Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #67 Letters & Pictures

Well happy thanksgiving everyone! A little late but better late than never😁

This week was a fun one with thanksgiving and exchanges the day after
it. So the first part of the week was normal missionary stuff and then
we weren't able to do much either Thursday or Friday. But we were
still able to teach a couple lessons and talk to as many people as we
could. Also, Friday was the day the Church released the new Christmas
Initiative video and we are back to sharing that with everyone and
keeping track of how many people we share it with. If you don't know
what I'm talking about, check out Mormon.org and it is the first thing
you will see.

"Cause it's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight. Rising
up to the challenge of our rivals. And the last known survivor stalks
his prey in the night." Preparation day! We had an interesting
preparation day. We went to go do our laundry this morning and all the
machines were filled so we decided to go do our shopping first and
then laundry. We got a lot of groceries that will hopefully last us
for 2 weeks, maybe 3 and we still have a lot of money left on our card
so we think we are set for the next few weeks. Did our laundry and
then went home and ate lunch a little late and headed over to the
church to play games with Elder Bergeson and Benitez. Hung out there
all afternoon and ate dinner at Wendy's until preparation day was
over. We then had our daily contact session for a few people and then
went to a lesson with Delano, a new investigator that we have been
trying got meet with for the past few weeks but something has always
come up. We finally got to teach him and then we went to go visit 2
referrals and the first one we got in to meet and he had this old
school Book of Mormon from 1960 was the print date but could have come
out sometime later, I don't know for sure. And then we went to go
visit another referral and he said that 2 missionaries came by
yesterday to look for him and so we were a little confused but it has
happened before of the referral being sent to 2 different
companionships but we still haven't found out who else visited him. We
tried everyone that covers that area, spanish and english.
"When the lights go down in the city. And the suns shines on the bay.
Oh, I wanna be there, in my city, oh-oh." We had a day at Rego Park!
Yay... So we had Trainer/Trainee meeting today and it started at 10
and ended at 3:30. For the first 2 hours, President Reynolds and the
assistants gave the workshops on 12 week, companionship study,
planning and the last one was begin with the end in mind. Something
along those lines but it remainder me of the 7 habits of high
effective people. Funny. Then we had pizza for lunch and the senior
couple came and spoke for the next 3 hours. For the first hour and a
half was the office staff, mission nurse, and housing coordinators.
Then the long one, the vehicle coordinator. That took an hour and a
half itself. But it was important. Then we went down to the office to
get our supplies and Elder Shapiro, the financial staff, wasn't there
as he was the senior couple to take the temple group to the temple
today for their anniversary temple trip. So we had to wait until they
got back to get some things for elder McCulloch so he can have money
and not rely on me anymore. During that time, we talked with the other
missionaries waiting for the temple trip to get back. Then we got what
we needed after an hour wait and were on our way home. The car ride
home took an hour and a half as well so we got home at like 6 and ate
a dinner but the entire ride home, elder McCulloch fell asleep and
fell asleep again as soon as we got home. He slept for an hour and
then we went to teach a lesson that didn't happen and so we contacted
"Oh, we're so glad for Christmas vacation!" Today was a pretty normal
day. We had studies and went to district meeting. I gave the workshop
which went well I think. Then we went to a lesson with a former
investigator we met last week but she wasn't home. Then Elder
McCulloch got super dizzy and had to lay down so we went home, ate
lunch and he payed down for a bit. I took a nap during that time and
then we had dinner and went to visit Charlie and Dave. We had a long
lesson with them. We went through the Plan of Salvation and then
merged into the second half of Restoration. So it was a long lesson.
It ended our night.
"Dad, did we bring a saw?" Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today was
a blast. We had a turkey bowl in the morning with all the missionaries
and some members came. We played all morning and then we went and
grabbed a turkey dinner from a member and took it to a less active
family. Then we went home and cleaned up for dinner at the Malinka's.
We spent the afternoon there with all the missionaries and we played
some games to let the food settle before we ate dessert. And then we
went to sister Tessell's  for another dessert feast. Didn't spend as
long there. And then we went home and got ready to go on exchanges
with the Zone Leaders in Jamaica. So we get to spend Black Friday in
Jamaica! So much fun:)
"If I got locked away and we lost it all today. Tell me honestly,
would you still love me the same?" Not as exciting for a Black Friday
but a lot of people! And exchanges were great with a good story in the
middle. So we had our studies in the morning and then had a quick
