Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #68 Letter & Pictures

I am Groot!! (Hello everyone!)

Well this week was awesome. Elder McCulloch got areabook finally on
his iPad so now we can both be using it for our planning and
scheduling. He wasn't allowed to until week 5 of training so it's not
like he didn't want it, he just couldn't. So we were able to use
simplified planning like it should and we were running out of time
each day to accomplish everything that we needed to.

"So this year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special,
special." Preparation day! Best lazy day of the week. And today we
were able to have a normal day for the most part. Did our laundry in
the morning and then took it home and went to the mall to eat and get
some Christmas gifts for the family and then shopped at Target for
food. Headed to the church next to play card games with the Freeport
elders for a bit and emailed. We took a break to get drinks and went
to the post office to get a box to send my Christmas gifts home. But
I'm not done yet getting all the gifts. So we continued playing games
and then after preparation day ended, we went to the Browns and shared
a quick message with them and then tried to go visit Will and Sherrell
but they weren't home. Then sister Tessell called and said she had
food for us to pick up so we went and picked that up and shared with
her the Christmas Initiative video and she loved it. So special. That
concluded our night.
"You've broken into my vault. Congratulations, you're a dead man."
Today was just amazing. We had studies and then lunch, like usual and
went to Jamaica to pick up elder Ko and we headed back home when we
got called to go straight to their apartment so we went there and
dropped him off. Then we did our daily contact at the church until
dinner. After dinner, it gets good. We had a lesson with Delano and he
had some questions that were super good and he wants to continue
growing spiritually he said so we were able to answer his questions
with the restoration lesson and he really wants to read the Book of
Mormon so that is awesome he now has that desire to read. Then we had
a surprise visit to Eddie since we haven't seen him in a while and he
said he was feeling pretty down today so it was a miracle we came he
said. That was cool and we got talking and it led into the Plan of
Salvation lesson with him and how he wants to go to the celestial
kingdom! Haha:) everyone should want to go there! But he was really
open and wants us to come back Friday night. So excited! And our daily
planning continues to get deeper and more in depth but we are planning
for less and less people since we take so long with some people. So we
are working on shortening it to what we need but we come up with all
these good ideas that we got to write them all down! So we run out of
time a lot.
"Baby this is getting dangerous! Danger-dangerous." Happy 14 month
anniversary! Only 10 more to go. But I got to say, ever since we
started doing daily planning better, these days have flown by insanely
fast. Feels like Monday right now to me. But for today, we had our
studies in the morning and then went to district meeting immediately
and the Zone Leaders came today! They were very helpful and answered a
lot of questions. So it was a good district meeting. Then we ate lunch
at McDonalds because elder Corbett wanted it so we got it and went
back to the church to eat it and I heard a dog there that I haven't
heard since I was home and totally forgot about. It is the quote I
used today. I forget the artist but I recognized it instantly. Fun
thing for the day and after that, we went and taught Bill Goodhue and
he is doing good. We haven't seen him in a while because he has been
busy but it was good. We then went and tried to contact some referrals
but nothing so we went to the Andersen's for dinner and that was great
as we were able to share the video through them with 3 of their
friends on Facebook or Instagram. Then the rest of our night was going
to cancelled appointments. Right when we get there, they cancelled so
that stinks but nothing we can do. So during that time we did daily
contact and tried to find as many people as we could but not many
people were where we were. So short night.
"Gus, don't be a gooy, chocolate chip cookie." So today was another
slow day as Elder McCulloch was sick and slept the entire day. The
only time I saw him awake was during personal study and then he fell
asleep on the floor in our room and didn't wake up for lunch or
dinner. He did move to his bed though and so we spent the entire day
in our apartment. This is getting difficult as I am running out of
things to do. I watched Meet the Mormons, a Christmas devotional form
last year, and got caught up doing my journal and read other things
around. Also called a lot of our investigators to reschedule and set
up things for tomorrow to do and this weekend. I also took a nap after
dinner until about 8. So it wasn't a total waste of a day. I just
couldn't do all the missionary work I could if we were out and about.
So that was our day.
"Nothin goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch
it." Today was an awesome day. We had studies in the morning and then
lunch, as usual but then we went about our afternoon of contacting
referrals and we were able to talk to a lot of them and sadly not many
are interested anymore. But their neighbors are nice and we were able
to talk to a lot of them:) Shared the video a lot. We also gave a
church tour via FaceTime to Charlie and Dave was there to help as
well. We were at the Littleneck chapel but Dave and Charlie were at
their nursing home so we took them on a FaceTime tour of the church.
It went really well and it was a lot of fun:) Then we contacted more
referrals until dinner and then we contacted more referrals after
dinner until we went to go look up a member bishop asked us to go look
up. Turns outhe lives in Connecticut now but his cousin and aunt and
uncle live at the address we have and have 2 sons that served
missions, 1 just got married in the temple, and they have been to
church but not recently and aren't baptized this family we met. SO
cool and they love missionaries:) So we will be going back to try to
work with them some more. That ended our night on a good note.
"Eat brick, kid!" We are running out of time. Literally, everyday, we
don't have enough time anymore to accomplish everything we need to.
Here's how: we had studies in the morning and to make more time, we
ate at TacoBell for lunch to speed up lunch and then went and
contacted referrals that we planned to. Only 3 and work in the area a
bit and then go do our weekly planning until dinner at 4. We only got
through 3 people for weekly planning out of 11. Then we quickly ate a
dinner at home and went to a lesson with Dave Bailey. He ended up not
being home and didn't answer his phone so we knocked the area and got
to talk to a few people but only got to show the video 2 times today.
Then we had to do daily contact for everyone and so we sat in the car,
both of us going contacting everyone with Facebook, text, call,
whatever we needed to. Which is why we are in more trouble when the
wifi in the car stops the free trial. We had to leave from there and
go to the lesson with Charlie and Dave and on the way there, Elder
McCulloch did more daily Contact stuff and we prepared for the lesson
for like 2 min before we went in. The lesson was great with Charlie
and we talked all about the church today and the similarities to the
church in Christ's time. Far wards, we went home as it was 8:30 and
the whole ride home, Elder McCulloch did more daily contact. This is
starting to look like our day everyday now. Packed to the brim and
running out of time to find and we are now running into the problem of
scheduling lessons. We now plan a week in advance for lessons so the
people we do meet on the street, we meet with either during the day,
or the next week. We are running out of time in a day! And we are
always talking about how to help our investigators more. We hardly
have casual conversation anymore.
"Now who would soak a rope in kerosene?" Church today and another
packed day. We had our studies in the morning and went to church to
meet with some members before church to see if they could come out
with us this week but they ended up running late and we talked to them
after church. But church was good for us. No one came to church from
our pool but we have plans for next week already and we taught gospel
principles class. Always fun to teach and after church, we talked to a
lot of the members we could and went home to grab something for
bishop's wife and went to bishop's for dinner. It was funny tonight as
we were talking about all the weird foods we have ate and elder
McCulloch had a lot from Malaysia and disgusted almost everyone there
at one point with what he has eaten. Then we had a lesson with Will
and Sherrell finally. It's been a while since we have met with them
and today was great as we were able to start over and reestablish our
purpose and committed them to pray to know if they should get baptized
on the 29th of January. So we could have a baptism then! And that is
the first Sunday after a transfer... so we will see if I'm around
then. And we went home afterwards and planned for tomorrow.

