Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #27 Letter

Hey my friends. Are you, how? Well, I am. Great, was this week.
Conference especially. Summaries of the day:

"Don't let anything in, or out."
"Good luck."
Preparation day! It was a good day. We did the laundry and went
shopping. Found a nifty little device that stores photos and video on
your iPad by directly connecting to the iPad. Would be nice to get but
it requires an app so we are working on requesting one. We have to get
it approved from Salt Lake though so we aren't sure if it will go
through or not. If anyone knows anyone that approves apps for missi
spa rues that is reading this, tell them it is for a good cause! It
would free up a lot of space on my iPad for gospel library stuff and
less photos to take up storage. Anyways, after shopping, we went and
emailed and ended up emailing with the zone leaders, Spanish elders,
Chinese sisters, and Korean sisters all sitting there having a good ol
time. It was pretty fun and I g to my packages finally. New pair of
black shoes and my Easter package. After preparation day was over, we
taught brother Staiti and finished the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then
went to go visit a referral in Flauhing but ended up talking to
brother Esteva the rest of the night. He is a talker and it flies by
so fast we didn't even realize it was 9 pm. He is awesome though. Cool
"You dumb-dumb, you give me gum-gum."
Pretty average day. We did contacting and then had a lesson with Hill.
Ok lesson. Hard to stay focused but we were able to set a temple date
for April 9th. Then had lunch a don district meeting. Modified our
Mormon.org profiles to up-to-date and went to Flushing High School. A
member, brother Cigala, teaches there and coaches the wrestling team.
He wanted us to come meet one of his wrestlers as he might come to
church. But the high school is a military base. A full police squad,
sign in, and metal detectors when you walk in. Have to give them our
IDs to scan into the system and make sure we aren't wanted or
terrorists. I feel like I was walking to meet the president. And it's
a high school. Crazy. But the kid was super cool. Afterwards, we had a
small dinner and went to the Ibanez family for dinner, a member
family. They fed us but we didn't know that going in and shared a
small message with them. Talked with brother Ibanez about his mission.
Then contacted at Dunkin till the end of the night. Pretty average day
but we did get fed. That's not average.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HAPPY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!
There ya go, already 1/4 of the way done. Time flies. And what did I
do today to celebrate, I went finding for 9 hours. Literally, I didn't
teach any lessons today but a whole day of finding. We went knocking
in the morning and look ups after lunch. We started above Northern
Blvd in Auburndale and ended at the bottoms of Fresh Meadows. Anyone
want to look at a map you will see that is a ton of walking. Oh yeah,
we walked the entire thing zig-zagging all the way to the bottom. That
took 3 hours. Then road the bus home full of high schoolers. So glad I
didn't go to high school here... Then after dinner, we did a mini
exchange with the zone leaders from 6-9 tonight called, Prime Time
Exchange. Really fun. I was in a trio with 2 of the zone leaders,
elders Finch and Hendrickson and elder Mitchell went with elder Ng. We
went contacting for a while until we went to go to a lesson but it
fell through and so we went knocking until we exchanged back and went
home. Fun day of finding. So long but glad it is over.
"The dinosaur's alive."
"The dinosaur's alive!"
Today I was super nervous all day. Today was trainer calls and I
thought I was going to get one. It's 9:40 at night so I don't think I
am but I might. We will see. But today we did our contacting in the
morning and had a lesson with Jay. We were a little saddened how we
realized it might be our last meeting. But we didn't want to think
about that. Afterwards, Hill took us out to Applebee's for lunch and
it was super good. Then we had our weekly planning and updated the
members list. Had some dinner and went knocking. We went to Auburndale
and it was a really effective neighborhood. We planted a total of 37
seeds today. We celebrated by getting ice cream. Then went home. Super
simple day. And no trainer call either.
"It must be amazing being a security guard in America. Which your
silenced, dual pistols and your ninja swords."
"It's not like that. At all."
Average day today. Although, they all have someone unique to them. We
did our usual morning, contacting, calls, and lunch. Then went
knocking for the afternoon. We went to Auburndale and to the edge of
