Flushing New York

Flushing New York

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week #63 Letters & Pictures


So as you can see from the subject of this email, I got a new
companion and I am training him! I am training for the second time on
my mission so I really get to love the 12 week program. I didn't say
anything last week because I found out Monday night after 6 pm when
president called me and asked me to train! But you can read all about
that in the daily summaries here:

"We've come a long way from where we began. Oh, I'll tell you all
about it when I see you again! See you again!" Happy Halloween! Oh my
goodness, I cant contain my energy right now over how excited I am:)
But I have to start form the beginning:) So we woke up and did our
laundry during studies and then went to then church for our little
party for Halloween. We carved pumpkins and ate candy. We emailed
throughout it and then in the afternoon we went and got a few things
for Elder Draper because he is leaving! After only 1 transfer! So
sad:( but it gets good. We picked up food from sister Tessell and then
had dinner at the Andersen's home and then we went home because we
have to be in by 6pm. Then President Reynolds called and asked me to
train a new missionary! But he isn't called to this mission. He is
called to Malaysia but he is waiting on medical stuff so I get to go
to Rego Park tomorrow at 10:30 and be with all the trainers! It is so
exciting! We just spent the rest of the night writing in journals,
coloring, planning, and packing for elder draper. It was a fun night!!
"Cause we gonna celebrate your party with you, come on now,
celebration!" Transfer day and it was exciting! We went and visited a
few people and picked up some stuff from Jamaica elders. Then we got
to Rego before 10 and waited around until the meeting started. It was
training for the new trainers on how to be trainers which was pretty
cool to go through it again for a second time. Then we went downstairs
and got our new companions. I got Elder McCulloch!! He has actually
served a transfer in Malaysia speaking Malay. Then had a medical issue
and went home for 6 weeks until last Wednesday he got reassigned to
NYNYS. So he got set apart again and came out! So we hung around and
talked to a lot of people and lots of people were congratulating me on
training for a second time. We had leadership meeting and got
everything we needed to go out and the traffic was crazy. Took us over
an hour to get home. Ate a quick dinner and went to the Freeport
chapel and got his iPad set up and started planning. Got him
introduced to the area and people, now we just need to go and visit
them so he can meet them! Then headed home.
"And the players gonna play, play, play and the haters gonna hate,
hate, hate. And I'm gonna shake, shake, shake it off, shake it off."
We are back to 3 hours of studies! Then we had lunch and went to
district meeting. We tried to visit a referral near the church but
couldn't find it so we will call again later. Then we got some food to
last us till Monday and did daily contact for a few people. Ate dinner
and tried to visit the Browns but Jo wasn't home so we visited a
referral in the area. Tried going to our next lesson with Delano but
no answer so we went and taught Will and Sherrell. That was a good
lesson and then headed home.
"What happened Derek, I thought we were friends!"
"My name's Andy!"
"Your name's liar cause you tell lies."
We had a great time today and it went by pretty fast. We had 2 hours
of studies and had a mission wide conference call to hear from
President and Sister Reynolds as they taught us from the scriptures.
Then we went and got water for our family and went to the Browns after
wards to teach them. Their kids were home from school because of a
shooting that happened a block away and so the kids couldn't get to
school. Then we went and taught a referral that was really close to
the church and have a return appointment for Saturday. Then we had
lunch at Wendy's and started weekly planning. We only got through 1
person as I was explaining to him for a bit the simplified planning
guidelines. Then had dinner at the Andersen's home and visited Sister
Tessell. Then we did our daily contact with our investigators and less
actives that we haven't seen today and headed home.
"Can someone stamp my frequent kid napping card!"
"Haha, you of all people should know we discontinued that promotion.
Chow-chow all!"
It was a nice day today as we got to have a few hours of service. We
had our studies and lunch. Then went to Ralph's to help him with his
house and we helped with the wiring of the house. Pretty cool process
to see but it takes a while. Then we headed home and cleaned up. Had
dinner and did some daily contact for a few people before we tried to
go contact a referral. The referral wasn't home so we worked around
them for a bit and went to Will and Sherrell's. Shared a message with
them and headed home for the night! Very short day with the service.
"I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can, watch you breathe
the stormy night." These days are flying by it feels like. Already
coming the the close of week 1 of training and it feels like I just
met Elder McCulloch. We had a day of contacting referrals. We had 5 or
6 appointments to visit a referral or drop off material they wanted
and we were able to visit the first one right after studies and give
the material but they weren't interested in a message. Then we had
lunch at Wendy's and went to visit another one right by the Freeport
chapel who we met earlier but she gave her bible to another person so
she wanted another one. Then we were able to get Elder McCulloch
rolling with Facebook by first completing an online course and then
getting him Facebook. We then visited another 3 and were able to knock
around them for a bit before and after but we had this one in
particular lesson with Vincent. He said yesterday he only wanted us to
drop off the Book of Mormon and no message cause he knows that's how
we work. But then when we got there, he invited us in for a message.
He said later that he had a change of thought and wanted to invite us
in to hear us out. We shared with him our testimonies of the Book of
Mormon and he is very excited to read it now. His work schedule is
hard though so it looks like it will be mostly weekend lessons with
him. Then we had dinner at home and went to visit Bill and his
roommate came in half way through the lesson to just bash on us.
Typical. We just sat there and kinda took it in and we just answered
his questions whenever he asked them. Finally left after a bit and got
back to the lesson. He talked for like a half hour too so this lesson
went on for a really long time. Afterwards, we did our daily contact
and headed home.
"We'd have more luck playing pick up sticks with our butt cheeks than
getting a flight out of here tonight." Well, today was nice as we had
an extra hour of sleep but that also means the sun sets at 3:45 now.
It gets dark so early once again. Good thing this is my last time
having to deal with it. But we had a pretty good day. We had our
studies and then visited the Browns but Jo wasn't home yet so they
weren't planning on going to church. Darn! So we went to church and
got to introduce Elder McCulloch to everyone. After church, we got to
do tithing again and then talked to the few members that were left
after 5pm and went to Bishop's home for dinner. We got working on the
new initiative, Gold Mine, where we work through priesthood keys to
find those that are ready and need to come back to the gospel.
Focusing specifically on prospective elders, part member families, and
unbaptized children 9+. We couldn't find all the lists of those 3
categories on LDS tools but we will get them eventually. After
bishop's, we went and visited with Dave again and his friend, Charlie.
Both super awesome and love the Book of Mormon. I always enjoy going
to see them. Then we headed home and I made the district leader calls.

