I've ever had on the mission. After that
lesson, we went to visit a less active member in a nursing home and we
talked for a bit and shared a quick message with her. Then we went to
eat lunch. Had a portion of weekly planning before we had our lesson
with John over Skype. We talked about baptism with him and the plan of
salvation a little too. Then we had dinner and went knocking in
Whitestone. We ended up planting 45 seeds by the end of the day.
Knocking is how to plant a ton of seeds. Only showed the video once
today though. No one wants to watch the Easter initiative like the
Christmas one. Not the same effect. But it was an amazing day.
"Shot down, in a _____ __ _____. Take me now, more than truth. shot
down in a ______ __ _____!" Today we had Mega Zone Conference and had
to leave at 8 to get there so no studies. It was funny how the Chinese
District and English/Spanish district were all on the same bus to go
there:) all 12 of us on one bus:) haha. But the conference was great.
Good workshops on family history, Ch. 10 of PMG, and Ch. 11 of PMG.
Afterwards, Elder Mitchell and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner and went
to coordination. We exchanged during it so I am with Elder Householder
now and the other 2 left early to go to a lesson with James Staiti.
Elder Householder and I finished coordination and brother Sanchez, our
branch mission leader, bought us doughnuts and strawberry milk from
Dunkin. Then went contacting at the Library till the end of the night.
"There ain't now Doctor that can cure my disease... Your love is like
___ ________." Today was awesome. We woke up at 6 to go play handball
for morning workouts and I need to work on my game. Close, but didn't
win. Then went back  and did studies and language study. Fun times:)
ate some lunch and went to the church to make cards only to find out
we don't have tape. So we went and bought some and made cards until a
handoff lesson from the Korean sisters to the English pool. This
investigator is golden. He is about as golden as Adrian. Adrian was
super easy to teach and accepted everything and same with this new
investigator. He already has a desire to read the Book of Mormon and
find out for himself the truth. His name is Benny. Super cool and
great lesson. Then elder Householder and I finished making cards and
went to Taco Bell for dinner and a less active we never met before
bought it for us. But he moves to Wisconsin tomorrow otherwise we
would start working with him. Afterwards, went to a Spanish lesson
with an investigator named Carmen. She is getting baptized in 2 weeks
from today or tomorrow. Sometime around then. And then went back  and
contacted till exchange review and exchange back. And now home and
catching up on all the journals I didn't do yesterday. Don't skip a
day of journals. Not fun to write for 30 min and type for 20 min of
your night. But good night.
"I bought my first real six strong! Bought it at the five and dime.
Played it till my fingers bled. Was the ______ __ ___!" You know, I
could not think of another song made by the previous artist from the
other days so I had to compromise. Being gone for 6 months almost
makes one forget a few thing. Songs, TV shows, and Movie quotes are at
like the top of that list. But today was good. We finished our weekly
planning this morning before branch council and then went to branch
council. Didn't really talk about missionary work but we planned for
the upcoming fireside we are in charge of. But the members aren't
showing much support so it won't work unless members help. Then had
church and dinner afterwards. Tried to go knocking but after waiting
for the bus for 20 min and it just pulled up, Elder Mitchell realized
he didn't have his metro card or his wallet so we went back and got
his wallet and metro card but it was too late to go knocking so we
went to visit a former. Not home. Went back and contacted by Dunkin
till the end of the night. Funny part when we were going back, the
Spanish elders got on as they just got out of a lesson. Just funny we
were on the exact same bus at the same time. Doesn't happen much.

John isn't getting baptized next week. He is t ready yet but we will
continue to help him and prepare him for a different date. Jay had the
amazin lesson and we are pushing for baptism now. Adrian is awesome,
only one lesson and we are done teaching him. Hill has a way to go
still with family history and temple and the lessons to finish. But
still chugging along in the mission train. What ever that means. 😐

Well love you all and I will see you in the next email:) bu-bye!!

-Elder Heaton

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