Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #62 Letter & Pictures

Happy Halloween everyone!

This week has been good. We were able to meet with a lot of people and
even start meeting with some new ones. I also did tithing again
yesterday for the ward! I'm not the clerk or in the bishopric but they
needed help. You can read about that in Sunday's summary. Tomorrow is
transfers and I am staying in Lynbrook. But Elder Draper is leaving!
This is my first companion to only spend 1 transfer with!

"Who's going to clean up this mess? Why you are! Because you, are, the
garbage man!" Preparation day and it was pretty relaxing again. We had
our studies and went and did laundry. We got some things we needed
from the store to get us through the week and then we got ready to go
to the park. We arrived and played basketball for a few minutes while
we waited for some members and the sisters to show up. Sisters showed
up like 1/2 hour later and so we were waiting for the others just
tossing the football and shooting the basketball but the members never
came when they said they were. They started leaving when we had to go
so we said to try again next week or the week after. We showered and
dressed for the night. Went to Freeport and emailed. Visited sister
Tessell and gave her a blessing and she gave us food for dinner. We
then got water for our family and shared a message with them after
wards. Headed home after that.
"Scooby-doo, where are you?" Well we had a good day today. We had
studies and daily contact for some people. Had lunch and went to
district meeting. Weird to think that was our last one for the
transfer already. Then we went to go contact some referrals and got to
teach 1 of them. Then we knocked around the area and taught one of his
neighbors too:) that was pretty cool. Then we visited another family
but they aren't interested anymore so we went by the shop in Lynbrook
we visited a few weeks ago  and talked to the lady that owns it. She
gave us free drinks again but we weren't able to talk as she had a lot
of customers but she said to come back this weekend. Had dinner and
picked up John and Drew. Went to visit an investigator named Chris and
he goes to the same school as 1 of them, forget which one, but they
know each other. So we have a fellow shipper for him. Then dropped off
the YM and visited the second Brown family. After that, we went home.
"How do I get out?
"There is no way out!"
"Just kidding, door's right over there."
Today we were supposed to go on exchanges with the assistants but
something came up for them so we weren't able to. We moved it to later
this week so hopefully that day will happen. But we went and got water
for our family early in the morning and went to Wendy's for lunch.
Went and did some service for aunt Mary and cleaned her basement
windows on the outside and it was cold! The water made it colder when
it got on us too! Then we went and visited Will. Sherrell wasn't there
so we just taught Will and he had a pretty funny story. He told us
that yesterday his mom asked him for a favor. She said to get a black
hoodie, black mask, and black clothes to go to their storage unit to
break out their stuff and take it back. He was not down and tried to
convince her to not do that but to pray and hope for the best. They
didn't end up going through with it and the money was donated by
Will's Sister to pay for the months rent for now so the storage place
didn't auction off their stuff. Prayer works! Then we went to the
Anderson's and ate dinner. Shared a spiritual thought with them and
followed up from last week's topic. They invited us to seminary
tomorrow morning at 6 am so we said yeah we would go. We got excited.
Went straight to the Brown family and was able to teach them a good
lesson. It went really well as we were worried about the topic. Went
and visited Gregg, a potential but he was sick and got a call to give
a blessing to a sister. Then we went home and got another call from
the sisters to go get some medicine they didn't have so we went out
and got that for them and took it to them and then went home again.
"Thriller! Thriller night!" Mission veil is a thing. I have forgotten
the rest of the song, sorry. But we had an early one today! We got up
at 5:30 to go to seminary and it was pretty fun. All the youth walking
in gave us blank stares as they were so tired and confused as to why
we were there. It was pretty funny. Then went home and got ready for
the day as for seminary, we just threw on what we had yesterday and
went. Had studies and lunch. Then we went and helped Sister Stevenson
and her landlord wit a few things in their home. Then Sister Stevenson
showed us a few of her guitars she collects. She used to give them for
free to the missionaries who wanted on but now we aren't allowed to
have guitars. Then we went home and did deep clean for the afternoon.
This is a smaller apartment so it did not take as long. We then met a
member at her university and she got us dinner at her dining hall
there with her two guest passes. Felt right back at BYU with all the
