Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week #75 Letters & Pictures

It's that time of transfers again, transfer calls... and I get to be
staying here in Lynbrook for my 4th transfer here:) I'm excited to
stay as we have Darlene, Carl and Chelsey progressing so well and I
didn't want to leave. Also this area is a great area so I'm even more
excited to stay but I do realize this is probably going to be my last
transfer here. I've spent 4 transfers in all my areas so far.

For how this week went, it was pretty average.

"Why is it whenever something happens it is always you three?"
"Believe me, Ive been asking myself that for the past 6 years."
Preparation day! It was really fun today as we had a party at Freeport
and a little one at Little Neck. We did our laundry and got ice cream
and supplies at Walmart, then went to Freeport and played games. The
Freeport, Minneola, and Lynbrook missionaries were there. That was
really fun and then we went to Little Neck and arrived a little late
but still got to talk to them for a bit. For the night, we went and
contacted referrals that we had and got to contact 3 and Contact
around them for a bit as well. That was our night.
"Give it here Malfoy or I'll knock you off your broom." Today was
great. We had district meeting in the morning and we got our 11
missionary district picture which has been my goal since we got our
11th member. Then we got Halal and deep cleaned our apartment. Tried
to visit Eddie but he didn't answer and so we contacted referrals in
the area and had dinner. Then we did daily contact stuff till we went
to Bishops and talked about Gold Mine things and went to Little Neck
to start our exchange. I'm going with Elder Barker!
"Snape! He trusted you! He trusted you!" Exchanges were great today:)
We had studies and went to visit a potential investigator but they
weren't home so we ate lunch at Taco Bell before our lesson with
Darlene and Carl. It was a good lesson and we talked about the Plan of
Salvation. Tried to go to another lesson on the same street but they
weren't home. Then we went to Freeport and did a weekly planning
session to show elder Barker how to do one or a basis to start with.
Then we did some contacting and daily contact until dinner. After
dinner, we did some daily contact and contacted until we exchanged
back at Little Neck chapel. It was a really fun day:)
"Follow the spiders? When Hagrid gets out of Azkaban, I'm going to
kill him." Pretty boring day, well, an average day. We had our morning
routine and went to Freeport and did weekly planning for a bit. Then
tried to contact 2 referrals. One doesn't live there and the other
wasn't home. Then we had dinner at sister Tessell's and she was so
funny. That was the highlight of my day and the best dinner I've had
on my mission it was so funny:) just so many wise crack jokes and
teasing. Then contacted around the area and did daily contact stuff at
the church till we had to go home.
"You want me to hold my breath underwater for an hour? You must be
joking!" Today was an interesting one. We did the morning routine
followed by driving to the Little Neck apartment and deep cleaning it
for a bit. Then went to the little Neck chapel and changed into
proselyting clothes and met this couple there that wanted to meet.
They asked for a church tour so we happily gave them one and asked
questions along the way to know where they are coming from and come to
find out they are looking to rent our church for their own church
services on Sundays... well darn. Then had dinner and did daily
contact and tried contacting some referrals and got to contact one and
got a return appointment for Thursday. So that was good and contacted
around the area until a little more daily contact and then went home.
"He's back..." Today was an interesting day. We helped out at bishop's
Storehouse in the morning and went to the lesson with Darlene, Carl,
and Chelsey with the young women's president coming along. We had a
great lesson helping Chelsey, their daughter, want to come to young
women's and to come to church to meet the other girls her age. Then we
had lunch and went to the Little Neck apartment to clean it a little
more and get the rest of elder Sakurada's things as we found out this
morning that apartment is closing. No missionaries will be going to it
next transfer I what that means. So elder Sakurada is probably staying
in Lynbrook or going to a different area. So much confusion now. Then
we contacted some potentials and tried visiting referrals till dinner.
Went to visit some Gold Mine people at night and contacted around
them. Visited the stake primary president again to see if her son was
home but he wasn't. So we knocked and went home afterwards.
"Harry Potter, the boy who lived, come to die." Today was full of
meetings. We had correlation in the morning and then went home to
finish studies and lunch. Went to church and taught Primary again,
crazy kids. Then hung around for a bit until we went to Flushing for a
Priesthood Leadership Meeting for the stake. That took up our night as
by the time it was over and we left, it was time to go home. Like I
said, a day full of meetings. Then made calls all night to the

Darlene and Chelsey came to church yesterday so that was amazing to
have them there again but Carl couldn't make it as he was in New
Jersey for the day. But they are progressing well. Chelsey wants to go
to YWs this upcoming Sunday now and she got to meet a few other YW at
church but they left right after sacrament meeting. They were the
biggest focus this week as everyone else we couldn't meet with. It was
weird. Eddie we haven't talked to all week so not sure what's up with
him and the other investigators. We need to find new ones now as our
older ones are disappearing. Great time to start now at the beginning
of the transfer!

Hope everyone had a great week! Love you all!


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