Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #82 Letter & Pictures

Hello everyone! 

So I got transferred and I found out Tuesday that I was coming to Staten Island! And I got to say I love it here. This place has everything! It has amazing views of Brooklyn and Manhattan, has lots of places to eat at, a great ward that is a little bigger than Lynbrook, and plenty more I haven't even seen yet. We got a good pool and people to work with and plenty of finding opportunities. I'm excited for this area. Not sure if this will be my last area as I have 5 transfers, including this one, left. We'll see. 

So here's how the week went. 

"We've come a long way from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again." Transfer calls came today and I am getting transferred. I've spent 4 trainers here and I am going to miss it. It felt like home here and so in the morning, we did laundry and took it home. Then ate lunch at a pizza place with the Spanish elders. Then we hung out at the church and played games. Jay came and gave us all haircuts. Then we changed and went to Dinner at the Andersen's for the last time. Said goodbye to them and tried to visit brother carter but he wasn't home. Visited bishop and his family to say goodbye and then finally said goodbye to the Malinka's. Then spent the night packing and finished around 11 to go to bed. 
"Hello. It's us. We were wondering if after dinner you would like meet to go over our beliefs." Well, today was pretty sad for me to say goodbye to Lynbrook. As I was driving to Rego Park for the transfer exchange, I was super nervous as I had no idea where I was going. When we got there, I found out I am going to Staten Island and still am a district leader. My companion's name is Elder Stewart from Arizona. He is fresh out of training so he has only been in field for 2 transfers. The Zone Leaders are in my district and both of them came out with me. In fact, one is my MTC companion elder Hunt. There is also 10 missionaries in the district so I am back to a giant one. We had the leadership Meeting and afterwards, got all my stuff in the car, yes we have a car again, and took some other missionaries luggage to their apartment on the way to Staten Island. Then we drove through traffic and got to the apartment at 7 and unloaded the car of my stuff. Ate a quick something and then went to go drop off a bible to a referral. She was nice and we gave her a Book of Mormon but she is moving Friday to Florida and said she doesn't need help moving. Bummer. That was our night as it took a bit of a drive to get there. 
"You raise me up to stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas." Today was a good day. We had district meeting after studies and lunch. I got to meet all 8 other missionaries and we had a good time. Each companionship has a new companion to the area too. All 4 sisters are in training meaning one from both companionships is a trainee and the other is a trainer. After district meeting we made calls to a lot of our investigators and by we I mean Elder Stewart as I know no one here. Then we did look ups and we talked to a few people but they all said to come back on the weekend. We had dinner at KFC and then went to go visit a referral to potentially teach. He said to come back on the week end as well. Went to the church for a few things to do online and then tried contacting one referral that we first went to the wrong address as the address we got didn't exist so we started trying to guess which street it would be. After we found the wrong one, we found the right one but no one was home. Ironic. But that ended our night. 
"Good morning Vietnam!" These days are flying by fast too. I thought it would go by slow here since I am new but they fly by just as fast as it did in Lynbrook. We had studies and lunch until we went to the church to do a few things online. Then we tried to visit a potential investigator but they weren't home so we went back to the church to do weekly planning. We did that until a member showed up and started talking to us. He is cool and loves dogs. He talked to us for like an hour before we just finally said we had to go. He looked like he was ready to talk all night. Then ate dinner and did some look ups of potentials. Nothing came out of those but we did make calls in between and got a few lessons scheduled for next week. That ended our night. 
"When the lights go down in the city. And the sun shines on the bay! Oh, I wanna be there in my city, oh-oh." It snowed today! This snow needs to stop! Yesterday it was mid 60s and today was low 30s. And it was a finding day. We went knocking after lunch and went for about an hour when we couldn't feel our toes anymore. Then we knocked on this one door and a guy my age answered. We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave him one as he was curious about it and said he was leaving soon but felt bad for us so he pulls out a $10 and gives it to us to get a hot chocolate to warm up with. We tried saying no, but he was adamant about it. So we went to Dunkin and got hot chocolate to warm up to and went back out knocking in a different area this time. It stopped snowing and was sunny now. We talked to another guy around our age and he was also interested in the Book of Mormon but he wanted to read it before we come back. So we will give them a few days before going back. Ate an early dinner at Dominos and went to the church to eat it and do stuff online. Went knocking for a bit but no success this time until we went to a member's home. She is less active and wants help understanding the Book of Mormon so we help her with that and she fed us a small dinner. That ended our night. 
"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it." It's Saturday. And it was freezing. We first we knocking for a bit before our lesson with an investigator but that lesson didn't happen. We had to get another set of keys for our apartment so we got another at Home Depot. Then we went to the church and got some look ups we were going to visit. Went and visited them. Nothing came out of them though and saw this cool 9/11 memorial. Then got dinner and went knocking in a neighborhood. Everyone didn't want to talk because it was too cold or they were eating dinner so that was rough. We were freezing too. Then ended with look ups to stay warm.
"It's Saturday and we takin Hogwarts. Don't believe me? Just watch!" Sunday and today was interesting. We have church at 10 am so we did a normal morning until we went to church and that was interesting. It is a ward we are in and there are lots of members here. Pretty cool and we also taught elders quorum. It was Ch. 5 from teachings of president Hinckley on Daughters of God. Interesting topic. Then they had a pot luck after church and a baptism but the baptism was taking a while to get started so we had to leave before it started to go to a lesson with one of our progressing investigators, Howard. He is pretty cool, loves boats and does a lot of service for his neighbors. Awesome guy and at the end of the lesson, he offered to take us on a tour of Staten so we were down for that some day. The lesson itself was rough as he likes to talk a lot so we couldn't bring it in after he went onto a new subject. But still a good guy and means well. Then we went to visit a potential that said to come back today but wasn't home. Then we went to a less actives home and he is something else. He is a big teaser to missionaries and loves to make jokes about going to see movies or watch movies in his home. His offers are tempting but nah. I'm good. And he knows that too so he keeps it a joke. Not actually going to do it. He fed us dinner and afterwards, we went and did a look up before going home for the night. Still district leader so I made the calls. 

So I met Howard yesterday. He is our most solid investigator that I've met. He is awesome and loves to help everyone out. He would be an awesome member, we just got to teach him. Like I said earlier, the lessons are hard to teach him as he likes to talk but we just got to interrupt otherwise we would never talk. Rude, yes, but necessary. Then we had a lot of finding time this week and found a few people we want to go back and see so hopefully sometime soon we will be able to go see them. 

So I have a lot of pictures from transfers and the new area. Hope everyone has a good week! 


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