college kids. Then we met with Bishop to discuss the needs of the
Brown family and their situation. Then we met with the Brown family
and got to teach them some more. That concluded our night.
"I said dart gun, not...ugh! Ok!" Well, we had another great day here
in the Lynn of Brook. Daily contact is in the morning after studies
and then lunch. Went and tried to find this tie Jo wanted to give to
him as a present but couldn't find it. Then went to the church and
weekly planned for a few hours until we went and met with Eddy
finally. It's been a while since we've seen him. Had dinner and went
to see Delano. He is a cool guy and we were able to teach him the
restoration and this other lady in the house listened in for the last
half of it. She was a little interested and will be there for the next
appointment we have Delano on Wednesday. Then visited Will only again.
Sherrell wasn't there:( so we talked with him again and followed up
with him. Visited the second Browns but they weren't home so we
visited the other Browns. He started work today and wanted to check in
on him. He is doing good and enjoyed the first day back in a while.
And that was our exciting Friday.
"And if you douse me again and I'm not on fire, I'll dismantle you and
donate you to a community college." It was a crazy day today. We had
our morning routine and then we went and walked around Lynbrook for
the rest of the morning and for early afternoon. We had lunch at
Wendy's and walked to the card shack to talk to Mike who works at it.
He is cool and gave us another discount and Elder Draper got a pack of
basketball cards and he got an autographed card. Beginner's luck. Then
we ate at a doughnut place called Doughology. Super good doughnuts and
then walked to visit our other friend in lynbrook that owns the candy
shop/deli. Then we walked back and went to the library to do a few
things on the computer and then went to the Ward Activity. We got
there at 3 but no one else was there that we could see and so we
waited for 20 min and a few others showed up and we walked and found
where it actually was. Eddy, our investigator, even came and had a
good time talking with everyone. It was awesome. Then we played some
basketball with John and some other kids wanted to play. They only
needed a 2 vs 2 and so I hung around with Josh while Elder Draper and
John played on the court over. Then we had dinner and went to visit a
potential but he was really busy. Went to go visit another potential
but got a call to do water for our family and then the Browns called
and said they were in the hospital for their baby. She had a very high
fever so they wanted us to come give a blessing. We thought they
wouldn't let us passed the waiting area since we weren't family but we
did the water and went there afterwards and they wouldn't let us by
like we thought but we got to talk to Jo and get an update. That ended
our night so we headed home.
"It's livin la vida loca!" We had a crazy day today. Not too crazy but
a little more than usual. We had our studies and daily contact in the
morning. We also called some referrals and set up a few times for this
week. Ate lunch and then went to church. The bishop asked us to help
with tithing as they don't have a branch clerk, the second counselor
was out, and the bishop was busy so I got to do tithing again! It was
cool to do it again. Then we went and saw the Browns. Jo and his son
came to church today!! It was great to see them there and then after
we saw them, we went to 2 referrals and dropped off the Bible they
ordered but they weren't interested in anything else. Bummer. Went to
Bishop's home and had dinner and had to wait for him to take a metro
card to a less active family for a bit. He was at meetings and then we
went and saw Dave again. Every week he says it will be this week he
leaves so he always wants to see us before he goes but how he has a
place and just waiting to hear when now. So he will probably be gone
this week and then we dropped off the metro card and went home!

So we weren't able to meet with Sherrell but we did with Will a few
times. Not much progression. We got him to want to go to church, even
without Sherrell but something came up Sunday making him not able to
go. So close! Then Eddy came to the ward activity Saturday and said he
was goi to come Sunday but didn't end up coming. We thought for sure
he would. But Jo Brown came to church with his 8 year old son! The
whole family didn't come but they came so that was a good step in the
right direction. It is just hard for them with no transportation.

Today, we are having a little district activity before the assistants
have to go do what they need to do and pick up the new missionaries
straight out of the MTC. Then we are going to a dinner appointment
with the Anderson's before we have to be in at 6 pm. That's the rule
for Halloween and New Year's Eve!! We will see what we end up doing

Love you all and hope everyone has an incredible week!


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