our area. Around 3 we got tired after going for 2 hours in the blazing
heat, and it was 75 degrees today with humidity. So we got slurpees at
TacoBell as they have the starburst slurpees. Then went out again and
met a super nice and open guy named tom. He spoke to us for an hour
and he talked most of the time but he was curious about us and where
we cops me from and our families. Super nice like I said and super
open. Took a Book of Mormon, pamphlet, our card and might come Sunday
for general conference, the pot luck, and the baptism. Sweet! But
didn't commit as he doesn't want to disappoint or lie. Respectable.
Then we ate at Pizza Hut and taught brother Staiti about keeping the
sabbath day holy. Then went to coordination but the Spanish elders
never showed up as they were stuck in Pomonok with no bus. So we could
translate to Spanish so it didn't happen. But brother Sanchez brought
tamales and we feasted:) super good and we went home. We are ahead of
our goal for the week on seeds. We are supposed to get 105 seeds a
week as a goal and we haven't got that yet. We went for it this week
as we were very close last week. We only have 22 more to go and we got
it. And we have 2 more days! Hopefully we can!!
"I think I found out the key to true happiness. It's doing what you
love with the people you love."
"Well, I was going to say physical exercise but that works too."
Today was amazing. It started with studies. We were watching the
video, Mountains to the Lord as we are deciding if we will show it to
John and I have never seen it before. We didn't finish, but I want to.
It's amazing. Then we bought some candy for conference and ate at
Burger King. We then visited Brother Cigala at his wrestling
tournament at Flushing High School at his request. After we were done,
we went to conference at the church. Before we began, Jay requested a
meeting with us. I will not disclose what he said during this meeting,
but I will say I will never forget it. The morning session of
conference was wonderful and inspired. I loved it and was able to pay
attention for the entire time for the first time in my life.
Afterwards, we talked with the return missionary, Brother Yson, coming
home from Chile. He is so much fun. I like him. We then went home and
ate a quick snack and went back to the church to prepare for the next
session. What another wonderfully inspired session. I loved it and for
the second time in my life, payed attention for the entire session.
Afterwards, Brother Cigala took us out to eat and we ate at a nearby
Vietnamese Restaurant. Went back to the church for the final session
of the day, the priesthood session. Inspired. I couldn't help but
notice our beloved prophet's message and the length it was. It was
amazing, but short. I also recognized his health. He does not look
well and I fear it may be his last conference. Afterwards, we had some
snacks and went home as it was almost 10 pm at that point. Best part
is we get to do it all over again tomorrow.
"Hey it's getting late, do you want to go home?"
Great day of general conference. Awesome. We did studies and
contacting at Dunkin to get our goal for the week on seeds planted! We
got 112 for the week when we have been asked as a mission to get 105 a
week. First week we got it! Then went to the church for the morning
session. Afterwards, the Spanish elders had a baptism and a pot luck
afterward. An investigator showed up randomly so we talked with him
for a bit and gave him a Book of Mormon and pamphlets. He was super
nice. Then went to the net session and afterwards, took extra food
home and went to visit referrals. We also called some to either drop
them or set up appointments. Mostly drop as they are all so busy and
no time to meet. Bummer. Then we went through the area book and I
explained all the investigators and members I have worked with and
recognize in case I get transferred. Went home. Awesome conference
though. Loved all the apostles talks and the first presidency. I
didn't mention this but one of the newly called area 70s is Kevin
Calderwood. He was the mission president of the NYNYS before President
Reynolds, our current president.

John is doing well. He loves Brother Cigala and requests him to be
present at all of our lessons. That is awesome and his new baptismal
date is May 8! Mother's Day! Jay has also progressed a ton. He loved
conference and even said some of the talks were spoken just for him to
hear. He is funny that way:) Hill is also dos well, preparing for the
temple this weekend. Hopefully we will be able to find member to
attend with her as well.

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for....

I am

Love you all and I will see you in the next email! By-Bye!!

-Elder Heaton

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