Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #72 Letter & Pictures

So as you can see from the subject of this email, I got a new
companion this week and a new area. But I am still in Lynbrook and
cover Lynbrook's area. Here's how it all happened:

"You know what, I'm done. They are so weird here." Preparation day! We
had our laundry in the morning and ate at Burger Shack. So good! And
tried to go shopping at Target near the mall. Mistake. It was so
packed with people. So we decided against that and went to Freeport
and hung out and emailed. We just talked with the other missionaries
that are there. Ate at Wendy's and went back to the church to do our
daily contact with everyone and got to get back at the sisters tonight
by scaring them. Once we settled in, they tried scaring us but elder
McCulloch was paranoid and barricaded the door. So when they tried to
scare us, they just hit their face against the door😂. But we started
a war with them. Finished our daily contact and tried to have a lesson
with Will and Sherrell but they weren't home. They were out and about.
So we headed home.
"Everyone needs a hobby." We are back to normal today. Even the
weather was back to normal, it was mid 60s all day and I never wore a
jacket toady:) We had studies and lunch in the morning and went to
contact referrals in Valley Stream and ended up talking to 3 different
people for 20 min each almost and had really good street lessons with
them. Then rushed to district meeting and had a really good district
meeting. Tried to teach a new investigator but they rescheduled to
tomorrow so we visited Chris and were able to meet with him and teach
him. Had dinner and did some daily contact until our lesson with
Eddie. We met him at Wendy's and were able to teach him about
repentance and the Atonement. Then we taught Bill and focused on our
loving Heavenly Father. That ended our night. So nice to be back to a
normal schedule again.
"Are we there yet?" We did a lot of driving today. We started early at
9:30 to go to a lesson at 10 am on the other side of our area. Didn't
happen, because he wasn't home. Then we got a call from the assistants
asking us for a Chinese Book of Mormon that we have at home so we
drove home and drove to their apartment and dropped it off on our way
to Jamaica, Queens to pick up a package for elder McCulloch that has
been there since Christmas. Then we had lunch at Panera Bread before
we went to Freeport chapel and did some daily contact. Then we found
out the sisters aren't feeling too well so we picked up some medicine
for them and dropped it off at their place. Headed down to Oceanside
to contact for a bit and boy was it cold down there by the ocean.
Members invited us over for dinner tonight so that was our next stop
and visited a referral in the area afterwards. We forgot the Bible she
ordered, a large print one, so we had to drive home and pick it up and
drive back to have a good lesson with her. We will be handing her off
to the sisters soon as we feel they should teach her. Visited more
referrals and looked up a member but turns out he doesn't even live
there anymore. So we headed home after that. In total, we drove 102
miles today... that's a record. And lastly, President called today and
confirmed flight plans for Elder McCulloch to go home Friday. I know
it is sudden but we have known since last Friday that he would be
heading home but I didn't include it in last week's email. But he goes
home Friday.
"So I'm drawing a map thats leads to you. Ain't nothing I can do. Im
falling, falling, falling." Today was a good day for elder McCulloch's
last day in NY. We had studies and lunch, then went to Freeport to
weekly plan for Will and Sherrell. That was good and then we went to a
lesson with Tom whom we met yesterday. That was a great lesson at
Dunkin Doughnuts. Always fun to teach lessons there. Reminded me of
Flushing. Then visited a member to help her out with a few things and
then ate dinner at Wendy's and tried to have a few lessons over
messenger and went to a home but none of them went through. So we then
visited Bishop and Elder McCulloch said goodbye to him and then we
visited the Carters. And ended the night with visiting the Malinkas.
Then we headed home and he started packing. It is very sad to see him
"We've come a long way, from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all
about it when I see you again, see you again." It was a very crazy day
today. We sat around home all morning while he finished packing and
the sisters came by to pick up their journals he signed. We then
headed to Rego Park and I met my new companion there, Elder Sakurada.
His companion went home today as well with Elder McCulloch so we are
companions. He was serving in Little Neck and we found out from
President Reynolds that he still is... and I am still in Lynbrook. We
