Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week #73 Letters & Pictures

"Hellllllllooooo everybody! Settle down... settle down! Ok, we've had
a pretty big year ourselves."
"Oh, oh, oh..."
"No, no raises!"

This week was pretty good for us in Lynbrook. I felt bad as Lynbrook
kind of took over near the end of the week and we didn't do as much
work in Little Neck's area. We tried but the lessons we had got
cancelled and the people in Lynbrook weren't cancelling appointments.
So not entirely my fault or our fault, it kind of just happened. But
anyways, we found some pretty good people in Lynbrook, actually, we
didn't find them, they were referrals!

"I don't wanna be another wave in the ocean. I am a rock, not just
another grain of sand. Wanna be the one you to run to when you need a
shoulder, I ain't no solider but I'm here to take a stand because we
can." Preparation day! We had an early start with haircuts from Jay in
the morning and then did our laundry. Got lunch from a Chinese take
out and went to the church to eat it and email. Not much else happened
during the day but we gave some supplies to the assistants that they
needed. Went to the Lilly's for dinner, a senior missionary couple
that lives here in Lynbrook but serves in Far Rockaway so I knew them
from serving there. Then we tried visiting a referral we scheduled but
they weren't home so we knocked the area a bit but nothing came out of
it. We then made calls at the church and daily contacted. I don't
think I mentioned last week but our wifi in the car went out the day
elder McCulloch went home so we have to go to the church to do all of
that now. Oh well, we knew it was going to come eventually. Then we
visited 2 members Bishop wanted us to look up and the first didn't
answer the door, both times we knocked on it. We first knocked on it
then knocked the circle they were in and a little more and then before
we left we tried again because we knew someone was in there, they just
didn't want to answer the door. But we got to teach their neighbor
about the Book of Mormon so something came out of it! The next member
we looked up we knocked on the door and a nice lady let us in without
asking us who we are so I assumed she was a member but I never met her
before. Come to find out she is the Stake primary president and she
hasn't been to lynbrook for a bit as she travels to the other branches
and wards. She didn't recognize me and I didn't recognize her so I
didn't feel as bad but still. We were looking up her son who hasn't
been to church for a long time and never came down from his room so
never got to meet him but we planned with the member we did meet to
invite us over anytime for help with anything so we can spark a casual
conversation with him. She liked that and said she would think about
it and let us know. Then headed home.
"Don't talk to me, I'm on my popcorn break." Great day today. We had
studies and lunch afterwards. We went to Littleneck and made cards to
last us a few weeks until transfers and went knocking for a bit. We
got to teach 2 lessons and plan a decent amount of seeds. Then we
headed to Jamaica for interviews with president and that was great. I
got to ask him about Little Neck and he gave me insights on how I can
help them in these few weeks and I have a better idea of what to work
on in the next few weeks. Then we did some daily contact for our
investigators while we were there untill we had to leave to go to our
dinner appointment with the Andersen's. We had a great time and a
great lesson. We practiced teaching them the to keep the sabbath day
in preparation for Eddie's lesson tomorrow. We got some good insight
and they asked good questions so we feel like we are prepared now to
teach him. Then we visited a referral but they don't live there
anymore so we knocked the area and got to teach a lesson to a lady and
her mom and got a return appointment for Thursday night. Then tried to
visit another referral but wrong address they said so we knocked
around there too. That ended our night.
"You know the difference between you and I? I make this look good."
Interesting day today. We had studies and then went to the chapel to
weekly plan for Will and Sherrell and then went to Flaming Grill for
lunch. On the way there we started hearing this thump every second
while driving and we attributed it to the tires after 2 min of
listening to it and when we got to Flaming Grill, I checked it out and
found a screw in the tire... perfect. SO we called up the vehicle
coordinator and he said to drive it into Sears and get it fixed. So we
ate lunch and then drove to sears but half way there the screw flew
out and we lost tire pressure fast. So I pulled over and had to change
the tire and continued to Sears. W ergot there around 2 pm and got it
all set to get fixed and out by 2:20 to walk around the mall area.
They said it would be an hour till it would be done so we came back a
little after 3 and our car didn't change at all so we left again and
went walking again. Talked to a few people while doing that and after
another hour and a half of walking we headed back so now it is a
little before 5 and we get there and the car still hasn't moved so we
ask and they said we are up next so we sit there for 45 min before our
car finally goes in and is done in 15 min. Finally done after it just
took up our afternoon. Ate a quick dinner and went to an
investigator's home that the assistants teach and I did a baptismal
interview for her. That was my first one ever and she passed so they
have a baptism this Saturday! We then did our daily contact and headed
home. Great day.
"Where do these stair go?"
"They go up."
Normal day today. We had studies and lunch followed by district
meeting! It took us a few minutes to get started because when it came
time to start, only 2 companionships were there out of 5 so we waited
for 2 more to show up and then the 5th showed up 30 min late. Then one
of the original 2 had to leave early so we weren't able to get a
district picture of all of us... sad but we had all of them, all 10,
there at one point. Then we weekly planned for the afternoon and got
Halal for dinner. My first time having it since I left Belle Harbor so
it tasted amazing. Then we tried to pick up a member to go knocking
with us and go to a lesson but he couldn't make it so we went knocking
on our own and the lesson got pushed back a few minutes since they
weren't home yet but then later it go rescheduled to Sat night so we
continued knocking and then did our daily contact as we were freezing
at that point and needed a warm up. That concluded our night.
"You must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great
typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, and mysterious as the
dark side of the moon!" Normal day for the most part. We did studies
and then we went and taught a bomb lesson, meaning an amazing one. It
was a referral and she wants to change religions since she disagrees
with hers so she requested a Book of Mormon online and we stopped by
and taught her the restoration and she wanted to read the Book of
Mormon and come to church without us even asking her! She just wanted
to know where to start and where to go. Her husband is also sweet and
said he would read the Book of Mormon when he has down time in work.
Then we ate lunch and visited sister Tessell for a few minutes. Then
knocked around the Carters for a bit but not much success as it was
mostly a Jewish area so they didn't open up to us. Visited Eddie and
we got to answer his questions he has. The problem he has is that he
likes to go online and google things about church related things
pertaining to our religion in particular and so he comes across a
bunch of anti mormon literature and so we have to tell him they are
wrong and basically prove it to him that we are right and they are
wrong. He eventually gets our point and agrees with us but we are
trying to get him off that habit and just ask us from the start. Then
we went to Little Neck for a lesson at the church building but the
person cancelled on us once we got there so we went to the apartment
there and got a few things elder Sakurada needed and went to see Dave.
We had a fun contest with him, mostly between him and elder Sakurada
of eating a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich and drinking a 52 oz soda.
Elder Sakurada won with 1 min 42 sec and Dave having only 1/3 left of
his drink. I just ate one normal and slowly drank my soda. No way I
could compete with that. Then did our daily contact at the church and
headed home.
"I just wanna stay in my bed today and sleep." Today was a snow day!
But before it got bad, we went to Little Neck for the bishop's
Storehouse to help out and afterwards we got halal for lunch and tried
to teach Delano over messenger but didn't work out. He didn't respond
until later tonight and so we started filling the baptismal font for
the baptism today but after an hour of filling it up the assistants
called and said the baptism got moved to tomorrow as the snow was
getting worse and driving conditions were bad. So then we went home to
change into warmer clothes but got there to find out that we aren't to
drive any longer and got by foot. So we walked around for a bit but
couldn't help anyone as we had no shovels and no one wanted to talk
that was out. So we headed home and tried Facebook stuff all afternoon
and had dinner. Went out again but nothing then either. This time no
one was out for sure. So we tried to make the best of it. Pretty
boring day though.
"I can't feel my face when I'm with you. But I love it. But I love
it." We had a long day at church. We got there at 8:30 to start
filling the font for the baptism and then we actually went to Little
Neck's Ward and during sacrament, they announce that Sunday school is
cancelled and priesthood/relief society so they told everyone to go
home! It was so weird so we went and helped get the baptism ready.
Then the sister training leaders needed a large pint bible for their
lesson and we had 4 in our apartment so we drove home and got one for
them and drove back. Got there to start seeing members show up and
start the program. It was nice and simple. Eunice is the person that
got baptized from the assistants and she is awesome. Then Lynbrook
church started and it was great. Had all 3 hours. We even had that
referral from Friday come with her husband and their daughter! Her
name is Darlene and her husbands name is Carl and the daughter is
Chelsey. They are awesome and liked church! It was great to see them
there after only 1 lesson:) they were the only investigators for us to
go but the assistants had 3 and the sisters had 1. Lots of
investigators there today! Then after church we talked with members
and drove home to drop off a few things and then went to bishop's for
dinner. Then went to a lesson with a potential we found earlier this
week but not home and the other said to come back tomorrow same time.
So we contacted until we had to go home. Great day though:)

