Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #24 Letter

Hello my good friends!
This is coming on Wednesday due to temple trip today.

But some summaries of the day:

"Let's stop messing a pruned and call your boyfriend in tights, shall we?"
Preparation day! It was a good day. We had studies and laundry and put
the laundry away. Went and shipped off my packages of clothes I don't
use on the mission and shoes I need to get replaced, again. The
sidewalks here are so u even and I trip like every block. Then did our
shopping and this week we went to BJ's to get the $1.50 hot dog and
soda. That was lunch:) went to target and got our groceries, still got
$75 for the rest of the month. Pretty good so far! But still have 3
preparation days to get through. Went and took it home, went to the
church and played ping pong and emailed. Went and ate dinner and came
back to the church to meet the branch president there. He drove us to
a lesson and he came along as well. We met with James Staiti and
shared the Are We Christians Mormon message and got to know him a
little bit. He was honored the branch president came to see him. It
was awesome for president Reyes to be there. Then went back to
Flushing and did a look up on Northern Blvd by Taco Bell. Nothing so
we went home. #prepareday
"Was this my destiny? A dream life full of luxury and ... Apparently
no! Even gate picks its favorites." Today was a unique day. Lots of
things out of the ordinary. We had studies then a mission wide
conference call. President and Sister Reynolds gave a spiritual
thought as they no longer can at the transfer meetings/exchanges. They
talked on obedience as it is so important. Really, the commandments
are there to protect us not restrain us. Then had a lesson with Hill
at Dunkin. Pretty good lesson. Didn't get through everything we wanted
to but we now understand her point of view better. Then lunch, and
district meeting. During district meeting, we went and planted seeds
outside and went on splits. I went with Elder Householder and we only
talked to one person for the 15 min we did it. But that person was
interested and really friendly. Maybe.... After district meeting, we
went to John's and helped him rip up his carpet and padding as he has
moved out. We also helped pull up the nails and staples in his floor.
It was fun! Did it for an hour and a half. Then Joh. Drove us home and
had dinner.  Then went to Murray Hills and knocked for an hour and
planted 20 seeds. Then went to Dunkin and contacted the rest of the
night. Unique day! Mission conference call, seed planting during
district meeting, and service! Also, I was in short sleeves today as
it was mid 60's today!!!:) #warmweather
"Can someone stamp my frequent kidnapper card?"
"Haha, you of all people should know we discontinued that promotion.
Chow chow all!"
"Same time next week?"
It was hot today! Hit 70s and will be warmer tomorrow! Yeah! Love it.
This morning we planted seeds and made calls. Lunch and did look ups
in College Point all afternoon with no success. Then ate dinner and
went down to Pomonok to have a lesson with Robert. He wasn't home.
Then tried visiting a referral. Not home either. Went back to flushing
and met hill. She gave us 7-11 doughnuts and talked for a sec. Then
she called my mom... What does the handbook say now soldier? (Dad
better get that one) They have been chatting for a while now on the
phone and emailing each other but never right in front of me. That was
weird. So close yet so far away. Didn't talk to her but I saw the
number Hill dialed and it was hers. It was legit. So we sat there for
a few minutes and realized she could talk all night so we went to
plant seeds and then she hung up. Talked for another minute then
planted seeds for the rest of the night. Pretty boring day but I'm
tired, sore, and hungry all the time now. #missionarylife
"Did you ever look back?"
"Ow! My giant blue head!"
A lot happened today! To start off, I finished the Book of Mormon
today! Second time reading it on the mission. I'll probably read D&C
next and then read the Book of Mormon again after that. Then after
studies we went to Dunkin to plant seeds and after 10 min, some
pastors from this Korean church came and started talking to us. They
were asking about how we find people to come to our church and a bunch
of missionary stuff. Then they said they want to take us to lunch
sometime. Ok then. We set up a time for Tuesday and they are super
nice. Kinda cool as they are interested in how we teach versus how
they teach others. Then they left and we went to a lesson with Jay.
