Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week #74 Letter & Pictures

This week was a good one. We went on 2 exchanges and had ZTM on Friday which was really good. We talked about my favorite subject right now, simplified planning:) and that isn't being sarcastic. It really is my favorite thing right now. 

"Execute order 66." 
"Copy that." 
We are on summaries of the day 66! Been out for 67 weeks now. That's a lot of weeks. And today was pretty casual day for preparation day. We had studies and made the Zone leader calls to both zones. Both of those take like 15 min each and then we did our laundry. We ate at Wendy's and put our clothes away and emailed for a few minutes before we went to the mall and walked around. I got a new tie. Pretty cool one. Then drove to Freeport and emailed there until we went to the Andersen's for dinner. It was fun tonight as usual and then sister Tessell wanted us to pick up some food too so we picked that up and did our daily contact for everyone. That was our night. Not much to it. Oh, and during calls tonight, found out that the STLs are getting another sister as part of their companionship. A sister is going home Wednesday and so her companion is going with the STLs so now we are a 11 missionary district as of Wednesday. 
"You shall not pass!" Well today was an interesting one. We were about to start studies when we got a call to help out with a blessing so we drove to Port Washington in Little Necks area and helped with that. Went to Burger King afterwards and then went and taught Anne. She is a new investigator we met like a week ago and were able to teach her and her mom the full restoration. Then we got to finally meet with the Browns, but it was just Jo and Jannell. Kids were off at school. They are doing great and then we had a quick lunch and did some daily contact stuff. Went to visit a referral but he wasn't home so we knocked around and got to teach one other person. They were curious about us but no open to give contact info but we know where they live for future reference. Ate a quick dinner and elder Sakurada packed for exchanges we are having. Then we taught an investigator in Little Neck named Ritu. She is awesome and her son. They are going on a trip though to India for a month so this was a last lesson before that so we focuses on reading and praying while she is away. Then we went to the church and exchanged and I'm with Elder Johnson! He is a trainee that has been out for 5 weeks and is called english speaking. Super cool and we went and dropped off some supplies at the assistants apartment and drove home. 
"We will get there when we get there!" The exchange was great today. We had studies in the morning and we did some 12 week as well. Then we had a quick lunch and went to district meeting. The assistants were not there but everyone else was! After district meeting, I helped walk Elder Johnson through a weekly planning session and helped him see the potential of planning and he was amazed by it. It was pretty cool to see how excited he was to try it out himself. Then we tired to visit a potential but she wasn't home so we knocked the area and had dinner at home. Then visited a member bishop wanted us to visit but they moved to Trinidad so we knocked that area as well and found a cool guy that has met with missionaries before but didn't have much time today so we left him with our card and headed to the church. We did some online work and had an exchange review and exchanged back. Elder Sakurada and I headed home. 
"Are we on the equator yet?"
"No, because we would see a big dotted line going across it."
Today was one of those weird days. We had studies and lunch followed by weekly planning at the church and then a member called asking for a blessing but we needed a male to go with us to enter the home so we spent an hour calling and trying to visit people to find someone but no one was available so we resorted to giving the blessing outside. Then the office elders called and asked to come by to check our keys to the apartment but we only have one set so then we went to Home Depot to make more. But we made a pit stop at the sister's apartment and they needed more as well so all of us went to Home Depot for keys and then we had to go to a lesson with a less active that a member referred us to. That lesson was good and then we ate at Taco Bell and tried to visit Will but he wasn't home. So then we did daily contact till the end of the night.  
"Clarkson! ... funny, now get me down." 
"Well I don't like snoring so I decided to move you away." 
We had Zone Training Meeting today so we had studies and lunch and headed to Jamaica for the meeting. It was a great meeting and had lots of useful information. I felt like I learned a lot. And afterwards we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and Elder Parkinson came to Lynbrook and Elder Sakurada stayed in Jamaica with Elder Corbett. So we went to visit a new investigator again but still not home so we tried calling her but no answer. Then we got dinner at Chipotle and visited a referral. Not home so we knocked around. Went home quickly to message a few people and do some daily contact. Visited another referral but not home but the other person that answered the door said to come back tomorrow. Visited a few members bishop wanted us to visit and nothing came out of them. Not home or doesn't live there anymore. That was our night. We had other lessons scheduled but they all cancelled so we had an open night of finding. 
"Well since my partners aren't here, I assume they are dead so I made this grave site for them." Today was a pretty great day. We had studies and then we went and taught the Browns and then we went knocking no taught a doorstep lessons and then taught Darlene and Carl. Three lessons in a row! And we got a decent amount of seeds planted with it. That when we had to go to Jamaica and exchange back. Elder Sakurada and I dropped some supplies off at Freeport and got some lunch. Went and visited a potential we taught earlier this week but they weren't home but they will be tomorrow night so we knocked the area and got more seeds. Ate dinner and did some daily contact stuff until we went and taught Dave. He is always fun and that ended our night. 
"Can I just say if I'm kidnapped, I don't want to hear any of this: 'Well, you know, we don't give in to kidnap-demands.' Just pay; I don't want to beheaded on the internet." Today was a pretty good day. We had correlation in the morning and then finished studies and had lunch. Went to church and we got to teach the CTR 6&7 class. That was interesting. Such a rowdy group. After church we had ward Council and then dinner. Went and taught Anne and her mom again but focused on the Book of Mormon as she hasn't been able to read it on her own. Then we visited a potential that we visited yesterday as well but they said today they aren't interested anymore so we dropped them and knocked a little bit. That concluded our night and I made the 4 calls to the district. That took an hour of itself. 

We got Carl and Darlene on baptismal date this week! Their date is for Feb 11 and we are excited to help them progress to that point. They weren't able to come to church yesterday as their daughter wanted to go to their church to be with her friends. But this upcoming week, they should be coming. Eddie we were not able to see this week but talked to him a few times. Just wasn't able to set up the lesson. Our other investigators haven't improved much either this week. We were able to find some new Investigators so we hope they will turn into progressing ones. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


I ripped my shirt pocket this week but sewed it back up. 

The end of my exchange with elder Johnson 


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