Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #70 Letter & Pictures

This week was an interesting one!

"We've come a long way from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all
about it when I see you again." Well, transfer calls came today but I
am not being transferred, nor my companion. So we get to finish 12
Week together in Lynbrook! I was very relieved to be staying as I have
packages for Christmas here I didn't know how to transport if I got
transferred to a city area. But I don't have to worry about that now
so I'm good. But sister Fouts, Elder Ko, and Elder Sirrine are all
leaving the district to go home. So many! So today we had usual
laundry, and shopping. We picked up a cake at a bakery and went to the
church to party it up with the other missionaries leaving from
Freeport and Mineola. We played Clue which I almost won but elder
McCulloch beat me there. After preparation day, we went to visit a
referral and got to teach her about the Book of Mormon. Then got
dinner from a member and visited a potential but he wasn't home and
then visited another potential, but she wasn't home either. That's
when we headed home as it was that time.
"I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was. To catch them is my
real test, to train them is my call!" Today was pretty fun. We got up
and did some studies for a bit and then we went to Rego Park. We went
there so early because Elder McCulloch had a doctors appointment in
Forest Hills and he didn't know how long it would take so we went on
temporary exchanges. I went with Elder Williams, a big linebacker that
played for Texas A&M I think. He played for one of the Texas college
teams. We went to the mall and got some Chik-fil-a for lunch and went
back to see everyone. I got to talk to a lot of people and saw a lot
of people are training and/or district leaders:) Sad part was how many
people I knew going home this transfer so I said goodbye to all of
them. Best part was getting the 5 generation picture of trainers and
trainees. Im in the middle of the 5 with Elder Ko going home, he
trained Elder Reese, Elder Reese trained me, and I trained Elder
Johnson, Elder Johnson is now training:) That was a highlight of
today. Leadership meeting was also good and elder McCulloch didn't get
back until after it so it was a really long doctors appointment. He
said it was mostly paperwork and they want to do something different
from the original plan so that would require President Reynolds
approval and the Area Doctor's approval from the church to do. So
nothing happened today, but later this week it might. So we could go
back to Rego later this week, we will see. Headed home and actually
went to help out Simone's husband moving some furniture which he was
really grateful for and we got to connect with him some more so that
is good that he is connecting to us. We want that so we could start
teaching them:) Ate a quick dinner and picked up a member that is
going on a mission next year to go out with us tonight. We went to a
lesson but it didn't happen so we looked up a referral and knocked the
area. Then taught Josh Brown who came to church. That was fun and
good. Dropped off the member and went home ourselves.
"We'd have more luck playing pick-up stick with our butt cheeks than
getting a flight out of here tonight" Today was a really good day. We
had our studies in the morning and elder McCulloch was excited that he
gets to do the 7th week finally as he has done the first 6 weeks twice
now. Had a quick lunch and headed to district meeting. We were not
able to have the assistants there but they were off dropping
missionaries off at the airport. But it was fun nonetheless. Then we
headed to see Bill and we caught him right before he was leaving and
got to talk to him for a bit about Jospeh Smith and he had a lot of
questions about the church after Christ was crucified. Good lesson and
then we tried to visit the Browns but they weren't home. That's a
first really as they are mostly home. So we headed to our dinner
appointment at the Andersen's and good thing we left when we did, it
was traffic crazy. But we got there on time and had a nice dinner. We
got a little sneak peek of Christmas Eve Jeopardy at their home. They
warned us they haven't lost in like 16 years to the missionaries. They
have their family, even their sons and daughters living in Utah fly in
and it is their entire family vs the missionaries, the 6 of us. The
questions are all gospel related and Christmas related so they told us
to study the New Testament and the hymns. Hopefully they have pitty on
us and have a Preach My Gospel section. After dinner, we taught
Charlie and Dave and headed up to see Will and Sherrell. The sisters
came along as we want to start having the sisters teach Sherrell and
we will focus on teaching Will so we had this sort of handoff lesson
tonight. It was really good and then headed home and planned for
"Low flow shower heads? I don't like the sound of that." Today was an
awesome day. We had great lessons and a great weekly planning session.
Only problem was the planning took an hour and a half for 1 person and
that's all we got through in the afternoon and set our transfer goals
as well. Then Elder McCulloch had to call the doctors office as he got
approval for a 30 day monitor. So we waited for them to call back as
we got out on hold so we did some daily contact stuff during that
time.we waited for a while only to find out they are waiting for a
call from the doctor that will oversee the monitoring. So they said
they will call back tomorrow and we went to a lesson with Eddy. It was
an awesome lesson and we got to invite him to be baptized on Feb 4. He
accepted and is going to prepare himself for that date! We are excited
and it was a great lesson we had. We ate a quick dinner and went to
visit Annette, the one we taught on Monday night and we got in to the