Talked about the living beneath our privileges Mormon message. Then
ate lunch a don had weekly planning. We then went to Johns and taught
him about the Law of Chastity. It was a good lesson. Then he took us
out for dinner as thanks for helping him move. Went home and tried to
go up to Alberts but he cancelled on us so we went back down by Johns
home in Pomonok to Roberts to teach him. We taught him about the
Atonement and the Easter season. Good lesson. Then went to the church
and taught Adrian. We first talked about the temple and what to
expect. He is going Saturday. Then talked about the atonement with him
as well. Then got my packages I got from home and we went home. It was
a full day of work. #accomplished
"I didn't quite hear that last part, but it sounded important." I am
tired. Started off today with a lesson cancelled. No fun to start your
day. So we contacted by Dunkin until lunch. After lunch, went to Zone
Training Meeting and was instructed on obedience, and the new Easter
Initiative video, Hallelujah. It's a cool video I think. Just like A
savior is born. Then we finished our weekly planning and made our
coordination sheet. Went to Pizza Hut for dinner! And went to Brother
Staiti's for a lesson. The busses were super late so we only had a 30
min lesson and then it took us 45 min to get to coordination. We had
to run to catch a bus and cross a few streets to get to another bus.
So much running. Got there super late and gave our portion and
contacted by Dunkin till the end of the night. I am tired. #goodnight
"What does 'Titan' mean?"
"It was the only name I could trademark."
Pretty cool day. We started off with some contacting at Dunkin and
then went to meet Hill at the library but she ended up being over an
hour late in total as the trains were super delayed and the was a Mets
game at Citi Field today. Already the Mets are playing again. I was
here when they were in the World Series last year playing. I've been
in Flushing for forever! Anyways, the lesson was good, just read an
ensign article with her. Then she took us out to Applebee's for lunch.
Super good but took a while to get the food and eat it. So afterwards,
we went and did some lookups around flushing. Had a quick dinner and
went down to Fresh Meadows to do the lookups down there. No luck. Ugh.
So tired from so much walking down there. #sorelegsandback
"Oh you're a villain alright, just not a super one."
"Oh yeah, what's the difference?"
Today was a good day. After studies, we went to the church to download
the Easter initiative, Hallelujah, to start sharing. We are counting
how many new investigators we get out of it this time, not how many
times we share it. So we went contacting by Dunkin but weren't able to
share the video as we didn't download the Chinese one just yet. No
English people today. Then went to lunch and then church. I gave a
talk today in sacrament meeting on the temples. People afterwards were
commenting how it was the best temple talk they have ever heard. One
even wanted a copy of it. During 3rd hour, elder Mitchell and I went
to relief society with Hill to introduce it to her and during it, one
of the sisters gave her testimony and she even referenced to my talk
in it. I was honored but I don't feel like I deserve the praise. After
church, we went and ate dinner and went knocking in Murray Hills.
After 1/2 hour of no one talking to us, we went to visit a referral
instead. Not home so we went to visit a member in a nursing home. We
talked for 1/2 an hour and went contacting by Dunkin till the end of
the night. But this talk was my 10th one given in sacrament meeting.

See if you can guess the theme for the quotes this week:) Not too hard
though. Next week might be a little more difficult.

So John is doing well. Came to church and is keeping commitments we
have extended. Just trying to prepare him as much as we can for
baptism. Jay still meets with us and we talk about all sorts of things
with him. Usually General Conference talks we invite him to read or
scriptures he doesn't understand. Adrian went to the temple last
Saturday so that is cool! Hill is doing well too. Helping her prepare
a name to take to the temple but we are not sure when we will go. And
now working with another less active named James Staiti. He is really
cool and is great to meet with. Robert is also doing well. He leave
Ina. Few weeks for military training and he is excited for it. But he
will be gone for a month so... Yeah.

Well love you all and I will see you in the next email. Bu-bye!!!

-Elder Heaton

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