So elder McCulloch served for 6 weeks in the MTC and a transfer(6
weeks) in the field until he had his medical issue and then went home
for 6 weeks until he got cleared for missionary service and he found
out he was going out on his mission a week ago from last Wednesday, so
almost 2 weeks ago and then he found out he was coming to NYNYS the
day after. He thought he was going back to Malaysia but no, he got
reassigned here. He got a transfer of training but he wanted to start
over since this is a new area, speaking English, and we have Facebook
and simplified planning. So it is a little different but he is way far
ahead of where the 12 week program is. The most difficult part of this
past week was not being able to use Gospel Library. I don't agree with
that part of training as you should get used to using it. Only 1 week
of not having it won't make a difference. Also, don't agree with not
having them use Area Book until week 5 of training. Because we weekly
plan, daily plan, plan on the go, all using area Book and since I am
driving, I can't use it on the go and during weekly planning, I have
to do 2 jobs as we both are to have areabook open as part of the
simplified planning guidelines. This is what I don't agree with as
part of training but whatever.

Now to investigators, we didn't meet with the Brown family all that
often this week. Just like once or twice and couldn't get them to come
to church. Will and Sherrell is doing good. We are focusing on the
Book of Mormon with them and building their testimonies of it. Bill
came to church though! It was funny too as he got his home teaching
assignment:) that gives us something to help him with and get back to
church regularly! We had a lot of referrals contacted this week and
continuing to work on that so we can clean up our areabook a little
and we got a really solid referral and now investigator on Saturday.
He is going to be awesome!

That's our day and sorry about pictures! Not as many but I have one of
Elder McCulloch and I.


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