Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #85 Letter & Picture

What's. up. everyone. 

This week was very busy with the temple trip last week, exchanges, and General Conference all weekend! But it was a great week for us nonetheless. So let's see what made it so great:

"Truth is... I am Iron Man." Today was such a fun day and it was a half preparation day due to my temple trip tomorrow. But we did our normal morning with laundry and then right after laundry we went to Howard's home and we started a tour of Staten Island. He took us in his Audi S4. Super nice car with over 400 horse power, supercharged, all wheel drive. We first drove around and saw the highest point on the eastern coast from Maine to Florida. Elevation of around 400 ft on Staten Island is the highest along the coast. Then we drove down to Great Kills National Park along the beach and has a Bay Area. The water was super calm so it had some cool pictures. Then we walked around and saw the boats in storage and some on the water. He then took us out to lunch near the water at this nice restaurant and had a nice lunch that filled us for the rest of the day. We kept driving to the most southern point and saw some of the historic side of Staten. We didn't have time to do everything so Howard wants to do it again to show us the rest:) I'm so down to do that again. And next time, he wants to take us in the Porsche:) We got home and got ready to go out again and did a few more things we needed to for preparation day and went to teach Kendall. He is awesome and is the other most progressing investigator we have. I just met him tonight and he is really pure in heart and searching for the truth and he gave me his life story. It is a sad one but also one of hope to come from the streets to where he is now. Awesome and we invited him to be baptized but he isn't so sure yet. But he didn't say no:) That ended our night as it was a fairly long lesson. He likes to talk. 
"You got to play the game like you got nothing to lose." Temple trip today! It was a great day too. We got up and got dressed to go and we picked up the zone leaders and carpooled there. We got stuck in morning traffic and ended up getting there like 20 min late but it was ok still. Temple was great and we couldn't believe we had been out for 18 months now. Crazy. After the temple we went on the train home but Elder Hunt had ate 3/4 of a bag of couch drops before the temple. The problem when you do that is the side effect is that it becomes a laxative in your stomach. So on the train ride home, he wasn't feeling too good. We ended up getting off early at a stop in Astoria and found a bathroom in the back of a deli for him to use. Then we continued on our way back to Rego. Ate at the mall for dinner, Panda Express, and drove in traffic home with the zone leaders to their home. Dropped them off and went to give a member a blessing that has been in the hospital for a month now. That ended our night actually. But it was a very memorable day. 
"Remember when we were young and breaking all the rules they made?" Today was a fairly slower day. We had the usual morning followed by eating lunch at KFC. Went to the church and found a couple members to look up today and knock around. Then we went to work and didn't find much success with the members but we got to talk to a few people. That was good until dinner and I made chicken and rice for the first time in forever just to make a recipe for an elder and have pictures to go along with it. Then the Korean elders called and said they were on Staten Island and needed to get off. I don't know. But we picked them up and drove them to Brooklyn and drove back in traffic... as usual. But we got to look up a few of our investigators before the end of the night. 
"Get, get, get low when the whistle blows." 
"Oh-oh, sometimes, I got a good feeling. Yeah. I got a feeling that I've never, never, felt before, oh no. I got a good feeling, yeah." 
Today marks the end of my sister mission! 18 months of being out! Crazy how time flies and today was a pretty great day. We had district meeting after studies and we had elder Parrish there today since he was on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Then we ate lunch and went to the church to weekly plan for a bit before going on our exchanges with the Zone Leaders. We got there to eat dinner and then went out. I'm with Elder Hunt, my MTC companion! We went and taught a potential the restoration and it was a pretty good lesson. Tried to teach a less active right afterwards but they weren't home so we knocked and found 2 solid people. Both said to come back tomorrow at 1-1:30. Then we looked up a few people but they weren't home either. That ended our night but we celebrated the night as elder Fowles, Hint, and I all hit our 18 months today. Then elder Stewart was there for the ride:) 
"I didn't kill my wife!" 
"I don't care!" 
Exchanges were the best. We had the morning routine followed by correlation at the church. We tried to contact a few people that we were supposed to teach today but sadly they all rescheduled so we went home and ate a quick lunch before going out to look up some members and knock around them. Went to go help a lady move but there was no man in the home until later so we didn't end up helping then but they went back after exchanges and helped. Instead we knocked a building and ended the exchange. Went home and got a quick dinner before visiting some of our investigators and then ending at a member's home for our Friday night dinner and lesson. 
"There has been a disturbance in the force." It was General a Conference Saturday today and it was a great day! We started off with a ward Activity at the church of an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a brunch. Then the conference started but elder Stewart and I went to a lesson after the first talk. We went with a member as we are teaching a woman and needed a male to go and her name is Margaret. I usually don't disclose investigators names unless they are progressing or been working with them for a bit. Well today's lesson we taught the restoration and invited her to be baptized. She accepted a date for May 6 and we are excited as she is progressing, on date, and even said she is coming to tomorrow's first session of conference at the church. She is amazing. Afterwards, we got lunch at sonic and looked up a member nearby but no luck. We then went knocking for a bit but no success and we returned to the church for the afternoon session. We stuck around the church and did somethings online as the elders quorum had a dessert activity in between sessions as well. Attended the priesthood session and headed home immediately afterwards for another round of it tomorrow. 
"Do, or do not. There is no try." General Conference Sunday and it was a great day! We had the normal morning and lunch before heading to the church and guess what...Margaret did come to conference and her daughter! So we had 2 investigators at church this week. Then we ate something in between sessions and went back for the final one. This time it was just the missionaries but we told Margaret how to listen to it in the car while she is traveling. After that session, we tried to go visit some investigators and did some knocking till the end of the night. 

So we are going to start with Margaret! As you read, she is on date for baptism for May 6, and she came to the Sunday Morning of Conference with her daughter Samantha! She got to hear the prophet speak on the importance of the Book of Mormon and that is what she wants to be doing! So we are excited and afterwards, she said she learned a lot from it and we showed her how to listen to it online for when she is driving so hopefully she listened to it for the afternoon session. Howard is great and took us on that awesome tour last week which I will include pictures from it. I took most of the pictures with my other camera, the good one, and I got them on my iPad to send. He is an awesome guy but isn't progressing too much right now. We are hoping to change that and get him progressing again. Kendall is great. I met him Monday and he is a really sweet man wanting to do what is right. He wants to learn more before committing to a baptismal date so we are focusing on reading the Book of Mormon with him. That's the way he will learn! 

Now I know that was a lot of words for some people to read. It's too many for me to write, but I do it for you guys. So let's look at some pictures. Love you all and have a great week! 



In the Audi S4 supercharged. 


The ocean is so calm



The Harbor nearby 



Our temple group. My face got cut off...

Sister mission accomplished. 


Watching conference. 

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