Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #81 Letter & Pictures

Hello everyone! 

Well tomorrow is transfers and I am leaving Lynbrook. I've spent 4 transfers in all my areas so far so I thought I was leaving but don't want to. But nothing I can do about it except look to the future. 

This week was pretty good. We had some lessons with new Investigators but we weren't able to get a baptismal date out of it. Lessons were good though. I don't know what else to say as I am now distracted by leaving Lynbrook. Sorry but here is the week:

"They found us. I don't know how but they found us. Run for it Marty!" Preparation day!  We got going with laundry and then had to go to the mall just outside of our area to the Apple store and got a new iPad for elder Sakurada. Problem it is really New with no church restrictions on it so we have to take it into the mission office soon to get that fixed. Then we went to the beach but it was freezing and no one else was there yet from Freeport so we went home for a bit and emailed then went back when everyone said they were on their way. But they turned around when they got there and felt how cold it was. It was freezing. So we went to the church and emailed and hung out. After preparation day, we went to Hempstead to try to teach the Browns but they were just leaving and said to come back tomorrow afternoon. Then tried to contact a referral but not home. Knocked and then did some of our member look ups.  
"Oh, she's a little runaway. Daddy's girl and now she runs the night away." Today we had a lot of missed or rescheduled appointments. We had one at 9 am and we got there to have the guy tell us to come back Thursday morning. Then we went to our next one and we were going to help with some service and try to teach during that time but the guy never answered his phone or the door. So we ate lunch at Taco Bell and went to teach the Browns. Not home yet so we go to the church and have a personal study and go back to try to teach the Browns, still not home and no answer on the phone. We then go down to sister Tessell's and she made us food. But we also had a dinner appointment with the Andersen's. We had an appointment right after dinner but the people that live there didn't answer the door. Someone was home but never answered. And so we spent the rest of the time doing look ups of members. 
"Is that goal regulation size or what?" I can't believe it is March. Well today we got up and had our usual morning and then district meeting. Then we tried contacting some referrals but most of them either didn't answer or said to come back tonight. So we continued with the member list to find more people moved but no forwarding address. Had dinner and tried those referrals again but no answer this time. So we knocked around. Pretty average day. 
"What, are you too good for your home? Go home ball, go home!" Today was a little slow as elder Sakurada and I weren't feeling too well. We did have 2 lessons scheduled but both cancelled right as soon as we were about to leave but other than that, we stayed in for most of the day resting and at night we went and looked up a few people from the member list and knocked around them. But it was a slow day over all. 
"So baby pull me closer inside the rover that I know you can't afford." Normal day. Usual morning but we did leave for a bit to go to a lesson that worked out finally. Had lunch followed by deep clean. Then we went and tried to contact our referrals and we got to talk to a few of them and other we talked to their family to see when they would be home. Looked up some members from the list and left notes at their door as we have been to their house a few times but no answer. Had dinner and went to go see a referral but still wasn't home. Went and tried to see the Browns as we saw them this morning while we went to that lesson and they said to come by tonight but they weren't home, bummer. Went knocking nearby and ended the night with contacting our investigators. 
"First rule of magic. Always be the smartest guy in the room." It's Saturday already. Crazy. So today we had lessons scheduled throughout the day. We had some early afternoon but both got cancelled or didn't answer the door. Then we worked on contacting referrals and then had a lesson in later afternoon. She is nice and this was our first lesson but it was the most awkward lesson. She didn't really answer our questions so we didn't know what to say next and always kept talking about random things that have nothing to do with what we were talking about. Yeah, so we then had dinner afterwards by getting Dominos and then going knocking nearby where we went last Saturday with President. We had a few people over there to follow up with but none of them were home and then finished the night with looking up more members from the list. 
"Go faster. Go faster. Must go faster! Faster!" We had church today and it was a normal Sunday. Nothing too exciting and after church, we had dinner and went to teach Dave. He taught us this time and showed us a video of the restoration and it was a new one he said. It was really cool actually and want to find where I can watch it again. Then we gave a member a blessing and the elders quorum president asked us to help him take the sacrament to a member in the area. We said we would and that ended our night. 

As far as investigators are concerned, nothing new really. But I have reflected on the time that I have spent here and I have been here a long time. I've been here since the end of Sep. I had a general conference here, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and I have had 3 companions. A lot has happened. This ward was amazing. The members have been a second family to me and have provided a lot. They mad the holidays feel special and have fed us more times than I can remember. I will forever be grateful to them. 

I'm not sure about my next area. I don't know if I am still a district leader, if I'm going back to the city or staying out on the island. Don't know who my companion will be so this is what I don't like about being transferred. Last time, when I left Belle Harbor to come to Lynbrook, I was told where I was going. I knew who my companion was (Elder Draper) and that I was still the district leader. Now I know nothing. That's the scary part about it. 

Anyways, love you all and I will let you know how this week goes, next week. Bye! 


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