Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week # 69 Letter and Pictures


So this week we were able to teach a lot and not a whole lot of
finding. We ended with 15 lessons when 3 weeks ago we had 5 lessons
for the week. Tripled! And I know it is because of simplified
planning. 3 weeks ago we couldn't do it correctly since elder
McCulloch didn't have areabook yet and once he got it, we could do it
and look at that. Not only a lot of lessons, but we had 2 people at
church Sunday. An investigator and less active! So we also have a
progressing investigator finally for the first time since I've been in
this area! I'm so excited to finally get someone coming to church and
to have 2 come to church that hasn't been while I've been here is even

"Who puts pineapple on a pizza? It's something you don't do."
Preparation day! We had a fairly boring one today. We had our studies
and laundry but this time we had a lesson at 1 so we didn't go
shopping yet. We went to the lesson and we got there to talk to a guy
that didn't know any of the people we were looking for which is weird
because that is the same house we met them at. Ok then? We will try to
contact them later then. So we went to the Freeport chapel and emailed
for a bit until we went to Walmart to get food and dropped it off at
home. Ate a quick dinner and went back to Freeport to finish emailing
and get ready for a lesson we were going to have over Facetime. We
were waiting there for him to respond to our messages or call but he
ended up never responding or calling. So no lesson but during that
time, we did our daily contact for people. Then we taught a lesson
over iMessage to Delano. It was really good but a learning experience
for us as well. There was a few things we could have been better at
over messaging. And finally, we ended the night with teaching the
Browns about the 10 commandments.
"What kind of idiots do you have working here?"
"The finest in New York!"
Today was a great day. We had studies and lunch. Elder McCulloch made
a great corn tortilla taco lunch. Amazing! And then we had deep clean.
So that was nice to clean everything but I was tired afterwards. I
wanted to take a nap but we needed to go. So we went to the church and
printed off the 18 day challenge for a few lessons. Remember the 18
day challenge elder Mitchell and I came up with back in Flushing? I
still have it and using it again. We actually used it for 2 lessons
today. We went and saw Eddie in the afternoon. That was a great lesson
as he had troubles reading the Book of Mormon since he doesn't know
the stories yet so this will help him get into the Book of Mormon
more. Then we ate a really quick dinner and went to teach Charlie and
Dave. They brought a member of the church with them that is inactive
right now. It was mostly a QnA with them but we were able to teach a
lot of lesson points from PMG with it. It was a good lesson as we
taught mostly Charlie and Gina, the member. We were able to teach
Charlie what he needed while answering Gina's questions. Afterwards,
we went and taught the other Brown family, Josh and Jennifer are their
names. Mother and son. We introduced the 18 day challenge to them as
well and they were pretty excited about it as well. Should have got
the 18 day challenge sooner I guess!  That was a good lesson as well
and then we headed home and planned for tomorrow. And finished around
10:10. We only plan for 30 min but we had lesson reports to do and
district daily calls to make so we were finally accomplished at 10:10
and wrote in journals to crash in bed and do it all over again
"We used to build a rocket ship and fly it far away. Used dream of
outer space then they say, 'wake up, you need to make money', yeah."
Today was a pretty good day other than not teaching many lessons or
finding. We had studies in the morning and then we did our weekly
planning as much as we could and it was slow at first but the rest
were really quick. We then changed and went to help out this less
active in our ward that is moving to upstate and we were able to talk
to them and have a really good conversation with her boyfriend, who
isn't religious but we were able to teach him a little bit of our
beliefs and it kind of lined up well with what he believes in but hard
part is he is more scientific and needs the proof. But he was really
nice and likes to joke a lot. It was great for us to meet him. Then we
did daily contact at the church and had chipotle for dinner. We then
tried to visit a less active but found out he lives on a marine base
so we can't get in there. That's when John called and asked to come
out with us for the night. We went and looked up a referral but they
weren't home so we knocked around for a bit until we went to bishops
house to talk about a few things and how we can help the ward. We are
now going to help Saturday morning with bishops storehouse. Dropped
John off and gave blessings to the sisters. Headed home afterwards.
"You must be the worst pirate I've ever heard of."
"Ah, but you have heard of me."
Today was a great day. We had an early morning lesson but when we go
there, we saw him drive away so we left a note and went to the
Freeport chapel and weekly planned for a few people. Had district
meeting and lunch at McDonalds. We did our daily contact and more
weekly planning until our lesson with the Browns. That was really good
on following the prophet. Then we looked up a referral and were able
to teach him about the Book of Mormon and get a return appointment
next week. Then we met 2 ladies in the lobby of his building that we
were able to share the video with in the lobby and one started crying
form it. Very touching and we were able to give both of them Book of
Mormons as well to read and invite Christ into their homes this
holiday season. We did more daily contact and looked up that family we
met last week that was super nice but they weren't home. So we headed
"We stole the time square jumbo tron! Yeah! You like watching football
on that!" Today was an interesting day. We woke up and got ready and
