Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week #79 Letter & Pictures

So many of you can notice I'm emailing today. And it's not Monday.
That's because Elder Sakurada, mi compañero, is going to the temple
today for his 6 month mark. This is crazy because I remember him
coming into the mission back in Zone 5 and now he has already hit his
6 months. Time flies when you're having fun.

So you're all probably wondering how the week went and by the subject
of this email you're probably wondering what the "Cold" part of it is.
Truth is it was really warm this week and it felt amazing Sunday and
yesterday, I just had the common cold sickness for those two days
actually. Ironic how that happens on the 2 days it is in the mid 60s
but whatever.

"What a wonderful smell you've discovered, princess." Preparation day!
Today we did the normal, laundry, lunch, shopping. Today we got hats
and I got a snap-back Patriots hat that's gray and black. Elder
Sakurada got a 49ers hat. We were walking around the mall and just
walked in and out of store until we went to the church and emailed. No
one else came though as the Freeport elders were in minneola and the
sisters were off somewhere else. So not the most entertaining day but
it was a nice break. After preparation day we went to visit Delano for
our lesson but he wasn't there so we did look ups. Then we ended the
night with doing our daily contact with some people but it doesn't
take as long now that we don't have as many investigators as we used
2-14-17 Valentines Day
"Sugar, yes please. Won't you come and put it down on me. I'm right
here. Cause I need, a little love, a little symphony. Yeah you show me
good lovin. Make it all right. Need a little sweetness in the night."
Happy Valentine's Day! Nothing new happened today though because of
it. We had studies and then we had district meeting and we had the
entire district there. Went and got lunch and did a look up down in
Long Beach but he wasn't home. Knocked until dinner and then we had a
meeting with Bishop and the other missionaries and we were just going
to talk about the ward and how we have a little less than 100 people
coming every Sunday and how we have 650 on our records. So we are
going to start working to get all their records sent to the right
place and find those less active. But we ended up getting dinner and
then talking about the members so that was nice. That didn't leave
much time after wards so we went knocking for a bit.
"Cause if you think, that I'm, just holding on. Then baby, you should
go and love yourself." Average day today. We went to the church after
our usual morning and started to work through the member list bishop
gave us and mark who we know and their current status and know where
to start. Took a little bit and then we went to work and we have been
assigned to start in the back so we went to visit a few families or
individuals. A few we found out moved but that's not all we have to
do. We have to go through this 9 step process to figure out where they
moved to to send their records there. If that's doesn't work, we send
it to salt lake. So it's gonna take a while to go through the list. We
had a lesson set up at 4 but they weren't home. Had dinner and
continued our look ups for members and then did our daily contact at
the end of the night.
"If I got locked away, and we lost it all today. Tell me honestly,
would you still love me the same?" Today felt like a Friday. I don't
know why but it felt like a Friday all day today to the point I
thought I missed ZTM. It was crazy but it was good. We continued
working on the list of members and did some weekly planning. We went
through and tried to decide what to do with some people whether that
be keep trying or give them one more chance before dropping. Then we
got a text from the mission vehicle coordinator that we need to
schedule and appointment to get our car's oil changed soon as there is
a recall notice on 2017 Malibus. So we went to a Chevy dealership and
got that all squared away and went to dinner at the Andersen's. Went
all the way up to the Browns and got to teach them. And continued
working through the list to end the night.
"Shot through the heart and you're to blame darling you give love a
bad name." Today was actually Friday. And we did have ZTM today which
took up our entire afternoon. We got there at 12 and left a little
before 4 and went straight to dinner. Then we taught Dave in the
nursing home and afterwards, some other missionaries asked us to pick
up some jewelry at a house in our area for their investigator. Odd,
but we did it and will be giving it to them Tuesday when we go to Rego
Park for Elder Sakurada's temple trip. Then we just did some look ups
of the member list. That was our tiring day.
"You've got to play the game like there's nothing to loose." It's
Saturday! And it was an average day. Usual morning, usual lunch, and
we went to Freeport to call/message all our investigators, all the
"Other", "New", and some "Potentials". It was effective as we started
to drop a few people that we haven't seen in 2 months or more. Then we
went to contact a referral but she wasn't home so we went to visit a
member we tried earlier this week and we know she still lives there
but she wasn't home either. Had dinner and went back to try to contact
that referral but still not home. So we knocked for a bit until we had
to get petrol for the car before Sunday and headed home.
"You want bread?"
"Yes please."
"No soup for you!"
It's Sunday and I wasn't feeling too well today. Yesterday I felt a
cold coming on and today it hit. We did go to church all 3 hours but
when we got home for dinner I crashed. Slept through the night and
woke up just in time for the district calls and then went right back
to bed. Boring day but church was good. I was trying to stay awake
during it though. Didn't have anyone come to church today sadly but
Binbin is close. We just need to find new Investigators.

Nothing new for investigators. Didn't meet with any but we met members
this week. We got to talk to a few less actives and try to start
helping them but not many want to come back or don't have the time.
But now we have to help them want to come back. We do have other
members we want to get in contact with as the active members say they
were awesome when they were coming to church but something happened
and they are now less active. So our focus in on members and we are
still trying to find Investigators along the way but we need members
to help the investigator.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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