Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week # 80 Letter & Pictures


This week was pretty good. It was a little different as every week day
we had something going on from half preparation day last week, temple
trip, exchanges, interviews, and district meeting. Everyday we had
something that filled our afternoon but it was a fun week nonetheless.
I like it when our days are full and busy cause that means I don't get
bored. So here is the week in a nutshell.

"Low flow shower heads? I don't like the sound of that." Well today
got worse on being sick from yesterday. Wasn't feeling well at all
today but we still had to get some things done. The sisters brought us
over a chicken noodle soup which was very delicious and they went to
the dentist or someplace to get a wisdom tooth pulled. Yeah, on the
mission, so sad. We got our laundry done and went home to put it away
when the sisters asked us to get them shakes from McDs. So we got them
shakes from McDs and took it to them. Tried to go shopping but it was
way crowded from Presidents' Day today so we tried another place and
still the same results and at this point I really wasn't feeling well
so we went home and I crashed till the end of the night. We were gonna
do deep Clean but that's gonna have to wait.
"Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travelled the
world and the 7 seas. Everybody's looking for something." Today was
our actual preparation day as most of you could tell, I didn't not
email yesterday but I emailed today. That's due to Elder Sakurada
going to the temple for his 6 month anniversary of being on a mission.
I go on my 18 month mark end of March or sometime in April. Crazy
stuff. So while he went there, I was with Elder Williams who is
serving in Jamaica, Queens right now. We did not know what to do all
day and we emailed for a bit and then decided to go to the beach in
Lynbrook's area and hang out for a bit. Ate at Five Guys and headed
back to Rego. I didn't go back with Elder Sakurada, we started our
Zone Leader exchange right then and I went to Jamaica with Elder
Parkinson and Elder Sakurada went back to Lynbrook with Elder Hardy.
Elder Parkinson and I went to Chipotle for dinner, dropped my stuff
off at Jamaica chapel and went to a lesson. They fed us a little, not
too much though and it was really good. Everyone spoke Spanish so I
could understand what they were talking about, I just couldn't speak
back. Afterwards, got my stuff and went to their apartment.
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Today's exchange was really fun. I
have still had this cough though since Monday that hasn't gone away
and a runny nose and sneezing a lot so not too fun for me right now.
But we did planning and went to the church for studies but got a call
to help close down a missionary apartment from the senior couples that
are the housing coordinators so we went home and changed and walked to
help move. Took 2.5 hours and then once we were done, we ate lunch and
did personal and companion study. Then contacted for a bit till our
lesson. Another Spanish only but he could understand English just not
be able to speak it very well. Kinda the same thing with me and my
Spanish. Then we walked back home and packed up my stuff to exchange
back. We exchanged backs and elder Sakurada and I drove to Lynbrook
and ate at Subway for dinner. Then I wasn't feeling well at all and
had a terrible cough that hurt and sneezing that also hurt. Couldn't
stop blowing my nose. Yeah, it was bad so we stayed in for the night
as I crashed on my bed as soon as I got in it but kept waking up every
10 minutes to cough or sneeze.
"These are not the droids you're looking for." We had interviews with
President today. So that means we went back to Jamaica for that.
That's was in the late morning into the early afternoon and then we
went to Freeport and backed up elder Sakurada's iPad as it is not
working properly so the mission office said to take it into a Best Buy
or Apple store to get it fixed under warranty. We went to Best Buy
next but they couldn't do anything so we are planning to go to an
Apple store Monday that is barely outside of our area in Little Neck.
That took up a good chunk of our afternoon so we filled the rest with
look ups. Had dinner and went knocking for a bit. Not much success but
we talked to a few people. Then we tried contacting referrals till the
end of the night.
"You're a wizard, Harry." Its Friday! I like fridays:) today we got up
and after studies, went and took our car to the Chevy Dealership to
get the recall notice fixed on it. Took an hour and a half and then we
ate lunch and did some weekly planning until district meeting. Found
out that there is a baptism in the ward tonight and we were asked to
go so we went to it right after dinner for an 8 year old in the ward.
Nice baptism, but a little stressful as the baptismal font didn't
start getting filled until we got there so it started a half an hour
late and was a little chilly. But overall, it was good. It took up our
entire night so after it, we went straight home.
"We were gonna play the game like we got nothing to loose. Well, I
lost something." Today was a very interesting one. We had our usual
morning followed by look ups of members. We are almost done with our
10 names and going through the 8 steps for them. Just a few left. We
knocked around a few of them and then we sent emails to a few of them
at Freeport and tried to find them on Facebook but that is really
difficult when we don't know what they look like. We also tried
looking up 2 of our referrals and we got in contact with one of them
and they said to come back Thursday and wants us to teach her kids as
well. Had dinner and during dinner we get a text from President
Reynolds asking to come out teaching with us. We told him we had a
lesson at 6 and so we planned it out to meet him there and we get
there but they weren't home. So we went knocking in a near by area
with President Reynolds and talked with him for a good 45 min before
he had to go. That was really fun actually. Intimidating, yes, but
fun. Then we looked up our last referral but they didn't answer the
door. Then Elder Sakurada's iPad was freaking out so we went to
Freeport to sit down to try to fix it. It required him to change his
passcode 5 times and then he could go back to his original but the
iPad kept mistyping it and so he got locked out for 15 min at a time
and it happened 3 times that way. Finally got it and contacted some of
our investigators and headed home for the night.
"If you douse me again and I'm not on fire I'll dismantle you and sell
you to a community college." It's Sunday and we had a pretty normal
morning, no meetings. We did make calls and send messages to people
reminding them of church today and ate lunch and went to church. Good
day, and afterwards, we had dinner and went to see the Browns. They
are still getting ready to move and now they have a car to move in so
they said this week should be the week. We'll see. Then went down and
taught Dave and gave the priesthood lesson to him. Then headed home.

So not much on Investigators. We do have potentials this week that we
scheduled lessons with so we are excited to have some new
Investigators finally. We also have a solid referral lesson on
Thursday and get to teach the kids. Cool part about that referral is
that it came from a missionary serving in Utah and the referral is her
aunt. The missionary asked us to email her and keep her up to date on
the progress. Kinda cool I think. Then on exchanges, Elder Sakurada
taught 2 people and got return appointments with both of them so we
have more lessons! It's finally coming together:)

Hope everyone had a good week. This week I felt like taking selfies a
lot so you get selfie pictures. Have a good week everyone!


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