Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #84 Letter & Pictures

What's going on guys, it's me again.

So today is a big day as I go on my 18 month temple anniversary. Where has the time gone? Yesterday I went on my year temple trip and the day before that was my 6 month trip. Tomorrow I guess is my departing temple trip.  

But to show how the week went this past week until Sunday, not including tomorrow as that is for next week's email:) 

"What? Pacman got invited! That cherry-chasing dot-muncher isn't even a part of this game!" Preparation day! And we had a boring one today. We did laundry in the morning and went shopping. Ate lunch at Wendy's and then went to the Spanish chapel to email and hang out. Waited in the parking lot for over an hour before the Spanish missionaries finally got there and unlocked the door. Then we played basketball and emailed all day until we left a little early to get a car wash. Then went and did a few look ups and referral contacting. Sad part was we were looking for an address for a half an hour until we realized we had the wrong number. Once we got the right number, we found it easy and then we made a mistake of going to the wrong side of the building so we went to the other side and of course the elevator is broken and we need the top floor... just one of those days. Finally got there and of course they weren't home. So we then got gas in our car and got our church key from the Zone Leaders to end the night. 
"I am bad, and that is good. I'll never be good, and that's not bad." We had Mega Zone Conference today and it was a really good one actually. We had the Stake President of the Brooklyn Stake speak at it and we had a discussion about member missionary work. We also got to see the preview of the Easter Initiative that starts March 31. After the conference, we spent an hour and a half looking for a lost package of Elder Stewart's. We dug through trash, literally. Gloves and all, searched the entire building, and asked all the missionaries that were there, only to find out it was never at the meeting. There was miscommunication between the office staff and us and it is still at the office. So then we went home and ate dinner before going out to visit a referral that said to come by tonight. They weren't home so we worked in the area for a bit until we went to go see Howard. He was home but was really busy right then so we couldn't teach him. We then knocked for a bit until we headed home. 
"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night knowing we did something wonderful, that's what matters to me." Interesting day today. So we had the usual morning and studies. Went to district meeting and it went long today. We were distracted and we started late. Lots going against us this week but it was good. I gave a workshop on weekly planning. Then we ate lunch at McDs and we ran into a Spanish ward member. She gave us free drinks and fries! Love members:) then we went home and changed for service but wasn't told where until late so w ergot there only to help for 30 min before going back home. But good thing it was only 30 min as my allergies lit off like an atomic bomb. I was dying on the way home and took 2 of my allergy pills and went to sleep immediately. Woke up 2 hours later at 7:30 to still be bad and so I ate dinner and helped clean up the apartment a little bit but we didn't leave out again. I got better late at night so I am back to normal again. 
"I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace." Today was a bit of a slow day. We had the morning of studies and lunch. Then we went to the church and did weekly planning most of the afternoon until we tried to contact our investigators. No luck is n most of them. Talked to a few but got nothing set up sadly. Had dinner at the mall nearby and went to go look up some members that our ward mission leader asked us to look up. Two of them we visited but no answer at all so not sure if they still live there. The last one we visited doesn't live there at all. And we tried working in the area with each one of them to try to find other investigators to teach. But nothing really. Slow day. 
"May the force be with you, always." It's Friday, Friday, got to get down, it's Friday. Two quotes today because it is Friday, if you didn't notice. And we had a pretty full day. We had studies and then we had to go to correlation. Then got changed and went to help with service. Same place as 2 days ago that lit off my allergies but this time i came prepared and had a pill this morning and another just before I went in so I was good for the most part. Then we wen to Bensonhurst in Brooklyn to have a meeting. We had this new meeting that is just starting this transfer that President Reynolds has approved and wants us to have. It is District Leader Training meeting. It is basically a counsel of all the district leaders, their companions, and the zone leaders. There are only 2 district leaders in this zone so there was 6 of us. Couple of ironic things we found out during the meeting. One is I am or have been the district leader of everyone there at that meeting at one point during my mission. Two is that I have been a district leader longer than both zone leaders and the other district leader, combined. So long story short, I have been a district leader for a long time. But the meeting was actually really fun. I loved it and look forward to another. Sadly they are only 1 a transfer unless otherwise needed. Then we went back home in traffic and tried to visit a few members again and found they don't live there anymore. Then visited the member we usually visit Friday night and she fed us too. So good and that ended our night. 
"We were both young when I first saw you. I closed my eyes and the flashbacks starts, I'm standing there." Long day of driving. We first had our normal morning, then had to drive to the church to pick up the family history key to use the computer later. Then went to a lesson with brother Fackrell, the ward mission leader but the person we wanted to teach wasn't home. So we then drove back to the church to work on the computer for the progress record. Took a while to try to figure out and ended up not figuring it out so I wrote it all out for the 3 companionships in the English ward. Then we did some look ups until we got dinner. After dinner, we went knocking for a bit until we had to go beg the sisters for their investigator list for the progress record and then I added them which took till the end of the night. 
"5, 4, 3,2,1 we're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship. Zooming through the skies!" We had church today and we also got to go to ward Council this morning and got the progress report reported. Job done and then left. Church was good but I was tired. Then we went and looked up a few people and tried to contact some referrals but no answer. We did drop a few as we have tried many times now but no answer. Then had dinner and went knocking till our lesson with brother Colbert. Always fun times with him and he ended our night. 

Again, no updates on our investigators from last week but yesterday, Monday, we met with both of our progressing investigators but not going to give the update till next week:) I can say I finally met Kendall, who is super awesome. The Howard gave us a tour of Staten Island for our preparation day. That was so much fun and he said he wants to do it again and we want to as well. That's something to look forward to ini next week's email. Wow, i just realized how much is going to be in next week's email and I sound like a radio show host saying to stay tuned till after the commercials for some big giveaway. But I just like to keep the weeks organized so I know what I've already talked about and haven't yet. 

Love you all and hope everyone has an amazin week. Talk to you Monday! 

From the bridge coming back to Staten from Brooklyn. 


Missionary Parking...

I didn't take these pictures, Howard (our investigator) did back in Nov 2015 of the sunrise. So amazing.


These are from his front porch.

Now I took these of the sunset from Moses Mountain:) 




I have more on my camera but didn't get to a computer yesterday to get them off the camera and onto my iPad. 

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