store she works at and she invited everyone there, which was only
workers, to come and hear our message. So we taught 5 people that
worked at this store the message of the restoration. It was pretty
cool to do and we were able to give out 3 Book of Mormons, 2 of them
already had one, and they were all grateful for the message. We then
tried to contact some referrals but nothing. Then we went and visited
Chris, an investigator the sisters want us to teach and we stopped by
unexpectedly tonight and were able to get in and teach him and his
mom. It was a nice lesson, one that helped out his mom more than Chris
but he still enjoyed it. His mom is a member and Chris is a junior in
high school. He wants to get baptized but something's are in the way
where he doesn't want to at the same time. So we will be working to
help him with that but it is nice that his mom is a member and wants
to get back to church. She works on Sundays but starting in the new
year, she won't be. So she will be able to come back. Then we headed
"Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree. I travelled the
world and the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something." Today
was about an average day. Studies and lunch followed by weekly
planning all afternoon. Today we got through two people until we had
to do our daily contact with people. Ate a quick dinner at home and
then went to visit a referral. We got to teach her about the Book of
Mormon and Jospeh Smith. Quick lesson but good. Then we went to a
member's home but right when we got 2 min away, they called and asked
to reschedule. Bummer so we tried visiting a member in the area but
they weren't home either. But Bishop texted us to look up a member
that got moved into our ward today and he is at the hospital
apparently but when we went to find him, the hospital had no record of
him. Then we went to Freeport and finished daily contact stuff and got
fed as the spanish were partying it up. Then headed home.
"You know I love Christmas, I always will. My minds made up, the way
that I feel." Today was an awesome day! We had a slow afternoon but
tonight was amazing. We had studies and lunch. And then we went out
into the winter wonderland that we woke up to called snow. It was all
melting by this point so it was slush. But we went out nonetheless and
visited referrals most the afternoon. We contacted a few and by the
end of today, we only have 8 uncontacted referrals. We are doing so
good! We also had a break of doing daily contact in the afternoon and
continued contacting referrals. Then we went to our ward Christmas
party. All day we were trying to find rides for our investigators to
come to it in Little Neck and we did eventually find rides. Eddie,
Will, Sherrell, Bill, Dave, and Josh Brown came to the party today! We
had a great turnout of investigators and we had a quick lesson with
Will and Sherrell with Josh helping out. When we got back, the members
finally showed up and we got started. We were able to talk to all the
people we are working with and introduce them to members. It was
really good and then we had a church tour with Eddie, Will, Sherrell,
with Josh helping out again and we had a quick lesson again in the
baptismal font room this time and talked about baptism. It was a
really fun night and helped clean up and headed home to plan for
"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Darling, you give love a
bad name." Today was not the most pleasant of days. I woke up with an
unsettled stomach and thought as the day goes on that it would go
away. We it didn't. We went to the Carters in the morning for
correlation and I wasn't very active as I wasn't feeling well up to
this point and when we got home, I payed in bed for 10 min when I had
to rush to the bathroom to puke. So that was lovely. I felt better
after that so we went to church but it slowly got worse again there
and then right after church ended, I had to run to the bathroom again
to puke. Ugh, throw up tastes nasty. Felt better again for like 5 min
before I started not feeling well again. I called the mission medical
nurse earlier and she recommended we go home for the night so that's
what we did. I payed in bed all night which helped the stomach not
feel terrible but when I got up at all, then the sickness feeling
returned immediately. So I spent the night in bed starting at 5:30. It
was not a fun day but church was nice.

So today I am feeling a little better. I still haven't ate anything
since Saturday night as I can still feel the virus in my stomach but
my system has been getting cleaned out so it's not as strong today.
But still not going to eat anything for a bit. Maybe for dinner

So last night I wasn't able to make district calls but Elder McCulloch
did it for me and he said that both the Zone Leaders and Assistants
have been impressed with our numbers the past couple weeks!!! That's a
nice compliment to get and it is nice to hear we are doing something

It was awesome Saturday night at the party as you saw, we had 5 people
that we are working with go to it and had 2 great lessons there to
help the investigators. Bummer though that they weren't able to come
to church yesterday though. But everyone is progressing besides coming
to church though! Everyone is starting to read the Book of Mormon and
we are able to teach them most of the lessons up to this point so we
are trying to work with them to start living the law of chastity or be
prepared for baptism. Hard part is we are mostly working to help them
over come the law of chastity. They don't want to move out as NY is so
expensive and they don't know if they want to get married yet. So we
are trying to build their faith to the point that they can make a
decision on what they want to do in the near future.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!


5 Generations!

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