Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #65 Letter & Pictures

It's that time of the week again!

To begin, we had a pretty average week with interviews with our
mission president and Mega Zone Conference. Yeah, both in the same
week. Before this transfer, we had only 1 of them per transfer, either
interviews or mega Zone Conference, but starting this transfer, we
will be having both. It came from the general authorities and they
want them to be happening every transfer. Just means more meetings for
us! But to more important matters:

"Oh, when I look back now. The summer seemed to last forever. And if I
had the choice, yeah, I'd wanna be there. Oh, those were the best days
of my life!" Preparation day! We had a pretty fun day today too. We
had laundry after studies and went shopping. Ate lunch and went to the
Freeport chapel to email and played card games with the Freeport
elders. Then we went home and ate dinner and did our daily Contact and
set up a few lessons this week and went to Will and Sherrell's. We had
a good lesson with them but went on for a while. So afterwards, it was
time to go home.
"Forever young, I wanna be, forever young. Do you really want to live
forever, and ever, and ever?" Today was a pretty good day. We had
studies and lunch right afterwards. Then we got ready and went to
service for Ralph and helping him organize some stuff. We also worked
on the house a little bit too which is my favorite to see how it all
works. Then we went home and ate a quick dinner to go see a referral.
She liked to talk for a long time so we just stood there while she
went through all her problems she is facing which is a lot of family
problems. Very sad and none of it is her fault but that took a while
and afterwards, we talked to 2 guys who came up to us and asked, "Who
are you voting for?" We started talking and it led into a discussion.
We talked about what we do as missionaries. then we went to visit
another referral but not home so we went to the Freeport chapel and
did daily contact for some people and then visited Vinny but he did
not have the energy to visit so we went home after that.
"Some legend are told, sometimes to dust or to gold. But you will
remember me! Remember me for centuries!" Today was a really good day:)
We had personal and companionship study in the morning and then went
to interviews with president in Jamaica. Always an amazing time to
spend time with him one-on-one. Then we drove home and had lunch and
went to district meeting. We tried to visit Eddy at his home but he
wasn't home so we knocked for a few minutes until we went home and had
dinner. Then we visited a referral to drop off a Book of Mormon but
they weren't home. Went and visited with Dave and Charlie and stopped
by Sister Tessel's to drop off her Tupperware she gives us for dinners
and headed home.
"You, are, a toy!"
"And you are a sad, strange, little man."
So for today, we had our usually morning of studies and lunch. Then we
got the car washed for Mega Zone Conference tomorrow and then went to
the church and did our weekly planning for a few people. We then went
and visited the Browns and shared a quick message with them. Then we
met the Andersens at a restaurant and they bought us dinner. So kind
of them! We went to a local Spanish restaurant and it was super good.
Went back up to Hempstead for a lesson but he called 5 min before we
got there to ask to reschedule. So we then went to the Freeport chapel
to do our daily contact for a few people. That ended our night!
"Yo, listen up, here's the story. About a little guy that lived in a
blue world. And all day and all night and everything he sees is blue,
like him. I'm blue, da-ba dee da-boo da, da-bo dee da-boo da, dee-da
boo dee" We had Mega Zone Conference today! We had it at the new
Flushing chapel too that was supposed to be done a year ago when I was
there! But anyways, we were the first meeting ever in it so that was
pretty cool and we could smell it, it was still brand new and the
sweets were very firm still and nothing scratched. So clean! We had
workshops on simplified planning, asking for referrals and finally we
got to see the new Christmas Initiative video coming out later this
month! Light the world is what it is called and it will be a great
tool to have for this holiday season coming up. I'm so excited to be
able to share it with members and investigators the same. We drove
home afterwards and tried to visit Eddy but he wasn't available so we
went to the Freeport chapel and did our daily contact for everyone.
That concluded our night.
"What are you doing?"
"... let's be honest, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."
"Are those bullet holes?"
Today was another referral contacting day. We contacted like 7
referrals all around in our north, west section and knocked/street
contacted all around them to get a lot of seeds and asked for a lot of
referrals. That was most of our afternoon until we went and taught the
Browns and got them coming to church hopefully tomorrow. Then we had
chipotle for dinner and went to the Freeport chapel to do daily
contact and then visited more referrals in that area, which is the
east side of our area. So we got a lot of referrals contacted and now
we only have 7 uncontacted at this point in time. When I first got
here, we had in the mid-thirties and had over 40 at one point. So we
made a lot of progress! Slow and steady contacts referrals! Haha:)
"This will be the day that you all will remember as the day you almost..."
We had a day of meeting today. We had correlation in the morning at 9
and then we went home and tried to find a ride for the Browns to go to
church. It was hectic and we had to compromise to only Jo and his son
come to church, not all of them. We then went to church ourselves and
had a good day of church along with Ward Council after church. We then
went to visit a referral and he said we could come back in a few days
again. Then we had dinner at Bishop's home and went to the Freeport
chapel to do our daily contact. We were going to go visit Dave and
Charlie but Charlie wasn't feeling too good so Dave just said come
back during the week. Then we went home.

This week we didn't meet with a whole lot of people but we did have a
lot of meetings, more than usual. But we still were able to meet with
Will and Sherrell, Eddy and the Browns. These are like our focus right
now but we do try to find other to teach. Will and Sherrell are doing
good. We started over with everyone like I mentioned last week and
focusing on the Book of Mormon and restoration and make sure everyone
understand it and then move on. We aren't for sure on how we'll Will
and Sherrell remember it from the last time they were taught it but we
need to meet with them again. Eddy is very hard to meet with. We tried
just showing up and he was home but he really emphasized call
beforehand. And then he doesn't answer when we call or text. So still
working on him. Browns are progressing. Jo and his son came to church
yesterday and they wanted everyone to come but we just couldn't find
the ride for them. But we are working to get Jo the priesthood so he
could baptize his kids. That's the goal for them! He met with Bishop
so he knows what he needs to do in order to get to that point and then
we are working to get them to church so they can be active in the

Have a great week everyone!


District (minus elder Sirrine) 

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