We are already in December! Time is flying so fast now. So for our
investigators this week, we met with Delano and he is awesome. He
wants to become more religious and be doing the things that he should
be doing in this life. We are still working to get him reading the
Book of Mormon more regularly. Will and Sherrell we were able to meet
with again! We focused on starting over and asking them what they want
to get out of our lessons and they were kind of shocked at that
question. They didn't quite know so we tried to point them in the
direction of getting baptized and living the gospel. They liked it but
we are trying not to force them that way. Just point them and keep
egging them in that direction. We got them on baptismal date for Jan
29 now and to pray about it. They are still hesitant as they know they
need to get married or move out. (Move out wasn't really an option for
them) so that is a big step they have to make to get married and then
baptized. Eddy is still hard to meet with and keep him accountable to
keep commitments. But he wants to meet with us, his schedule is just
what gets in the way. Charlie is doing great! We got a church tour on
Friday via FaceTime and followed up Saturday and he wants to come to
church to try it out and see what it is like. Challenge is getting him
to church in his wheelchair. Finally, the Browns are doing great. They
are reading and praying together which is amazing. When we stopped by
a few times last week, we could see and feel the difference in their
home. So nice and they are just going through a lot of trials and even
more has come in the past week so they are really trying to hold
strong to the gospel to help them through it. That's all for our
people! We are trying to contact referrals and talk to everyone but
not many new investigators are coming out of our efforts. We did find
that family Friday night that have a lot of potential so we will be
visiting them again to try to get them to come back.

A lot of reading and not a lot of pictures this week, sorry!

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