Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #61

Another week, another email!

This week was pretty amazin. We had some fun exchanges and yummy
dinner Friday night. We also had Stake Conference. It is funny because
this is the same Stake that I came into a year ago in Flushing and my
first Sunday was Stake Conference so it was like my 1 year anniversary
again. It was fun. I also heard a funny story during the conference in
the adult session concerning Hurricane Sandy. So here it is:
Our stake president was part of the church's council with helping the
community so he was in all the calls and group chats when Sandy hit.
The recent mission president here, President Calderwood, had
missionaries volunteering for months and they also had a lot of
members shipped in to help with the clean up. We had over hundreds of
thousands of hours in service given from the church alone. The funny
part comes in the end. The church didn't leave until it was mostly
fixed and people could get back to their normal lives again. Others
left once they were safe and that's it. But in one of those calls the
Stake president was on near the end of the clean up, they said there
were two groups still working. 1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints and 2. The Mormons. Guess we still have work to do on
getting that confusion clarified.
I laughed at that one:) but we actually aren't done helping. Down in
Belle Harbor/Far Rockaway, we were still helping build back homes,
it's just the members weren't as involved anymore. But anyways, bought
that was funny.

"A soldiers way saves the day!" Preparation day! More like relaxation
day for us. We did laundry and shopping after studies and then sat
around the apartment and emailed for a bit until we picked up the jugs
to fill with water for our family and then took them back. Emailed
during that time and went to a dinner appointment with the Andersons.
It was a good lesson with them and got them to start sharing the
gospel on Facebook. Then contacted our investigators and less actives
we are working with and ended the night visiting the Bumgarners.
Brother Bumgarner is the elders quorum president so we talked about
how we can help in any way and also how we could help sister Bumgarner
with the YW. Shared a quick thought and headed home.
"I'm hooked on a feelin! I'm high on believe that you're in love with
me. Yeah I'm hooked on a feelin!" Another Tuesday, another day. Got
some studies in before lunch and rushed to district meeting 1/2 hour
early to contact some of our investigators. District meeting was good
but the assistant's weren't there again. Got a big ol' thing of
Mountain Dew Pitch Black edition from Speedway and got to weekly
planning for 1 person. Then we tried to download a video to our
devices that the ZLs want us to watch everyday but couldn't and had no
computer so we went to the library and got library cards to download
it there but saw that it got sent to us over iMessage and that worked.
So didn't need the computer but we got library cards out of it. Had a
little, tiny dinner the size of pasta and headed to Hempstead for 3
lessons that would cancel basically on us. First hour we tried to
switch lessons but didn't work out and ended up calling all our
referrals to try to contact them. Second hour we got to spend with one
of our lessons but only 1 person was there and we were missing the
other one. Tried to go visit the Browns but the dad wasn't home early
enough for us to go in so we went to the church to try to have a
Facebook messenger lesson with him there but never worked out. From
there, it was time to head home for more planning and writing. I had
to spice up today's journal to keep me sane.
"What are we doing down here?"
"We are waiting, I am smoking."
This morning we did some service for sister Hare in her garden again.
It looks way different now from when we first stated. The pond is gone
and now there is a lot of dirt there to plant flower and plants there.
Then got cleaned up and had lunch. We tried to visit a referral in the
most northwestern corner of our area we can go. We don't have a number
so we have to visit and he wasn't home then so we went to the church
in the bottom east corner so opposite side to do more weekly planning
for people. We get through about 1 person a day before we have to go
somewhere else. We went to go visit a referral to drop off the Book of
Mormon but they weren't home so we walked around to talk to people.
Met a lady from Lehi, UT and gave us money for dinner. She was very
persistent about it too. So we went to a place elder draper knows of
and it was really good. Only problem was it was expensive and to keep
it within the budget we got mini tacos that didn't fill us up but
we're amazing nonetheless. Then went and taught Will and Sherrell and
visited the Browns but couldn't stay as we got a call to go to
correlation tonight. We went and then went home.
"Are we at the equator yet?"
"No, because we would see a big dotted line going across."
Well we had a pretty normal day for the week thus far. We had studies
and then lunch. Contacted our investigators and less actives for a bit
and then planned for a person and then helped the sisters learn how to
plan and went through a person with them. Went to pick up dinner from
Sister tessell and then went to visit Will and Sherrell and then the
Browns again. It was good lessons for all of them and then we ate the
dinner sister Tessell got us and headed to Jamaica for exchanges and I
get to spend the day with Elder Corbett!
"Who's ready to have fun?
"I am."
"Me too!"
"Now are you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to
have fun?!?!"
"I really want to have fun."
"I'm just saying I want to."
Today was a pretty amazing day. So we will start from the beginning.
We woke up and went to the church to not do studies immediately but to
daily plan for Saturday, tomorrow, to make sure we are doing it
correctly. Didn't finish but we got a few pointers on how to improve
and then we did studies. Elder Corbett and I only had a short personal
study before our lesson showed up and taught him in Spanish so I was
no help and then went to help him at a real estate place to translate.
I sat there and we got outside and it was down pouring. So much rain
and so we had to walk through it back to the church and then we got
lunch at a nearby restaurant and ate at the church. Did the Facebook
contact for them and learned a lot. Still raining so we decided to do
some finding through Facebook. Then it stopped so we went contacting
for a bit and came back to help a member with family history. Had our
exchange review and ended it. We then went to meet the Carters at a
restaurant named Jordan's Lobster farms. We were going to have an
investigator wait our table but he didn't work there anymore actually
so we couldn't meet him but it was still fun as the Carters are
leaving tomorrow for Utah and won't be back till after transfers so
they took us to eat there like they do for all missionaries and we all
got Lobster and it was delicious. Messy and yummy. Afterwards, they
told us of a 20lbs Lobster that came in and so they took us down to
see it. The Carters are friends with all the waiters and waitresses
and even the owner so it felt like we got VIP treatment. They even
gave us free tshirts from there! It was such a fun day today. What a
"Are we done yet?" Today was pretty fun. We got up and had some
studies and got water for our family and then got Wendy's. Did service
for an older lady and then went home and showered and got ready for
Stake Conference meeting today. We first had the Priesthood leadership
meeting at 4 for 2 hours and then we got Chipotle in between sessions
and had the adult session for another 2 hours. Went home after that.
"He's religious, I think it's required." We had stake Conference today
and it was harder to take notes as we sat right next to a couple of
families with small children so they were much more entertaining to
watch. But still good. We then helped clean up and went home and ate
lunch. We dropped off 3 boxes of Book of Mormons in Spanish at the
Freeport chapel and went to go give blessings to some members I
haven't met before. They are really nice. Then visited the Browns and
had to go get water for our family directly afterwards. That brought
us to dinner and I ate some little amount as I was sewing on my new
American flag patch with the blue line across the middle of it during
dinner. Then we went and contacted our way to see Dave. He is leaving
soon and we are trying to get as many meetings in as we can with him
before he goes. Then we tried to look up a couple people in Long Beach
but nothing. So we headed home.

As far as investigators, we are at a standstill with them. Will and
Sherrell we are able to meet with but we don't know where to go next
with them. Kinda stuck and their situation could be changing making it
harder to meet. Eddy we can't get in contact with so we haven't been
able to meet with him. And our new investigators we have found, we
haven't been able to contact them either. So standstill for them. Then
for members, we have been visiting them and trying to get them out
with us and have referrals but it's hard to get them involved. They
are so busy and have a lot on their mind already. Hard.

But hey, we had a great dinner Friday! One of the best on the mission:)


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