Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week #78 Letter & Pictures

What's up?

We had a massive snow storm Thursday that made it so we couldn't drive
for most of the day but the crazy part was the day before, on
Wednesday, it was 65 degrees here. This weather is crazy!

"Cause I, wanna rock and roll all night. And party everyday!"
Preparation day! Or as I like to call it, rest day. We got up and did
our quick studies before going to do our laundry. I had to get a $20
to change into quarters for this month. Then we got some food from
Walmart and dropped it all off. We got the car washed and gas in it as
well. Then got to Freeport to find no one else there, called up the
elders and find out they are at the beach so we went and met up with
them. It is so nice to just drive for 15-20 min and get to the beach:)
it was a cold day with the wind but it was in the mid 40s overall.
Then we emailed at the church until the day was over and got dinner
from sister Tessell. Then we did look ups the rest of the night.
"Drink your prune juice grandma!" We had Mega Zone Conference today!
Got there early and help set up a little and it started at 10 am. We
had some talks in the morning and some missionaries gave theirs they
prepared. They asked everyone to prepare a talk on obedience and
sister Reynolds randomly selected a few and elder Palmer volunteered
to go. He gave a great talk that inspired me. Then had lunch and the
assistants, President and Sister Reynolds gave workshops afterwards
until it was time to go. We went straight to the Andersen's for dinner
and practiced teaching them. Went to the church to do some of our
daily contact and scared the sisters:) it was really funny:) then
headed home. Pretty good day.
"Are you ok to drive? I mean you were dead 5 minutes ago!"
"What are you talking about?"
Today was an average day for a missionary. We got up and had studies
and lunch. We got outside to find nice 65 degree weather! It was nice
and warm so we went to do some look ups and contact referrals but none
were home. We got family members for some but they weren't interested.
We went to district meeting and the sisters called and said they were
going to be a little late. Well they said that twice and were an hour
late in the end but they still got there. So then we had to have an
hour long district meeting, not like our usual hour and a half long
ones. Afterwards, we went to go try to contact a referral from earlier
today but still wasn't home. So we got dinner at Chipotle in the area
and went over to the Browns for a lesson but they were not home after
we just confirmed it with them during dinner. They asked to reschedule
to tomorrow so we went to look up some other people in the area and
went down to see Dave In the nursing home. It was fun with him there
and headed home afterwards.
"My names Olaf and I like warm hugs!" It snowed today after our great
weather yesterday. We were told right when we woke up that we are not
allowed to drive until further notice so we were stuck inside. We
walked around but no one else was out. This area is not like the city.
In the city people still walk outside while here, they all stayed
indoors until it stopped snowing, which was around 4-5 pm. So we
stayed inside and made the best of our time. Read a lot from the Book
of Mormon and called our lessons we had today to reschedule. Then
after dinner, we saw we were free to drive if the roads were clear and
for us, they weren't very clear. Lots of ice still so we did not go
out and instead shoveled our driveway and cleaned off our car so the
snow didn't stick overnight to the car. Pretty boring day overall.
"Back to the ol' grind." We could actually drive today but the roads
were still bad in some places. Like I don't think they drove a plow
through those roads they were so bad. Anyways, we had our morning
routine and we went to the church to do weekly planning. Only needed
to do if for Darlene really as nothing else has changed and we needed
to modify it to her new needs. We then called all our investigators or
messaged them and got a couple responses throughout the day but a lot
of just call me back after the weekend. Then we went to look up a few
people and found them not home so we went to our lesson with Anne but
right as we were walking up to her door she called and cancelled. What
timing. It was good though as we had to drive all the way down to
island park to pick up food from sister Tessell and drive back to
Hempstead for our lesson with the Browns. That was good as we finally
got to meet with them again and get an update on their moving
situation. Afterwards, we went knocking for a bit. Then we looked up
some members bishop wanted us to see. No one was home for them.
"You've broken into my vault. Congratulations, you're a dead man."
Today was a pretty good day. We had the morning routine, and headed
down to Long Beach to look up a member's and potential down there. We
got there and looked the member up but they did not live there
anymore. We tried to look up the potential only to find our areabook
didn't work so we couldn't look up the address. So we headed to
Freeport chapel for a lesson. We got to teach this person after 4
weeks of trying to teach them and they are from China and here on a
work visa. She is really solid and simply wants to know who God is.
Good lesson and we then went to Brother Chen's to pick up a few things
for Dave. We ate dinner at home and went to visit Dave. Nice lesson
and we did our daily contact after his lesson to conclude our night.
"The difference between me and you is, I make this look good." We
didn't have correlation again this morning because brother carter was
sick so we had normal morning and we taught Anne as well. She has told
us that she will not be joining our church and especially doesn't want
to go back to Sunday churches. Ok then, we are trying to decide if we
should continue to meet and try to help her understand or drop her for
the time being. Then we went to church and I got asked to share my
testimony during sacrament meeting as their second speaker didn't come
today. After church, we had ward Council and went and got dinner. Then
contacted referrals and did look ups all night.

So we still haven't met with Darlene and her family. We got to meet
with Anne but she doesn't want to change religions or her schedule.
She cancelled on us Friday because she hadn't read from the Book of
Mormon yet so she cancelled but still hadn't read from it Sunday
morning. That was interesting. But we don't really know if we should
drop her or continue to try to help her understand. But we will figure
it out this week. Eddie has been impossible to see and get a hold of.
And then we got a new investigator named Binbin on Saturday. She is
really pure in heart and has great desires to read the Bible and learn
about God. She is busy during the week but she can message us and we
can message her anytime so that is our contact during the week. She
can meet most weekends too. Hopefully she will be able to go to church
Sundays. But other than that, we are still finding. Browns said they
are moving this week and will be asking for help when they do it.

Also found out this past week that the Photo Share is no longer
allowed so I will be taking down my mission one later today or
tomorrow. If anyone wants pictures from it, you can go and save them
directly from it or I can email them again. I have all the pictures

Hope everyone had a good week! Love you all!


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