lunch. We then went to the church and did a weekly planning session
for one of our investigators and it was super helpful. Always is. Then
we split and I got to go with Elder Garza. He is really awesome and
has been out for 21 months now. So he is old. And we went and talked
with everyone on the street for a while. Walking up towards a lesson
and we got there to teach the mom but she was still passed out from
Thanksgiving so we ended up teaching the kids which were super nice.
Then is the funny story. And for the record, I wasn't going to do it
from the beginning. I was curious how far it would go. But, Elder
garza asked me as we were leaving the lesson if I wanted to have fun.
So I said sure and he said then let's go see a movie! So I was like,
sure! What movie are we going to go see? And we decided on the new
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So then we started talking
about where to go and we had to get cash so no one found records of us
going to it. So we went to a Bank of America and at this point, I
thought he was kidding and I needed cash anyways so we get some money
out of the account and then we find a movie theater in the Jewish part
of town. Then we found the bus and we hopped on. The entire time Elder
garza is asking me if we are still going to do it and if I am serious.
I said yes until a final one I said, "there's no way I am going to do
it." We got off the bus at the next stop which happened to be the
exact stop as the movie theater and at this point, we agreed not to do
it but we were pretty shocked we got this far. Like I said, I was
curious how far it would go. So we hopped on a bus back and ate at
Subway in Jamaica and then went to the church for online proselyting
stuff. Walked around the block half way through to give ourselves a
break and continued on until we had an exchange review and exchanged
back to normal companions. Then we went home. Fun day!
"So I'm drawing a map that leads to you. Ain't nothin you can do. I'm
falling, falling, falling." Today was a good day. We had our studies
in the morning and then we went to a lesson with a less active named
Dave, a different Dave from the one we usually visit. But he wasn't
home so we knocked the area and got to talk to a few people but wasn't
able to share the Christmas Initiative video with any of them. Then
ate lunch at Wendy's and did a deep daily contact for our people and
spent a while at the church doing it. We had a lot of people to talk
to, both members and investigators. Then we went to visit a referral
and they weren't home but we knocked the area and talked to a lot of
people and again, wasn't able to share the video with any of them but
now we aren't going to ask, we are just going to show it. Went to the
Carters for dinner and they made good Mexican tacos. Then we gave a
blessing to another member family elsewhere. That concluded our night
but I got to say, we had one of the best daily planning sessions
tonight I've had on my mission. Nothing special happened but we were
able to have a successful simplified planning session for a daily
planning. None of you know what that means except the missionaries
serving in NY. :)
"Here's a little holiday greeting I've been wanting to send to the
Mandarin. I just didn't know how to phrase it until now. My names Tony
Stark and I'm not afraid of you." Today we had church, but first we
had correlation in the morning. That was fun and then we went home and
finished studies until lunch. We then went to church afterwards and
had a great time there. We got to talk to a lot of the members for
lessons or knowing their schedule so we know who to ask at what time
so we can have more member present lessons. That was nice to have and
after church, we gave some blessings to members with the elders quorum
president and headed home to eat dinner. After dinner, we met the
Carters at Dave and Charlie's nursing home and had a great lesson with
Charlie. It was a little rough though as we talked about Christ's
church during His time and the priesthood authority. Then went into
the apostasy and Charlie is a former minister so he thinks that he
still has the authority when he doesn't. But he took it well. We tried
to be loving but straight forward about it. Then we did our daily
contact for everyone and headed home. Did the district calls but
couldn't get all the numbers. Will be getting them in the morning.

So Charlie was our focus for the week and is still our focus right
now. He has progressed a lot and we have got him to know the Book of
Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he restored
the church of Jesus Christ to the earth. Only problem is he likes his
religion and doesn't want to abandon it. Will and Sherrell we weren't
able to meet with them this last week but we are trying tonight. Eddie
we haven't been able to talk to really. We send messages and texts and
we see that he sees them but doesn't respond so we are trying to
determine what to do next. The Browns didn't have much progress
either. Like I said, Thanksgiving threw everything off. Number 1
struggle for them is finding them a ride to church. They are doing
everything else and so we are trying to get them to church. We are
working with Delano on the Book of Mormon still and getting him to
read it and pray to know if it is true.

Have a great week everyone!


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