So Darlene and Carl are new Investigators and they are progressing
this week! Darlene goes out of town from Monday to Thursday so we are
meeting them Friday. We met their daughter yesterday at church named
Chelsey and she is 14. They are awesome and Darlene said she has
started reading the Book of Mormon! We are going to continue to keep
in contact during the week and hopefully be able to invite them to be
baptized Friday. Eddie didn't come to church. Not sure why when he
said he was going to come but it could have been because of the snow.
I don't know for sure though. Still his struggle right now and at this
point, we are going to have to move his baptism back as he hasn't
talked to his girlfriend about moving out or getting married. Bummer.
The other investigators we are still trying to meet with like Chris,
Delano, the Browns. All of them we aren't able to meet with and
haven't had the best contact with them. It's hard.

We are trying to teach a 9 year old girl in Little Neck where her mom
just got baptized and now wants her daughter to be baptized. The mom
didn't want her daughter to be baptized at the same time as her as the
mom didn't feel she was ready. But now she is. We tried to teach her
Thursday and Friday but both times they cancelled. Then we are trying
to teach them mom the recent convert lessons. But same problem, she
cancels. That's everyone in Little Neck that I know of.

Hope everyone had a great week!


Changing the flat tire, thanks dad for teaching me how to! It has come in handy twice now since I have started driving. 

Elder Sakurada and Dave with their spicy chicken sandwich and a 52 oz drink. Elder Sakurada won with 1 min 42 seconds. And Dave had 1/3 of his drink left at that point. 


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