Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #26 Letter

Hello my friends. It was a boring week it felt like as so many lesson
dropped through but it had its exciting moments, and not so fun
moments...McDonalds...Shake...you'll see what I'm talking about later.

"If you douse me again and I'm not on fire, il dismantle you and
donate you to a community college." Preparation day! It was a good day
today and it started off with personal study then went to the church
after it and got haircuts. Nice and short for the warmer weather
coming up, hopefully. Then finished our laundry and went shopping.
Went through some stores but didn't buy anything. Ate at BJ's for
lunch  and got a pizza, hotdog, drink, and Oreo churro:) Then got our
food at Target. Went and played handball as a district activity at the
park for a couple hours and super sore now. Went and emailed and ate
dinner there too. Then went to brother Staiti's home and taught him
the plan of salvation. Tried visiting a potential but not home and got
some McDonald's ice cream. Ate that and went to Flushing and contacted
till the end of the night. Pretty good day and very fun.
"Here is your in-flight meal."
"Did you just make that?"
Yeah. Where did you think I was for the past 3 hours?"
Pretty good day today. We had studies and contacting at Dunkin. Had
lunch earlier than usual so we could have district meeting earlier to
go to a lesson. So district meeting was fun, trying to help all our
investigators progress more and starting to work with member more than
we have been to hopefully build the branch and find referrals. The
lesson after district meeting was a handoff lesson from the Korean
sisters but it was rescheduled to Thursday so we made calls for an
hour until we left for a lesson with Robert. We taught him about
likening the scriptures unto himself. Had dinner and went knocking in
Murray Hills. Got a total of 37 seeds planted today!! It was a pretty
good day for seed planting.
"Finally, someone who speaks English."
"Is that what just happened?"
"Dr. Banner, nice to meet you. Your work on biotechnology was
innumerable. And I am a fan of how you loose control and turn into a
raging, green monster."
It was a green day. Nothing but finding today. Only time it was
finding was for studies, lunch, and dinner. We contacted in the
morning and called afterwards till lunch. Went and did look ups all
afternoon around Murray hills and 2 former investigators answered and
said they would have us come by another time to continue sharing our
message. That's was cool. Then had dinner when Jay brought us
Chick-fl-a for dinner from Manhattan! So good:) then knocked in Murray
hills when we got a call from a member that he wanted to meet tonight.
So we went to the church and met him there. We talked about member
missionary work and he had a lot of good ideas to get members involved
and activities going for investigators to come to. He is the best
member missionary I've seen yet. We are hoping he will be branch
mission leader next. And then went home for bedtime:)
"Want to know what keeps going through my head right now? Where's my
sandwich?" Today was an ok day. Had 3 lessons fall through but we
taught 2. We did our contacting in the morning and then went to a
lesson with Jay. We did a big push for baptism last week and we didn't
want anyone to address him about it because we weren't sure how he
would take it. He isn't ready he said as he wants it to mean something
and he doesn't feel that yet. So we shall continue working with him
till he feels ready. Ate lunch and we were going to have 2 handoff
lessons from the Korean Sisters but both fell through. So we did look
ups in flushing and went to finish our look ups from yesterday and
knocked on a solid members home and we didn't know they lived there.
He was the stake president 2 years ago and is super cool. He gave us
his conversion story and learned their history in the church and where
they grew up. It was nice to visit them but super unexpected. Then ate
dinner and went to a lesson with a former investigator we found
yesterday but no one answered the door. Bummer. Did some finding until
our lesson with John and we had a member present for it. It was also a
Skype lesson. It was really good with a member there. So much easier
to teach him. Then went home for bed.
"Ultron is waiting for me."
"That's right, he hates you the most."
Today was an awesome day. We started right off the bat going to a
members home at 10:30 and sharing a message with them. Chip omitted
them to fast for missionary opportunities. Then went home and ate
lunch. Went to visit another member in a nursing home and we took her
out in her wheel chair to CVS so she could get out of the nursing home
for an hour. She bought us some treats and other small things. It was
nice. Then we did our weekly planning session and visited some less
actives near by. Got some Mamitas to eat and visited the Ibanez family
and talked for a minute and set up an appointment for next Tuesday.
Went to Pizza Hut and got some wings and pizza this time but we were
in a hurry so we went to the church to eat it, ate it, and went to
coordination meeting to drop off our sheet and head to a lesson. We
don't do much there anyways as it is all in Spanish. Our branch
mission leader only speaks Spanish so we just explain and the Spanish
elders translate. Tonight's was super easy. Just need member present
lessons for everyone. So we went to Brother Staiti's home and shared
half the gospel of Jesus Christ with him and invited him to church. He
was pretty open to it but not a for sure yes. There is going to be 10
baptism for the Chinese district on Sunday so we wanted to show
brother Staiti them to remind him of his baptism. Of course, it will
be in Chinese though but still the same spirit. After that, we went
home and got our stuff from the church and went home for the night.
Got my spinning pens finally!!! Thanks mom:) I got 4 more!! Now have 5
in total.
"I have an army."
"We have a hulk."
Today was not my day. Cancelled lessons, throwing up, not my day. So
we went contacting in the morning to plant seeds to get our goal for
the week as a district. We have a goal of 150 seeds and each
companionship has to get 22 to get that goal. We got 20 today so only
2 more tomorrow. But we weren't able to meet with Hill today,
cancelled lesson. Ate lunch and went to the church to meet our new
investigator, Benny. He didn't show up and he called and cancelled on
us. So we went and I'd more finding. Went to a members home and shared
the restoration with them and committed them to fast for a missionary
opportunity and for a referral. Went finding until dinner and went to
Roberts afterwards. He wasn't there which is a bummer as he leaves
tomorrow for a month to go to military training in Kentucky. So I
won't be seeing him anymore. Bummer. Got his email though. Went and
visited John nearby instead and talked about the plan of salvation
with him. Afterwards is the mistake of the day. We went to McDonalds.
I got a strawberry shake and drank it way too fast or something was
wrong with it as I had an upset stomach all the way home and into
daily planning. I was laying on the floor for daily planning and so
sick I couldn't talk. After wee were done. Went to the bathroom and
coughed, and threw up all my strawberry shake. It didn't taste as good
coming up but it sure felt so much better after I got the bad taste
out of my mouth. Now I'm fine, super hungry again, but fine.
"What is that?"
"It's a flight stabilizer. Completely harmless."
"I wasn't expecting that."
Easter Sunday and fast and testimony Sunday. We did contacting by
dunkin  and ate lunch. Went to a baptismal service for the Chinese
district and they had 9 baptisms in total! It was a ton of people
getting wet today. Then went to church, have my testimony in sacrament
meeting and mentioned how I have been out for 6 months this but
everyone took it as I'm leaving. I'm not leaving the is week but maybe
next week. Went to classes and then home. Ate dinner and went knocking
in Murray hills until the end of the night. Simple day.

So, John is progressing well. It defiantly helps to have member
present lessons and he liked brother Cigala as a member present. We
tried meeting with Benny but he cancelled so no updates on him. Robert
left yesterday, Sunday, to go to Kentucky for military training so we
aren't working with him anymore. Wasn't able to meet with Hill either
or Adrian. Lots of people we didn't meet with because of cancelled
lessons or something got in the way. But it was a bummer week. Only
taught 5 lessons. But hey, we got a lot of seeds planted. A total of
157 as a district.

Well, love you all. Miss each and every one of you. But this mission
is pretty fun, not gonna lie. And it is already 1/4 done as of this
coming Wednesday. Happy 6 month mark:) see you in the next letter,

-Elder Heaton

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