cover both areas now and have 2 pools of investigators and members
that we are working with. This is only going to last until the end of
the transfer so only 3 weeks. We went to his apartment and picked up
his stuff that we wanted to take and dropped it off at my apartment.
Ate a quick lunch and then we went to try to go to a lesson but no one
was home. Visited 2 referrals and got to contact one of them. We
visited Eddie and got to teach him for a few minutes before we had to
drive all the way up to Great Neck in the north part of Little Neck's
area to pick up some food a member gave to us and then drove all the
way down to ocean side for dinner with the Carters. We went to
Freeport afterwards and tried to have 2 lessons over skype or
messenger but one said he couldn't do it and the other never
responded. So we did daily contact for others and headed home.
"It's the end of the world as we know it." Not so much the world but
of 2016 it is! Today was interesting. We found out a lot of new
information. Elder Sakurada's companion that went home was the
district leader and president doesn't want 2 elders and just 2 sisters
in a district, Little Neck district is now combined with Lynbrook for
the rest of the transfer! So we have 10 missionaries in the district.
We have the assistants, the Lynbrook sisters, Little Neck elders,
sister training leaders, and us! Hard part is I have to separate the
numbers since Little Neck is part of a different zone. Still working
through all the details but I think I got it for the most part. We had
early lessons and went to the first one and he said to come back in an
hour so we tried to visit the Browns but they weren't home. Looked up
a referral but not home. Worked the area for a bit and went back to
the first lesson but this time no one answered the door. So we ate
lunch at the church and did some daily contact stuff. Wasn't feeling
too well at this point and went home to get a few things to take to
Little Neck for the missionaries up there and ended up throwing up
lunch. Not again... but felt better afterwards. Drove to Little Neck
and dropped off the food for them from the member in Little Neck and
drove to Freeport to continue daily contact and gave some supplies to
the sisters in Lynbrook before going to target just before we had to
be in to get a few things. One of those being this gear ball to keep
ourselves entertained all night while we sit inside from 6 pm on. So
that's what we did, we played with it for 3 hours and solved it a few
times by pure luck each time. We couldn't quite figure it out so we
could get it every time but we will get there. But happy new year
"Well there's something you don't see everyday." Well here it is to
another new year. I got a rude awakening today when I saw a video from
the ball drop from my family and after the celebration, they said this
is the year I go home and reality slapped me in the face. But today
was good. We had correlation in the morning and tried to find rides
for our investigators but our investigators weren't responding so
didn't know for sure if any of them were planning on coming or if they
wanted to. None came in the end, so sad. But church was good for the
other missionaries. Everyone had people there and we had a full gospel
principles class which I got to teach on the spot. Lucky me. And got
to help with tithing again after church. We tried to visit a potential
in Little Neck's area since we were up there but they weren't home.
Went to bishop's house and ate dinner there which was super good and
ended the night with teaching Dave. Weird not having Charlie in for
those lessons but it worked out. Then headed home and started with the
duo district calls and duo reports I need to do. I got it all done
tonight so I don't have to worry about them tomorrow!

Elder Sakurada is my companion now and we cover both Little Neck and
Lynbrook areas now. We have both pools and so we have more
investigators to work with. Only problem is we don't have more time.
We still have the same amount of time.

But for our investigators, Eddie is doing good. We got to meet with
him and encourage him to keep reading the Book of Mormon on his own
everyday. Wasn't able to come to church though. Then Will we weren't
able to talk to very much and haven't been in contact with him. Not
sure how he is doing. Delano we haven't been in contact with either
and that is the same for most our investigators. We are going to try
to get back in contact and set up lessons for this week and get back
to normal again. Last week started off normal but ended with a holiday
so it was hard and got a new companion and area so it was lots of
confusion near the end. But we should be getting back into the mood of
things again.

Hope everyone had a great week and a Happy New Year!


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