left to go to Rego Park first thing in the morning. We went so elder
McCulloch could get some paper work filled out before his appointment
next week and then we drove to Jamaica for Zone Training Meeting.
Before it started, we had a district leaders and companions Council
with the Zone Leaders and sister training leaders. It was pretty good
and interesting. We just went over what we could do as a Zone to
improve and if it needs to be brought up in ZTM today. We decided to
work on better calls at night and Sunday night call ins on focusing on
investigators and not the missionaries. But still focus on
missionaries too. Then ZTM was awesome, super great and learned a lot
from it. Then afterwards, we went and gave a blessing to a member and
ate at Wendy's. Visited Bill and his roommate was there again and
elder McCulloch got into this huge Bible bash with him for almost an
hour. Wasn't elder McCulloch's fault, the guy was literally sending
little fiery darts at us with his comments. So elder McCulloch had
enough and started going ham. I hate Bible bashing and never
participate in it for one, I don't know anything scriptural related to
the Bible, only BoM so that doesn't help, and two, it doesn't get you
anywhere. You end right back in square one. And that's what Elder
McCulloch learned, it doesn't get you anywhere. Then we did daily
contact at the church and went to a lesson with Will and Sherrell
which was good. Sherrell wasn't as into it this time but Will was into
it and opened a lot to us which was helpful to know how to teach him.
"You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?"
"You hit a guy, with glasses. That's very clever."
Today was a really fun day. We woke up and went out early to Little
Neck to help out with Bishops Storehouse which I've always wanted to
do to see how it worked and being a missionary especially rocks as at
the end, the leaders give all the leftovers to the missionaries and to
those that helped out. So we got like 2 boxes full of random stuff to
take home with us. Then we went and visited Dave Bailey which he was
super nice and gave us a Christmas present which was connect 4!! He
was so nice:) Then we ate lunch at home with all of our food we got
and then visited Delano. He wasn't home so we looked up some referrals
around and one we knocked on and a guy answered but we were looking
for someone else. He said he would go check if they are home and shut
the door. That door was super thin as we heard him talk about us to
someone and they said she didn't want to talk to us so he came back
out and said the person we are looking for wasn't home. So we know he
was lying but nothing we could do about it. So now we are wondering
what to do with that referral. We visited a few more and nothing came
out of most of them. We were able to drop off the material they
ordered like a bible or Book of Mormon. But nothing more. We had a
dinner appointment at 6 with Simone and Nehemy, the family from last
week that was super nice to us when we were looking for their cousin
but ended up letting us in and giving us a bunch of food. Yeah, them.
We had a dinner appointment with them but they got home late and we
had to go to a lesson then so we said we would come back after the
lesson. They had no problem with that so we went and taught Dave and
Charlie. They are doing good and we got to talk about baptism and the
commandment to be baptized by immersion. Went back to dinner and it
was really good meats and vegetables over rice, Haitian style. The
meats had beef and crab in it, the only thing was that the crab was a
whole crab... they taught us to just eat the body while and chew the
shell to get the meat, suck out the meat, and spit out the shell.
Easier said than done! But it was good and had to go home after that.
"5. 4. 3, 2, 1, we're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship.
Zooming through the skies! Little Einstein's." I know the quote is
from a kids show but if you listen to the remix version, itss sweet:)
But today was awesome as we got 2 people we are works with to church
today. Will and Josh Brown came to church today! We were calling a lot
of members this morning to take Will as our original ride for him
wasn't able to take him so we spent a while this morning calling
members. Had lunch and then went to church ourselves. Josh Brown ended
up coming and we just texted him this morning to remind him and he
came! Will also was able to come and so we had a great lesson in 2nd
hour with the gospel principles class. Then he liked 3rd hour in
elders quorum but the coolest part about both of them coming to church
was they were able to connect how they went to high school together.
So we got friends now! Haha:) then after church we went and contacted
referrals all night and drove around our area like crazy calling them
and visiting them. We got our referrals down to 9 uncontacted now. We
also visited Eddy and he is feeling better from throwing up all
morning. It was a good night.

Will is doing great now and has a date for Jan 29. He is progressing
again! But Sherrell had to work Sunday so she wasn't able to come to
church. Her date is the same and working to get them ready for then.
Eddy was going to come to church yesterday but he woke up throwing up
so couldn't. Maybe next week. But he is doing good other than that.
Delano we weren't able to meet with much this week, actually, we
didn't even see him this week. Just had a messenger lesson last
Monday. So not much progressing with him. Then Josh Brown is awesome
and came to church. Glad he was able to get a ride. That's our problem
is getting them rides or getting them to take the bus. Bus takes an
hour and a half to get to Littleneck chapel so that is really hard.
Brown Family is doing good, same problem though is getting all 6 of
them to church. And that's mostly what we were able to do this week
but Will and Josh coming to church was the highlight:)

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle :) or brick works too.

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