Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week #29 Letter


This week flew by and it is already preparation day again. I felt like
I just emailed my last one yesterday. Time flies.

Summaries of the day!
"Some day, love will find you. Great love, chains that bind you. You
know I still love you even though we went our separate ways."
Preparation day! Great day today. We did our studies and then went on
temporary exchange so we could shop at Costco. Elder Parrish went with
elder Messenger and I went with elder Corbett. Elder Corbett and I
emailed for a bit, went and ate at subway and got other groceries at
Stop and Shop. There is an interesting juice they get here that is
really good. It's called blue juice but it is a raspberry flavored
juice and it is a tiny bit more expensive than water. Super cheap in
other words. And super good. We went back and emailed for a bit u Gil
the elders got back. Went back to our apartment and played risk with
them all afternoon. We didn't get to finish either as it turned 6pm
before we were done so we had to end it there and go out to work. We
went to visit a potential, a referral, and a lesson but none were
home. We visited a less active family, the Forbes and they were home.
We taught them the blessings that come from keeping the commandments.
Then we went home. Fun day and relaxing.
"I got a feelin. That tonight's gonna be a good night. That tonight's
gonna be a good night. That tonight's gonna be a good night!"
Today was a good day. We did personal study and then went to do
service nearby and we wiped down the walls of the home and prim d the
walls. Then we ate lunch and made calls for an hour. We knocking for a
bit and got a few return appointments. Ate dinner and went to a lesson
with a less active family but they couldn't do it. So we knocked
around them and went to visit another less active family. Taught them
about prayer. Then had a lesson with brother Girks. He is cool. He was
less active for a long time and came back a year ago. Got the
Melchizedek priesthood at stake conference and we set up a temple date
with him for May 3. Then went and exchanged! I am with elder Messenger
for the day. Gonna be fun!
"Nice game pretty boy."
It's been a good day. Interesting day too. Exchanges are always crazy
for me. We did our studies and took the train to go to district
meeting. We had district meeting and then went to the doctors office
in Richmond Hill as elder messenger had an appointment and we waited
for an hour to see the doctor. I took a nap during that time in the
chair. Then the doctors appointment didn't happen after all. Something
happened so we went to McDonald's as we were super hungry. Then went
back to Belle Harbor and did some look ups down there then went to Far
Rockaway and did look ups around there and the church. Contacted for a
bit and met up with our companions and went home. Fun exchange and I
always have the crazy exchanges.
"We should have brought chips and dip!"
Average day today. Studies and then we went to the church to meet
Babatunde. He is recovering still so we called him and that woke him
up and waited for him to get to the church. He said he would be right
there but ended up being an hour late. We helped him prepare for his
talk on Sunday. Then went home and ate lunch. Did our weekly planning
there. Ate dinner and went to visit some potentials and referrals.
Nothing and so we did some knocking. Nothin too exciting from that.
Then did some contacting by the church and went home. Average day.
"I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful."
Today was a great day full of frustration. But still a good day as I
look back. We did studies and then had lunch and went to Zone Training
Meeting in Richmond Hill. It started at 12:30. Ended at 4. That was
frustrating to sit there for 3.5 hours but there was some good stuff
talked about. But defiantly could have been shorter. We only had prime
time to actually do missionary work. We drove home and got Halal and
ate it at the church. On the way home, lots of police cars drove past
us. We found out why when we got to the church. If little children are
reading this, tell them to stop now. We get to the church and see a
full street blocked off with police everywhere and traffic was super
bad. They weren't letting anyone down one street and there was police
tape to not cross everywhere too. Come to find out there was guns
involved and shooting happening. If you want to know more, you can
email me or ask my parents. But it was bad. I don't want to say in
case some little kid is reading this. Great sight to come home to
after a great ZTM. Welcome to what the missionaries call, "Babylon".
We ate dinner and then went to a lesson but they said to come back in
an hour so we went knocking, went back and taught brother Mims about
CPR(the spiritual version). Then went to the church and taught
Kingsley about baptism and priesthood authority. Almost got a
baptismal date on him but not quite yet. Then went home. Exciting day.
Oh yeah, and on the way home, elder Parrish got pulled over. The cop
was undercover and was driving an undercover vehicle and wore a Mickey
Mouse sweatshirt and a Yankees hat. He came up to the window and said,
"next time use your blinker" and walked away. Will do mr policeman.
Just an exciting day all around.
"I'm on him Jerry! I'm on him like stink on a monkey!" Today, I met
Cosmo Kramer. Well, he is just like him but not actually Kramer. It's
crazy how similar he is to Kramer. His name is Dino. So naturally, we
had the weirdest day probably in my mission. We did a half hour of
personal study when we had to go to a lesson. We taught Terrence which
is a new investigator. Best part was, while we were waiting in the
lobby for him to come down, I saw a basket of something I have never
seen before in person. And it wasn't a comforting sight. It just has
to do with the law of chastity. Yeah. Good ol New York and giving
those away for free. Then we taught him the restoration and went home
and ate lunch thinking we were leaving at 10:30 for service but ended
up leaving at 11:30 and so we had companion study at 10:30. Then
picked up elders Messenger and Corbett and went to an investigators
home that the sisters are teaching but they needed help building their
shed. So we started around 12. They made a barbecue for dinner and at
6, the shed still wasn't done. So 6 hours in the sun baking but it was
such a nice day. Shorts and tees shirts. Nothing but the best:). This
is where I met Dino. He just come out back, smoking, and acted exactly
like Kramer would if he was here. It was so funny. The barbecue was
also very nice as I haven't had barbecue in a while. Then we went home
and changed and visited members and investigators to remind them about
church tomorrow. Did some contacting by the church and went home.
Weird day but it was a good day. And my neck is tender. Maybe
sunburnt. We will see tomorrow.
"I'm yelling timber! You better move. You better dance. Let's make a
night, you won't remember. I'll be the one, you won't forget." I got
burned on my neck. Today was the first day I went to the Belle Harbor
branch and what a day. We went to branch council at 7:30 today so we
didn't have studies and I got asked to speak during sacrament meeting.
Great... Yay. Well, I said I would and I gave my temple talk I gave in
Flushing. Everyone loved it. It was a nice blessing. Just before
sacrament meeting started, Jay walked in! He wanted to come make sure
I was adjusting alright to the new branch but he said he knew I would
be fine. He hasn't done that for anyone else, go to see them at their
new area on Sunday after they got transferred. I felt special:) Then I
taught Gospel Principles class on my own. And then went to elders
quorum. Elder Parrish is the clerk and they are going to call me to be
elders quorum first counselor. I'm going to have a branch calling!
While on the mission! Yay:) I'm excited. Then after church, we went
and visited some members and gave the sacrament to another member in a
nursing home. Went home and ate dinner and went to some potential
lessons but didn't happen. Went knocking for a bit and looked up a
potential. Then went home. Great day.

Our investigators are hit and miss. Some times we see all of them and
sometimes none of them meet with us. It is a 50-50 chance of meeting
with them it feels like. The baptismal dates keep getting pushed back
as they don't come to church so we have to keep pushing them back. So
far we need to push back one more and maybe a few more if they don't
come this Sunday. Just come to church! It is that simple. Anyways, it
was a good week and a good exchange we had. The shed building felt
like it took forever but we were rewarded with a nice barbecue. That
was good. Didn't finish though. So maybe we will go back or the owner
will finish it on his own. Not too much is left but it is nice to have
4 guys instead of 1.

Anyways, love you all and miss you. Hope all is well and you are
having a great spring. It is really warming up here!

I will see you in the next email, bu-bye!

-Elder Heaton

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