Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week #32 Letter

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty great so far. We had our Mother's Day calls
home yesterday which was so nice. I look forward to all the calls home
and this next stretch is the longest one, 7 months till the next call.
But anyways, here is how the week went:

(P.s. Welcome to summaries of the day #30!)

"Flying is for droids." Preparation day! Today was really fun  and a
little boring at times. But good over all. We did studies and then
went and picked up the Spanish elders to go to Costco with them. We
first ate lunch there and then shopped. Went to Modell's and got
tennis stuff to play and went by some shops around the church as well.
Got a flat rim hat that says New York on it. Went home and played
Coup. Pretty fun game about deception. Then hung around the apartment
and hung out. After preparation day, we went and visited a referral
with brother Thompson and then knocked. Finally, exchanged with the
other Spanish elders and I am with elder bergeson.
"Luke, I am your father!"
"No, no, no, that's impossible!"
Pretty fun day with elder Bergeson. We did studies and then had lunch.
Made cards and went knocking for a while. Went back and had dinner and
then knocked a little more and for the first time ever, I had the door
actually slammed in my face and the dude was pretty sketchy. So yeah,
that happened. Went to the church to have a lesson but the
investigator never showed up so we went to another lesson with a
member. He drove us and the lesson went ok, well, that's what I was
told. It was in Spanish so I couldn't understand it. Then went home
and exchanged back to our companions. Elder Bergeson and I played Risk
all last night and during our meals and I won:) pretty happy about
"May the force be with you, always." Pretty average day overall. We
went to district meeting after studies and had a good meeting. The
branch we are serving isn't doing well in numbers or active members so
we were counseling on how to help. We decided we need to meet with the
branch president, the stake president, and president Reynolds, our
mission president. We just don't know what else to do at this point.
Then we went with elders Corbett and Bergeson with the sisters to help
a less active lady move a washer. We ran into a problem though
immediately, she does not throw away anything. Her house was filled
and we couldn't even walk anywhere except where there was a little
path. It was bad and we measured the washer and where it needed to go,
it was physically impossible to move it up a flight of stairs and
through her house to the very back corner of the home, and her current
one had to be moved out first. We explained this to her and she
wouldn't have it. She thought it was possible but we told her no. So
we left. We went and ate an early dinner and then went to 2 lessons
with brother Thompson and they were pretty good lessons. Then did some
less active look ups and ended the night with knocking. We ended up
teaching a doorstep lesson and got a return appointment for Friday.
Then went home!
"You were the chosen one! You weren't supposed to join the sith, you
were supposed to destroy it!" Pretty good day today. We did studies
and then elder honey came with us for a few hours so we were in a
trio. We went to the church and had a lesson with Bantunde. Then went
and got TacoBell for lunch. Then went to a lesson with Iderle and had
brother Thompson with us for that one. Then did weekly planning and
elder Selfaison came and exchanged with elder honey. We went home and
had dinner after weekly planning and then went to visit sister
Sidoway. She is going through a hard time right now. But we shared a
good message with her and went to the church for elder Parrish to go
to branch presidency meeting. Then we tried to visit a potential but
not available at the time so we contacted by the church but only
talked to 1 person for a half an hour. She was a rollercoaster of
emotion, first she was bashing, then agreeing, and supporting, and
then bashing again... On and on for a half an hour. We just had to go
by the end of it to be home on time.
"The force is strong with this one." Pretty good day today. We did
studies and then tried to visit a potential but nothing. Then we
picked up the Spanish elders, elders Corbett and messenger and went to
ZTM. We stopped by TacoBell for lunch first though. ZTM was pretty
good but took 3.5 hours:l. Very long. Went home and had dinner and
went knocking. Didn't get much out of it except seeds, no lessons.
Contacted by the church a little as well and went home for the night.
Very simple day.
"Join me and together, we will rule the Galaxy!" We had a lesson with
Shaheed in the morning directly after studies. We talked about church
organization and the baptismal questions. Then taught a new
investigator and Iderle with brother Thompson. Those were good
lessons:) had correlation and then went to change our oil. That was
way up in lynbrooks area and took 3 hours. We got there and they said
it would take an hour after a 20 min drive there but took much longer.
During that time we walked around the mall right next door and came
back  after an hour to wait another hour and we just sat on their
waiting room. Then visited the Anglade's family and the Inoklri's.
Bother are members families and got fed spicy spicy African rice and
chicken. Then taught the Forbes about the Book of Mormon. Great
"Happy birthday to Dylan! Happy birthday to you!" Mother's Day and
Dylan's birthday! Awesome day today:) we went to church and it was
awesome. Had great lessons and had 47 people there! Then we took the
sacrament to a sister in a nursing home and did some look ups until we
called home! The call was awesome. We talked for 2 hours and got to
talk to all of them. It was nice:) it was also much better to hang up
this time. I hung up:) so proud of myself. I got homesick for like 2
min until we left and went knocking, then I was fine. We got to teach
a lesson on the doorstep on the last door we knocked on and then
visited some potentials but nothing. Then went home and it didn't even
feel like we called home today. Weird.

Shaheed came to church yesterday so now he is on track to get baptized
on the 15th of May:) we have already taught him everything, we are
waiting for time now. Clifton we weren't able to teach this past week
so we aren't sure when he will get baptized. He is close though.
Iderle is progressing and is scheduled to get baptized the 29th! She
has come to church 3 times already so she is good, we just need to
teach her everything now. That is all the investigators we are working
with and we have some less actives but not much progress with them.
Trying to get to the heart of why they don't come to church still.

Love you all and miss you but I had a great chat yesterday that
helps:) see you in the next email! By-bye!

-Elder Heaton

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