Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #31 Letter

Hey gang!

This week was interesting as we had a baptism last Monday during our
preparation day and we helped a member move all his stuff into a
storage unit all day Saturday. Then on Sunday, I got a calling in the
branch I am serving in. They already told me it was coming a few weeks
ago but yesterday is the day they set me apart for it. So, to see the
details of it:

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller!"
Preparation day, not! We did studies and then went to get haircuts
from Jay. That was nice to see him again. Good times! Then we went
home and got changed and picked up the Spanish elders and went to Rego
park for a baptism. We got there about 2:15 and the investigator
getting baptized got there at 3:10. So emailed during that time and
talked with Elder Householder. Good to see him again. Had the baptism
and then went to the mall and ate Panda Express for dinner. Went home
and tried to go to some lessons but those at 6 did not go through so
we knocked and planted seeds. Taught Brother Gurek and hopefully going
to the temple next week. Then we're on our way home when we knocked on
one door and ended up teaching a lesson then. Then went to exchange
with the Spanish elders and I'm with Elder Corbett!
"Work work work work work work" (guess that song) That song has been
stuck in our heads today. Well we did studies and went to service all
day. We did some sanding first and then mudding. Had lunch at Subway
and went to stop and shop for Gatorade and cookies. Went back to
service and painted the rest of the afternoon. We painted baseboards
and 2x6 planks. Then went home and showered and changed. Had dinner
and went out to visit less actives and gave a blessing. Went to visit
more less actives until the end and exchanged back to our companions.
Fun day full of work work work work work work.
"This will be the day that you will all remember as the day you
almost..." Today was a fun day. We are on exchanges with the zone
leaders how in Richmond Hill! We did our studies at home though and
after companion study, drove to Richmond hill and met up with our zone
leaders. Dropped off our stuff at their apartment and went to do
service at the park. We planted bushes. Then went home and changed and
split off. I'm with Elder Selfaison. He is awesome. We went to the
church and made calls for a bit until we went to McDonalds for a quick
snack and then did look ups and went to 2 lessons. One was with an
atheist and the other was with 5 investigators and a member present.
This was all in Spanish so I couldn't help. I bore testimony in both
and elder Selfaison translated for me. Pretty fun day! Their apartment
is literally a hotel, I'm not kidding. Well, not literally a hotel,
but it is as close to one as you can get without it being a hotel.
Just minus the room service and mint on the pillow and this is that.
"Narcissistic... Agreed." Today was a tiring day. Didn't get that good
of sleep last night at the Zone Leaders apartment on their blow up
mattresses. I have decided those are the most uncomfortable things to
sleep on. I prefer the Luv sac from home personally but that is me. We
did studies and exchange review in the morning. Their exchange review
was intense. Like an hour long and very thorough. Then we went home
and visited with sister Sidoway and got Halal food for lunch. Had
district meeting and coordinated with the elders on how to make the
branches better and trying to figure out how to combine them a little
on Sundays. Went to visit some potentials with brother Thompson but
nothing and had dinner. Went and taught brother Mims the gospel of
Jesus Christ and visited the Durres. Then went to the church and met
brother Deweese there and taught Babatunde and then went and taught
brother Thompson. Then went home and I am very tired. Good night.
"What happened to you?"
"I joined the army."
Pretty average day. We did our studies and had lunch. Went to the
church and did weekly planning. Then taught Edwin, a 9/11 survivor in
a wheelchair. Then knocked and had dinner. Knocked some more, and
taught an investigator named Linden. I haven't met him before. Taught
him the gospel of Jesus Christ and went to the Forbes home. We taught
them the importance of coming to church and went home! Very basic day.
"Thank you gentlemen for getting us underway! We would have had a hard
time by it ourselves."
"Load the long 9s and wait for my order."
"He has disabled the router chains sir."
"That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen."
"So it would seem."
Longer quote but I felt impulsive tonight. We had a service day. We
first did our studies, like usual and then went to a lesson with
Shaheed. The Lilly's came with us. They are a senior couple
missionaries serving in the Spanish branch and they are called to do
family history consulting for the mission. We taught Shaheed about
tithing and fasting. Then went to the church and changed into service
clothes and the Spanish elders met us there and went to Brother
Gurek's to help him move. We made 2 trips to his storage unit and they
took forever. We started around 12:30 and ended around a little after
5. He did not have that much stuff either. But it was just the 4 of us
moving it all. So it took a while. We then ate at Burger King for
dinner as we did not have enough time to go home and eat. Then we went
home and changed and went to visit Clifton, our 9 year old
investigator. Taught him and went to visit Iderle. Invited her to
church and visited the Sidoways. Made sure they were coming to church
and contacted by the church till the end of the night. Pretty good day
"Do or do not. There is no try." I am super tired today. We pillow
talked last night till past midnight so I am tired. But we went to
church today and I got called to be second counselor in the elders
quorum. Sweet. Then visited a sister in a nursing home and knocked.
Went to the Romero's home for dinner and then did look ups and
referral visits for the rest of the night. I'm tired. Night.

Shaheed didn't come to church yesterday so we won't be having his
baptisms next Sunday but we have basically taught him everything. So
we are just going to keep meeting with him until we can baptize him.
Then Clifton is almost there as well. His dad is trying to figure out
a date when he is off work when he can baptize him. Then Iderle is a
new investigator we found 2 Saturday's ago and she has already come to
church twice and payed tithing. So we are extending the baptismal
invitation next time we teach her! Then our less actives we are
working with aren't really doing much to come back to church or they
just don't meet with us. We try to visit but they always say to come
back a different time and when we go back at the new time, they say
come back later again until the end of the day when they say it is not
a good time right now. That is frustrating and we are considering not
going over anymore as it is just wasting our time. So yeah, that is

Love you all and miss you! See you in the next email/update! Bu-bye!

-Elder Heaton

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